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Une vidéo de prisonniers, dont certains du SDF, sème le trouble [+vidéo]

Au Cameroun, une vidéo a été partagée des milliers de fois ces dernières 48 heures sur les réseaux sociaux. On y voit des hommes, se présentant comme des prisonniers, annoncer en anglais qu’ils entament une grève de la faim pour dénoncer leurs conditions de détention. Parmi eux, un ancien maire de Bamenda et membres du SDF, le parti d’opposition du Cameroun anglophone.

Ils se présentent, chacun leur tour, face au téléphone qui les éclaire. L’un d’eux essuie quelques larmes avec son tee-shirt. La camera se promène ensuite dans la pénombre, dans une petite pièce qui ne compte rassemblement qu’une lucarne avec des barreaux. Le sol est mouillé, les toilettes très sales.

Un homme parle d’un bunker comparable aux camps de concentration. Il dit se trouver dans les sous-sols du SED, le Secrétariat d’Etat à la Défense à Yaoundé. Impossible de vérifier cette information.

Des avocats, qui défendent régulièrement des militants anglophones, se sont rendus sur place lundi après-midi 7 août. Mais ils ont été refoulés sans en savoir davantage. Jusqu’à la publication de la vidéo sur les réseaux sociaux, ils ne savaient pas où ces hommes étaient retenus.

Parmi eux, Patrick Ndango, un ancien maire de Bamenda et membre du SDF. Selon un responsable du parti d’opposition, il a été arrêté il y a un mois et demi environ. Mais si l’on en croit la vidéo, les autres seraient enfermés depuis 6 mois.

Un membre du ministère de la Défense confirme que des détenus anglophones ont entamé une grève de la faim, mais il refuse de faire un lien avec la vidéo, qui a été vue des milliers de fois sur les réseaux sociaux.


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  1. Waaah Di brother them di yaa bad ooh, Make ngomna sorry for them noooor. This is unacceptable.

  2. Even anti-ambazonians, don’t you see these folks are being poorly treated? not that they should put them up in Mt febe at least basic human dignity. even folks on dead row don’t deserve this. last time i sew sth like this was in lufungula prison in Kinshasa.

    • Let’s not make everything anti-ambazonian! Not to say what is happening is ok, but when others where kept in the same place such as Michel Thierry Atangana (and pictures were published here) or Edzoa Titus, where was the outcry? There are things that happen against all Cameroonians no matter their ‘ambzonian’ affiliation!

      • Listen to sympathizers of this devilish regime. Was Atangana and Edzoa locked up in an asbestos filled cell? Did these victims embezzle a billion fcfa each? Why do you people always justify your evil? Assume it was wrong to lock up those before and the Anglos did not complain, is that any justification for this wickedness? I beg you to just be human for once brother.

  3. Even put aside political differences; Six months in an asbestos filled bunker is open murder. This is crime against humanity. I urge concerned parties to document it as evidence for the cases coming up. What sort of heartless people are we up against? Damn!!!

  4. It could be anyone in there you know…Francophone or Anglophone….East Cameroonian of West Cameroonian. Those who still blindly support this regime should really rethink. Even if you are benefiting from this regime, I will challenge you to take a step back and look at the greater picture. We really need a change. If Ambazonians have chosen to go their way because of the dark future, it should be very understandable even to those who don’t accept their option…after all there is nothing indicating that if we wait for another 5 to 10 years, things may change. It gets to a point where people just ha

  5. to fight back

  6. It is time to fight back with all our might against this brutal regime. These are brothers we all thought met their demise somewhere and died and now they resurface in bunker that smells of death! These are good men, one a former mayor who did nothing but good work for his people! Yet, out of nothing, they are sentenced to death by being put under such inhuman conditions! Paul Biya, know that whatever you do, we will find out! We will continue to get these images out of your torture chambers in ways that you dont know. We have people willing to smuggle videos out for us! Stupid man!

  7. If these gloomy depictions are to have any use in a future trial, should the documentation not bear date, time, place, names of those in charge?

  8. @ JOHN DINGA,
    Sometimes I wonder which aisle are you? your constant flip flop about this struggle puzzles me a lot. What evidence do you want to be documented again mr john? The video itself is a clear evidence of imminent torture and very disturbing to humanity. All those LANGA REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON SUPPOTERS who support the regime blindly, what can you tell me about this new video clip which has surfaced now? Nothing last forever. planes fly more than 30,000 feet yet it will still touch ground. One day, PREACH ALL USELESS LIES BAMENDA IS YOUR ANSWER(PAUL BIYA) GO FALL

    • I wish I could be omnipotent to raise your level of understanding by some remote-control process. If you cannot understand that some day in the future specifically identified persons should be charged for these persons so abused, what else can I say? The picture shows victims but not perpetrators, yet you wonder. Well, wondering too is part of the game, I suppose?

  9. After they call for hate, now they are cry?

    • If you have any heart in you, you will be ashamed to talk in a way that will identify you with the oppressor, you wil be advocating for the Anglophones

  10. Kingsley
    So one can’t make Pragmatic analysis? essentially one must support one side? John Dinga is right, we black folks we have the pre disposition to pity anyone depicted as a victim. these brothers are the victims of apocalyptic savagery but the video has zero credibility in court.

    • Thanks pal, for your contribution. This problem is bigger than what we have here involving 12 persons locked up in a dungeon.

      Consider the gory pictures where a beehive of armed men use planks and other crude objects to beat life out of helpless civilians. Photographs show the faces of the victims but not those beating them to death. In a future trial who will be the accused? When people lack perception, they leave the message and attack the messenger.

      • some how you are right bro. The is no indication at all affiliating that video to the so call accused. That video should have being made starting from the outside of the bunker.

        • Why can’t you appreciate the video as it is? Do you think it was easy making the video? Do you what will be done to anyone caught with a camera device from outside the bunkertaking shots of the perpetrators faces? You and that foolish snitch above should just shut up and disappear. Yes the video can serve as evidence in court as long as the family members identify their relatives and for which they have. There’s a former SDF mayor in there and if the SDF was not Biya’s tool they would have raised the case already.

  11. No matter where this vidio is coming from its mean to find humans treat fellow humans this way. Animals seems more civilized for they can never treat one of theirs like this.
    Fortunately for us the digital world is alive. People would be responsible for this one day some where in some court or some jail. It may not be next year or in 5 years or ten , then sympathisers would be crying for reconciliation talks . Its like a movie . But its happening live. Too sad to find a beautiful country and people going down the drain. Mentality crises , an undefined mind set? Just thinking aloud.

  12. I wonder why Laurent Eso wasn,t killed in Belgium by angry mob. This tells us Ambas are descent People who don,t pay evil for evil. This gov,t is going to Hell. May God help and free our People.

  13. …whatever you do, don’t be afraid, fear will kill you faster than any bullet. If dying is the price to pay to reestablish our nation then so be it. Asah Patrick Ndangoh, 2017.

    These are the motto to live by. LRC, we will resist you until the last man. The struggle continues until Ambazonia is complete..

  14. Detaining these men underground in darkness for months is not militarily necessary other than an evil desire to inflict inhumane punishment on men. This is a war crime – a violation of the Geneva convention. This video is powerful evidence.

  15. It will soon be over brothers, in the beginning the lied that Cameroon was one and indivisible called us names,killed and jailed our leaders send their military to occupy our cities and villages,told our people no one will listen to them if they protest because France was going to stand by them if the UN were to intervene our people went to the UN came back they said we were kidding,today they’ve realized that we were not kidding that’s why they are sending delegations all over the world but its already late. The darkest hour of the night is when its getting to dawn.

  16. Patrick
    It looks like you only read stuff on people’s blog or on people’s fb page, go to UN official website n read UN position on the crisis in Cameroon. I’m pretty sure when u read it you will also say that biya bribed the UN. abeg also try n go to EU information service site ya, I know when u read stuff once it’s in your favour you don’t verify the credibility or source.

    • Rain onto others

      The UN asked LRC to look at the root causes of the problem and dialogue with the people of Southern Cameroons. Do you really think LRC want to hear anything like root causes of the problem ?. No. Because they know Southern cameroonians will bring them back to the fake union. Something they consider a taboo to even mention. They wanted to tag the people as terrorist but their trick is not working. They mission to the UN is a failed one.

    • Mbappe-USA-Pinguiss killer

      Did you read the UN website before the splitting of East Timor from Indonesia, South Sudan from Sudan, Eritrea from Ethiopia or the disintegration of the USSR and Czechoslovakia? You really want the UN to give Cameroon false hope with the thousands of Nigerian and CAR refugees in its territory? With 96 already drowned what will be the fate of the rest? Think man! However it’s not up to the UN but the people of that region to decide. The first casualty of any war is always the truth.

  17. The treatment meted out to those detainees by the Nazi and annexionist regime of LRC is inhumane, shameful and devoid of any proper interpretation. Torture and detention do not score good points in diplomacy.LRC is a confused and disorganized regime sailing through its last days. No amount of torture, intimidation or detention can prevent the people of Ambazonia from being free from October first.