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Cameroun: deux policiers tués en zone anglophone

Romandie.com | Yaoundé – Deux policiers ont été tués dans le sud-ouest anglophone du Cameroun dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi lors d’une attaque attribuée à des séparatistes présumés, a appris l’AFP auprès du porte-parole du gouvernement, Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

“Deux policiers ont été assassinés (cette nuit) dans la région du sud-ouest à un poste frontalier”, a affirmé M. Tchiroma, qui en a attribué la responsabilité à des séparatistes anglophones.

“Un autre policier et un militaire ont été blessés”, a-t-il ajouté.

Une équipe mixte de policiers et militaires procédait à “des contrôles et fouilles de routine” lorsque des “assaillants ont surgi de le pénombre” pour ouvrir le feu, a expliqué le porte-parole du gouvernement.

Selon une source policière dans la région, l’attaque a eu lieu à Otu, une localité située dans le même département où quatre militaires du Bataillon d’infanterie motorisé (BIM), une unité de l’armée camerounaise, ont été tués dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi.

La mort de ces deux policiers porte à dix le nombre de membres des forces de sécurité camerounaises tués dans les régions anglophones en moins d’un mois.

“Le gouvernement est conscient de la multiplication des attaques” contre les forces de sécurité, a commenté M. Tchiroma à l’AFP.

“Le gouvernement sera jugé par les actions qu’il posera pour faire face à cette situation. Le gouvernement n’a pas à révéler sa stratégie, mais nous devons agir pour protéger l’intégrité territoriale de notre Nation, l’intégrité physique de nos populations, la libre circulation et la protection de leurs biens”, a-t-il ajouté.

Dans une déclaration relayée par la radio d’Etat, le même porte-parole a reconnu une “escalade de la violence particulièrement dirigée contre ceux-là même à qui la République a confié la défense de l’intégrité territoriale (…)”.

La sécurité dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun, en proie à une grave crise socio-politique depuis un an, s’est considérablement dégradée en quelques semaines.

Depuis novembre 2016, la minorité anglophone du Cameroun – environ 20% des 23 millions d’habitants – proteste contre sa marginalisation, certains exigeant le fédéralisme, d’autres la sécession. Le régime de Yaoundé rejette ces deux options.

A mesure que les autorités camerounaises ont accru la pression sécuritaire et la répression des manifestations séparatistes, les rangs des sécessionnistes se sont étoffés ces derniers mois, en même temps que se sont multipliés les incidents, faisant craindre, selon observateurs et analystes, l’émergence d’une “insurrection armée” dans l’ouest anglophone du pays, frontalier du Nigeria.

(©AFP / 30 novembre 2017 15h50)

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  1. Right now, the government is watching and letting the international community realize who the true barbarians are, then you will feel the true heat. You are loosing on your leverage day by day. Radical forces have overtaken what was supposed to be a peaceful fight. Moderate forces who actually had the guts to initiate protests starting with Balla are being marginalized. The outcome is very obvious and those who are excited by this will realize that their home will soon no longer bee what it used to be. Your investment, for those who put all their savings into a house back home, will soon be reduced to ashes. Keep applauding! remember Libya, Syria, Iraq and South Soudan and tell me who really won there!

    • @ Confucius am with you.

    • Who are you threatening as you spit on the name of Confucius? Violence begets violence little nub head. It has been written already that 50 thugs in uniform have to drop to take this crisis to a conflict. 40 more to go! Aller dire.

  2. any place in the world when you kill any law enforcement right or wrong you re not welcome in the international communities. ” this is the fact ”

    I know some ambasonia will say self-defense. if I am Paul Biya no more dialogue, therefore I will deal with them like the president of Nigeria did to Biafra.

    • it should be worst than what happen to biafra.

    • Really? ” if I am Paul Biya no more dialogue”. Obviously you are one of those who dismissed the resistance as “empty anglofool noise” and have no idea how we got where we are today. Well, violence begets violence. Where were you when unarmed civilians were being murdered by the Biya regime and what did you propose as a path forward? Perhaps you are one of those who cheered on as Biya’s thugs raped, tortured, and murdered innocents; Biya has never been open to dialogue.

  3. @ nonoWhat law enforcement thugs are you talking about? The continues killings, kidnapping and maiming of SCameroonians by this criminal regime will not go unpunished . It’s no longer business as usual. This is just the beginning , our right to self defence will be a priority for ADF and all SCameroonians alike

  4. Lrc or L,a Rebublique de Corruption in Problems.LRC militarry and Police are commiting suicide because of lack of odontol and Nikita in Ambaland to drink.Alcohol is a drug that they can not live without.we will see what BI Mvondo will drink at ICC to die.

  5. Mvondo,take your Rapers out of Ambaland.what happend to Americans in Vietnam will happen to your Rapers in Ambaland,the sooner you withdraw the better.

  6. The window of opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone Question is closing fast, very very fast.

    1. LRC does not have the monopoly to kill, rape, abduct and maim innocent Southern Cameroonians.
    2. Southern Cameroonians are only defending themselves and their motherland.
    3. Self-defence is recognized in the UN Charter and in international law
    4. The territory of LRC ends east of the mungo.
    5. It is impossible for LRC to use the military to illegally lay claim to the territory of SC.
    6. S. Cameroonians have now taken their now take their collective destiny into their hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.
    7. Biya’s 1984 entity called ” one and indivisible” LRC is dead

    • 6. S. Cameroonians have now taken their collective destiny into their hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

    • *** TWO-FRONT-WAR ***

      During World War II, Hitler’s Nazi Germany had to deal with the Western Allies on the west and the Soviet Union to the east. The Germans were unable to repel either of the two front’s advances and eventually lost the war.
      Today, Paul Biya is repeating the same mistakes like Adolf Hitler. Biya is attempting to fight Southern Cameroonians to the West and Boko Haram to the north.
      If both fronts are simultaneously advancing in rapid fashion, well, that’s trouble. By marching more LRC troops deeper into SC, redeployment to the northern front will become more difficult.
      A two front war is worse than a one front war because it indicates you’re at war with an extra enemy.
      Its therefore bad and foolish for Biya and his LRC to have more enemies than they can chew.

  7. @Confucius Which gov’t are u talking about?the one that refuses to talk about the anglophone crisis even in parliament?no international community will support your gov’t.I wish those ministers like Issa Tchiroma and Biya himself could remove their coats and go to the war front.Than to make threats only to send other people’s family members in the name of gendarmes to go and die at the war front.That gov’t u are bosting of,is not even talking about the anglophone refugees in Nigeria.They have not made any diplomatic move with the Nigerian gov’t to bring back those refugees that their military chase away from their homes.It shows that those refugees are not Biya’s people.Biya and acolytes will not escape genocide charges at the ICC.

  8. This regime’s military is one of the weakest in the world! See how they are falling like antelopes under the fangs of a lion. Even with all the money, equipment, and personal, a few rudimentarily armed elements are mounting casualties on them in the numbers! Can you imagine ten dead already in a space of a few weeks! What would become of them if the ADF decides to wage an all out assault?! Weak noisy regime! And those who keep talking about houses and what would be lost in the face of war, no wonder they come here with names such as Confu(sion)cius and monononono( no know no noting)

  9. Where are the ” Leaders” of Ambazonia et al to speak-out against this nonsense? if this continues, it will not end well for ” southern” Cameroon.

    • How well has “southern” Cameroon been in the last 50 years? As we all Ambazonia is leaderless thanks to Biya’s incompetence so there is no one to be held accountable for this. The movement is unstoppable and leaderless, Biya has to kill all of us to quell the situation. Is that what you mean by ” it will not end well for ” southern” Cameroon”? Well, we don’t mind that – we’ll die fighting and not begging on our knees like cowards.

      • ***correction*** As we all [know] Ambazonia is leaderless thanks to Biya’s incompetence…

      • That’s exactly what I mean. You cannot fight a conventional war, you will not and cannot win the war of attrition and remember, not all of “you” have the same bravado.
        Doesn’t Ambazonia have a president who can speak-out? or the people who wanted to crucify Balla? do they approve of this actions?

  10. And this is the judgment
    that the light has come into the world
    and men love darkness rather than light
    because their deeds are evil.

    Democracy may be given all the bad names humans can concoct,
    It remains a far superior tool for this job than fallible minds would admit.
    Take the fireworks to the National Assembly,
    Crown it with a secret ballot at the end of the day,
    The result will be more dignifying, more gratifying than our congeners felled in useless bloodletting.

    • Wishful thinking? Maybe you can take the “fireworks to the National Assembly on our behalf”. Oh wait, Wirba did that and we know how well that went – if that was a dignifying, and more gratifying result it simply was insufficient. We need and demand more. Bureaucracy has its limits and the fight for Ambazonia shall not move forward unless we acknowledge this reality as many before us did to achieve their goals. Doing the same thing over and over amounts to insanity.

      • Timing has something to do with it. Imagine if Hon. Joseph Wirba had been joined by the present group at the time he stormed the National Assembly with his message……

  11. Johnny save your breath.
    La Republique understands nothing but violence.
    It’s the same here with Admin holding on to several comments

  12. May their souls rest in peace. A united Cameroon is better and stronger than what we do have now. These gangsters like their leaders abroad, have no balls. you do not kill man asleep or ambush him. SC leaders should smuggled themselves to Cameroon. Stop hiding outside and asking others to do your dirty job. The struggle has robbed our children of almost 2 years of education but yours were studying. How will those same kids be the future of SC without an education. Now your rascals are slaughtering soldiers like goats. The central government is being pushed to the limit and will have the backing of the international community. Think about your strategy and be unified before making a move. I will NEVER vote for INDEPENDENCE in case of referendum. Most problems have more than one solution.

    • Scoppy, how about proposing some of those solutions you have in mind? Or maybe just go ahead and implement a solution for the problem since you can so clearly see a way out of this cycle of oppression under Biya.

      How is it possible that soldiers who have been deployed to a (hostile) region are being slaughtered like goats in their sleep? Do you remember the rape, torture, and murder that these soldiers inflicted on innocent people, what did you say or do about it? Only goats can be slaughtered like goats so if that is what is happening, then the soldiers are goats who deserve slaughtering. Nobody has asked you for a vote, you belong on the other side of the Mungo by way of your words – while thugs who torture, rape, and murder civilians will be slaughtered like goats going forward.

  13. The government has also showed an inability to negotiate or push for diplomatic solutions here. I do not think it will cause Paul Biya anything to invite everyone to a round table dialogue in Yaounde. I believe he is afraid or doesn’t want to travel to Buea / Bamenda. There has actually been no initiatives on the part of the government. Sending the NW & SW elites home is not considered a dialogue coz most of those elites are not respected in their respective communities. I believe a meeting in Yaounde ( including SC, Yaounde,Lawyers, Teachers , head of state and others ) will be welcome by the locals in the NW & SW regions. My major concern is the local population which needs to be safe and educated NOT SC leaders who are in hiding. Go home in your numbers and do what the SDF did days ago

    • What did the SDF accomplish by means of that meaningless gesture? Did they accomplish their specified objective? Dancing in the National Assembly is not a solution to the issue at hand, Scoppy. Stop being foolish.

  14. 2018 the year of separation between the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia and The Republic Of Cameroun. Its over.
    In the coming days La Republique du Cameroun will announce more dead of their military people. War is also coming to Douala and Yaounde in the coming weeks.

    Ambaland explosive experts are already in la republique two weeks ego. The worst is yet to come to Cameroun.

    • Cameroonians need to go down on their knees and pray for forgiveness, for redemption. Cameroonians need to pray for President Biya to do the right thing and spare his citizens from untimely deaths.

      Too much is happening that is beyond human comprehension. Isolated acts of arson here and there were dismissed with a wave of the hand. Not any more! The National Assembly fire cannot be dismissed like that. The fire in an Air France aircraft after take off from Douala and was forced to return quickly is quite unusual.

      Cameroon needs deliverance. Let the leaders assume their normal human proportions and submit to God.

  15. @police, some of us can’t wait to see that. I am not a Biya fan but that of Cameroon. If that what Ambaland is going for the SW region will not be part of that Ambaland marriage and we shall quit. Only IDIOTS will match to DLA or YDE with explosive. Those without a soul and future. In case of independence, there will be another divorce in less than 5 years. Your leaders are already fighting for the top job and lavishing insults. The SDF didn’t accomplish anything big but it made a difference. @ police, I hope you will be one of those carrying explosives. Let’s see how it will end. Should that happen, the nation will be sent back to the 1920s. All that country needs is good , honest & visionary leaders.