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Des sécessionnistes réclament 100 millions f cfa pour libérer un otage [vidéo]

APAnews | L’Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF), un mouvement armé exigeant la sécession des régions anglophones du Cameroun réclame 100 millions f cfa pour libérer Ivo Leke Tambo, président du conseil d’administration du General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board.

Samedi, ce mouvement a posté sur les réseaux sociaux une vidéo revendiquant l’enlèvement de 35 personnes dans la localité de Fontem (Sud-Ouest). Quelques heures après, il a libéré les 34 personnes, mais détient Ivo Leke Tambo.

Nommé il y a à peine deux mois au GCE Board, M. Tambo avait été pris en otage dans un convoi transportant des étudiants de l’université de Dschang (Ouest) qui se rendaient à un meeting de remerciement au président Paul Biya pour la nomination de Paul Tasong Njukang, le 2 mars dernier, au poste de ministre délégué auprès du ministre de l’Économie, de la Planification et de l’Aménagement du territoire en charge de la Planification.

La mise en scène des enlèvements, avec demande de rançon, marque une nouvelle stratégie dans la bataille pour la partition du pays que mène ledit mouvement, qui lors de son dernier acte cité a présenté l’enseignant d’université déshabillé, assis à même le sol et juste avec un slip.

Que ce soit avec le sous-préfet de Batibo (Sud-Ouest), Marcel Namata Diteng ou le délégué régional des Affaires sociales pour le Nord-Ouest, Animbom Aaron Ankiambom, enlevés les 11 et 24 février 2018 respectivement, l’ADF n’avait imposé au gouvernement que des preuves de vie des 49 sécessionnistes extradés du Nigeria voisin en janvier dernier.

A ce jour, le gouvernement camerounais n’a pas donné suite à cette demande. Mais le chef de l’État, Paul Biya, qui s’exprimait jeudi dernier en Conseil des ministres, a déclaré que l’action déterminée des forces de défense et de sécurité avait permis de réduire drastiquement les exactions des groupes criminels qui sévissent en zone anglophone. Ainsi, a-t-il engagé l’exécutif à poursuivre les efforts «en vue notamment d’un retour à la normale des activités économiques et sociales».

En visite de travail dans le Nord-Ouest, le nouveau ministre de l’Administration territoriale, Paul Atanga Nji, lui-même fils du terroir, a dit être venu «transmettre un message de dialogue aux populations, tout en demandant à tous ceux qui sont encore en train de perpétrer des actes de terrorisme que le moment est venu de se reconvertir, car le désordre ne profite à personne».

Quelques jours avant, le même ministre avait informé qu’en 18 mois, 27 éléments des forces de défense et de sécurité avaient été assassinés par des sécessionnistes.

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  1. “…..qui se rendaient à un meeting de remerciement au président Paul Biya pour la nomination de …”

    Biya is Yaounde. The people should go to Younde for their so-called “remerciement au président Paul Biya”.
    They should not come to a warzone to provoke the victims of Biya.

    • Biya made the mother of all mistakes by declaring an UNWINNABLE on the peaceful people of SC.
      He thought it would be a BLITZKRIEG and Southern Cameroonians would be forced manu militari to accept the Commission on Bilingualism as the panacea to the Anglophone Question.

      Now he has realized that it is an open-ended war that might take years if not decades.
      The question begging for answers is:

      Can ein Highly Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC ) finance such an UNWINNABLE war ??????

  2. What you have done to this Pa is unforgivable… it is the ultimate curse! Keep on this way, and the folks whom you claim in your abject delusion to be fighting for will rise up against you. You keep on making all types of unimaginable blunders… and I-Man just watch and chuckle.

    AKWANGA EBENEZER, if these criminals are acting upon your instructions as they seem to be suggesting, then it will not be long before the curse befalls you, and your inexperienced adventurers will be flushed out… not necessarily by the Cameroonian military, but by the people of the territory you pretend to be defending.

    • DO you know how many people are dying in Jail, People who were taken out of their beds at night, people who have done nothing, people who were not warned ahead of time. Ras Tuge, you broke my heart.

      It is very sad that you seem not to have a problem with the abductions. My sister was arrested in her room in bambili, she is a university student. I had to pay 200k to get her released else should have been taken to Yaounde like others. I was not given a receipt her crime was nothing ( may be she was sleeping that was a crime.) Your father.

      • What exactly are you fighting for, ma men? Why are people dying in jail when those that have misled them have taken refuge miles away from home, from where they manipulate gullible youngsters into engaging in acts of barbarism and vandalism?

        I just returned from Cameroon to bury a close relative… and people are going about their lives, whilst the misled ones are punishing themselves in the forests and inviting unnecessary reprisals on others that have been forced to flee.

        Trust me, the biggest blunder you fellows have made so far is releasing this type of insane video with criminals that can barely express themselves in English claiming to be speaking on behalf of ‘English-speaking’ people!

        • @ Mr. President and Ras Tuge

          There are two things here!!

          On the one hand the brutality by the forces of law and order against citizens
          (Which by the way is endemic in all of Africa and in Cameroon in particular no one is an exception be they anglophones or Francophones);
          I would like to stress here that brutality against civilians is unacceptable at all times.

          On the other hand we have this man who is a career civil servant who because of a political appointment was abducted and now ransom is being demanded.

          People are asking questions. Is this about money or is this about claim to independence (Seccession).

    • Thank you Ras. That is exactly what is going to happen. These Ambazonians are either very stupid or very short-sighted.

    • How many unarmed civilians have been killed by the Cameroon army?How many houses have been burnt down by the Cameroon army?How many Anglophones are homeless and displaced?How many Anglophones are in prisons ? How many are refugees?Bro keep quiet .These guys are more than traitors feeding fat on the blood of their people and getting appointments and promotions.They are paying the price of their treachery.

      • @Justice Amba. No!!!!! These guys are not traitors, they are people who went to school, got a job worked hard to make a livelihood and take care of their families and were somewhat successful albeit in a broken system!!!
        I am sure if afforded the same opportunities you would have been in their shoes. So lets get down from our high moral horse.
        I am amazed at how easily our very own people have become our enemies and moving target; Prey tell me how is ADF different from Cameroon armed forces.

        ADF is attacking their own people, all the important people kidnapped so far Anglophones; I don’t care how you justify it, the end result is that you are attacking and kidnapping your own people.
        ADF is slowly morphing to a terror organization.

  3. These tugs are now pirates, kidnappera, rappists and should be treated as such.
    Let them kill and we shall see what happens.
    Bunch of bafoons

  4. WoW!!! People fighting to separate because of an English language they can’t even speak.

    • Bob , you got it wrong again. The want to get their land back. they are not fighting for English. English language happened to be their heritage just like your colonila tax you pay to france. Ambazonians are tired of the french camerounese foolishness to keep paying Colonial tax and exploiting natural Resources from Victoria and Ndian.

      • @Nkop

        hahahahahahahha pidgin english

      • @Nkop. You say it’s not about the English language, it’s about your land. Which land are you talking about? The NW and SW provinces are both Cameroon territories that were separated from Cameroon by the English and the French colonial masters. The people of the NW and SW have nothing in common except the English language that was thought by the English colonial master. How can you then say I got it wrong and it’s not about the English man’s language? Apart of the English language, can you name one cultural example the NW and the SW people share? You are not going to define Cameroon territory using a British man and a French man’s fabrication. Cameroon was created by God and nobody can separate it again.You and the one who calls himself Mr president are suffering from mental slavery.

        • The ignorance you continue to spew has no limit?
          Why don’t you claim northern Cameroons from Nigeria?
          What about the parts which went to Congo and Gabon?

    • Bob,

      It is very embarrassing that you are this ignorant. This is pathetic. You are saying people are fighting for English language ? That is what Biya is thinking as well. He went ahead to create a bilingualism commission which has so far done nothing because they have realised that the problem is not language.

      Bob. Do some findings at least. Pima.

      • @Mr president of ignorance no country can give shelter to terrorists these thugs are confused like many donkeys here nothing more,nothing less.

      • @ Mr president. Most anglophone Cameroonians will consider you the ignorant one here. This protest was started by anglophones against marginalization by the Biya regime and it’s attempt to replace the English language with the French language in anglophone institutions before you and your terrorist organization called Ambazonia hijacked our protest. Our protest had nothing to do with land. This is why you have little or no support from most anglophones and will never ever succeed with your terrorist activities. Kidnapping anglophones will only hurt your organization and not the Biya regime. Sooner or later the anglophone communities will say enough with this your barbarism and will start flushing you out of your hiding if you continue with this your foolishness and shortsightedness.

  5. It seems a lot of you,as educated as you are can’t seem to make a proper judgement after watching a staged kidnapping orchestrated by agents of lrc.

    First of all,our boys would not be managing to speak the oppressors language when they can express themselves in English or pidgin English.

    Secondly,it would really seem strange that this is the first time they are carrying out an operation and doing a video of it at the same time.
    They do make videos of their victims after an operation and not in the course of it,so that is not their style.and by the way,no body was abducted or taken away from that bus.

    I know some may say that they are doing it to maintain their ban on public transport vehicles after that of Atanga N on motorcycles,but i will still maintain that,that’s not their style

    • You don’t seem to be moving along with your group! This is not the first of this type of insane video your maniacs upload…

      There’s yet another gruesome one… enjoy this one captioned: BREAKING NEWS: LRC BLACK LEG BRUTALLY BEATEN TO NEAR DEATH

      Moreover, videos have been uploaded by criminals like a certain element named Tataw who calls himself a journalist… and he is advocating for the amputation of the arms of so-called Anglophones who reject your insanity…whilst he has taken refuge in the US.

      You guys will pay for this madness.

      • Ashia for the loss of your close relative.on another note,i am abreast with the activities of our boys,so believe me when i say that is not their modus operandi.
        Those are thugs from lrc.
        I don’t want to elaborate more,so lets leave it there.

        • The staged incident am referring to is not that of prof Leke,but that of the passenger bus.those are not our boys.
          There is a little bit of a mix up in my first paragraph.

        • Ok… so you are acknowledging the demand for a ransom!

          Well, I am sure you are aware of what has befallen Manyu… Nguti… Batibo etc. But you still haven’t acknowledged the video that I recommended. If you commanded the kind of support that you purport, then you will not resort to such acts of opportunistic barbarism and reckless skulduggery.

    • You want to punch and hide your hand, you want to attack and deflect blame.

      • @Ras,am not acknowledging any such thing,but if those who are asking for the ransom are some of my boys,then,they surely have a reason for doing that.
        After all,if lrc could pay ransom for foreign nationals,why not do same for those it claims are its citizens,or are the lifes of foreigner nationals much more important than those of its citizens?

        By the way ma men,we have gotten word that some elements of lrcs military are going around causing havoc dressed like our boys.they should be rest assured that we will fish them out.

        Let me point it out to you that we have been very humane in the way we treat our war prisoners of war.
        Lrc has seem proof of life for those in our captivity but can they do same for Ayuk and co?only then can the world determine who is barbaric between them and us

    • I agree with you, I also noticed they were speaking French, to what end?
      These people are larepublique

  6. I did not see where they are asking for 100 Million to liberate the hostage. besides bear in mind he is not a hostage but a criminal arrested abroad aiding terrorists from the neighboring country

  7. Biya used taxpayers money as ransom to free

    1. french citizens
    2. the wife of Ahmadu Ali

    from the hands of Boko Haram

    Restoration Forces have the right to demand ransom from Biya. After all the money will come from the sales of oil from Ndian in SC.

    • ELECAM officials will be abducted on the 25.03.2018. They are therefore advised to remain in LRC.

  8. I dont know why we see such videaos and all we can do is point fingers as individuals..This is how cameroon functions and have always function..Why are we here today?..Do we have a government?..IS cameroon a country?..Is the government capable of protecting its citizens?..Do we have a constitution that is respected?..Who are the terrorist?..What about the Gangsters governing the most corrupt country in the world?..
    We have to accept that nothing is functioning incameroon..We have to accept that we are living in a lawless country..
    A country where dialogue is a strange word..A country where mad people are ruling and a country where a criminal like Atanga Nji is a minister..If people like Atanga Nji have a say in Cameroon, then anything is possible in camreroon..Gangsters and thieves ..

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      This video is proof that there is no popular support among people of the NW and SW for the delusional republic of ambazombies!
      This video is proof that the stage is being set for an all out war between the terrorists of thedelusional republic of ambazombies and the responsible citizens of the North West and South West!

      I do not know Ivo Leke Tambo but this guy has a family and friends who will be ready to avenge his death!
      The delusional republic of ambazombie terrorists know that they cannot win a battle for minds, that is why their modus operandi has been terrorise, terrorise terorise!
      These terrorists have no strategy and Chris Anu spokesman for the delusional republic of ambazombies recently labeled the leaders of the ambazombie defense forces “cowards”.

  9. Biya du cameroon and the odds are coming. Let it reign.

  10. All this people have been warned that all political activities from the CPDM and SDF have been banned in Ambasonia,but they would not listen.They keep organising political activities of CPDM and SDF in Ambasonia.That serves him right.Any Ambasonian who goes against the Ambasonian law will be arrested and treated as such.Fru Ndi is next on line,for organising SDF convention in AmbasoniaAmbasonians spoke on the 22nd of Sept and 1st Oct 2017, but unpopular politicians like our dear Professor Leke Tambo refused to listen to the people’s voice.Let Biya come and safe him now lets see.abui..ngan…

  11. When we must have arrested all anglophone politicians who are loyal to Biya,I will so on which anglophone politicain Biya will rely on again,to accompany him in his annexation of Ambasonia.

  12. Money is on the way from China, then this time around the Fin of Fons will take it to ADF, not Boko Haram!