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Cargolux temporarily stops activities in Cameroon due to a scanner breakdown in Douala airport

Business in Cameroon | Cargolux, the giant freight company has decided to temporarily stop its freight to Cameroon due to a scanner breakdown which is yet to be resolved in Douala international airport, good sources reveal.

Some sources also explain that because of the breakdown, the company has sustained important losses by offloading goods and going back empty, the scanner being necessary to scan the goods to be embarked as the aviation safety standards require.

Last year though, during the official launch of its activities in Cameroon, Cargolux was rejoicing. Douala “has the biggest port in Central Africa. It is the country’s economic and commercial capital which handles most of its exports, oil, cocoa, coffee, fruits, metal and woods notably. European countries are its main import-export partners, followed by Asia”, it said.

Let’s note that the freight activity which has increased significantly in 2016 (76% according to the aviation authority) will thus slow down due to the temporal stop.

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  1. A simple scan and now costing a company probably millions in loses, this country is never serious and nothing is ever done with urgency, the people are so laid back that they really don’t care as long as they get paid. Same thing one foolish taxation officer boldly told me last year in Limbe that if i close my shop government will still exist and they will still get paid, this was after he asked for bribe and i refused and told him rather than give him free money, i’d better close the shop employing 10 people feeding more than 50 family members. Same thing when they decided to close the airport to fix a runway for 3 weeks, these people are really terrible and the mindset is just pathetic.

    • I think Cargolux, if its a giant frieght company, could get off its backside and short term rent and deliver for free a supllymentery machine, presto, to complete in a normal manner its contractual agreements with users and with the state .If their activies increased by 76% percent im sure they can afford it

    • Massa Tori @ sir,cant you just open up the same shop in another persons name ?

  2. Emergence2035 in motion

    • The karma of LRC is beyond reparable

      1. The civil war is open ended and unwinnable
      2. Warrants of arrest snubbed by Nigeria
      3. Scanners in Airports breakdown
      4. School resumption flopped
      5. Ghosts towns still being respected
      6. AFCON2019 in danger
      7. Embezzlers of public funds still very active
      8. Irresponsible borrowing still the cornerstone of BIYANOMICS
      9. etc

      • After the SC leaders were arrested, Francophone newspapers and social media fora were full with joy. This was also true with apologists of the regime on this forum.
        Obama et al. of Vision 4 even announced authoritatively that the leaders were already in Yaounde and that they have seen them with their own eyes. They sent motions of thanks and appreciation to Dictator Biya and the secret services for entering and arresting the leaders in Nigeria and leaving without the intervention of Nigeria.
        Today, the same LRC media outlets are silent. They know that the citizens of LRC have discovered their lies. They have all been put to shame. They do not write about the hostages any more.

        • They have now realised that Buhari has no power to sign a decree repatriating the hostages to LRC. The courts and only the courts will decide based on the law of Nigeria and international law. Bribe money from LRC will not help. Rene Sadi left Nigeria with an empty plane. The regime in LRC is leaking her wounds because of the defeat and shame.

          As a reminder, I gave a solemn promise on this forum. I said without any iota of doubt that the leaders can and will NEVER EVER be repatriated to LRC. To buttress my school of thought, I even promised, inter alia, to join the CPDM if the leaders were repatriated to LRC.
          It is evident to all and sundry that there will be no need for me to become a member of the Cameroon Peoples Demonic Party ( CPDM) since the hostages will NEVER EVER be repatriated