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Carrefour Opens First Supermarket In Cameroon

| French retail group Carrefour has opened its first store in Cameroon, within a new shopping centre located in the city of Douala.

The centre, which is operated by CFAO Retail, features a 1,430 square metre Carrefour Market supermarket, as well as six other stores and two restaurants.

The new Carrefour Market will sell a wide range of fresh produce, local products, and a range of Carrefour private label products.

“Our customers have high standards and are loyal to the local economy,” said Luc Demez, managing director of CFAO Retail Cameroon. “They want a wide range of high-quality options.”

“Carrefour Market will offer an exclusive range of Carrefour brand products, high quality fresh products and over 1,500 products that are made in Cameroon. It is important for us to contribute to the development of the Cameroonian economy.”

African Expansion

For African consumer goods and retail group CFAO, this opening is part of a wider expansion plan in Central and West Africa.

“For our first site in Douala, we have assembled the ingredients that have driven the success of our offering in Africa over the past two years: strong local engagement and a significant economic footprint,” said Xavier Desjobert, CEO of CFAO Retail.

“The Douala opening is the first step in the broader CFAO Retail roll-out in Cameroon.”

In 2019, the company plans to open another shopping centre in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé.

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  1. Located in the Bonamoussadi neighbourhood within Douala’s 5th district, in the north of Cameroon’s business capital, the Carrefour Market shopping centre spans a total of 8,250 square metres, including the carpark. The centre features a Carrefour Market supermarket (1,430 sqm) with a unique selling proposition: high-quality fresh products, local products, exclusive Carrefour brand products, strict sourcing and cleanliness standards to ensure food safety, and merchant services that make customers’ lives easier and improve the shopping experience. The mall also houses six other shops and two CFAO Club of Brands dining options: Brioche Dorée and a second restaurant that will open in spring 2018.

  2. The Carrefour Market supermarket and Brioche Dorée restaurant have directly created 200 jobs, in addition to the 150 jobs created by the shops in the mall and other service providers. Carrefour Market and Brioche Dorée Douala have already provided over 7,000 hours of training to their new hires. CFAO Retail has also developed synergy between the two countries taking part in the project. Managers from the Douala Carrefour Market and Brioche Dorée have received training in mass retail and convenience food at CFAO Retail sites in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

  3. The Douala opening is the first step in the broader CFAO Retail roll-out in Cameroon. In 2019, Yaoundé will become home to a PlaYce shopping centre, a brand that is already very well known in sub-Saharan Africa. For the past two years in Côte d’Ivoire and now in Cameroon, we have been continuing to cement our long-term strategy for growth in Central and West Africa. All that is from the companys own webpage

    • These business opportunities are refused to Cameroonians abroad but given to foreigners. Biya must go. Cameroon belongs to Camroonians and not to Biya’s French masters. Opening a common supermarket should not be done by foreigners but by Cameroonians or the Cameroon government. Shame to Biya and his useless government. We need to stop this Ambazonia nonesense, form one strong and reasonable opposition and defeat Biya next year to free our country from these imperialists and their boy Biya.

  4. At this time, anything with the label of French on sends me running far away, because all I can see is the continuous exploitation of the African.

    We need to be given the opportunity to build our own supply chains by empowering the local entrepreneurs through the creation of an environment in which they can compete healthily. At the moment, the French have the first priority to exploit all business possibilities in Cameroon and only when they don’t want to can a Cameroonian step in and even when he or she tries, they are buried immediately under the suffocating weight of higher taxes.

    This is the slave mentality being peddled by the reclusive dictator, Biya Biwondo, and his cohort of old demented Francophilic recruits and cabal of dim-witted Anglophones like Nji Atanga.

    • Korup Forest

      Why you don’t start your own one? Don’t tell me they will not allow you to do it. Always easy to point at France and the West but why you don’t take action yourself?

  5. bye from bamilike stores or super markets. French neo-colonialism is back

  6. Thy will be done

    So only yde and dla exists in this country? Why not empower the other regions so that our national unity is cemented. When i imagine how bda and buea would have been developed if not of this greedy attitude, it pains me badly. Well lets see how this struggle ends this time around

    • Thy will be done @ im sorry but all i see is the bottom line of the supermarket chain and alot of French based companies being “empowered “.
      .Supermarkets have very rarely given good value since they cant handle,price wise ,small portions ,fresh food without alot of waste in comparision to normal markets.
      supermarkets have a horrendous amount of packaging and rubbish to be processed so hopefully they are going to pay an enourmous rubbish tax in the country ,or have collection points for rubbish off customers and take it all back to France to be processed expecially if its toxic .
      Did they open other storage / logistic centres around the country to collect produce from other parts of the country? I doubht it so its just a glorified shipping importation job to hinder local produce.

  7. Thanks for 1000 New Jobs in cameroon CFAO groupe