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Cameroon’s Opposition Eyes Single Candidate to Defeat Biya

VOA | Cameroon’s elections aren’t expected until at least September but the political scene is already heating up. Supporters of longtime President Paul Biya are urging him to seek another term, while parts of the country’s notoriously fractured opposition are trying to unite behind a single candidate.

Recently, hundreds of youth sang in the streets of Cameroon’s capital, urging President Biya to be their candidate later this year, saying the 85-year-old is still healthy enough to rule for seven more years.

Elvis Ngole, Biya’s close aide, insists demonstrations of support like that are emerging organically.

“Our national chairman and president of the republic has opened up lots of educational facilities. We began with one state university,” he said. “We have today more than eight state universities, more than forty private universities. The youths have all kinds of professional educational facilities now.”

Biya has not said if he will be a candidate or not, but it is widely suspected he will run.

Meanwhile, the country is grappling with an unprecedented set of challenges – the war against Boko Haram in the north, unrest in the two Anglophone regions, and large numbers of refugees and IDP’s due to both Boko Haram and instability in the Central African Republic.

About a dozen opposition parties are negotiating to back Akere Muna, a prominent lawyer who specializes in fighting corruption.

Muna has pledged a non-partisan platform to catalyze transformation.

“For too long, we have lived in a country without any clear future, where the people have no voice,” he said. “For too long, we have lived in a country where the poor and underprivileged have no chance. The days of waiting are over. We must begin here, now and today, in our march towards a new republic.”

Cameroon’s main opposition party, the SDF, has not weighed in on any alliances.

2017 saw Angola’s longtime president step down, as well as more tumultuous leadership changes in Gambia and Zimbabwe.

Some civil society groups in Cameroon are urging Biya to pass the torch.

Pierre Obama, the president of a coalition of groups promoting decentralization and good governance, said they are inviting the government of Cameroon to take appeasement seriously and agree to sit on a historic negotiating table with all political parties and the civil society to discuss the future of Cameroon.

Biya has ruled Cameroon since 1982 and is Africa’s second longest serving president, after his neighbor Theodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea.

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  1. No LRC election in Ambaland! The only acceptable election shall be a referendum to cement the terms of separation.

    Signed: Tigers, Vipers, ADF, SOCADEF.

  2. Good new for kamerun

  3. This Elvis Ngole is a Dreamer indeed. He said “We have today more than eight state universities, more than forty private universities. The youths have all kinds of professional educational facilities now.” why are all the Engineering contracts awarded to Foreign contractors or Foreign companies? Substandard Universities that Graduate Substandard Students.

    • The minister forgot to add that we have also more than 250 political parties, more than 100 newspapers, TV stations….all symbols of liberalization and very advanced democracy. He should have added more churches, mosques and other religious houses per square mile than any place on Earth. He forgot to add that the president shakes hands at least twice per year with Pope Francis.

  4. ` cry the beloved country`. As we made our beds, that`s how we are sleeping on it today.
    What did we not do hailing a monster?

  5. Elvis Ngole is a great biya’s hand clapper fan,a big time crumbs picker to feed his single family,why cant him keep on singing shit praises to his master?Cant him also see as to be a president? Well,their elections or what are due in LRP not in Ambaland.We are over the bridge,even biya wants to make it his kingdom,hand over the throne to his children,WHO CARES? Over many privtae universities and state owned ones but unemployment is high in the sky,the highest country with unemployment in Africa,all graduates see foreign land as a way out to seek for a job while those old folks are sited tight on the positions,no hopes for the young graduates,no future.At 85 he dreams to run for another 7,at 93 like Mugabe he will retire,Ambazonians are over the bridge if he cares run after again.

  6. Too late too little! Muna, the French lapdog is selling after the market. Instead of talking about an independent electoral body, they are wasting time about a single candidate. How is the candidate going to beat the machines at Elecam? La Republique needs another 56 years to idle around, organizing fanciful and fake elections.

    • So should an Anglo be presi that would still not be of your taste? No wonder you have always preferred the dark. If you think that to rise to power is a matter of training a few brainwashed citizens here and there for hit and run operations, you better face reality.

      Were it that easy who would be wasting time going in for elections?…

  7. Single candidate is not a solution and can win because Cpdm and elecam, and others managing elections are one. DOS work for cpdm, governors, Military
    elecam said to organize election doesnt know when election will be held. Ministers will do Everything to rig and the military is helpless and the Courts are under Biyas rule. The results are already tailored infavor of CPDM. Opposition should boycot until the an independent election organ is put in Place not appointed by cpdm

  8. Muna is a product of the system, that’s why he doesn’t have any plan on how to outplay Elecam. When Fru Ndi wore his heart of an outsider, we know what he did in 1992, but immediately he went back to his CNU self, then he fully embraced CNU’s heiress, that is the Cpdm and we know where that took him. Somebody like Muma just want to take part in elections just to put up appearances and continue to peer ensue the system that has served him an his family so well. His being anglophone changes nothing about the rigging machine. Was Fru Ndi a Spaniard and not an anglophone? How well did he fair against Elecam? La Republique playing the ostrich as usual!

    • …wore his hat..,,

    • @Firefighter
      There is an end to everything including Mr. Biya’s reign. It has happened in other countries and it will also hanppen in Cameroon. The question is when and this question only exist if we use any means available to get this to done. It could be now, it could be in one or two years time. It makes no sence to only talk against without what you think good be a solution or path to a solution.
      You got it coompletely wrong to address Muna as product of the System. Is there any Person you know who is not a product of the saystem that is capable? Is it right to consider any Cameroonian including you as corrupt because Cameroon is one of the most corrupt countries in this world?
      If you don’t like Muna, then you still have a choice. I mean Mr. Biya.

  9. Hahahahaha admin,dancing to the music of the govt,i laugh with voice.When some comments are hitted and criticizes the regime and some of his big mouth praising the king,they arent posted.Ngole Ngole the crumbs eater shouting loud at the top of his voice to his king biya.

  10. Once again who in their right mind would want to be president in that sh*t hole LRC.

    • You say you are Bakossi… but you are definitely not a Motherland sympathizer. I would gladly lead that country if I had the opportunity… and trust me, it will be nothing like you know. For now, my role is simply mentorship and coaching the youth. So what is your role? Complaining and condemning from dusk to dawn? Don’t you get tired and frustrated just being a passive and alienated spectator? I won’t ever step in your shoes brother… but hey, you are free to make your choice. Remember, as you make your bed, you you will lie.


    Even if Jesus Christ was chosen as the single candidate, Biya will still win the phoney elections.

    The opposition parties should therefore ask for an INDEPENDENT election management body before thinking of a single candidate.

  12. Cannot defeat Mr. Paul Biya. Only France can depose Biya now that he is unable to assimilate Southern Cameroons. Mr Biya can fake elections, change the constitution, avoid military funerals and even abandon the country for Europe with complete impunity. All votes shall be diluted with stuffed ballot boxes. Elecam does not count votes at the end of voting until the dirty dilution is reliably done. Normally, vote counting begins at the end of voting – does not happen in Cameroun. There is no Independent Electoral Commission to POLICE ballot boxes at night. Mr. Akere Muna is now being prepared to facilitate Mr Biya’s “re-election”.

    • Akere Muna has been hired by Macron to deceive the international Community. His campaign strategist is french, the same person who helped Macron.
      PATRIOTIC Southern Cameroonians should boycott those phoney elections.

      • When idiots boycot what will happen? Do you know where this has gone right? It once happen with us in Cameroon and last year Odinga’s Party and followers boycotted elections in Kenya. Do you know how it ended? There ended up as loosers and it happen when the SDF boycotted elections. We at times learn from history or current Events. Can you do same and know that he who takes stupid decisions remain more stupid.

  13. Good move. They many political parties is already a big problem. But if the parties stick together behind one candidate they’ll increase the chances of winning. To me I’ll say stick together as one and bring Bila down, then you can the organize a free and fair elections. Even though ELECAM is a scam, but they can still do it. I need a change of President, it doesn’t matter who the person should be, I just need a change. Tired of seeing these old face of a president and his lying ministers. At least someone else even if the person will be worse, I don’t care. Time for a change

  14. ‘Lots of educational facilities… We began with one state university….We have today more than eight state universities, more than forty private universities. The youths have all kinds of professional educational facilities now’- Elvis Ngolle Ngolle

    • @Ras Tuge, educational facilities in themselves do not solve the problem. You need the right kind of economic growth and business-influenced training reflecting skills shortages. Mass education in amphitheaters without quality and specific orientation does not help most youth. The other area is business environment -must encourage entrepreneurship through loans, low taxation and development of manufacturing standards and enforcement. Take for example cocoa production. There are no standards for growing cocoa, harvesting pods and beans processing. It is a slow process to success everywhere. Absolutely death to corruption.

      • The academia has been the motor of progress in other parts of the world… so what is so special about your own academia that it should not be held responsible?

        You talk about ‘skills shortages’… good! So where do people acquire those skills? In the forest? Besides, mass education is not the problem… there is mass education everywhere. When you have a system of unimaginative PhDs who are more interested in the pitiful business of begging for grants rather than design creative core curricula that respond to the unresolved problems that are plaguing our structure, you can’t expect miracles. The academia should guide the state with innovation and not the other way round. With all these tertiary institutions, people still expect the government to suckle every body! What a waste of time.

        • @ Ras Tuge
          Did you say “begging for grants”? Have you some personal experience to back this up?
          In the area of research that I know and have practiced, a researcher writes a proposal to a funding agency (NSF, WHO, CDC, etc) detailing a line of investigation to add to available knowledge (ref bibliography). Funding agencies, depending on their areas of interest, do commit to financing such projects. For your information, find out how and why filaria treatment in Cameroon went from banocide to ivermectine and who carried out the research and where.

        • Dinga,

          Yea, I said BEGGARS OF GRANT! What research are you doing when your condition remains the worst on this planet?!!! You talk about research proposals!!!! What a pity… you send out those ‘proposals’ to get what? You conduct all these research and you still do not qualify for any rankings at an intellectual global space… and you are boasting! You should be the one to respond to Donald Trump and disprove his declaration… instead of making a fool of yourself, and chanting about research.

          Look at the nonsense going on at the University of Buea… 71 research projects and Buea is still suffering from severe water shortage; whilst sitting on the water table. Shame on you!

          Ngolle Ngolle’s quotation may be a political statement for you but for me, it is valuable research material.

        • @Ras Tuge, not sure of the “unresolved problems” in your mind. The problems plaguing the society are basic and long resolved by mankind.

          Are you talking of water shortages. If plants can reach the water, why can’t man?

          Over 8m US expired patents and millions more in Europe and Japan. The problem is application in the local environment. To speed up application, the right business environment must exist. The government must value science, scientists and technologists and seek to domesticate them like the United States does. There are no 2 ways about it – only one way.

          The government must value hard currency (for importing inputs to start) and use it wisely – not spray it in western hotels like confetti and stash it in secret bank accounts abroad.

        • MD,

          Not sure of the UNRESOLVED PROBLEMS, you chant???!!!

          Well, that essentially explains why we are where we are today… with hordes of people who think exactly like you, especially the bunch of grant- begging intellectuals. See man, I am not here to please you… complacency is nothing for me.

          1. First thing you do to transform your condition is acceptance…that is, acknowledging your shortcomings

          2. Detach yourself from your own delusion about your material state.

          3. Conclude that your thinking was at fault.

          4. Get yourself to work.

          5. Become a man of integrity… not the type of man whom others regard as the earth’s laughing stock.

          If plants can reach water, why not humans? Good question! Pose it to our beggars of grants. How can you apply knowledge that is unsuitable to you?

      • Educational facilities should solve the problem… as a matter of fact, educational facilities must be the main problem-solvers in our society.

        • Rastaweed,
          At times, why not just shut it? Your master the hardened epicurean beat his chest about being the best student of France. He and his men studied there. Unimaginative PhDs? Why should PhDs Be unimaginative when educational facilities should be the main problem solvers of the society? You train people at Polytechnic but borrow and spend money abroad to make notebook computers for you. So when do your engineers practise? You don’t have schools of architecture, so you have to ask foreigners to bring a stadium to you piecemeal. You don’t even respect your own PhDs and spend countless hours on this forum throwing mud on names like Titanji, John Dinga. You somehow think people don’t know your true colors. Why are your PhDs unimaginative, since people acquire skills in school?

        • Fruitcake,

          This is definitely not your level, man. So you need to just shut up and continue rambling with your delusional secessionist insanity.

          If you can answer your own question in your last paragraph, then you will be getting yourself somewhere.

        • @ Ras Tuge
          And just what is his level and why should it be such a secret, known only to you the way election dates are known only to your idol?

        • You see this junky Arata Tuge again? Telling a heavy weight analyst whose seasoned political analogy should’ve been rewarded monetarily that national academic upliftment is not his prerogative. What the heck do you think you are? Just like your mentor Biya, the political exclusion guided by tribal cultism and fascist brutality you all practice has driven a once prosperous country to the drain. I’ll say it again; the relative calm giving you all the effrontery to still quack thanks to the stock in the barn. Once the grain dries up and hunger start keeping people awake, you visionless brutes will have no leg to dance on. It’s not rocket science an unyielding education unable to reverse the trend of importing expatriates in health, agriculture and engineering needs complete deracination.

    • @Ras my brother admit it Elvis have been a disgrace to our people what pains me the most is that I was there when this fool was made Osam, he then became Epie and as I write this clown Elvis is now an Ohan song. Thank God I am not the custodian of the Bakossi culture I could have strip Elvis of all his titles. Why is Pa Ebong Ngole silent off course he himself knows our people have been left behind for too long.Ras Amoe I know you are a Bakossian I wander if you have been to Tombe lately and see what is going on .I understand that you are for one and indivisible Cameroon but that should not make you blind.

      • @ Cavani,
        You come across like a son of Bakossiland who cares about the fate of those at home. Let me share this with you. Go to YouTube and read the recent experiences of Professor Patrice Nganang during his visit to Tombel, Nyasoso, Kumba, etc.

      • Cavani,

        Forget about Ngolle Ngolle and face the reality, man. With all these institutions that he mentioned, you still expect breast milk from the government? Is that what you experienced? No, man! Back off with that conspiracy and get yourself to work! You have everything in this world to be the masters of this planet… and you have been provided with schools to elevate your thinking and sharpen your reasoning… and all you do is talk about what others are unable to do, just so you can have a little comfort within yourself! What a pity.

        Tombel is fine. Tombel has both electricity and water… and food. That adventurer and impostor, who claimed otherwise is delusional. His ancestors had tried to overrun my ancestral heritage and they were all humiliated in Tombel!

  15. The appeal of the “Single Candidate” should and ought to be tempered by a return to the failure of a similar “Single Candidate” in 1992. What has changed?

    On the other hand, voters must also see in this new appeal an easy way to get into the bandwagon known as “Presidential Majority”. So much history, so little attention to it.

  16. K – Town, Kwakwa, Kumbu etc etc, will all score 100% each for cpdm and biya.
    This is called election 2018.

  17. There was a single candidate in 1992 and he worn. Did he take over? If hypothetically their single candidate wins and the megalomaniac declares himself the victor and then what next? Idiots