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Cameroun : des explosifs découverts dans un domicile privé à Mbengwi (Nord-Ouest)

APA-Yaoundé (Cameroun) Cinq individus, qui tenaient un bunker de fabrication d’explosifs dans un quartier de la localité camerounaise de Mbengwi (Nord-Ouest) ont été interpellés par les forces de maintien de l’ordre, a appris APA de sources sécuritaires.

Parmi les présumés terroristes ainsi interpellés, actuellement en exploitation dans une unité qui n’a pas été précisée, figure le nommé Alfred Ngyam Dasi, sur qui un passeport belge a été retrouvé.

Le même individu, à en croire les mêmes sources, avait déjà réussi à prendre la clé des champs lorsque, en 2015, la sécurité du pays avait réussi à déjouer une tentative d’attaque à la bombe dans le chef-lieu de la région anglophone du Nord-Ouest, Bamenda, à l’occasion du défilé marquant la fête nationale du 20 mai.

Bamenda, mais aussi Mbengwi, font partie des principaux foyers de la contestation anglophone née depuis octobre 2016 dernier de revendications corporatistes (avocats et enseignants) et qui ont fini par muer en exigences de fédéralisme, voire de sécessionnisme.

Cette fronde n’a pas faibli à ce jour, en dépit des multiples initiatives du gouvernement qui, ces derniers jours, a par ailleurs dépêché des émissaires en Belgique et aux États-Unis, considérés comme des bases arrières de la contestation anglophone.


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  1. Please give us the news in English

    • @ It says that bomb-making paraphernalia were discovered in a home in Mbengwi and five persons arrested for interrogation, one of them bearer of a Belgian passport.

  2. The full extend of the law should apply here.
    Working and harbouring “to be terrorist “is tantamount to treason. Simple as that.
    There is still the death penalty in that land.

    • This is typical case of government setup. Every anglophone in the diaspora should either sympathize with this soul or rather ask for proper investigation because you too can be set-up. There are several reasons as to why this is a clear setup.

    • what land are you talking about. you came to another man’s country and arrest him that he is a terrorist.

      • @le maky
        The land is Cameroon and the Person cought had a Belgian passport. If you know what a passport represents, then you will agree with me that a Belgian was cought in our Cameroon. Period. Except you want to tell me that you want to sell it again to Belgium as you Africans don’t love your own indepence. We don’t want war and does who want war will pay the price. His case is bad and he will release all the information from the Meetings in Nigeria including participants. Dreamers. you will never split Cameroon. I am also an Anglophone and more realistic and informed.

  3. Firing squad immediately! Isolate the Northwest and institute a serious state of emergency! This nonsense is too much…

    • Eh! junkie, thanks for your bitter comment.

      Don’t you have something better to do, like torturing an animal?
      I’m sure that would make you feel better.
      It’s seems like your condition is getting worse by the day.

      • @perika
        bitter but real. Do you expect anything different. Sorry boy. Noise on the streets in Beligium is not wisdom. He simply acted stupidly and it’s not a good situation for him. Either you like it or not, no amount of insults from you at others will chage his fate. That is the reality and lets Keep emotions aside. It’s a pity if you are his follower.

    • isolate your ignorant self

  4. Hahaha! bogus charges. Cameroon in trouble.
    The government have no interest to solve the Anglophone problem.
    This is a witch hunt against Mark. Nothing more.
    And I believe this would only radicalize the people even more.
    No individual or one group can call off the strike when people are still in jail. The government should have known that by now, and start from there to solve the problem.
    The people in charge of advising the government should all be put to jail, and look for fresh mines rather than people who are just bent to protect a failed system.

    • @perika; The guy who was cought with a belgian pass in Mbengwi. Responding to tihe question above.

  5. Well,reading this makes no sense,we need serious evidences to show this was discovered in Mbengwi.The write up is only in french,is the mosonge commission not at work? Some who hate Anglophones will quickly rush to a conclusion,firing squad,life jail,terrorists,etc etc,lets be mature in the way we use our words.Anglophones have no personal problems with the francophones but with the king regime.

    • He dan di fear… when di heat kom hima di first to run! All of a sudden Musonge Commission becomes relevant. You dan see weti? Periku, perrika, perrywood, perripunkass… wuna di play with fire. But dat ting go remain for Ngraffiland. We na want dat nonsense for Southwest…you mek bomb, you invite the wrath of the nation. Terrorism is the word. Go dong dey go fight! Talk about being mature! The attitude of the drunkards in Belgium was very mature! Wuna continue for di urge poor people for their grave… you hate Francophones, hate Bami, hate any man that call you to reason. So ride on, punk!

      • Since the female Afcon, this junkie @ Ras Tuge has been praying for hell to rain on the NW. Unfortunately for you the fierce fighters are still standing tall and weeping up serous resilience. Junkie! Go see medical treatment for your Ngraffi paranoia. Big empty mop for nating.

        • I expect all from the NW should be a bit resonable. Reckless are stupid Actions can cause the life of so many ignorant People. Get this very well, this Story is not fake. It’s not anything against the North West. It’s good to base your discussion on the truth than on Claims that you are not sure of. It’s not fake and we have all the details on how it started before it even reached the authorities. Note that it’s easy said than done. Man there are difficult things to do. Easy to sit on our key boards and type anything we like.

        • @James

          You are talking nonsense. Take your long empty rants somewhere else. LRC is capable of the worst lies in the world just like they are saying Balla and Fontem were caught red handed burning public properties. You excuse real criminals like Ekema and Mebe Ngoh and go after young struggling people all to satisfy develish political desires. Those like Cavaye and Amadou Ali who negotiate and harbour real terrorists remain untouchable. What a sick coconut you carry as head!

  6. People should ignore the imbeciles generating hate agains the NW above. A failed government not interested in solving her domestic issues, only bowing to international pressure is a gullible one bent on protecting power. We have read here how markets, police stations and public buildings were torched, police officer killed etc all in the NW and till this day no witness has ever come up. It’s a working of this evil regime to give a dog a bad name and kill it. In the end, the reselience of the NW shall stand tall above their wickedness. Framing innocent people is weakness of the highest order.

  7. This is all lies to incriminate our fight.we are not terrorist .LRC is terrorist.this is frame ups from the regime.regime of lies.pls guys ignore all hate speech. From our enemy in the house.he has all his time to type rubbish on behalf of his master..when we are through.I guess he will hang himself.According to the drugsster southwest is bakweri.he doesn’t know his country.

  8. I hope they didn’t see funge and matches and say it’s a bomb, but these are uncertain times in Cameroon, if they see u even with styrofoam n Python oil u get busted, there are no specifics in the news piece but I can guarantee that those arrested are now permanent residents of kondengui.

  9. Truck-pusher

    Surprising that those who have been beating the drums of war are now calling it fake news and bogus when weapons are found.

  10. Fake news or poor journalism?????

  11. Either we are serious about change in cameroon or we are comfortable with the current situation in the country we all love, be it francophones or anglophones. I don’t think anybody who has visited cameroon, carry on business in cameroon or live in cameroon will say everything is well with the way our country is being run by our current government. The goal of government is to provide an environment for it’s citizens to prosper which will turn provide government with financial support to maintain peace and order. We need to stop calling our citizens terrorist when they don’t agree with us

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      I pray to the God of my Ancestors to give the guards at Kondengui, the wisdom, skill, strength and endurance to give these terrorists a 5 star torture treatment at Kondengui.
      A 5 Kg weight should be attached to their genitals upon arrival. A half meter long cypress branch (4 inches in diameter) should be inserted in to their rear end.
      Their fingers should be chopped off and fed to them raw. All this should be done on live TV.

  12. They have started …Good . Hang or shoot the bastards in the head . 10months and still counting ,where is the we are winning crew lmao I need a good laugh .

  13. Where are the bombs-making materials? Why didn’t CRTV run the news with pictures? The pictures they brandished on social media were plumbing velocity pipes, duct tape and plastic cords. Why didn’t CRTV show them and the “cartons of guns” on TV?

  14. Bomb making is not only in Mbengui, we have them all over! I will see how many you go arrest, beasts!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Senator

      They will not just be arrested. Their rear ends will be penetrated with 6inch diameter cypress branches!

      You are the next bomb maker to be fed to the beasts of Kondengui!

      Bomb makers are food for the beasts of Kondengui!! They will be tortured to death in Kondengui.

      The count is on!

      One group of bomb makers down! They will be arrested, rear ended with a 6inch diameter cypress branch before being fed to the beasts of Kondengui.
      Consider them dead if they are your friends or relatives!!

  15. Is all fake News to creat motives of Arrest by the colonial masters, if anyone ownwed those explosives they would have been used Long ago on LCP brutal armies and not kept somewhere to be found.
    Those things have been planted there to make fake allegations on SC.

  16. So much fake news is flying around that it ought to call for some caution in digesting them or continuing their propagation. War is good for those who value it. But it is waged after serious preparation and debate, pinpointing the enemy and its location. Otherwise one ends up causing plenty of collateral damage from friendly fires.

    A lot of those at home depend a lot on friends and family out in the Diaspora for enlightenment. What good is it sending back home to those good folks unverified information that only makes their condition worse? It costs nothing to be patient and verify news items before spreading them to others.