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Cameroun anglophone: trois leaders de la contestation prêts à discuter [+audio]

Les avocats des leaders de la contestation anglophone au Cameroun ont organisé une conférence de presse ce mardi 18 avril.

L’avocat Agbor Balla, le professeur Fontem Neba, l’animateur de radio Mancho Bibixi sont jugés avec 25 autres personnes pour terrorisme. Mais, selon leurs avocats, ils sont prêts à discuter avec le gouvernement.

Prêts aussi à apaiser la situation dans les deux régions anglophones de l’ouest du pays, où écoles et tribunaux sont à l’arrêt depuis six mois.

Nous, nous sommes prêts pour la négociation et le dialogue. Les conditions de la négociation doivent être mises sur la table. Ça veut dire que nous souhaitons la libération immédiate de tous ceux qui ont été arrêtés dans le cadre de la crise anglophone.

Me Dorcas Nkongmé, avocate des trois leaders de la contestation anglophone

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  1. This government can never be trusted so you guys must be very careful in the way you go into any form of dialogue with them. Their sole aim is to show the international community that they are a set of peace loving people.

  2. Le jour des résultats les larmes vont couler ayoooh fion fion Fion les larmes vont couler !!!!

  3. Conference de presse? Avec la litigation ? Au lieu de litigation? Expliquez-nous, messieurs les journalists.

  4. This will get to nowhere since the government knows that it has already murdered some of the abducted. So all that is going on is a delay tactic. Unfortunately for the government, they are so shortsighted that they keep moving from one blunder to another. They happen to have just invited the Vatican into the mess thereby giving more legitimacy to the struggle.

  5. After 34 years in power, a simple strike will paralize a gov`t?
    Truly, wonders shall never end.

  6. @Joshua if you understand the impact of a public holiday on the economy of a country,then you can better understand how the “simple strike” can affect the government.

    • @ Colby, just intended to shame Etoude rulership to understand that a people`s
      determination, shouldn`t be taken for granted at any time. This is where they
      failed and the center can no longer hold today.
      See how bad judgement and pride can be that dangerous.

  7. Supreme Court Dashes Ayah’s Hopes For Justice
    Posted: 10:14 pm, April 19, 2017

    By Yerima Kini Nsom

    The Supreme Court has in a ruling destroyed the hopes of detained Supreme Court Advocate General, Justice Paul Ayah Abine, of gaining justice after the appeal court rejected his appeal.

    The Advocate General at the Centre Court of Appeal said Ayah’s lawyers knocked on the wrong door.

    “If one has a problem and knocks at the wrong door, it will be the wrong person inside and that person’s problem would not be solved,” she said.

    Ayah’s hopes flew out of the window when the presiding

    • Judge, Justice Mbonkeu, ruled in favour of the Advocate General for the State party.
      Thus, Ayah’s hope to be freed from illegal detention was once more dashed.
      The lawyers, however, took exception to the Advocate General’s submission. They said they filed their application in tandem with section 274 of the CPC.
      They argued that since Ayah was arrested and detained at the Gendarmerie Headquarters in Yaounde on January 21, he has not been charged with any crime.
      While stating their case, defence counsels Barristers Christopher Ndong, Luc Kisob and John Mbufor, said their action was predicated

      • on Article 274 of the Criminal Procedure Code, CPC, which states that “the appeal shall be made by way of unstamped application in four copies and addressed to the President of the Inquiry Control Chambers.”
        According to the defence counsels, Ayah’s arrest ran counter to article 119(4) of the CPC, which provides that ”except in cases of felonies or misdemeanors committed flagrante delicto (caught red-handed), remand in police custody should not be ordered on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.”
        The lawyers said those who arrested Ayah violated the law because they virtually kidnapped him on

        • January 21, 2017, which was a Saturday.
          Ayah’s lawyers called the court’s attention to section 629 of pact 10 of the CPC which borders on privilege proceedings.
          The section provides that “where a judicial or legal officer is likely to be charged with committing an offence, the competent Procureur General shall request the President of the Supreme Court to appoint an investigating magistrate as well as three other magistrates of a grade at least equal to that of the magistrate incriminated. And they shall, if necessary, hear and determine the matter at first instance.”
          The lawyers said those

  8. Ops!
    Sorry…Limited allowance (600 words only per posting) together with snail-speed “moderation” made it impossible to accomplish this during a lunch break ).

    • John Dinga@ thankyou sir,, for your dedication to post this imformation .