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Cameroun: neuf agents de l’administration disparus [+audio]

Au Cameroun, on est sans nouvelle depuis bientôt plus d’un mois de neuf employés du bureau de recherche d’étude et de contrôle géotechnique de Yaoundé.

Parti en mission dans la région du sud-ouest, ils n’ont plus donné de nouvelle depuis le 05 décembre.

Les familles des disparus craignent qu’ils aient été des victimes collatérales de la crise anglophone.

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  1. Strange coincidence ! Nine Ambazonians missing next door in Nigeria and nine persons of Camerounians missing in NW/SW region? This must be a joke in very bad taste.

    While the Nigerian situation leaves room for some guesswork, that of NW/SW region is a total mystery. First of all, why would civilians be sent on a mission to a hot spot at this particular time of uncertainty? And if indeed the mission was to construct a metal bridge (Cameroon-Info.net), should the technicians not have local collaborators on the ground? So instead of searching in the air, how about calling their local counterparts in the region of their intended mission? Or using GPS to locate them? Why keep the population at large and the families of the missing persons in suspense?

    How much pain can a people endure?

    • It is time for francophones to realise that their government cannot help them.
      Sad indeed that young people will die for an Octogenarian . Sad sad sad.
      In any case we are all marching to Buea.

    • John Dinga @True, nine technicans without cellphones ,cars,with local collaberaters and their cellphones driving them around. … And they disapear?

      • The other explanation is that the technicians from Yaounde came to the provinces and were operating on their own with little or no collaboration of the locals. Does that sound familiar?

  2. This is a pathetic attempt to attribute this fictional disappearance to the ADF in furtherance of crowning them a terrorist organization. These disgusting people of LRC are shameless indeed.

  3. As long as you repeat the big stupid lie, you will only make a bad situation worse. Hear me out, both Anglophones and Francophones are Cameroonians just the teeth in your mouth. When one tooth hurts, your whole mouth and, body hurt. You have a Cameroonian problem that you are failing to acknowledge and until you do, just like an untreated toothache, your whole body will continue to hurt.

  4. Calling Cameroon has become a nightmare. I imagine this explains part of the paradox.

  5. All this secret missions to Ambazonia without properly informing Elected officials of the Area has to stop. Empossing your will on people is not Leadership!

  6. Let the LRC army come straight. They properly killed those innocent people and cannot own up to the mistake