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Corruption et détournement de deniers publics, l’Etat perd 1246 milliards FCFA en 5 ans

Koaci | Selon le rapport de la Commission nationale anti-corruption (CONAC),-l’organe en charge de la lutte contre la corruption,- le Cameroun a subi une perte estimée à 1246 milliards FCFA en cinq (5) ans.

Le même rapport fait savoir qu’une enquête réalisée à la trésorerie générale de Buea (Sud-Ouest), a révélé des paiements fictifs des frais de justice de 7,956 milliards de FCFA de janvier 2011 à juin 2016.

A Bertoua, (EST), ces paiements sont évalués à 1,699 milliard FCFA à la trésorerie générale de janvier 2014 à juillet 2016.

L’année dernière, la CONAC a enregistré 2 402 dénonciations contre 3 268 en 2015 en provenance de toutes les régions. Le Centre siège des institutions est en tête.

Les litiges fonciers, des marchés publics, la gestion de ressources allouées aux organisations, ainsi que des détournements de fonds viennent en tête dans les cas de dénonciations.

Les douanes camerounaises font partie des administrations les plus corrompues.

A titre d’exemple, l’on cite dans le rapport, le cas de ce fonctionnaire des douanes qui possède, à lui tout seul 13 villas, un immeuble de cinq niveaux, 10 terrains immatriculés, cinq camions de 30 tonnes, cinq cars Toyota coaster de 28 places, deux (2) cars de 18 places, un parc automobile plein de véhicules personnels haut de gamme…

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  1. Not even CONAC seems to have the magic wand to cure corruption in the fatherland!

    Enumerating corrupt practices here and there is surely not the cure. Nor is it any help conceiling the names of perpetrators who should rather be exposed to the public, if not for justice, then at least for shaming.

    • What exactly is “paiements fictifs des frais de justice” in Buea and who are the main actors in the center?

  2. Revenue from Ndian oil will soon be a NO-GO-AREA for LRC embezzlers of public fund. They will have less money to embezzle.

  3. Their simple way of getting capital for themselves from the people`s fund.
    It is called the game and biya of rigour and moralization NGO, has tactically,
    closed his eye on it.

    • Biya is the Godfather of the embezzlement of public funds.

      That is why:

      1. he does not want to implement Article 66 of the constitution
      2. he declared war on Southern Cameroonians because of Ndian oil. Most of the embezzled money come from the sale of Ndian oil.

  4. ADF don’t waste your time killing BIR; blow up the oil fields and rigs. Period!

  5. Imagine how much has gone missing in 35 years?! Yet the Beti enclaves still look like an abandoned scrapyard pigsty.

  6. If we cant fight this now, when?
    What is the contribution of every young cameroonian to make sure our old people dont stillall our money?..
    Our country is known to be a place where the politicians do nothing but steal..
    Biya and his gang of Ministers have been plundering the country for over 30 years, we all know yet nothing is done..
    When young paople decide to risk their lives and die for freedom, equality and a better cameroon, we call them terrorist..
    We are even happy when brutal troops are sent to kill and lock them up..
    We are even happy when they are in jail…
    And yet we complain about corruption and the fact that the country has no infrastructures?..
    If we are honest, we should start writing the history of cameroon including people like MANCHO BBC, Nkongho Balla , Dr fontem.etc.

  7. These are young people making history..fighting hard to change cameroon..
    To make it a place where we can all dream of a better future..
    Biya and his Gang of ministers deserve nothing but a death penalty..
    If you see what they have drained from the country, thus depriving the man on the street from social amenities, then they deserve nothing than prison and death penalty…
    Ironically we still go the streets and dance for these thieves?..
    ironically we give them votes for a bottle of beer..
    Ironically we join them to celebrate and hang their pictures on the wall of our homes….