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Cameroun : trois gendarmes abattus par les sécessionnistes

APAnews | Trois gendarmes ont été abattus dans une localité de Mamfé (Sud-ouest) par des militants du Southern Cameroon national council (SCNC) qui revendiquent l’indépendance des régions anglophones du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, a appris mardi APA de sources sécuritaires.

Il s’agit en l’occurrence, du commandant de la brigade de gendarmerie de Ndando (Sud-ouest) et de deux gendarmes appartenant à cette unité.

D’après des sources proches du dossier, l’attaque serait intervenue dans la nuit de lundi à mardi, quand des hommes lourdement armés, environ une quinzaine de personnes, ont attaqué ce poste de gendarmerie, tuant ces trois occupant qui s’y trouvaient au moment de l’assaut.

Ces assassinats portent à environ vingt en moins de deux mois, le nombre d’éléments de force de l’ordre tués par des militants se revendiquant de la cause sécessionniste anglophone.

Depuis un an, les régions anglophones du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest qui représentent 20 % de la population camerounaise, sont secouées par une vague de violences à l’origine des revendications professionnelles qui se transformées en revendications irrédentistes, provoquant non seulement l’atonie des activités, mais également la fuite d’environ 7000 personnes, réfugiées au Nigeria, voisin.

Le pouvoir qui s’est dit ouvert au dialogue a renforcé des mesures de sécurité dans cette partie du pays, et a exclut cependant toutes discussions portant sur la forme de l’Etat.

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  1. A LUTTA CONTINUA!!! we wish to join THE STRUGGLE and provide our CONTRIBUTIONS in any form

  2. ADF,please roast them like chicken.Biya should go and carry those his scouts for burial.

    • He doesn’t know our strategies yet! We will see how far he will go with financial compensation! He has been lining up families of his terrorists and dishing out cash after our Mamfe heroes rain down hell on them!

      • You guys are dummies.
        How can you believe killing cops will make you gain sympathy from anyone.
        You tell me a terrorist movement of late anywhere in the world (when the motto is against terrorism) that has gain the expected result by gunning down cops.
        Wrong strategy for a loosing cause.

        • First, we are not that loose-judging from your write-up that put your statement on a headstand position! Now you tell me where in the world naming freedom fighters terrorist has stopped their movement or flush them out? When professor Wamba dia Wamba (a member of the School of Existentialism) left his lucrative position at the department of philosophy in Harvard to go flush out Mobutu, people like you and that schizophrenic kleptomaniac in yaounde, termed him terrorist! Today he is part of the political nomenclature in the DRC! You can call Sissiku a terrorist today, that doesnt mean he is not a well lettered IT specialist! What is Atanga Nji’s qualification again? Or Issa Tchiroma for that matter? LOOSED LOSERS!

        • @Mbappe – you are very mistaken if you think we are seeking “sympathy from anyone”, or just plain stupid. Our demands are clear: reinstatement of our statehood.

          Your strategic counsel is not required so thanks, but no thanks.We shall fight for our “loosing cause” until it becomes a winning cause so I recommend you sit back, and enjoy the carnage that you have shamelessly urged Biya and his band of rejects(armed forces) to bestow upon us. At the end of it all, you will have better insight on what courage, valor, and sheer determination can accomplish.

          Ambazonia is rising my dear Mbappe, Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.

        • Mbappe, alias Pinguiss ,
          I cannot old you that your hollow bravado will run its course. Why are you so bent on scaring terrorists in the killing of cops? Do terrorists need sympathy from anyone? That is the distorted logic that has kept you guys going, that there’s no sympathy for cops’ killers and then you can kill at will. The sooner and faster you listen to the same people you are counting on to support your brutality and open a broad-based dialogue the better. Eat your pride and do the right thing, rather than playing endless mind games about cops’ killing! If cops become terrorists, they likely meet their likes on the field. Is it so difficult for you to understand? I repeat, you will not kill your way out of this!

        • … I told you…

        • Completely agree with u. The idea of killing cops for with the excuse of self defense n retaliation for the killing of hundreds of civilians by the same military might b a short term strategy to
          show how serious this issue is, however continuous killing of these soldiers will only spoil the end game because no country will support the killing of soldiers that’s why no country has supported the scceccionists

  3. 20militarymen killed is not = 400plus citizens killed and 700+ maimed from September 22 to October 1.If I was in the military I would turn my AK47 against the Dictators in power.Again please balance your report.

  4. The Military should be wise and withdraw from Ambaland.Their Generals should push Biya out or assisinate him and his Family.he may be sent to Chad on Exile.Learn from the Generals in Zimbabwe.mugabe and grace was the Problem as well as Biya is the Problem in L,a republique de corruption.

    • Why are all these killings only happening in Mamfe and not Bamenda, Buea, Kumba or Limbe. I told you these terrorists are not 100% Cameroonian Anglophones. They are Anglophones who have Biafra blood in them and sympathize more with their relatives in Ijagham Nigeria than with Cameroonians. Since their Biafra brothers want to separate from Nigeria, they think they can also separate us from our Francophone brothers to form their Biafra Ambazonia republic and use us 100% Cameroon Anglophones for as protein for their rituals during their yam festival. We the 80% of Anglophone Cameroonians who don’t support this their Ambazonia madness will never accept this separation to happen even if it means joining the Biya regime to eliminate you guys.

      • use us 100% Cameroonian Anglophones as protein (meat) for their rituals during their yam festival. We have tho eliminate these ‘chop dog’ terrorists by any means necessary.

        • You this idiot. You this fool from a barren land. You can as well stick with LRC because you have nothing . If southwest separates even LRC will not want to join you because you guys are more of a liability. It’s better to be a Nigeria who development as something to be proud of than a god forsaken country where backwardness reigns

        • Brother the truth hurts and they know it.
          These isolated so-called secessionists are biafrais or their descendants Ahidjo took over as refugees.
          They will be sorted out in due time and flush out the drain.
          The battle could take time, but with each fallen Cameroonian, their future looks bleaker and bleaker.

  5. The new year message of Ambazonia president should give all Francophones working at SONARA,Francophone SDO,s and DO,s,Francophone commisioners,commandants.Francophone Governors up till the end of January 2018 to leave Ambazonia.Ban the use of FRENCH language in Ambaland.Any Trailer transporting fuel,Timber from Ambaland to LRC should be set on Fire.No more exploitation of our Resourcecs.All chinese should also be out of Ambaland,

    • @Mboma, that your terrorist president Ayuk Tabe is not 100% Cameroonian. One of his parents is a Biafran from Ejagham Nigeria. We 100% Cameroonian Anglophones will never accept any chop dog Biafran to be our Anglophone president. He is a wanted man and we will soon get him.

      • USA Africa, alias Donald Trump, Maria. B,
        You think calling yourself bobjazz gives you the anonymity to sow your natural factionalism, but we know who you are. An equato-Gabonese with inert desire to steal has no lessons to give anyone here. You have been trying distraction for the past week, pretending to criticize your crooked people in order to throw off unfriendly eyes, but we are keeping taps on you old thuggish gorilla. Go back to E.G and Gabon, where your people hunt other Cameroonians as game! Bandit!

        • @ Firefighter, You can call me whatever you want. I am a proud 100% Anglophone Cameroonian from Santa who has nothing to do with people with tainted Biafra blood like your Ayuk Tabe. My neighbors are the Bamilekes. I will never ever separate from them. 100% Anglophone Cameroonians are enjoying themselves in Limbe, Buea, Bamenda etc and have nothing to do with those terrorists in Mamfe supported by their 1/2 brothers in Biafra Nigeria.

  6. Best wishes to you my president – Sissiku Ayuk Julius Tabe. Good health, good dreams and
    the joy of leadership of God`s own Ambalanders.
    You are the chosen one, Amen.
    To others, united you will win. Don`t be carried away, by the devil`s tricks. Congratulations.

  7. LIBERIA is just recovering from war.A former Football Player has been elected PRESIDENT.Will George Weah who Played for TKC yaounde ever have had the Chance to even become a Mayor in LRC.Congratulations WEAH.

  8. Thank God.WEAH never naturalised like a citizen of LRC just to Play for the indomitable lions.most of the LRC Players that he played with are no more.Mfede.Massing etc.no Hospitals in LRC.


    The Russians, the US, Nato were all defeated in Afghanistan
    LRC will be crushed in SC. Biya has blundered by declaring war on Southern Cameroonians.
    The real war has not started because the ADF and other defence groups are now only rehearsing.
    Sooner than later, IEDs, suicide vests, RPGs and surface to air missiles will be the weapons of choice.

    THE Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.
    Dictator Biya or France can NEVER stop the present momentum.



      “Et voilà ! voilà la conséquence d’une stratégie de pourrissement Nous sommes en plein dans un conflit armé. La stabilité du Cameroun est sérieusement menacée, surtout que le Sud ouest est à un vol d’oiseau de Douala et des actes terroristes à Douala auraient des conséquences graves. Le Cameroun a cinq fronts de guerre : au nord boko Haram, à l’est la seleka, au Nord-ouest Sud- ouest les sécessionnistes et du côté maritime Bakassi et Rio del Rey. Ça fait beaucoup et amincis nos maigres ressources. Si nous avions une bonne gouvernance nous aurions au moins trois fronts de moins. Le prochain président camerounais va hérité d’un pays très malade. J’aimerais vraiment pas être à sa place…” @[email protected]


    • LRC used to display in Bamenda and Buea the corpses of her terrorists soldiers killed by the ADF. The corpses were decorated with medals from Biya. Civil servants in Bamenda and Buea were intimidated to pay hommage to those terrorist soldiers.

      Now that the casualties of LRC have increased astronomically, they fear to show the realities of Biya’s war to the citizens of LRC. That is the reason they no longer display the corpses of their terrorists soldiers . They now bury them in secret. LRC have been warned by Tchiroma and Peter Essoka not to report about those casualties of Biya’s foolish war.

      Paul Biya is a prisoner of his own foolish decisions and insatiable appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and SC from himself.

      That said,


  10. Good job our Brave Manyu people and ADF forces. Actually the number is far higher from credible sources on the ground in manyu. The illegitimate govt of LRC has not even mention another humiliation they suffered in Ndian. Let old and senile biya go and carry his bully boyz. The struggle continues under the leadership of HE sesekou Ayuk Tabe. Happy New year and Gods blessings Mr. President

  11. L,enemi Dan's la Maison

    The southern cameroons dossier is already in president Trump,s table who has forced the Yaounde junta to free prof Patrick nganang. Not sooner Biya will have to withdraw his forces from Ambazonia. Of course we are not in la Republique s, pay roll before the struggle could fail. That is what they fail to understand.earlier attempts to free southern Cameroon failed because leaders were living in Cameroon and in the government pay roll or had business depending on cameroons. Biya will force you with money or dismissed you from office or send you to condengui.every blessed day Ambazonia is moving one step out of the fake union. Long live southern Cameroon,long live Ambazonia.god bless southern Cameroonians.thank you

    • Keep those dreams going.
      What kind of naïveté is this.
      Trump lol.
      You are a waste.
      You believe Trump is there to help you ambazombians.

      • L,enemi Dan's la Maison

        @mbappe, start looking for a rope that you will hang yourself with. Nothing will bring back the train that left more than one year today. I am seeing how you and zamzam have started manifesting fraustration when we are not even talking of justice and reparations yet

      • No body or country has ever won a war against the people, dialogue is the best way forward. It’s really sad that a lot of francophones don’t care or aren’t willing to learn about the plight of their fellow Cameroonians west of the Mongo. I’ve lost good friends that are francophones, because of the lack of understanding and the unwillingness to learn about the plight of southern Cameroonians. They don’t seem to realize or acknowledge that this all started as a peaceful protest by lawyers & teachers & the government reacted with savagery. I saw lawyers being bitten & humiliated, girls dragged out of their hostels & made to roll in mud, peaceful protesters being shot at & some killed by the military. Francophones just stayed silent, no protest, no not in our name. Meaningful dialogue is best.

  12. Herbs4nationHealing.

    Biya is not patriotic but I stand with one Cameroon and possibly one Africa. Enough of all these slavery mentality here in the name of Franco -Anglo fool.

  13. Biya will soon come down on his keens let those his stupid BIR keep coming we haven started let see what will happen in 2018 God punish the devil

  14. Ambazonia Amba

    Ambazonia rising to fall no more
    Ambazonia rising rising rising
    Ambazonia rising to fall no more

    Ambazonia rising to fall no more
    Ambazonia rising rising rising
    Ambazonia rising to fall no more

    Ambazonia has come to stay, the forward moving train can only be slowed but cannot be stopped until final destination. Buea is our destination and the platform is well ready to receive the moving train.

  15. Have you ever heard of state terrosrism? Or you think govenments have a right to crush citizens because they stand up to question authority? Why would you overlook the excesses of the government and naively think the world is only going to see the legitimat use of self defence as acts of terrorism?