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Comment le SDF veut reprendre la main dans la crise anglophone

Jeune Afrique | « Blocus » de l’Assemblée, appel au dialogue et à une amnistie générale, libération des détenus… En cette fin novembre, le Social democratic front (SDF, opposition) a entamé un bras-de-fer avec le pouvoir camerounais, espérant reprendre la main dans la crise anglophone, alors que les extrémistes sécessionnistes semblaient occuper le devant de la scène.

John Fru Ndi, président du SDF
Dimanche 26 novembre, dans la résidence de John Fru Ndi, président du Social democratic front (SDF, opposition), trois hommes cogitent aux côtés du « chairman ». Il s’agit du président du consortium de la société civile anglophone, Me Agbor Balla, du président de l’Anglophone Dialogue Forum, Simon Munzu, et du président de l’United socialist democratic party (USDP), Prince Ekosso.

Les quatre figures du Nord-Ouest échangent, sur la crise dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, frondeuses depuis plus d’un an. Ils finissent par tomber d’accord sur l’opportunité de travailler ensemble à une « conférence en vue d’un dialogue national ». Quelques heures plus tard, ils signent un communiqué commun.

« Les signataires appellent Paul Biya à mettre fin à l’arrestation continue de personnes et à faire libérer immédiatement tous ceux qui ont été arrêtés et détenus dans le cadre de la crise anglophone, comme il l’avait ordonné le 30 août 2017 », explique le communiqué. Les trois leaders demandent encore au pouvoir de faciliter le retour au Cameroun des réfugiés ayant fui la crise et sollicitent pour ces dernier une amnistie générale.

Des chants et un blocus à l’Assemblée

Trois jours plus tôt, c’est dans une ambiance bien plus survoltée que le SDF avait officiellement lancé son bras-de-fer avec le pouvoir, en plein hémicycle de l’Assemblée nationale. Un de ses députés avait pris la parole pour dénoncer le manque d’engagement de l’Assemblée dans les troubles qui agitent les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, provoquant l’ire de ses collègues du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC).

Ceux-ci quittaient alors l’hémicycle, tandis que des députés SDF entamaient des chants hostiles au pouvoir. « Il n’y aura aucune délibération, aucune plénière. Nous exigeons avant toute chose l’ouverture d’un dialogue inclusif sur la crise anglophone », expliquait alors Jean-Michel Nintcheu, député SDF du Littoral. Un premier ultimatum donc, 72 heures avant que John Fru Ndi ne lance son appel au dialogue, le 26 novembre.

Un parti national qui s’oppose fermement à la partition du Cameroun

« L’enlisement de la crise et les revendications des sécessionnistes obligent le SDF à s’écarter de cette mouvance en rappelant à l’opinion nationale et internationale sa position unique en faveur du fédéralisme », explique Grégoire Birwe, vice-président du parti.

« Nous avons travaillé d’arrache-pied avec les populations et nous souhaitons un débat franc, patriotique et apolitique, pour comprendre la complexité de la crise », ajoute-t-il.

« Tous les acteurs politiques ainsi que la société civile doivent participer à la recherche des solutions idoines,  d’où cette plateforme envisagée par le « chairman » et les autres leaders », poursuit encore le vice-président.

« En réalité, le SDF n’a jamais perdu la main sur la crise anglophone », nuance Célestin Djamen, un autre cadre du parti. Et de conclure : « Il demeure, malgré les cris de la meute, un parti national qui s’oppose fermement à la partition du Cameroun ».

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  1. Please someone help me to understand. This appeal for the release of those arrested, quite apart from its “deja Vu” coloration, may lead to the release and then the RDPC candidate using it to score points for his sneaky march to 2018 presidential. And yet things will be exactly where it all began one year ago!!!!!

    Is there no other option? I quite understand the SDF quandary as a national party concerned about supporting a regional demand from NW/SW pressure groups. But if Charity must begin at home, is it so unreasonable to let President Biya deal with the mess he has created?

  2. Thanks to you Biya for making us see who Fru Ndi truely is.at this point he has no relevance to our struggle.you two are birds of the same feather,and nothing he and the other three say will be of any significance to us.
    Those that are in jail should never have been there in a true democracy,but with your advanced democracy maybe the rules are different.
    Fru Ndi,Balla and the rest are toast.our true leaders are abroad and are the only ones mandated to negotiate our terms of separation from lrc.there is no going back to the status quo after so much of our blood has been spilled.

    • What exactly are your true so-called leaders doing abroad? Who mandated the impostors? Hiding abroad and ‘negotiating terms of separation’ of what… and with who? Challenge those vandals to go to Cameroon and you will get the shock of your life. They don’t have that testicular fortitude… yet, the criminals are urging gullible youngsters to their graves through the most scornful scheme of delusion. What a pity!

      • You this loud mouth hypocrite again! Bloodclaat Rasclaat Coon (Whatever that is). We mandated the leaders to pave the way forward on the behalf of Ambaland. They are abroad because your senile demented government knows nothing about the rule of law but killings and social abuse. They have made enormous progress for being abroad than they will ever have done if they were caged in that sewage junta. As a matter of fact, Nigeria has provided 8 armed special forces as body guards to protect president Ayuk and I dare your thugs to make a move and see how you all will be ripped to shreds. I see you have found a new lexicon in copying Farakhan in singing testicular fortitude, lol. That will not lift you from your impostor realm to anything better. Take the back seat and watch. Rasta Impostor.

        • Thumps up AG,i couldn’t have said it better.
          @Ras with all due respect,if you are from the SW region you should know those guys are also fighting for you.calm down man

        • Palapala,

          I fight for myself, man. I don’t need vandals and brigands with no sense of self to be struggling to uphold an uprooted imperialistic scheme that I am out to destroy! So you see, we don’t share the same vision… and we don’t have the same values.

        • @Ras,as you rightly put it,our visions and values are different so good luck in your quest to realise yours.most often even identical twins don’t share the same dreams.

  3. @depimentaldog eater, can the moron1c bastard that you are tell us why the Anglo CPDM MPs did not stay to dance lile drunkards with their brothers from the sdf ? Ah ah clown besides we already know that the gorillas from the forest can’t do anything right in your eyes ,but at least they gave money actually billions to your MPs well I guess it’s time to show us what their Anglo Saxon heritage helped built with such amount of money, I mean I thought all of this was about showing us how the Franco system is backward and decaying vs the superior Anglo system with accountability, well the floor is yours tell us what brainless Wirdba did with the over 300millions of micro projects funding he received in his constituency (jakiri) ? The place looks like a pit latrine yet he has been MP for +20 ah

    • Yapping gorilla, you got an answer under the appropriate threat! Allow us to respond to the senior house slave called Fru Ndi. He’s living in a fool’s paradise if he thinks he will lie low when thugs rampage anglophone land , rape, maim and kill unarmed people and suddenly he sneaks out to take everyone back to what the SDF has failed to achieve by being handclappers and hairy black legs. His struggle lost steam long ago and his personality is that of a conniving slippery belly politician. Senior citizens like him and Biya ran out of ideas long ago, and they are not men of the moment. Fru Ndi must immediately disengage in anything that has to do with Ambaland! Biya has been washing his back and we cannot allow him wash Biya’s back with Ambaland.

  4. The idea of Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho and Dr. Simon Munzu conferring with SDF Chairman John Fru Ndi is not a bad one. Two heads are still better than one and one cannot easily wipe out their names from the history books, at least not so soon or so easily.

    What one should have hoped for would be the exploration of a brand new, untrodden path.Cameroonians are tired of “deja vu”.

    What is wrong with their contacting Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, the new darling of the people? Surely they can all find a convergence of views that goes past the gridlock.

    • Fru Ndi, Munzu and Agbor Nkongho look like three musketeers. Only problem is the muskets have no charges. No popular appeal for their stance. Charges are in the musket held by the Ambazonian IG!! Why cannot the leader of LRC debate Sisiku AyukTabe on TV?

    • Dear John, calm man… that will be the next step

      • Thanks pal. I pray for that. It is quite disheartening that John Fru Ndi should spend all of his political capital fighting for an ideal (national unity) and yet be paid back with such a slap (the professed paragons of patriotism and even journalists walking out of Parliament and turning their backs to the SDF!)

  5. Admin free my comment under AG it doesn’t violate any rule

    Admin: after checking, no comment of yours was held on our end

  6. @Ras Tuge U this francophone guy!Trying to protect your priviledges in SW on the guise that u are an anglophone who want to destroy imperialistic scheme in SC is an exercise in futility.U promised us that Biya will destroy the French imperialistic thieves,but till date,he is there defending the interests of the French imperialists with iron fist,but u have never come out to condemn it. I have seen moderate francophones coming out to say they support a federal system of ten states,but u do not even support federalism.U prefer that Biya,who is out to uphold an imperialistic scheme should continue to defend it,right? Who do u thing u are manipulating? Its just a matter of time,the oil that u,francophones have been tapping and sharing with your French master will be locked.

    • ‘Privileges in the SW under the guise that…. ‘ This is what your sentence should look like. Learn some basic English, and stop making a fool of yourself!

      By the way, Anglophone means absolutely nothing to me, as you know already. My privileges in the SW are my ancestral heritage… So when you fumble around my yard, you better take heed… because if I catch you, I will definitely punish you.

  7. Balla and Munzu, just want to have their names at least in some textbook, with Pa Ndi.

    Time has passed, long time ago, for their war song, to which there is little followership.
    How i wish they know this and early enough.

    Federalism, has failed in Cameroon, because of the mindset of the people east of the
    Mungo. Something, that they are unwilling to accept and sacrifice.

  8. Four LRC soldiers were killed today( 29.11.2017) in Manyu. Paul Biya is still thinking that the Anglophones are joking. Believe me or not, the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine. The october 1st genocide in SC was the game changer of this struggle.

    • LRC thinks that every problem in the country could be resolved with the help of the military. Anglophones asked for dialogue, LRC sent the military to commit genocide in SC. SDF asked for debate on the Anglophone Question, LRC called in soldiers to arrest parliamentarians.

      1. What type of lawless country is really LRC???.
      2. Can any Southern Cameroonian in his right mind believe that such a lawless LRC can respect any agreement on a GENUINE FEDERATION of two states EQUALNIN STATUS???.

      The answers to the above-mentioned questions are still blowing in the wind.

  9. @Ras Tuge Why are u wasting your time claiming to be an ”anglophone”,when u have already been caught?When four gendarmes were killed,u came out and threaten to kill all ”anglophones” if they continue to kill francophones?.Since ”anglophones” means nothing to u,why should ”francophones” mean something to u?I ws expecting u to say that u will kill the ”anglophones” if they dare kill any bakossi person.But no,u insteasd say that u will kill all anglophones if they dare kill any francophone.When it comes to ”anglophones” fighting for their rights,u will come out and claim to be a bakossi,and at the same time,u threaten to kill all ”anglophones” if they dare kill any francophone.I thought u said that u were bakossi not francophone.

  10. The article says “Les quatres figures du nord ouest…”. What four people is the author referring to? Hmmmm.

    • Prince Ekosso, Dr. Simon Munzu, Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho Balla and host John Fru Ndi.

      Searching and multiplying the number of partners for the much parroted dialogue is obviously in the works. But whether these will not fall on the way side as in the past or tossed away like used toilet paper is the challenge.

      Remember 1992 and the tripartite? And Sam Ekontang Elad, Carlson Anyangwe, Simon Munzu and Benjamin Itoe who metamorphosed into Dimabola first and then Kumbaya later? Painful memories indeed.