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Le commando arrêté dans le Nord-Ouest s’apprêtait à «perpétrer des attaques»

Cameroun : le commando arrêté dans le Nord-Ouest s’apprêtait à «perpétrer des attaques» (gouvernement)

APA-Yaoundé (Cameroun) Les 5 individus interpellés les 2 et 3 août derniers dans la localité camerounaise de Mbengwi, dans la région anglophone du Nord-Ouest, projetait de «perpétrer des attaques contre les forces de défense et de sécurité, des responsables militaires et des autorités administratives du pays», selon le ministre de la Communication et porte-parole du gouvernement, Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

S’exprimant mercredi soir au cours d’un point de presse tenu à Yaoundé, la capitale du pays, il a précisé ledit réseau, à la tête duquel se trouve le dénommé Dasi Alfred Ngyah alias «Sniper», d’origine camerounaise mais titulaire d’un passeport belge, «se préparait à prendre d’assaut un barrage de police».

Ledit cerveau du réseau, précédemment identifié comme l’auteur de l’attentat déjoué en prélude à la célébration de la fête nationale du 20 mai 2015 à Bamenda (Nord-Ouest), avait alors réussi à prendre la fuite et à se réfugier à l’étranger.

Dans le bunker aménagé par les soins de l’intéressé, les forces de sécurité ont saisi plusieurs effets militaires dont des armes à feu semi-automatiques, des appareils de vision nocturne avec télémètre laser, des lunettes de tir, un épiscope de tir avec blindage, des bipieds et trépieds pour arme de précision acquis à l’étranger, puis transférés au Cameroun via un pays voisin..

Des chargeurs pour fusils de tireurs d’élite, des tubes containeurs à charge explosive et des produits chimiques constituant des charges explosives, des cordons détonateurs, des interrupteurs d’engins explosifs, des minuteurs et autres appareils destinés à la fabrication d’engins explosifs improvisés et des armes artisanales à feu, faisaient également partie de l’arsenal.

L’exploitation de l’ordinateur portable, également saisi sur les lieux, «a révélé la présence de fichiers informatiques contenant des enseignements sur la fabrication d’engins explosifs improvisés, ainsi qu’une cartographie de cellules dormantes du Mouvement de libération du Southern Cameroon», auquel Dasi Alfred Ngyah a dit appartenir.

Le même individu, a affirmé M. Tchiroma, a reconnu être un membre de l’Ambazonie et principal responsable de son bras armé, le «Liberation Movement of Southern Cameroon» qui roule ouvertement pour la sécession des régions anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, en proie à une profonde crise sociopolitique depuis octobre 2016.

Cameroon Tribune

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  1. Biya Tribune again vs NW. This dirt of a national tabloid is a complete waste of taxpayers money. The idiets behaving just like their news paper in rushing to solve a problem before their eyes in Belgium, USA, SA and UK. Anyway we thought there was no anglophone problem in this Beti jungle. And in another news, CAF has still landed a low blow at the ****** of the looting robbers.

    • @Patriot
      bro you will not Change the reality. Get the truth before you start making comments that will not help any person including yourself. He made a fatal error and will carry the cross. It’s not a joke. At times we need to be serious and face the reality. Yes anglophones have a problem just like any other Cameroonian except of the few benefiting from the system. Anglophones are not Saints. Take note. You are not more an anglophone than most of us who comment in this Forum. The difference is the sense of judgement.
      wish you well.

      • Well said James. Thank you.

      • The harder it comes for lrc:
        unable to host caf cup.
        the mighty BIR drowning.
        BOKO Haram giving them unstoppable blows.
        Emissaries facing defeat in foreign capitals.
        kidnapped S Cameroonians with no charge in their jails.
        CFA losing its value
        Oil prices falling
        Colonial tax to be paid to France
        Ballooning debt.
        La Republic people are like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand & doesn’t seem to see anything wrong, around them. When West cameroonians complain francophones sheepishly say all cameroonians have problems. if yes why let the 35-year rule of one man ( that mumu from Beti land)

      • together Cameroon

        yes bro,please try and tell him

      • Ma mbin, my njang, my kanas my tortor di scratch ( na me be this)

        Sensible Cameroonian.. I have read everyone of your comment on this forum with admiration.. Kudos bro

  2. We have seen this movie before…..

  3. This is a typical la republique setup.
    They have been doing this over and over again.
    They have been looking for a reason arrest and kill even more people and since there was non, they decided to setup this story

  4. Rain onto others

    Immediately the depatched their lies telling commissions abroad this is the drama the staged behind in order to use it and tag us as terrorist. Unfortunately their dirty trick failed them. Next, let them kill their own people in our territory and hold us responsible. Who will believe them?

  5. These tactics are known already. The La Republic planted the so called explosives. Issa Tchiroma planned to communicate it on the La Republic crtv that displayed faked images and Cameroon Tribune has written about it. This is a staged movie, it can not and will not convince anyone. Let the Ambalanders focus on the struggle. There are west Cameroonians in their bunkers in Yde and Cameroon Tribune or crtv hasn’t commented on the story and now use diverted tactics.Tell lrc that amnesty international, human rights organs and the international criminal court have all the images.
    Lrc will have to free kidnaped leaders and will leave our land

    • It is usually safer not to take such a stand unless one is absolutely certain of the facts. That type of patriotism which consists in deciding that everything is right on one’s side is troublesome, very troublesome indeed.

      Going to war is such a nice and easy thing to propose and pronounce but how many persons ever consider sitting at the war office to map out strategies before going to the battle front? And what good is a war that produces mostly victims of “friendly fire” rather than the real enemy? When a neighbor’s home is burnt down or his car, a school, a local market or other entity in the neighborhood, who really bears the burden? I can bet my last devalued CFA that it is not the putative enemy that suffers.

    • Absolute Nonsense! Cameroon will never be destroyed by you brainwashed fools( ambazonia my foot!) . If you don’t like it in Cameroon, move to Nigeria or to any other neighbouring country. The people of Cameroon need and deserve peace in their beloved nation. Enough is enough!

      PS: I am anglophone and that ‘B’ you see stands for one of the most common Bayangi names.

      • together Cameroon

        tell them,
        please my brothers and sisters,we all know we have a bad government,let’s us together as one to build a better Cameroon,because one day this government will go and Cameroon will still remain.

      • Ma mbin, my njang, my kanas my tortor di scratch ( na me be this)

        Thank you very much sister Besong, Bessem, Bate..Lol When you read some comments on this forum you get totally lost at what some anglophones have become.. Some of these guys are no different to Boko Haram. The only difference being they prefer to sit behind a keyboard and express their stupidity while BH is more action than words..

        • Mek dem start da war! Too much noise…

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          They catch their Chief Commando like man wey e go for go thief fowl for night! Na which kind war this chief commando be want fight? The commando was captured without any resistance! Why did he not fight?

          The no fit fight war. They can only terrorize the weak spineless population of the North West province. They were planning to kill innocent civilians and not to start a war. They know nothing about war!

          Now the government is taking the fight to the terrorists! They have been hiding and terrorizing the population and the government has decided to take the war to them. Good job government!!
          More terrorists are being arrested as we speak from the info obtained from their seized laptop. They will be tortured to death in Kondengui!

    • Boo
      Your cousins selling you lies say u are winning that the UN is on ur side, what then is the purpose for the anger n war rhetoric? the worst lie is when you lie to ur self, u folks know that u have loose and yet U don’t wanna tell ur less educated parents the truth

    • @Boo
      Cameroon will not be divided by ignorant minds. I know you have little or no clue about the world of today. What do you call a stage movie? It simply Shows how youpretend to Keep yourself happy by not accepting the reality. Call it what you want to Keep yourself happy. I am a proud Cameroonian from the NW Region and very condifent that we will have a better Cameroon tomorrow. In the first place you have nothing to contribute. War is not drinking a Palm wine. It is the worst Thing to happen because it’s difficult to end. Who is going to fight who and with what? Continue to contribute your Money to the so called Ambasonians to fill their pockets that you want to buy weapons. Open your eyes and grow big.

  6. @ Boo,
    Absolute Nonsense! Cameroon will never be destroyed by you brainwashed fools( ambazonia my foot!) . If you don’t like it in Cameroon, move to Nigeria or to any other neighbouring country. The people of Cameroon need and deserve peace in their beloved nation. Enough is enough!

    PS: I am anglophone and that ‘B’ you see stands for one of the most common Bayangi names.


    Signés le 26 DÉCEMBRE 1959 par le Président AHIDJO et la France du Président Charles de Gaulle.
    Jusqu’à ce jour, ni Paul Biya, ni Georges Pompidou, ni Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, ni François Mitterrand, ni Jacques Chirac, ni même Nicolas Sarkozy ou François Hollande, n’y ont rien changé. Mais c’est l’article 6 qui suscite plus de curiosités.

    1- la France devra déterminer les choix politiques, économiques et socioculturels du Cameroun.

    2- la France devra battre une monnaie pour le Cameroun, le FCFA

    3- la France devra orienter la détermination des programmes scolaires du Cameroun à tous les niveaux

    4- la France devra disposer dans son trésor public, d’un portefeuille appelé compte des opérations, de 100% des réserves

  8. Africans For Donald Trump

    The government of Cameroon has the resources to deal with these terrorists.

    The guards at Kondengui will give them the 5 stars torture treatment they deserve. I pray to the God of my ancestors to ensure that these terrorists are tortured mercilessly to death at Kondengui!

    • @ Africans for Donald Trump

      Imbecile of the first degree.

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        You are a Smart Man of The First Degree!

        What has that got to do with the facts?

        I agree I am Imbecile of the First Degree. What does that change?

  9. Africans For Donald Trump

    The terrorist military leader was arrested like a chicken thief. He offered absolutely no resistance.

    Why did he not fight for his life?

    According to sources at Kondengui he was rear ended last night with an 8inch diameter, 3 foot long cypress branch. He loved it soo much and is waiting for tonight’s session which will involve some water boarding, electrical shocks to his manhood, removal of 6 toe nails and 3 finger nails, and more.

    The government forces have his computer and are now tracking down the other terrorists. Death to the terrorists!!! Death to the terrorists!!! You cant run and you cant hide.
    The guards at Kondengui are now developing a new 6 starts torture treatment for the terrorists in hiding. Mad Idiots!!!

    • You look like someone for whom nature has lost much of its attraction. Gargoyle.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        You are delusional! You have never seen me how do you know what I look like?

        Call me whatever you want if it makes you happy, as I am not bordered by the opinion of delusional terrorists.

        The fact remains that these terrorists will be tortured to death in Kondengui by the Grace of the God of my ancestors! Death to the terrorists! If these terrorists are your friends or family then start preparing your rear end for the 6″ diameter 4 foot long cypress branch. The government is preparing to go after their friends and family for supporting terrorism.

  10. ghetto bible

    if the allegations against the individual involve is true, it means he was highly snitched upon. That’s simply because people back home think with their stomach rather than their brains. i presently posses enough resources to raise a militia to protect our people. but i cant do that cos i will be force to kill many rats and snitches. i was a victim once and i learned my lesson. the southern cameroonians are their common enemy.

  11. Please I need someone to clarify me, the ambazonians say they are winning, it’s common sense that when you are winning you are supposed to be happy n festive, hw come how come winning brothers are instead so angry, hostile, belligerent and combative?

  12. Where Tchiroma hails from, his Kins are deeply entrenched in terrorism and suicide bombings yet the bravado commando cannot indentify just one of such devices. But, there have been a mass revealing of bomb making equipments and sniper rifles where a bomb had never went off before. We have been reading this kind of prepared apology for brutality recipe from this regime since 2008 when the BIRs gunned downed innocent UB students and protesters in Douala and said they attached the forces with clubs and machetes. Lies lies amd lies have its limit. Time will place every thief and deceitful creature in their rightful place. My only concern is the innocent individuals that will be condemned because of such trumped up charges.

  13. Btw are there no pictures of these amos?

  14. Why use an image from Tchiroma, Amade Ali, Cavaye Djibril, Issa Hayatou home town to depict Mbangwi? Lying thieves.

  15. thanks belgium secret service for good cooperation

  16. Arata
    Anything that doesn’t favour your delusional aspiration u cry foul, you say you want war now they brought war to you and you complaining like lil school girls. if those clowns had succeeded in their act, you wuda praised them. when u wish for rain be ready to deal with mud brothers. These folks are now permanent residents of hotel kondengui

  17. Rather than take his poor earnings and the money that was fraudulently taken from the masses of misled Ambazombies to feed the starving masses of the nation’s most wretched region, element chose to acquire weapons to terrorize the nation! Well, stupidity has consequences….

  18. These are the same terrorists some of us have been denouncing here day in and day out.

    I keep on wondering how intellectuals can be brainwashed to such an extent—kill-kill-kill LRC and sell the country to Oyibos thereafter.

    After the killing, what comes next? Paradise/Nirvana?

    I keep on blaming CHINEKE for having failed to propel me into this world as a fool—I pity my own brain at times tho…

  19. What an idiot… He actually thought he could make a difference. Before you start a war, keep in mind that wars only benefit a very very few, and the population always suffer the most.

    • @Mannorun
      War benefits those who produce and sell weapons. Their stupid war will certainly be in anglophone Camerooon and the common anglophone will pay the Price. Anywhere they are in the diaspora with their Kids going to School regularly. The ask idiots to have ghost towns but they go to work regularly.

  20. Continue to plant stuff to find excuses to continue abducting our people! The fire that will rain on you will be stronger than what you get from boko haram. Ngole ngole came her and has underground meetings hiding here and there because he knew what was to come. You can arrest 5 people but know that we have 8 million more! Paul Biya your soldiers are the easiest to overcome in the world. With a few million francs those generals will be paid off. The mission has already begun. When Laurent esso will be apprehended, his organs will be placed in his mouth. That’s an evil man

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