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Cameroon’s President Biya clocks 85 today

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroonians, government ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, will today, join President Paul Biya and his family in celebrating his 85th anniversary. Biya was born on February 13, 1933 in Mvomeka and grew up to become an astute politician.

Paul Biya Bi-Mvondo flourished in his political drive at a very tender age under the former President of Cameroon, Ahmadou Ahidjo. His leap into the political limelight in Cameroon was not suprising to many. Biya’s incisive political acumen and his facial appearance, did not only dazzle his predecessor, it also won the admiration of many Cameroonians, who thought that he was going to liberate them from the claws of dictatorship. That is why Biya quickly ascended the political ladder of Cameroon.

Biya began ruling Cameroon as President on November 6, 1982. For almost 35 years of his stewardship, Cameroon has experienced little or no meaningful changes in all facets of the life. While English Cameroon has been under a one year political crisis, with resentment runing high over perceived neglect by the francophone-majority regime, Northern Cameroon, on his part has been vulnerable to raids against civilians and troops from across the border by Nigeria’s jihadist group Boko Haram.

At 85 today, and still counting, and after 35 years in power, The Chairman of the CPDM is still addressing the youths, making promises on how they are the future and represent the positive vibe of Cameroon. Biya in his address to youth, urged young Cameroonians to vote in the next general elections due at the end of 2018, including a presidential poll.

“With the troubles in anglophone regions and the persistent threat from Boko Haram, the 2018 elections will be a greater challenge than previous votes,” said Hans De Marie Heungoup, a researcher with the International Crisis Group (ICG) thinktank.

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  1. Fake news show us some pictures.

  2. Happy birthday.
    Should be time to retire for a deserved rest.

    • It is rather unfortunate that, he will die in power. Mbappe, this the only good thing i have heard from u.

      • @siboni
        Mbappe is not a Biya supporter. He speaks out honestly and objectively against the Gangsters called Ambazonia. Only those who share fake Ambazonia ideas disagreed with him. It could be you are also one of them.

  3. Mr president times to step down chaiiiiii , Africa people me too I want to eat

  4. “Biya’s incisive political acumen”. This a funny statement. Say the man was formed and trained by France for this purpose and when the time came they planted him there. You people write stories as if people don’t know the truth. You cannot continue to lie people all the the time on history and country they know so well.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. But won’t it be nice if DO Marcel Namata Diteng, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and all of his teammates could also freely celebrate theirs?

    • NO. Unfortunately, someone has to pay the price for the violence and killings. That someone is Julius Tabe. The only way Julius Tabe will ever see daylight is if we have a new regime, the like of Cabral Libi or Akere Muna.

      LOL. Julius has been calling to meet Pr. Biya lately. Reality is finally settling. You had a wonderful life. There is courage in masses, but when you are locked up alone in SED, all you have left is your eyes to cry and memories of the past.

      • It is so easy to become the greatest lawyer in self-defense as well as the greatest Judge when it concerns others. With such moral and legal savvy to readily incriminate Julius Ayuk Tabe even without trying him, you should have no qualms imputing to him also the fate of the DO of Donga-Mantum Good luck.

        • @John Dinga
          Who cares. He certainly has a Price to pay. When you identify yourself as a leader of Gangsters who move arround burning Schools, Businesses, depriving Kids of deserved education, manipulating ignorant minds etc etc what do you expect honest John? Where was bin laden judged?

        • Hey buyam sellam, who is the leader of gangsters Essimi Menye and Ambassa Zang who has international arrest warrants on their heads? How many times has fire burst out in places like the National Assembly, Finance and defense ministries? Who deprived meritorious students by imposing his two children on Enam? Being natural hypocrite is all that is left

        • …who have…

  6. Who is fooling who?
    Where is he the guest of honor? Hiding where? Absent!
    President for life!
    May you have eternal life to rule Cameroon until emergence 2035!
    May your Birthday celebrations be more lavish than Bokassa, Mobutu, Mugabe, Amin and Kim Jung combined
    The lie can’t continue forever
    Time is up!


    With nothing to show for except Corruption and corruption and more corruption. Someone once said an Unexamined life is not worth living but he thinks he had the best life because he will be president forever!
    What a PARADOX ..!!

  8. Happy birthday the king of Cameroon. We need new leadership, please do not run again. I don tire you pa Paul

  9. C.R.T.V stop giving out wrong information of PREACH ALL USELESS LIES BAMENDA IS YOUR ANSWER. (PAUL BIYA) Birth date. He is 93 years old not eighty five years. Where did you leave the other eight years?

  10. Happy birthday to a dead man.

  11. joyeux anniversaire presi. Que les jaloux sautent & callent en l’air. Vivront ils aussi longtemps dans l’oppulence? Je ne croix pas que certain ici atteindront 50 ans ou meme toucheront le dixieme de l’argent que tu as touche de ton vivant.

    • Ah Ah, l’ eternel argent! L’argent ne fait pas bonheur creuseur de rats, si non ton dieu n’allait pas etre la’ aussi longtemps. On voit pourquoi le pays est dans un etats de putrefaction, c’est parce que les cancres affames comme toi ne revent que d’argent vole’.

  12. Retirement Time! Please Biya go in peace! Thoes ofvus Born After 1980 have Never seen a New President in Cameroon and we are sick and tired of hearing your empty promises!

  13. Wonders shall never end. The people were saying this thing like a joke. That Mr. Biya,
    was an absentee landlord. Now, it has caught up with him again during his birthday.
    All and sundry, attended but for the man himself.
    This is called the reality show show in Cameroon. Naija, Abidjan, Lumumbashi, Malabo,
    etc, have you heard this latest? Tori don baje, for ya under belle. Lapiro, me i mimba
    say de elleke man don bole oh.

  14. cameroon was and is his private property..
    he gave no pride and dignity to cameroonians and Africans…He made cameroon a play ground of France and a few..Never treated his people with respect and dignity….
    He is not an accountable president…Should be held accountable for the misery of the people..Should never have any rest-He should spend the rest of his life in Jail..
    If possible hold his families and relatives responsible for the money stolen from the people..
    How can he be one of the richest man on earth from one the poorest countries in Africa…
    Wake up and restore your dignity..Send such devils back to the forest of MVO-MEKA, get back your dignity and join all heads to free cameroon from France…