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CEMAC zone gets 1000+b fCFA for road construction

APAnews | Funds for the construction of communication infrastructure in the CEMAC zone (Central African Economic and Monetary Community) for the year 2018 amounts to 1111 billion CFA francs, APA learned on Tuesday.

This was made known at the just-ended 6th session of the National Steering Committee of Integrative Programmes and Projects for Facilitation of Transport and Transit in Central Africa.

According to the implementation of the programme, there are still 1,600 kilometers of roads to build before 2020. Global contracts for these roads signed for these projects are estimated at 950 billion CFA francs, the steering committee members said.

According to information published by this committee, much effort has been made to increase the disbursement rate, from 29.59 percent in 2015 to 31.47 percent in 2016 and 77.48 percent in 2017.

The improved disbursements have had a positive impact on the performance of road construction services, according to the findings of the evaluation study of 2017 activity reports and 2018 annual work and budget programmes.

The committee also dwelt on the rail and air sectors, the aim being to provide the CEMAC zone with viable infrastructure to promote community integration.

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  1. Permits for domestic owned SMEs given out for tar ,and gravel making facilities with relevent depots ,how many were given and guided to full production with finacial incentives and insistence for procurement from them, in the contracts?

  2. economic developement is not constructing roads is not about building roads.
    all developement projects start with an industrial ramification.it does not make sense to build farm to market roads without industries to easily transport goods.

    • stop fooling yourselves Africans…
      Critical Issues Facing Africa is Governance and Corruption…
      There are no raods in Cameroon..practically no roads..A trip from Mbouda to BAmenda (40 KMS) is done in over 2 hours in 2018…And we are talking of CEMAC when we cant even do our own home work properly..?

      Tackling corruption with good governance is one of the most important challenges that Cameroon currently face. Without reforms that dismantle the financial, political, and administrative structures that perpetuate corruption, cameroon will be unable to break the cycle of cronyism and bad governance that has constrained its tremendous potential for economic, political, and social development.

      So lets wake up from Sleep,dialogue and start building the country.

  3. another 1000+b fCFA for cosmetic road construction while lining the pockets of biya and his etoudi mafia thieves, same old boring death trap tricks roads in the 58 years of regressive dictatorship, so sad french Cameroon with no developmental vision, roads constructions with roads which has a life of six months, constructed with the cheapest materials, never gets maintain,70% of the money goes into the pockets of civil servants in Yaounde and around the regions, when will the people open their eyes? there will always be darkness in lrc if Cameroonians continue to sleep and pray,’ manna doesn’t fall from heaven’