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Caroline Aimée Nseke élue Miss Cameroon 2017

Journal du Cameroun | Caroline Aimée Nseke, 21 ans, a été élue plus belle femme du Cameroun («Miss Cameroon») au terme d’une élection qui s’est achevée aux premières heures de dimanche dans la capitale du pays, Yaoundé, a constaté APA sur place.

Déjà désignée «Miss Cameroon» en 2016 en Suisse, pays où elle réside, cette étudiante en droit des affaires, native de la région du Littoral, l’a emporté face à 11 concurrentes.

Caroline Aimée Nseke, qui a déclaré placer son mandat sous le signe de la solidarité avec les déshérités, succède sur le podium à Michelle-Ange Minkata.

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  1. Bravo Miss. Use your physical beauty to attract the best for yourself while using your mental capacity for the entire nation. Get the authorities to bring peace and serenity and order to the country and attract tourists to come in. (Tourism = income). Let the Swiss come and spend some of their wealth in Cameroon, n’est-ce pas?

  2. [email protected] i doubt,swiss air stopped direct flights to Cameroon about 5 years ago and with a transfer its too expensive to be a vaild tourist route.

    • No sir, I did not mean the Swiss airline; the Swiss themselves – the business class, bankers, hotel managers, gamblers – using Air France or any other airline of their choice. Won’t it be nice to return some of our president’s expenses to our treasury? Trade is a two-way flow, n’est-ce pas?

  3. [email protected] sir but, theres direct to south africa which even takes 2 hours less ,and costs less ,do agree to a two way trade flow but would prefer even more a repatriation of the CAF franc treasury from France and the EU ,then we can become the tourists on holiday within our own country,why would we want to go anywere else .Quite alot of forigen tourists especially the moneterally rich ones, on dealing with other peoples cultures , are not humble enough or well educated enough to be as nice as we are to them.

  4. Une miss avec les faux cheuveux, quelle image !!!!