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Construction of Edéa-Kribi highway in 2018 to cost about CFA500 billion, according to government

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon’s ministry of public works (MINTP) informs that feasibility studies for the construction of the Edéa-Kribi expressway are available. According to these studies, the construction of the infrastructure which will span over about 100 km will cost about CFA500 billion.

The MINTP thus indicated that in 2018, an expressway connecting Edéa and Kribi will be built. The focal points of this project are the crossing of Mangombé reserve on about 20 km, the construction of four upper or lower structures and nine crossings structures such as Nyong and Lokoundjé bridges. An interchange will also be built in Edéa, and, another one in Fifinda, in order to link with the nationale n°7.

The Edéa-Kribi highway is a segment of Edéa-Kribi-Lolabé (138 Km) motorway which will serve the southern resort town’s deepwater port.

Kribi-Lolabé (38 Km), the first segment which is being built by Harbour Engineering Company, a Chinese firm, for CFA250 billion, is nearly completed.

The new infrastructure, to be constructed in 2018, is a 2×3 lane commissioned directly, large of 33.5 meters, with 3-meter emergency lanes and a 3-meter median.

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  1. 100km for $1billion dollars
    $10million dollars per kilometer of road.
    We hope in our lifetime Cameroonian engineers will have such a contract from the government to build roads in Cameroon.

  2. H A P P Y N E W Y E A R E V E R Y B O D Y

  3. For ever young

    The GOC the number one problem to Cameroonian my dear friend ,only them can sign such unscrupulous contract to benefit foreign own corporation , Happy New Year to everyone

  4. Well southern cameroons has all the justification to go it alone. When it comes to tarribg the ring road even when developments banks say funds are available LR says no to tarring the rd..kribi road has money available.

  5. Had Biya ever traveled to Akwaya? How on earth can you pass through another country (nigeria)by road before trecking to Akwaya .Bad LRC….No more union with moron

  6. The inequitable distribution of major projects is one of the major reasons why the slogan of a so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is simply a joke in bad taste.

    • The black man put emotions first.
      Use your brain.

      • Biya indeed “used his brain” to declare an unwinnable war against Southern Cameroonians. THE HALLMARKS OF FOOLISHNESS PAR EXCELLENCE


  7. People do not put emotions in the forefront.
    Reason, reason and reason.


    • MBAPPE,MVOMEKA etc etc..We dont solve problems like this..
      its shameful we are the young people to take this country out of the mess and cant even stand each other..
      Where will this self hate lead to?..
      At times i get up and even feel ashame coming to the forum to see this fighting..
      We are just born to make noise, compete among our brothers and sisters,kill each other and give a red carpet to the white man who is supposed to be the enemy..
      Why not read, learn from the Asians and build a great nation?..

      I am afraid to say we seem to be a cursed people..
      Blacks hate blacks..Blacks compete only with blacks..Blacks kill blacks…
      Its so painful and shameful…
      The white man can really seat ,look at us laugh and drink wine..
      Good Night Africa…

  8. How far have they gone with the construction of the Douala Yaounde highway. No talk of the Douala Bafoussam that has registered lots of accidents of recent. Lack of planning. No talk of the Victoria natural deep Seaport. Its this centralization and poor planning that makes the country full of abandoned projects. Why will the NW and SW not cry foul. Everything has an end ooo

  9. My brothers and sisters- Its time we should start thinking on how to develop our country..
    I was home this xmas…
    HAve you seen any high ways in cameroon?..
    Think of money stolen by these oldpeople, see how the people struggle to survive, look at the raods in the whole country..
    So we the next generation just want to accept all of this?..
    Cameroon as a colony will even be better than what we see today-
    The only better raod , not even a high way was EDEA-KRIBI–The rest is just a scandal..
    I ask myself what is wrong with us..
    Are we poor?no..
    Are we corrupt and have a bad arrogant government?..yes..
    Then why not put heads together and start cleaning this dirty regime?..

    Please be mature in 2018..Be constructive and look for ways to improve your country..