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“Carrefour Market will offer more than 1500 reference made-in-Cameroon products”

Business in Cameroon | “Carrefour Market will offer more than 1500 reference made-in-Cameroon products” – Luc Demez, MD Cfao Retail Cameroon

On December 5, 2017, Luc Demez, managing director of Cfao Retail Cameroon, confirmed that Carrefour Market will participate to the promotion of Cameroonian products. He confirmed this during the official launch of the first supermarket of Carrefour Market in Douala.

“Carrefour Market will offer exclusive Carrefour-branded products, new quality products and more than 1500 made-in-Cameroon products. It is important for us to adhere to the development of Cameroon’s economy”, Luc Demez said.

After the Bonamoussadi Carrefour Market, the Carrefour-Cfao Retail consortium will launch a PlaYce mall at Ekoudou, in Yaoundé, in 2019. The latter will cost CFA30 billion.

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  1. This is good news for economic growth in Cameroon. At least now we have one mall LOL

  2. Actually this is bad news for economic growth in Cameroon.
    This will take the small “artisans” out of business.
    All the “mam and pops” in the areas will be closing.
    This is very shortsighted.
    Of course certain “middle class” will have the western whatever feeling but the small retailers will swallow the pills.

    • [email protected] with you completely ,unless the entire range of 1500 products of Cameroon are also shipped out to be sold in European Carrefour shops or at least intergrated into the products using west African ingredients (they actually need more organic freash products anyway ) then i dont see a posative outcome at all .The rubbish bill from the packaging alone will be a strain for the communities where these shops open .

  3. This is what we expected some 4o years ago,..
    When you go to to a restaurant in Europe or western country , you will have the chance to drink tropical fruits..
    Guava , pineaple, mango,passion fruits juice etc.
    IF you have a salad with Avocados and fresh tomatooes , you feel thepain when your bill comes..
    Go to cameroon, we have natural, healthy products and dont even have drinks made Out of our products?..
    This is shameful..We have all the products but buy the drinks from Arab or western nations…
    I support the drive for us to start consuming our products which should be cheaper and more healthy..
    We have PAW PAW, Pineaple, Guava, Passion fruit , Avocados etc etc to produce lots of local healthy products..
    Lets not have too much complex. Lets believe in ourselves and our capability..

  4. Cameroonians know where the farms are. With this they will know where the market for “finished products” is. What is missing is the site for the finishing in question. The processing units are where the citizens can find employment consistent with their level of education and professional training.

    Where are these processing facilities??????

    • John Dinga @ i dont think you can have fresh food processing facilities unless its for dry products ,without a permenent flow of energy and clean water .plus allweather roads to and from the facilites people dont really belive in generators for the amount of investment needed plus the tax rate which is one of the highest worldwide,but it can happen if smaller indigenous investment groups are allowed to grow on reinvestment of much lower taxed profits .