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Camtel : GM, others barred from travelling out of Cameroon

Journal du Cameroun | David Nkotto Emane and his close collaborators, including his deputy as well as former Finance Director are under investigations for financial misappropriation.

David N. Emane
David Nkoto Emane

The General Manager of the Cameroon Telecommunications Network, David Nkotto Emane has been barred from leaving the country pending investigations of alleged financial misapropriation, security sources say.

His Deputy, Richard Maga, former finance Officer, Enow Keneth Agbor and five others have also been imposed travel bans, according to state statement from the Delegate General for National Security Martin Mbarga Nguele which was leaked out to the public on Monday.

Boris Judicael Nganou (coordinator of the Mcn program), Evarist Dieutoss (former head of human resources), Marcellin Tsaam Ngah (engineer), Benjamin Gerard Assouzo’o (head of the procurement department), Jean Claude Mfou’ou (auditor) have also all been barred from leaving the country.

The Delegate General for National Security in a note says the measure has been taken following instructions from the Head of State, after a report from the Supreme State Audit on alleged cases of financial misappropriation carried out between 2010 and 2015, estimated at around 9 billion CFA francs.

All border security officials have been chared with enforcing the travel ban.

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  1. Seen in flashy cars, dressed like are from the highest boutique in paris, spend like they
    print money etc. and we worship them like demi gods. But are thieves of very high status.
    Well, they might not have played it well to satisfy the big bosses. One of the many sagas in y`de.

    • In CMR thieves are worshipped.
      See how Those other thieves called feymen are worshipped

  2. This man is standing against the selling of Camtel to France telecom…that is why they are now a target. france telecom is saying campost owe them 35 Billions and they want to use that debt to buy camtel…this is ongoing since the 90 where the FMI wanted cameroon to privatize Camtel. they want to do the same thing like they did to Camrail! so please for once let stand behing our own! I am asking the BIR to kil the man that signed the Document that denied this man to travel!

  3. if lrc was not French Cameroon the entire country would have been self sufficient, developed, provide modern healthcare facilities, good clean efficient airports, modern skilled technological jobs for the majority of youths and working age adults,many abroad will return to build their country, unfortunately all those in the regime in 57 years have slave colonial mentality, warship anything France, pretend to be from France, live like voiceless slaves,France runs lrc, the biya regime is a cosmetic fake weak men & women ,France exploits their minerals for the benefit of their own people in EU while Cameroon is a slum,dirty lawless, corrupt country run by unpatriotic sad lost black slave in their own country,puppets cannot run their own country, what is CFA/XAF? worthless colonial currency