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Chief Molinge is no more

Journal du Cameroun | Despite a bright Monday morning in Buea today, the population of Upper Muea, in Buea Subdivision wake up in gloom following news of the demise of their traditional ruler, Chief David Ikome Molinge.

The erstwhile President of the Fako Chiefs’ Conference passed on to eternity at about 5:00am this morning. Before his demise, the Second Class Chief of Upper Muea had been battling with numerous illnesses before he finally slept in the Lord today Monday, February 19, 2016.

In 2016, the deteriorating health of the Chief led to the amputation of part of his leg. A few months after, the leg was further amputated following advice from his medic.

The traditional ruler cum business magnet had been killed so many times by rumour mills and mongers, especially his political adversaries for finally journeying to the land of no return.

Each time rumours about his death were spread in Buea, the traditional ruler will always bounced back in gaiety. Speaking to this reporter in 2016 in his Buea office, the custodian of the culture and tradition of the Upper Muea people said it was the mercy of God still keeping him alive. “If it were up to my enemies, I would long have joined my ancestors. But until when my God will decides when that day will be.”

The late Molinge was a staunch militant of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the South West Region. He headed many CPDM lists in the municipal elections. The last list which the Chief headed for the CPDM was the 2013 list that led to the ascension of Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge into the Buea Mayoralty.

The late Chief had wanted to be Mayor of Buea in the 2013 polls, but the odds were already stack against because of his vocal stand against land-grabbing by the Fako administrators.

Chief Molinge had on several occasions, confronted the Fako administrator, accusing them of corruption and urging them steer clear of Fako ancestral land.

His guts annoyed some administrators in the Region who were feeding fat from the booty of the indigenous land that was grabbed and auctioned to the highest bidder at the detriment of the indigenous population.

One administrator in the Region is reported to have sworn that it was going to be over his dead body that the traditional ruler will become Mayor. The top administrator reportedly spent the entire week prior to the election convincing his highly placed relative to disqualify the candidature of Molinge.

According to the administrator, it was imperative for the party to give the younger generation the chance to rule. After pulling the political strings against Molinge, the business magnet was reduced to a mere councillor.

Before their mandate could even begin the late chief was sacked as Councillor following a clash of authority between the municipal authorities.

The demise of this business colossus will be a great loss to the population of Muea, especially the students whom he often offered scholarship and provided employment opportunities.

Molinge had always argued that Muea was ripe for a Subdivision, but he may just have died without seeing this dream come to fruition

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  1. Another confussion don come.

  2. What line of business did the “business magnet” pursue? And with only 24 hours in his day, like all other mortals, where did he find the time/energy for so much stressful politicking?

  3. He owns a hotel in muea, and was very active in selling plots…RiP

  4. 1. A great loss for the Cameroon Peoples Demonic Party (CPDM ).
    2. A blessing to the renowned land grabber, Proconsul Okalia Bilai.

    • Okalia Bilai and his cohorts must ensure that their land grabs did not flout the rules of natural justice otherwise when we bring our just and righteous nation Ambazonia into fruition they will lose all of the land they have grabbed. We shall re-appropriate the land and vest it in the traditional council as it was before.

      • Of course, any person buying native land from land grabbers, OKalia Builai or Zang III, will be doing so at his or her own risk. The land will SURELY be seized and given to the lawful owners.

  5. What a generous, lively and very objective being. He very welcoming to all and assisted those some will call the proletariat in life. May his soul rest in peace.