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Cameroun : un célèbre avocat anglophone candidat à la présidentielle

Un célèbre avocat camerounais, héraut de la lutte contre la corruption, Akere Muna, a déclaré dimanche sa candidature à l‘élection présidentielle de 2018 au Cameroun.

Dans une déclaration obtenue par l’AFP, Me Akere Muna a exprimé son “intention” d‘être candidat “aux hautes fonctions de président de la République lors des élections présidentielles prévues en 2018”.

“Nous devons marcher vers une nouvelle République”, qui sera “fondée sur la bonne gouvernance” et “sur l’Etat de droit”, a-t-il assuré, promettant qu’il n’y aurait plus aucune “tolérance pour la corruption, le tribalisme, le népotisme et le favoritisme”.

Anglophone, Me Akere Muna est une personnalité connue au Cameroun et à l‘étranger. Ex-bâtonnier du barreau du Cameroun, il a été vice-président de l’ONG Transparency International.

L’annonce de Muna intervient alors que les zones anglophones du Cameroun sont confrontées à une grave crise socio-politique depuis novembre 2016.

Le Cameroun organisera la prochaine présidentielle fin 2018, probablement en octobre.

Depuis au moins deux ans, les partisans de l’actuel chef de l’Etat, Paul Biya, 84 ans, dont 35 au pouvoir, l’appellent à briguer un nouveau mandat. M. Biya n’a pas encore révélé ses intentions, mais tout porte à croire qu’il devrait se porter candidat.

Ni John Fru Ndi, leader de l’opposition et éternel challenger de M. Biya, a affirmé que la présidentielle de 2011 était la dernière à laquelle il a participé.

Quelques déclarations de candidature, notamment de jeunes, ont été déjà enregistrées. Les dossiers de candidatures seront examinés en 2018 par Election Cameroon (Elecam), l’organe en charge de l’organisation des élections, qui se chargera de la publication de la liste définitive de candidats.


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  1. Traitor. Like father like son. Go drink gari. That will not stop ambazonia.

    • Bandits of your Ambazombi termite nation have sold Bakassi to the Canadians… collected big money and are currently sending poor children on the streets to die! I haven’t seen your outcry yet! Why must Akere Muna’s free choice trouble you this much?

      • Which Canadians when the French majority invested interest in Bakassi and your entire nation is what you are protecting? Is not Total and Elf that are transporting oil drilling and exploration equipment to Bakassi as we speak? As a self confessed Bassa settler of Limbe now claiming the city as your heritage why don’t you tell us what the French Army are taking out of Befaka Balue in coffins for 15 years now and counting? Why don’t you tell us what the French Army base in Man O War Bay is protecting? The biggest embarrassment is many of you don’t even know your are French N**gg*rs that need emancipation. Always creating diversion where there’s none. Ambazonians don’t fight. They protect, preserve and defend. That’s why they have rejected Akere Muna in his entirety. Don’t pin him on them.

        • So you want to replace one with another yea? joint us to unite and kick them all out of our beloved land….no division but unity and fight together for a better kamerun

    • @Lyceen, what is Ambazonia??? Chasing the shadow in the dark!!

    • Muna cannot win, cannot keep the Co-operation Accords which tie Cameroun to France by blood and war. Mr. Muna is *NOT* even a Central Committee member of the CPDM and is no billionaire. A southern Francophone CPDM candidate will beat him at the polls (plan A) or administratively (plan B). However, Barrister Muna’s presence can only help to legitimize the elections as free and fair for the eventual CPDM candidate! Mr Biya is OUT. Nature caught up with him and he must go face God and for his bloody legacy on this old planet.

  2. Monkey…rat…you will root in hell!

  3. Wow . Can we live above the mean level of trading insults.?
    Can we have respect for one another even though we may not share each others point of view?
    We verbally and physically humiliate our breed and we expect better results from other breeds?
    From Top ranking government officilas down to the man in the street corner?
    Have you ever question why the rest of the world look down on our race and treat us as such even when you are president like Obama.
    Can we come out with ideas to better our country our people while reasonable expecting different points of view and learning to accomadate them?
    Must it be verbal and physical abuse just because We don t share the same point of view?
    (just thinking aloud after reading many comments here)

    • Listen my friend we are not at the same level like the peoples in the west…in the uk at the same period as were we are in africa with peoples dying from poverty if an official took money or steal he was hung! so we are not in a joking state…I will clean them all if God give me power in cameroon I swear I will make sure they are all gathered and send to see the poor that died because of their greed

      • The English language can be so simple, elegant and challenging in equal measure.

        • Listen little man I speak 5 western languages for your information…English..french…russian…Dutch and Spanish so sometimes when I write I struggle ok? but once you get my point that is the most important..we are not in school here

        • Yet effortless when it comes to inflicting hate and insults. What a disgrace, and the sad thing is that some of ‘your lots’ have children.

  4. You Son of the Devil, you think you can use the Anglophones now to become president to fulfill your evil desire, you all will stand before God and give account

  5. Épée Dipanda

    We hereby dash Akere Muna to La Republique.
    We have left for Buea in Ambazonia, West Africa.

    • Ambazombi termite nation is a hypothetical fairy-tail nation located in fairyland. It is that place where you are not saddled with the trouble of addressing real issues in a practical way until perhaps when you are dead and gone… the land of abject delusion in cyberspace!

      • Try “fairy tale”.

        It is possible for someone to come out of nowhere and rise to the top like Barack Obama did in the US. It is also possible to use name recognition, which is probably what Barrister Akere Muna is trying to do. In both cases, the candidates must market themselves and their ideas to the electorate. The eerie notion of “the people’s choice” has proved its limitations.

        • Try fairy tail for what? There’s a difference between FAIRY TAIL (NOUN) and FAIRY-TAIL (ADJECTIVE)…. and i stated clearly ‘FAIRY-TAIL NATION’ (Fairy-tail= adjective, and nation =noun), for God’s sake. So you go back and equip yourself!

        • By the way, i followed Akere’s interview on CIN and i noticed that he was talking about building a coalition which falls in line with my advocacy. However, the likelihood of this happening when it comes to people like Kamto, Ndam Njoya, and especially Fru Ndi is virtually zero. Fru Ndi will never play second fiddle to any so-called Anglophone, not to mention any so-called Francophone. This indicates how Fru Ndi’s egocentricity has contributed in creating the political mess in the country.

          Akere Muna aspires to remove the scorn of his poor father’s unenviable legacy. Thus, he has every right to try his luck. That is the way forward; and not the hazardous way of the devil, as propagated by the Ambazombi adventurers and vandals.

        • No surprise here. It is the norm among persons with bloated egos to refuse to admit their blunders and fix them, in this way, being oblivious to the difference between message given and message actually given off – they pen “cancel” when “council” was intended, waist (waste), Camaroon (Cameroon), here(hear), Ngraffi ( Grassfield), and lots more, in this way, providing fodder for those who ask “Mais qui est Anglophone et qui est Francophone?”

        • @ John Dinga,

          Respect. Some of us come on here to inform and be informed. As for some, I rest my case….

        • Shame on you Dinga! At your age, you don’t know the difference between FAIRY TAIL and FAIRY-TAIL! This is how you mislead the youth with your madness and bloated ego. Humble yourself and learn something new!

        • Wow!!!!

          “Fairy Tail” and “Fairy Tail”? Quite a difference indeed!
          You know neither me nor my age, yet you have virtually turned into an ecncyclopedia of both, simply to avoid admitting that you erred and I ventured to correct your flaw. I am not sure what drives you but I can assure you that I care about imparting correct words and expressions to a generation of persons anxious to learn it right. I owe them this much.

        • You certainly have problems with your eyes!

          FAIRY TAIL and FAIRY-TAIL!

          Show some humility and accept that you are off the mark rather than make a fool of yourself.

          Yes, you care about imparting correct words and you can’t even spell encyclopaedia; let alone tell the difference between FAIRY TAIL and FAIRY-TAIL. What a pity!

        • Ras Tuge, John Ndinga simply means FIARY TALE, TALE TALE and not TAIL, TAIL TAIL as you keep erring , you moron.

        • Someone may be living in a Fairyland. Now that’d explain.

        • Ras Tuge is raising a fairy- cow without a tail, although he likes telling fairy tales! Yi don over play yi oversabi behind Wise John, go burn yi hand!

  6. You can’t change shit in that country. You are part of the team and part of the mess. I will NEVER vote for you. I repeat NEVER. You challenge Biya, I will vote for Biya, even though I am an anglophone. You are one of those traitors.

    • @ Scoopy. You are one of the reasons I say the NW and SW people can never live together as one nation. You won’t accept Akere Muna as your president but you want Abakwa boys to accept the unknown Ayuk as their leader. Minal mi.

  7. For ever young

    Akere candidacy for president will turn out to be a bitter pill for the regime to swallow cuz with his name recognition both internal & external will be difficult for the despotic Regime to sideline, like Mr Tutis Edzoa with some bogus claims of wrong birth-certificate & finally condemn him in Mr biya private concentration camp in kondengui prison for political opponents who dare aspiring that high office or any meaningful political change that will benefit the common people against the small numbers of corrupt elite has taken hostage 25 millions Cameroonian for decades. As time goes on & his “Now Movement”galvanized support will be the moment they’ll wanna take him seriously, unfortunately will be late the regime & be caught between rock & a hard place, will force them play ball With the

  8. For ever young

    A real opportunist cunning person just like his dad thrown away the Anglo in the palm of Alhaji Babatura Ahmadou Ahidjo, thus with Mr Biya force to hit Akere curve ball in an open match between the two in election with his diminishing popularity among the majority Cameroonian cuz of the misery & silent suffering/ death put them through , will be knock out eventually & be force to pass the baton before going to die in exile with his hardcore corrupt slave like the confused parrot here in dis forum

  9. The Muna family carry a GENERATIONAL CURSE so am not surprise at what Akere his sson is doing and nothing good will come from these CURSE FAMILY CALL MUN’S

  10. Congratulations to Akere for his candidacy. There will be serious candidates for the presidency next year.
    To all ambazonians, the election in 2018 in Cameroon will involve only cameroonian. So you are praised to mind your business

  11. @Ras Tuge Arm robbery runs in your lineage.So,the Muna’s have suddenly become reliable politicians becos of your quest to make CMR ”one and indivisible” right? from NW/SW divide to Munas that u,the Francophones have always used to make anglophones second class citizens in your ”one and indivisible” CMR.Will u ever stop this manipulation?Mr.Adcocate for ”one and indivisible” CMR?Do u think the game and politics that u played and suceeded in the 60s and 70s can also suceed in 2017? My friend wake up from your slumber.Even your president,Biya is missing in action since after the UN general assembly,as a sign of frustration.And u are now counting on a rejected family in NW to play the trick for u,right.This your move really shows that u have refused to move with time.Ambasonia is real.

  12. Salvation can come to a people through means they least expected. Was our world not saved by a certain Judas Iscariot doing the dirty job? Give Barrister Akere Muna a chance. He may either change Cameroon or be changed by Cameroon but he needs a try. I like a candidate who presents himself than one foisted on the people by paid hand-clappers.

    But the appeal of Federalism is quite a nut to crack. How will this brand new Federalism differ from what the nation has lived through? This is the basic question to ask and answer. The past Federalism can be summarized in one word – ambivalence. President Biya raised the hopes of those who value the Common Law (innocent until proven guilty) with his famous pronouncement “Ou sont les preuves?” (Where are the proofs?). In this way he endorsed the idea

    • of the Common Law lawyers that Cameroonians should be presumed innocent until a court of law tries and convicts them. But then again, judging by what Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho, Dr. Fontem Neba, Mancho Bibixy and many others went through, and when innocent civilians in English-speaking NW and SW went through these past weeks, that is a tough sell. How to find a buyer?