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Cameroon’s Presidential Couple Travels to Italy

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, His Excellency Paul BIYA, and First Lady Chantal BIYA, have travelled to Italy. The Presidential Couple left the Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport on 18 March 2017.

This is in prelude to President Paul BIYA’s State visit to Italy from 20 to 22 March 2017, following an invitation by H.E. Sergio MATTARELLA, President of the Italian Republic. Cameroon was host to the Italian leader one year ago (17 to 20 March 2016).

Present at the airport to bid farewell to H.E. Paul BIYA and Mrs. Chantal BIYA were top personalities. Amongst them were the following: Senator Victor MUKETE ESEMINGSONGO and Honourable ENOW TANJONG (the Deans of the Senate and the National Assembly respectively); Prime Minister Head of Government, Philemon YANG; the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, and the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. at the Italian Embassy to Cameroon.

Before boarding the flight for Europe, the Head of State gave last minute instructions to the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic during a brief audience in the Presidential Lodge. In the meantime, the First Lady Madam Chantal BIYA, in the company of Madam Solange LE and Rosalie NGAK, exchanged pleasantries and a convivial conversation.

The plane of the Presidential Couple took off shortly after 11 a.m. local time for Italy.


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  1. So you guys are back! Really? What do you expect from the forumites this time around?
    Putting down this site some weeks ago att a crucial moment when the country is going through one of the biggest crises was a very childish move!
    Popularity comes with responsibility. Running a website means that you attrack different people to the site. There will allways be some rotten ones, there’s nothing you can do about it, and as the owner of the site you are supposed to be above some bad behaviour.
    Cameroonians are very passionate about their Country , that’s why things gets hot sometime.

    • Bik
      Kikikik. Oga yi temper de like Arabo man yi own. Watty man go do. I hope say the small break yi take for regain yi self go make yi understand say watty yi do at that point in time nobi correct. Now the forum the back like for 2010 way them be difficult find cutlass cut your post. So I no understand if things them di go na better or n.a. for worst.

  2. Why a limited nr of characters? What kind of nonsense is that? You behave like the Biya regime who cut off the Internet in the NW and SW regions. Btw ,What is going on there anyway? Why don’t you post some news about the Anglophones crise?
    Then you will complain about people calling you a Biyaist/ Rdpcist??
    You can contact me if you need some financial support for this site.
    People should be able to express themselves with no limit, and with respect of course.
    You can’t decide how many words people are aloud to tipe! That’s worse then cutting off the Internet!
    Come on! Grow up.!

    • Thank you lady Bik. Gangsters subjugating people while pretending to be gentlemen. The webmaster has always been Biya’s puppet.

    • Akaaa Bikutsi !

      Let us move on. What adm-in is doing is not easy, I know what it takes to run a web site, believe me.

      I can disagree with him at times, but for running especially this our forum I’ll always bow down in front of him for that, with no shame inside…

    • Akaaa Bikutsi !

      Let us move on. What adm-in is doing is not easy, I know what it takes to run a we*b site, believe me.

      I can disagree with him at times, but for running especially this our forum I’ll always bow down in front of him for that, with no shame inside…

    • Massa that “grand ” no try ooh. I guess we get for say “Grand-admin” make the man no vex sack we again for 1 year this time.

  3. For ever young Reserved

    Kikkikki Miss Bikutsi calm down that’s all have gotten at the moment what else can we do than to manage & pray hopefully for better days ahead especially for all Cameroonian

  4. You refuse children the right go to school and the government took your right to internet. Both parties are wrong but at the end, France will win.

  5. Gangster regime

  6. Why say nothing about the 50 singers hired to go sing welcome songs in Italy? And in they end they will disappear to become asylum seekers. Desperate regime. An embarrassment of the decade is waiting for you in Rome.

  7. We all missed this web site during the shut down. To catch up lost time, we move forward, not open old wounds. The explanation of the webmaster may not have made sense to everybody. That is understandable. But let each of us learn something from the experience and then move forward to display our learning.
    This is like our national club, a place to get together and exchange ideas and learn to improve individual and collective well being. Our battle can hardly be won by leaving the target foe and hurling missiles at ourselves. We must win.

    • “We all missed this web site during the shut down”,NO! You missed this web site during the shut down, not we all.Be always precise when expressing your emotional thoughts, rather than globalizing your stress to others.If, it was stressful to you without this website not others.Since this is the only outlet you have free access to come and pour out-dated-words.For your information, go and subscribe in Cameroon journal.Subscription is only 3 dollar per s month, more to that by the 1 of April, the shall be a functioning forum entitled “Biya Must Go”. What does it take to have a website?.

    • “We all missed this web site during the shut down “,NO! you missed this website during the shutdown.Be always precise when expressing your emotional thoughts, rather than globalizing your stress to others.If, it was stressful to you without this website not others.Since this is the only outlet where you have free access to come and pour out-dated-words.For your information, go and subscribe to Cameroon Journal.Subscription is only 3 Dollar per a month, and more to that the shall be a functioning forum entitled “Biya Must Go” by the 1 of April. What does it takes to have a website?Niafang.

      • Certainly convergence of views trumps an occasional tantrum from a dimwit unable or unwilling to place a statistical outlier where it belongs.
        That said, energy is better spent fighting ignorance than promoting it. Lots of ignorance gets spewed around as it were – Nfon Mukete’s resignation, Fon Galega’s absquatulation, and lots more. The citizen needs help sifting through falsehood than puerile rants tangential to the issues at stake.

        • Your write-up is primitive and very uncivilized.Lack of communication skills.

  8. What does anyone expect in the country of the blind?

  9. Marriage is for better for worse, webman. Smh

  10. Bastardize monster going back home. It’s really disgusting to hear that the president and useless government of biya will transport university students from yaounde to Italy just to go there and welcome this ugly pig. Citizens have no portable drinking water, people die because of lack of adequate medical facilities and yet millions are used to send students abroad for safari trip. What is going on? And we say Cameroon has no problems?

  11. Biya is the one who decides whether internet should be in Southern Cameroon or not,and it is Southern Cameroonians who decides whether schools will resume or not.Biya want schools to resume and we want internet to be reinstalled and all Southern Cameroonians abducted to be release.So,we need each other but Biya should be the one to make the first move,becos we are not bodered about school anymore.

  12. Admin you try ohhhh! Waiti you want make we write now ? Say you be ” baba god” ? That punishment looks like rdpc motion for couper we info. Man be greatful för ya bolo and info but you get for accept say you created this site for people no be only for ya mami so you fit understand say all man no go talk like ya reme. And you know as pays man say camer their first qualite na criticising. Happy to have you back . I hope say our Ambazombia brothers they don wise say that pays na un and indivisible say the only witch man na popaul and e complices them for Franc maçon.

    • with the current dependent mindset assimilated by our super degree holders from what is often presented to us as the best universities on earth,havard,la sorbonne,etc.even the best president on earth cannot do anything for us because we have internalize what we were told in school that without goverment help.nothing is possible,the result is that we dont even try before failing,but make complaining our profession.i do not see the connection between biya,s visit to italy and the act of toiling one hecter of land in NJAH-ETU to plant corn,beans,etc,for commercial purpose?

    • Épée Dipanda

      Indivisible dans tes rêves
      We cannot continue with people who don’t understand the word freedom.
      The whole concept of frenchism in la Republique is anathema for many of us in Ambazonia.
      We are too far gone…no turning back.
      Get used to it, Ambazonia will be free.
      Since you like blocking people’s views why not block Twitter as well?

  13. to my knowledge when travelling to italy biya does not hold rain from falling to water our crops?if so why not try irrigation?we have rivers flowing into nature everyday in our villages.instead of using our brains to make appropraite use of this free natural resource,we keep complaining like unthinking humans.this is the hight of human irresponsibility because at a time when agriculture transformation machines have become affordable,we should be toiling the soil 18 hours a day to kick start the process of industrialization from our villages.calling biya criminal has never done us good?

  14. today we have hghly lucreative crops like sesame,sun flower,and canola taking just three months to grow to maturity in africa because of sun through out the year.the demand for oil pressed from this seeds is on the raise.any of you can check how much a bottle of canolar,sesame and sun flower cost where you live?with five hecters of land you can make at least 35 thousand euros a year if you buy machines and press the oil by yourself.the waste matter from this seeds is fish,feed so you can expand your business and put some few ponds.
    all this without biya ever holding your hands.

  15. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    kikikikiki, admin discovered that i have engaged BIR behind him and he quickly brings back the forum. Next time i will not inform you again

  16. Patrick Manuel Etoga (No more Pseudo) United States

    I greet you all my fellow country Brothers. It is just so good to be back to be here.
    I can understand the reactions of some, and no matter how harsh they seem in their words toward Admin who gave us a little break from this website, I see in all a deep love for Cameroon.

    Dear Admin, you help us to understand the sacrifices you make in order to provide us with this very precious platform. I want to thank you in my own name and in the name of all forumites for your exceptional display of love for your fellow Cameroonians and for your patriotism.

    Things will surely be better than yesterday.

  17. @admin, you are a journalist with freedom which so many Cameroonians haven’t got, personally I can understand why this site was temporarily closed due to pressure from the government, you should take the abuse from viewers with a pinch of salt, your job is dangerous and pressurised but you should allow fair and unbiased comments, you should also limit sentences, block rude comments from uncivilised and angry people who use inappropriate words, good to see you back!!thank you

    • Ndolloz @ id second limiting the outright rude comments ,no one would never get away with being that rude to strangers back home and being rude is just not common on Cameroonian soil unlike alot of other places in this world.

  18. “GRAND ” admin what is happening in Douala ? ( New bell ) . No news ?

  19. Hihihi! So you bann me cos I dare to tell the truth? Really?
    I leave in Sweden the World epicenter of technology..
    You can’t bann me! come on, this is not personal.