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Naseri Paul Bea

Centre Region: Naseri Paul Bea appointed governor

A presidential decree of Monday 13th March 2017 has appointed Naseri Paul Bea as the governor of the Centre region

The Senior Civil Administrator replaces late governor Joseph Otto Wilson who died December 2016.

Governor Naseri Paul Bea was the senior Divisional Officer of the Wouri in the Littoral region.

The new centre regional governor has a Master in Letters and graduated from the Advanced School of Magistracy and Administration, ENAM in 1990

The man from Ekondo Titi in the Ndian Division,South West Region of Cameroon,was appointed Senior Divisional officer of the Wouri in 2012

He served as the Divisional officer of Bandja, the first deputy prefect of the Upper Nkam Divison in the west region.

He was later Senior Divisional Officer of the Lom and Djerem in the East region where he was transferred to the Djamare Division in the Far North of the country.

Before moving to the Wouri where he worked for five years before the recent appointment, the Senior Civil Administrator served in the Menoua Divison of the West region.

Naseri Paul Bea, the new governor of the Centre region has being in service for twenty-two years now and the height of his job was in the Littoral where he fought hard to restore urban discipline amongst others


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  1. We need elected governors…

  2. Cameroon still operates like a caricature of its colonial ancestor state that the french ran. Paul Biya himself, a creation of the colonial state clearly runs its like a colonial state with himself as governor general.

    The country is not and has never been independent

  3. His outfit is more of a colonial officer regalia. And yet another regime puppet who isn’t bold enough to question the Biya’s government why Pamol headquartered and located in his Ekondo Titi subdivision of origin but yet pays royalties and taxes to the Douala City Council.

  4. when operations where ongoing i wonder aloud why a lot of comments about patriotism from these website. Who is a patriot and why should people be patriotic to Cameroon by force. What has Cameroon done to it citizens to be loved by it citizens. Embezzling state funds, lack of sustainable developmental projects and rejecting the Cameroonian in the diaspora. During the colonial era the former president and the present president killed all the UPCists fighting for colonial liberation. If what is ongoing in cameroon makes people to fill people are not patriot that your point of view.

  5. When Christ came he came like a sword in which only the truth shall set you free. people have different approach but the truth remains one. The first concept of patriotism is the truth. When people address truth on this forum they are seen as terrorist or extremist as the chief in commander of Cameroon said. It is when people see their difference and try to integrate themselves that the love and truth prevail and it is called patriotism to me. Cameroon solution will only come when people feel abit of belonging if not the pretensions peace we know as patriotism will always collapse.

  6. Only when we fear and respect God that we will have peace and harmony if not those about patriotism have a long road with no end. may God bless those who fear the truth in Cameroon and more blessing to those not embezzling state funds and Goodluck to Cameroon. Amen

    • Okay oh, Oga Jude.

      God go helep we…

    • JUDE,,,,some african super dégrée holders are the only humans on earth who do not understand that christianity and islam is à scam.they keep calling on a fiction planted in thier minds under pretext of god which does not exist.instead of using thier brains to Work out practical solutions that Will créat economic growth,they waste time in churches bowing to à redish tattoed image crafted to manipulateur and hold them in à cage like rabits.all Christian nations are have the hiegest people in prison.

      • @ Bah Acho
        Welcome back but please try and curtail your wild goose chase of what you disdainfully call super degree holders. If parents are being urged to let their children return to school, it is because that is the way forward. Distortions like what you so belabor to preach here does not help just like teaching in the mumbo jumbo that is neither French nor English. This forum is a golden opportunity to share helpful tips, not frivolities.

  7. Pourquoi prendre un anglo comme gouverneur de ma région alors que mon frère Mbamois (centre) Okalia Bilai est traité comme si d‘autres ne sont pas gouverneurs chez lui. OK

    • @Mbamois. Parce que ton frere Bilai ne merite pas ca. La Region du centre, c’est la capitale politique, donc il faut les meilleurs pour gouverer. Le defunte gouverneur (Joseph Otto Wilson) etait aussi un anglo, par merite. Regarde comment ton frere arrete et tue les gens innocents pour rien. Il a meme eu peur et a disparue le mois dernier quand les representants des nations unies venais lui rendre visite a cause des crises anglophones. Est que c’est un bon gestionnaire ca? Reponde-moi. kikikikikikik

  8. For ever young Reserved

    The despotic leadership should accept reality & stop living in denial with dis kind of appointments/ regional integration among Cameroonian with a defacto federalism system orchestrated by him for decades & doesn’t save the people but the small greedy elites in power, & give the people genuine democracy with power coming from the grassroots, through transparent election in regional/ local government affairs in a true Democratic institution that guarantee the people will/ right, with separation of power, inshrine in the constitution of the country