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Les élections prévues en 2018 auront lieu (Biya)

APAnews | Le président Paul Biya, dans son message de vœux adressé jeudi à Yaoundé au corps diplomatique, a confirmé la tenue effective des élections prévues cette année au Cameroun, assurant que ‘’toutes les dispositions’’ seront prises pour que ces scrutins ‘’se déroulent dans le calme et la sécurité’’.

D’après le calendrier électoral, le Cameroun connaîtra au moins quatre scrutins en 2018 : l’élection présidentielle dont au moins dix citoyens, excepté Paul Biya, ont déjà annoncé leur candidature, les élections sénatoriales, législatives et municipales.

En rapport avec cette actualité électorale, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM, organe chargé de la supervision du processus électoral) a lancé, hier mercredi, la campagne des inscriptions sur les listes électorales.

Par ailleurs, dans la loi de finances 2018 votée au parlement et promulguée la semaine dernière par le Chef de l’Etat, il est prévu la mobilisation de 50 milliards de FCFA pour l’organisation des élections.

Pour le reste, Paul Biya a promis, dans son adresse aux diplomates, l’accélération de la décentralisation dans l’optique de renforcer le développement régional.

Déjà lors de son discours à la Nation dimanche soir, le président camerounais indiquait notamment que « le parachèvement de la mise en place des institutions prévues par la Constitution, permettra de consolider l’Etat de droit et ouvrira une nouvelle page de notre processus démocratique».

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  1. Two wrongs do not make it right! Refusing to shake hands with Jacques Fame Ndongo is like washing dirty linen in public. How about reprimanding his excesses in private?

    What ever the case, Akere Muna, Maurice Kamto, and all those lining up to run in 2018 need just one thing – a level playing field.

    It is not a level playing field when the calendar of electoral events is the closely guarded secret of one of the candidates.

  2. If all ambaZombian terrorists are killed, I will pay to vote for Mr. Biya.

    If just a single of the terrorists escapes or is captured and not shot immediately, I will vote for the opposition.
    You want my vote…kill them all!

    PS: To those hiding on the internet and daring the majestic Cameroonian military, I strongly encourage you to head towards Cameroon and join your brothers in their “struggle”. This way, you will all be at the same place when the final showdown happens and we can exterminate all of you cockroaches at once!

    • @UnitedStateOfAfrica a true prisoner of the mind. through authoritative means your subconscious have been hacked and controlled by the godfather in etoudi. reading your post makes me weep for your posterity. the only inheritance you guys have leave for them is substandard education, bribery,corruption, occultism and ill gotten wealth to some lucky few; which will crumble like a house built on sand. While children from the other side of the Mongo are innovating, excelling in new technologies yours are fighting to get into corrupted institution where instructors will tell you 10GB of data > 30GB of data. Even the children of the godfather are in line for these institutions with all the head start they have in life. The intelligent children will be in control which side will urs be ?

      • “…The intelligent children will be in control…”

        Speaking of the “intelligent”…

        So “intelligent” yet they have been crying and begging for their “freedom” for decades…

        So “intelligent” yet by their own admission are second class citizen in their “own land”…

        So “intelligent” yet they have been held “hostages” by a bunch of “frogs”…

        So “intelligent” yet they cannot find their way out of a wet paper bag…

        So “intelligent” yet hiding on the Internet beating their chest…

        Given you people definition of “intelligent”; I’m much better off this side of the Moungo…

        • USA Africa alias by bobjazz,
          You want to create some badly needed buzz for yourself, as there’s nothing to write home about right? We have seen the crack, as your supreme leader is in a slow public meltdown about computers. The war is fought in Cameroon, so are surprised you now want to fight yours with an imaginary enemy on the Internet. Btw, do you give birth to a baby everyday , which has prevented from grabbing a gun and going to kill of all those Biafras you’ve been barking about for an eternity? Please , when you cease hiding on the internet to taunt people, project your strength, and exhibit your frustration, come let’s talk! For now , you are just another perennially drunk internet babbling warrior!

  3. They are killing your LRC thugs daily in manyu,you are here still day dreaming . Recent news on the grounds says dozens of biya,s thugs are being embalmed in mamfe morgue after they were killed by their own land mines … Manyu Tigers are rowing never to sleep until the restoration of the SC nation.

  4. Please Mr Biya, no need vowing and organising elections, because Cameroonians are tired, and absolutely have no interest in your political game, where u and your group decide the results before the polls. The Parliamentarians and Senators do not care about their people, all are for u and their egos. So kindly use the funds to atleast provide portable water to your Yaounde neighborhoods, which unbelievably is the Capital. People are crying of roads, Medications, Water, Electricity, food and not elections for now, You no longer vow of fighting Corruption, embezzlement, your officials are stealing on an industrial scale, and silencing and killing it’s people. The Majority is suffering, while u stay in porch hotels and get Medicare out of Cameroon. Where is the love for your fatherland. GOD

  5. Sol!You said it all!Thank you and Happy newyear!