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Cameroun : des mandats d’arrêt internationaux contre des leaders sécessionnistes

Les autorités camerounaises ont émis une quinzaine de mandats d’arrêt internationaux à l’encontre des leaders du Southern Cameroon national council (SCNC) qui militent pour la sécession de la partie anglophone du pays, a-t-on appris mercredi de sources concordantes.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius
D’après la presse camerounaise parue ce mercredi, en l’occurrence le quotidien Le jour, quinze dossiers auraient été préparés et remis à la police internationale en une seule phase visant l’arrestation et l’extradition au Cameroun du président du consortium anglophone, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et ses partisans.

Pour être précis ces mandats concernent les activistes impliqués dans les evenements en cours dans les deux régions anglophones du pays, notamment, le Nord-ouest et le Sud-ouest.

«Les informations exclusives font état de dossiers préparés, montés et transmis à la police internationale en une seule phase. La préparation des mandats en question a mobilisé de hauts responsables de la police, la gendarmerie, la magistrature, ainsi que des agents spéciaux «avant mais surtout après le 22 septembre 2017», rapporte le journal.

Le quotidien qui dit n’avoir pas obtenu la liste des activistes ciblés, indique que toutefois, selon un officiel de la police camerounaise Sisiku Ayuk Tabe le chef des sécessionnistes est «naturellement» concerné.

La raison, ce dernier «fait partie des commanditaires des actes de violence contre les écoliers et des agents de force de sécurité».

Il y a aussi le dénommé Wilfried Tassang membre-fondateur du consortium de la société civile anglophone dissous et assez actif au sein du gouvernement mis en place par les sécessionnistes.

Les mouvements de colère qui secouent depuis un an les régions camerounaises anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, plus connus sous la dénomination de «crise anglophone» trouvent leur origine aux confins du processus de libération du pays de ses colonisateurs britannique et français.

Depuis les années 60 en réalité, la communauté anglophone n’a pas arrêté de dénoncer sa marginalisation politique et économique.

Ces mouvements identitaires ont ainsi vu l’avènement de groupuscules de lutte dont le plus énigmatique, le Southern Cameroun National Congress (SCNC), déclaré illégal et interdit d’activités sur l’étendue du territoire camerounais depuis 2001, organise régulièrement des actions de défiance à l’égard de «la République», appellation attribuée au Cameroun francophone.


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  1. Vaiocomputers

    Is this some piece of joke or they have run out of options.This govt amazes me in every dimension.

    • More grease to LRC’s elbows on this one. When West Cameroonians are being granted refugee status on account of Biya and his government’s assault on SCNC activists the fools go ahead and issue arrest warrants counting on these same countries to extradite West Cameroonians? Desperation in deed.

      • International Arrest Warrants: Justice Ayah Schools Camerounese Officials
        ByMark BaretaPosted on November 9, 2017

        November 8, 2017


        To secure the issuing of international arrest warrants as Cameroun has done is the easiest of things. To get the warrants executed and the suspects extradited much less. The following is a random cursory look at some of the hurdles to surmount.

        Cameroun must prove the existence of extradition treaties with the host countries of those to be extradited. In the absence of such instrument, the matter could well just rest there. Even where such instruments do exist, their enforcement is subject to several inevitable considerations:

        (1) Are those to be extradited of Camerounese nationality?

  2. Hopefully the country can still count on advice from some level-headed citizens to help disentangle this bizarre knot. A good solution does not create more intractable problems; it reduces them.

    Persons usually quick to speak disdainfully about supranational jurisdictions (UN, AU, ICJ, ICC) canl now see the importance of such institutions in handling matters beyond national competence. But of course seeking justice requires doing so with clean hands, n’est-ce pas?

    Cameroon has lots of international friends and organizations that could be called upon to mediate and settle this matter instead of more sabre-rattling. The pope is there as a good friend of the presidential couple and head of the Catholic Church. France, the UK, Donald Trump are all in a position to help.

    • ” Cameroon has lots of international friends….”
      Wow! Really? For your information, no African Country has “internationals friends “! The pope? France , the UK and Donald Trump? Are you serious? Jeez….

  3. Ayuk Tabe and and the system on which he stands has been sincere reasonable and principled. That is too much of a strength to be taken on by a dubious, corrupt, inconsequential and an evil enterprise.
    if you are truthful and sincere you don’t need to be worry, you are ready at any time any where.

  4. Has the leader of the SC governing council at any point showed disappointment and condemn in the most powerful terms the killing of the gendarmes by some Seccessionists activists? That would have been a good move. If he stays quiet then he is encouraging such barbaric acts. If lrc is barbaric doesn’t mean the SC governing council should copy such bad moves in retaliation. Just my thoughts…

    • rain onto others

      Did your president Biya ever condemned the killing in Southern Cameroons? Let them go and arrest him. Everyday you only hear funny stories from your Banana Republic.

      “Paul Biya has not ruled for 35 years How can you say that? African has their own calendar” ( Issa Tchiroma 2017)

      You see all the confusion in LRC.

    • Massa go stay quite if you no get anything for talk. Hundreds of people have been killed and are still being killed by military people but the government has never condemned it, instead they say it did not happened. When two miserable military idiots are killed you want Ayuk to quickly condemn it.

      • Anywhere in the world when you killed a law enforcement right or wrong nobody will listen to you its the fact I hope you can check that

    • Do you have any iota of proof of what you are recounting?

  5. This is just to distract attention to the struggle. Our quest for statehood restoration is unstoppable. Our leaders are STRONG. SAFE AND SECURED. they are recognize by their host countries and other international bodies. Nothing to worry about.

  6. Whether those people actually get arrested or not, their life will never be the same again… One thing we know for sure is white people will protect their interest at any cost; even if it means throwing innocent people under the bus, let alone some wannabe revolutionists hiding in their countries.

    • Thank you Mannorun. Some people don’t understand world politics. I told the secessionist last week that an arrest warrant was going to be issued by the Biya govn’t and their ally France for the secessionist leaders to be arrested by the US govn’t for inciting terrorism in a foreign land and they thought I was joking. Nobody told me about this warrant but any sensible person who has been following world politics should have seen this coming. What the secessionists don’t understand is that the US is on Biya’s side. Biya has been serving France a US ally for 35 yrs and the US can’t let France and their ally Biya down. I have been advising these Ambazonians to join the rest of the country to take out the Biya regime but their hate of Francophones won’t let them think straight.

      • You forgot to mention that Britain, a member of the security council is not on Biya’s side.

        • @Sam
          They are members of one Club working together in many regions in this world for the interest of one another. Who told you that Britain is not on the side of Biya? That is not true. What bobjazz is what i knew will come with time.
          Good timing by the Biya Regime. Certainly waited for something similar to happen like the arrest warant issued agains Carles Puigdemont of catalania-Spain. You also do agree with me that the killing of Gerdarms and Police and also the burning of schools plays in the interest of the goverment and they are going to use very well.

        • Anywhere in the world when you killed a law enforcement right or wrong nobody will listen to you its the fact I hope you can check that

        • @ Sam. You must be joking. That’s why I said some of you guys don’t understand world politics. The West is one and they protect each other’s interest. They are not divided like us stupid Africans.

  7. Those at the center of the present drama are human beings with their strengths and weaknesses. They could always learn a thing or two if we contribute from our pool of life’s experiences instead of piling puerile platitudes.

    Since this chapter began, the judges and magistrates have taken a back seat, simply known only for multiplying the number of court adjournments as if nothing was at stake.Were their hands tied? And then they were mercifully relieved when the president, leaving the executive role aside, put on the judiciary one and ordered the end to further litigation and a release of the detainees.
    Will those being tasked to arrest and repatriate these citizens take into consideration this undisguised executive meddling in the judiciary? That is a concern worth expressing.

  8. There is a difference fighting like Balla and promoting propaganda so that our people should do the dirty work for so called leaders. You want Independence but you cannot go home and fight but asking poorly informed masses to raise another flag in a sovereign country. Where in the world is this legal? Where will you not be killed? Look at the leaders with jobs and schooling to come run for office. By sword or blood by sword or blood you to shall be held accountable.

    • Indeed, there’s a difference between being resolute and being susceptible to bribe. You connect the dots.

      • Fabricated, unfounded hearsay. To have a different opinion is not equatable to being corrupt. What is your point?

  9. Who told this corrupt junta international cooperation is a one way street? So you can issue international warrant to arrest the leader of your colonial subjects but you cannot implement international recommendations in addressing the ROOT CAUSE of this problem as prescribed by international organs like the UN, AU, ICHPR, etc. Stop making me laugh.

    Now the plots are adding up, sacrificing Gendarmes and police men to get a warrant pass. What sane govenment kills its own people with such impunity?

    • aGee, what do you understand by root causes?????

      do you think “root causes” is about the caming together or independence of the two territories??? if so, then you are the most dullest man ever.

      “Root causes” means the government should institute reforms that will better people’s life. the reasonsmfor all these unrest is dissatisfaction with government policiies, marginalization, lack of development in infrastructure and corruption within the anglophone region. these are the root causes of the problem and this is what the international community is talking about.


      1. A UN-envisioned federal union code named, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status, i.e. Southern Cameroons, and la Republique du Cameroun, as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961 was NEVER implemented.
      2. This failure by the UN to respect and ensure the implementation of Art. 102 of UN Charter to safe guard the interest of the partners in the union facilitated the annexation of the weaker partner, Southern Cameroons, by la Republique du Cameroun.

      This is the root of the Southern Cameroons vs la Republique du Cameroun political conflict. It is a conflict between two peoples and two nations.

      • Thank you my able wise brother for spelling it unequivocally clear to this Agogo nonentity already asking his question and answering it himself and qualifying me as the dullest person on earth. You see, this LRC agents passing around in this forum come up with different screen names to justify their deceitfulnes. Unfortunately for “Mbappe” it is always easy to spot him from his bad English. Any definition of “root causes” that eliminates the 1961 constitutional manipulation is not worthy of our time. Justice Ayah has offer ed them free advise on their stupid warrant. The struggle continues..

        • @AG,

          Do not bother yourself. 2017 is not 1961. The Anglophone Question will have a FINAL SOLUTION this time around come rain come shine. The youths of today follow the struggle not individuals. That is the reason it is impossible for Biya to stop the momentum.

      • The ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Question will have a FINAL SOLUTION this time around come rain come shine.

        The Commission on Bilingualism, the translation of the OHADA text into the English language, the bribing of Anglophone self-seekers, the genocide in SC, the militarisation of SC, decentralisation, appointing Anglophones, etc are all considered as COSMETIC MEASURES. They will NEVER EVER resolve the root cause of the Anglophone Question-

        There are only TWO alternatives to resolving the ROOT CAUSE:

        1. Turn the cock back to 1961 and implement UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961 ( the Dr. Balla option)


        2. SC and LRC go their separate ways (the Ayuk Tabe option)

        • Biya does not want any GENUINE dialogue because he knows that there are the only TWO options available for him to choose from. The UN Secretary General made those facts abundantly clear to him.
          No wonder, Cameroon Tribune, CrTv, Issa Tchiroma and CPDM sycophants were all conspicuously silent about the subject matter discussed by Biya and the UN.

      • never been two states it was one state during Germany ” stop used 1961″ as an excuse

        • If your argument is credible and compelling then Biya has to sign a decree instructing Nigeria, Chad, CAR, Gabon, EG to surrender the other parts of the German KAMERUN in their countries. I do not blame you because LRC had manipulated and distorted the history of SC. The youths are taught in school that LRC was the successor of German KAMERUN.

    • We will take care of the you and your alike.
      You have been identified and you should go to hiding.

      You can’t hide anymore and read my lips YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

  10. All countries signatory of “Interpol” accords are obliged to turn in those criminals.
    If the do not Cameroon has the right to reciprocate at the appropriate time with a similar request.
    For people attempting to compare the situation in Cameroon with that in Spain; be reassured Spain has emitted similar requests.
    No matter what one may say about human records in Cameroon, there si a right of reciprocity.
    Let us g fish these terrorists and let the judicial system run its course

    • And let your Lords of the Flies in Yaounde prepare for their turn at the ICC/ICJ.

    • What is this idiot saying? “Spain emit what?” Wandass!!! Do you think reciprocity applies to securing huge loans on natural resources? I beg, Park well!

  11. A frustrated regime that has remained in power and celebration 35+, through
    high handedness on it`s citizens.
    This time around, the mind has decided and the only solution, is to fight along.
    Big powers, made much noice about Asange and wikileaks, but he beat them all.

  12. OUR special forces should kidnap him and bring him over here’s ,we need to hang him by his balls(if he has any ) , I spit on you sissiku and we will catch you very soon . Stupid thug

    • Lol! Desperate indeed.

    • @ Pinguiss

      You’re just a wind pipe.

    • Special forces like the one that was floored in Belgium and France by our women branch? A country where a high ranking colonel Didier Bedjeck and government spokesmen cannot fire a machine gun only knows how to brutalize civilians. That does not work in Ambazonia. Wild UGLY macaque.



  14. Southern Cameroon has issued a warrant of arrest to paul Biya and his gang.International police be ready to arrest him anywhere

  15. The ICC will soon issue an international warrant of arrest against Biya and his crime syndicate. They stand accused for genocide and crimes against humanity. The consequences for Biya cannot be overemphasized:

    1. Biya will not be able to go to his Etoudi-annex in Geneva
    2. The myth of an omnipotent Dictator will be debunked
    3. He will be confronted by judges whose “hands are not tied”
    4. The evidence against Biya et al. is credible and compelling. This evidence has been corroborated by Amnesty InternationaL and other international organisations. The chances that Biya and his gang will meet Charles Taylor and Gbabbo are extremely high

    The so-called warrant of arrest against the leaders of SC is simply a distraction because no democratic country on planet earth will EVER respect it.

    • They stand accused OF….

    • @ DAli Dali
      on your dream cameroon in not a member of icc

      • Cameroon and Ivory Coast are signatories to but have not ratified the Rome Statute. However, Gagbo is in prison in Den Haag.


        Because Ratification of International Criminal Court is not that so relevant.

        The jurisdiction of the ICC is exercised over individuals of member states and non-member states.

        1. The UN can refer cases under Chapter VII to the ICC
        2. The prosecutor can also SUI GENERIS initiate investigations. That was the reason why Gagbo is today in prison even though Ivory Coast is not a state party to the Rome statute.

        Biya and his gang can therefore not escape justice because the kangaroo parliament did not ratify the Rome statute

  16. This Biya regime makes me laugh.Are they serious? Is HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe,a citizen of LRC? wonders shall never end.How can u issue international warrant against a non citizen of LRC for wanting to divide the former french Cameroon.Oh…let me guess,they have seen Spain issued international warrant of arrest against the catalonia leader and they want to do same,hmmmm?Is the case of Cameroon same as that of Spain? This beti people truely reasons with their anus…CHOP BROKR POT….

  17. Are u sure the alegde warrant does not have typing error and needs to be edited?

  18. Why were people killed? Remember it is because of a foreign flag. People die in USA because of the confederate flag. You do this in China you will be killed, in Russia you will be slaughtered. The false hope of regaining independence does not mean raising a flag without first solving your marriage with the United Nations. All the fat lies by us led our brothers to this bloody path. Where in Africa has this not been met with force? Mali, Senegal, Nigeria , Ethiopia etc. We forgot that the foolishness of going to embassies and removing the Cameroon flag and replacing with the Uruguayan flag is looked upon by nations as hostile. Fake leaders and some fake men of God. Look at theso called constitution, 3 states? Really. You think you will divide sw and nw to make two capitals in NW? Nonsense

  19. Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you…?
    Hihihi.. Man no run..

    • The chances of Cameroun succeeding have dwindled considerably by its rogue conduct. It is a notorious fact that the world body (UNO), the Commonwealth, the Francophonie and others have all called for dialogue over and over again. Cameroun has ignored them consistently with cowboy grin. And the very Cameroun now turns to the member states of those very organizations to seek favours! The latter will simply invoke the principle of reciprocity in international diplomatic relations to turn down Camerounese requests.

      That is from your idol Pa Ayah. LRC has already sh!t on herself. No one sends a sane individual to a torture dungeon in the name of extradition. tell bad boy Biya your tribal warlord it is finito.

      Hail, hail, hail land of glory, we the Ambazonians we pledge our loyalty.

      • If you were among those who burned the Cameroon flag in Canada, I advise you not to travel home for Christmas.
        The 15 names on this list arejust some big fishes. There are about 47 names on a black list att Etoudi right now.
        Don’t come after me, I’m not the one writing those names. I’m just trying to save your sorry self.
        Aya Paul is a good and wise man. Dr Balla and Sir Wirba are also great. Why can’t you choose the constructive way? Is destruction, vandalism and violence in yours and Sisiku Dna ?
        You the dellusionist sessessionists in the diasporan with your God father Sisiku are responsible for the death of those att home.
        You want to turn the Country into bloodbath and you think we are going to let you do that? Ni way!
        Cameroon is one and INDIVISIBLE. Period.

      • @aGee

        Anywhere in the world when you killed a law enforcement right or wrong nobody will listen to you its the fact I hope you can check that.

        over sabi will show you pepper

        i hope those motherfucke terrorist get cough

  20. This is a very stupid Gov,t, Which democratic Country in the world will respect an international Arrest Warrant for any political Opponent from Cameroon??????. Biya is the only Person who is soon going to be arrested for the killings of southern Cameroonians and terrorism against the citizens of cameroon.

    • Sisiku is a terrorrist. Not a “political opponent” from Cameroon.

    • @SC

      Does ambasonia its a party? even in the south-west who vote for him ” maybe just terrorist people ”

      who know Sisiku ” maybe ” Abia state ” Nigeria”

      run run run run run we Cameroonian will catch you with help from EU, UN, US

      all those traitors will be in jail now we know who is who

      • Bamenda is your answer BIYA

        Sorry, there is warrant and lrc is not capable of issuing one.