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Cameroun-France : enquête anti-corruption ouverte à l’ambassade

L’ambassade camerounaise à Paris fait l’objet d’une enquête anti-corruption de la Conac depuis le début du mois dernier.

Depuis la mi-septembre, une mission de la Commission nationale anticorruption (Conac), conduite par Garga Haman Adji, l’ex-ministre du Contrôle de l’État, passe au crible la comptabilité de l’ambassade du Cameroun à Paris. Cet ancien candidat à la présidentielle, qui ne fait pas mystère de son intention de se représenter, n’y va pas de main morte.

Achat d’une résidence à Saint-Maures-Fossés

Le 27 septembre, des visiteurs l’ont entendu tancer Christophe Ketchankeu, le percepteur de l’ambassade, qu’il a auditionné deux jours de suite et qui refusait de lui dévoiler le détail des dépenses liées à la présidence de la République.

Il a également interrogé les personnels, tenus de justifier absences et missions, s’est rendu chez Me Thibaut Égasse, notaire parisien à l’étude duquel s’est conclu en 2008 l’achat de la résidence francilienne (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés) de l’ambassadeur, pour en vérifier la régularité, avant d’aller inspecter la villa et de chronométrer le trajet entre celle-ci et l’ambassade.

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  1. Colby,
    I told you that you are barking because you Bamilekes have been coopted to loot and run down the country. From Yves Michel Fotso to Ketchankeu, you can see for yourself how French slaves are sucking oil in the SW and buying real estate in France. This is the only way to reward you and your kin and kith Colby, for the brutal genocide unleashed on you by France and it’s puppets.

    • “…Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, a déposé le vendredi 6 octobre 2017 à la sous-préfecture de Douala 1er une déclaration d’une manifestation publique. «Cette manifestation à pour but d’exprimer notre solidarité aux populations des régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest Cameroun », précise la déclaration de l’hon. Jean Michel Nincheu.”

      Another Bami/Franco for you, Firefighter…

      • Another Bami hiding under us Anglophones, just as you have been doing! Unlike you he has learnt a good lesson from us. Your flesh is weak!

      • “My God!
        Time will always tell. The dust is slowly disappearing from this shadowing self-proclaimed president. The guy is not even yet in power and already calling others names? “You, this bamileke girl”? Really? The masks are falling down. Those who are still shamelessly claiming it is fake, are you really thinking you can continue fooling us around?” Done: CIN:05.10.2017.[Cameroun – Video: Julius Ayuk Tabe, President de l’Ambazonie, profere des menaces a une camerounaise anglophone vivant aux USA comme lui…]

        Just stumbled per chance over this one, Firefighter.

        Only hope it is not his voice on that tape—I’ll prefer to face 10 BIR, face to face, than 1 FBI tho…

  2. After France Garga Adji can cross the Atlantic to the US, not to investigate where Augustine Kontchou Koumegni’s briefcase of Coup de Coeur money landed, but where Cameroon taxpayers’ money is being used at the Cameroon Mission to the UN. For help, contact Patrice Nouma of CCT, NYC for copies of cheques drawn on PNC Bank and signed by Kinge Monomo, payable to various persons and organizations ( Beti Association, Bakossi Association, etc) for amounts varying from $200, $800, $2000 and more, being “gratification visit du PRC.

  3. Épée Dipanda

    This is a story of La Republique that we in Ambazonia are not interested in.
    When we leave they will have their demons to deal with

    • Cameroon O'Bosso

      Leave first me we see am.. No be big mop! All this noise making is one thing. Cameroon will never be divided. Just because there is a political dispute, this does not give you ground to claim partition. Whether the regime in Yaounde is oppressing its people does not mean that the country is mot one. Let the agents of doom hidden in the background not fool you into waving a meaningless blue flag. Our children and families in Cameroon will not die for your adventurism. I warn you. Do not being any weapons, any foreign nationals or objects of destruction or division to my homeland while your own children are safely tucked away in the western world. Cameroon is one and indivisible. This is Mon negotiable.