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Cameroun: Le désastre routier – Reportage Complet [+vidéo]

Au Cameroun, l’état de la route paralyse toute l’économie. Mais les choses sont en train de changer: Le pouvoir camerounais s’est lancé dans un vaste chantier.

Suivez la traversée du pays par la route nationale 1

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  1. This is shameful fr such a rich country.
    Now for those saying they are discriminated,
    Can you guys have an answer why is the “pays organisateur”
    in these conditions?
    I will tell once again:
    The fight is between the “have” and the “havenots” meaning the system has to change into a system that emphasizes on equal opportunities and that relates to building adequate roads, hospitals, schools, etc and that gives opportunities to all.
    The rest of the rumblings like anglos bs francos or grassfielders vs nkwas is a waste of energy.

    • What is this airhead talking about when people like Messanga Nyamnding have already drawn the line between the dullest and cleverest? Beti-Bulu-Bassa hegemony Biya crested must be crushed. Anyway Amba is gone.

    • Till now, how many of you have raised your voices or risen to protest this kind of living if the government is the problem?
      Conditions just so terrible!

    • I want to thank the administrator for sharing this video. It is a glaring example of what is wrong with Cameroon, of why Anglophones do not want to be part of this hell anymore. It testifies to the bitterness we harbour when Paul Biya squanders taxpayer money for personal enrichment and for maintaining French supremacy in Africa.

      Mbappe’s comment reveals the difference between the progressive Anglophone and the unprogressive Francophone mind. We all want a country that works but Francophones can’t stand up to confront the authorities responsible for creating the mess.

      Anglophones want to break away simply because the corrupt Francophones who have dominated rule in the country for 58 years have caused this mess. Here is evidence for mismanagement and selective regional development.

  2. One can only wonder why there is still a widening gap between the rich and the poor and why Cameroon is still struggling with poverty despite the fact that it is home to a major percentage of raw materials that are in hot demand around the globe.
    – Failed GGovernment..
    -Descrimination and regional inequality..
    Its very shameful to watch such a videao in 2018..When the president and his gang are living in palaces…Spending large sums of tax payers money in europe and western countries while the people dont have basic neccessities..
    Thieves like French tycoon Vincent Bolloré accused of bribery and interfering in African elections still own our economy and we spend time killing each other..We need to start cleaning africa for africans..Kill todays rulers, clean Camair.

  3. Pays emergent 2035. M…rde