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Crise anglophone au Cameroun : la stratégie du triangle de Paul Biya

Jeune Afrique | Dans l’esprit de Paul Biya, la stratégie anglophone prend sans doute une forme triangulaire, dont Paul Atanga Nji, « ni anglophone ni francophone, mais camerounais », représenterait la pointe offensive.

À ses côtés, Simon Achidi Achu, 83 ans, son plus proche ami dans le milieu politique, sénateur du Nord-Ouest depuis 2013 et ancien Premier ministre (1992-1996). Ce dernier, lui aussi né à Bamenda, a l’oreille du chef de l’État et le fait profiter de son influence sur les parlementaires.

Le troisième homme, c’est Solomon Anyeghamot Ndefru. Plus connu sous son nom de royauté, Fon Angwafor III, il est l’autorité traditionnelle la plus puissante du Nord-Ouest. Né en 1925 et à la tête de la famille royale de Mankon depuis 1959, il est premier vice-président du RDPC (le parti au pouvoir) depuis 1990 et reçoit régulièrement Paul Atanga Nji dans son palais.

Il est incontournable pour Paul Biya, ce que les sécessionnistes ont bien compris?: le 22 septembre, ils ont pris d’assaut sa demeure pour y hisser le drapeau de l’Ambazonie indépendante.

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  1. Yes, to Jeune Afrique this unfolding tragedy is some kind of game. It is hard to see how Mr Biya’s boko haram policy will resolve a historical, cultural and political crises dubbed Ambazonia. Development partners are not going to give Etoudi the equipment to fight Anglophones! More bloodshed only builds an iron wall between the two nations in that triangle. The focus must be on what needs to be done to provide for lasting peace, security and democracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Fon Angwafor, Achidi Achu and Atanga Nji are strong people and NOT strong institutions to take Mr Biya’s legacy forward!

    • It is so difficult to make sense of this problem-solving approach. If the president wants to reach the population through its leaders, how can he leave out John Fru Ndi and the SDF parliamentarians? Why not include also Hon. Tabe Tando who hails from Manyu? Or Ngolle Ngolle Elvis next door in Kupe-Muanenguba? Why not enlist the services of the sociologists and anthropologists in UB/UBa?

      Will the present crop not be termed terrorists and then arrested if they too hit the wall? How can a nation fail to turn to its brain pool in times of difficulty?

    • Historical crisis? Extremely debatable, especially when the issue is looked at from a standpoint of progression. Moreover, it depends on what aspects of history you are looking at… and of course, on what justifications you have for settling on those aspects.

      Cultural crisis? Absolutely not.

      Political crisis? Yes.

      Lastly, your assessment appears unfounded, uninformed and lopsided. Mr. Biya will pass on but Cameroon shall remain.

      • I don’t know what gives you the audacity to keep assuming you can decide for the afflicted people concerned even if you are one of them. Only a REFERENDUM contained for 8 Million Southern Cameroonians will determine a plausible outcome to this quagmire. The fact that erstwhile leaders have dropped out but the momentum keeps building steam should serve as a writing on the wall the people are determined on their resolve. All the young active men being chased out of their homes may return as armed guerrilla fighters tomorrow and then you will have a bigger fire to put out given their knowledge of the terrain.

        • Agree with dot. This is the ultimate penalty for misrule in that states can federate and separate. Good governance in the UK and Canada keeps these federations intact. The cycle goes on. We saw separation in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Sudan (secession) in recent times. The 1959 Cooperation Accords empowered France to lionize Francophone political leadership in the federation in a bid to expand spheres of cultural influence, usurped genuine democracy and ultimately steered our beautiful idea of a big *K*ountry into a chasm.

        • You can’t stop me from expressing myself. So don’t waste your time, man.

      • Of course its a historical crisis .Close your eyes and immagine getting orders to move from where youve always lived ,with your family ,with what you can carry ,leaving your ,community ,land,house ,buisess,or jobs ,thus your independance and ways of providing for your family ,that were built up over your life time ,because someone ,paid via your taxes ,says otherwuse you will be deemed a criminal?
        That ,for me would be a extemely serious personal historic crisis .

        • If your claims are legitimate, then they would be classed as social and political issues, my friend. You have to be strict when you define issues… otherwise, you will go on a senseless chase in the wilderness. But of course, it is obvious that your background may not permit you to understand how to evaluate such issues.

          Summing up, I state that the issue is sociopolitical…

        • An order to leave your voting residence, given by a tax paid official, that insinuates that a group of all individuals in a geografhical area are collectivly presumed guilty of a crime ,if you dont follow it ,is serious, no matter what evaluation,classification,definition, name is given to it .
          The fact he did say that is the problem ,luckily it was cancelled by another tax paid official.

        • Phyrne, you are free to state your opinion. However, when it comes to academic issues, you must clearly delineate the issue at stake. You might have gotten carried away by your little delusional Frankenstein story, but I will always remind you of the praxis of scientific rigor. You might not like it… but that’s the way it is.

      • Ras Metuge,
        As you yourself put water in your own wine by claiming That the francophone public would come out swinging against the anglophone one, you have no leg to stand on harping about this not being a cultural crisis. I told you that you lack restraint and introduce yourself into every explosive situation without much thought. If there’s a Francophone public, then we have to do here with two cultural backgrounds! Lay out your progression point and prove how debatable this isn’t an historical crisis! Cherry pick the aspect of history that is convenient for you and apply your progression standpoint of view!

        • Your level of understanding is questionable,man!

          ‘Lay out your progression point…..?!!!!’ This type of formulation simply indicates that you don’t understand a thing. Keep making a fool of yourself, rasclaaat fruitcake.

        • Ras Metuge,
          You are a poor debater, and you lack depth. You like shooting off big words to bamboozle people and when pressed you melt away. Please pick up a copy of “ Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe and you will learn some humility. The intellectual that you claim to be should speak in simple terms. You can’t rush in everytime with big words to show how sophisticated you are and maybe in a belated attempt to scare off people. And you always end it all with invectives to save some face. I thought you said the present crisis is not a cultural one? You have been out to test, why prove the contrary. Use your progression standpoint and show has how this is not a historical crisis! Intellectuals don’t talk in sound bites remember! They back up with substance.

        • … you have been put to test, why not prove the contrary…

        • Fruitcake,

          I have told you several times before that your polemical remarks are inconsequential, as far as I am concerned.

          That said, I reiterate that the issue is SOCIO-POLITICAL… and you investigate it with a HISTORICAL theoretical framework. That’s how you approach a case from a standpoint of progression. I have just helped you to organize your thoughts.

          If you have more questions, pose them… and i will offer my assistance free of charge!

        • Blah blah blah! Historical theoretical framework is called progression? Explain the progression standpoint in relation to this crisis as you promised. Look hollow man, desist from puffing like a toad because you are an empty suit! Busy yourself with smoking weed, don’t come here to mess around with topical issues!

  2. Who told you the corrupt and rugged Fon Angwafor of Mankon is the most powerful traditional ruler in the NW? Go review your history notes. Of course, he is the most corrupt and most deceitful traditional ruler.

    • Really? Is it enough to just tag someone with a label without substantiating? Is it not true that Cameroonians are more apt to see corruption in others rather than in their own backyards?

      And quite apart from labels, if the man can act as a mediator between President Biya and his people, should such an outlet not be explored? Do you deny that a drowning person can hang on to straws?

  3. Forum de la Société Civile Jeunesse du Cameroun Français. (F.S.C.J.C.F)

    Nous avons écrit trois lettres à la présidence du Cameroun mais nous n’avons pas reçu de réponse à toutes nos correspondence.

    Nous avons donc pris les décisions suivantes lors de notre réunion qui vient de se terminer à AKWA DOUALA.

    Puisque les anglophones veulent violemment prendre la tête de notre pays et continuer à tuer des camerounais et des militaires francophones, nous déclarons donc la guerre aux anglophones vivant dans n’importe quelle partie de l’ancien Cameroun français. nous tuerons et enlèverons injustement.

    Nous déplacerons sur tout notre territoire et brûlerons des entreprises appartenant à des camerounais anglophones.

    • Nous demandons aux militaires francophones de tuer les anglophones sans pitié parce qu’ils ont gâché notre pays.

      La guerre est allumée.


      Fait à Douala

      Mme Anne Mvo Betty Atangana

      • Stop spreading hate speech. So those killed on the 1st Oct n 22nd September weee less humans than the military? Killings will not solve this problem and the government should b blamed for this escalation and radicalisation of some Anglos. Now it’s getting worst with such hate speech. This doesn’t help so please share solutions not hate. I belief anglos don’t have a prob with Francos n vice versa. The problem is the system. And when the francos turn a blind eye to all the wrongs things it only shows how different the 2 cultures are.

  4. Herewith, another opening which sensible anglos should take on. These figures are us. They know us. In our African traditions, when there is a problem in the family, we call on the elders. More names (clergy, women, youth, intellectuals etc) should be added to these figures, so that they can form the nucleus of a broad-based intra-anglo dialogue. This intra-anglo dialogue should culminate in a memorandum that should contain our grievances and enumerate action points for the gov’nt. We have let this struggle be usurped by ignoramuses who have made a bad situation worse. Our kids have suffered, our mothers have lost son’s, business has suffered. While greedy buffoons who don’t even control an inch of territory squabble over gov’nt positions in their illusory republic.

    • You have no lesson to give Anglophones. You are a refugee and French slave. Your kin and kith were maquisards and nearly burnt down the whole country. But do you know where you ran to when the heat got too hot? Bamenda of course! Have you seen any anglophone run to Dschang? As an offspring of marquisards, you are a son of terror. You now understand why you are taunting Anglophones and telling them that the war they wanted has arrived? Why did you run when it was your own turn to fight? Why did your people burn places in the past?

      • You are so predictable. When you run out of ideas you fall back to your default babble: bamileke this…refugee this…bamilke that. You don’t know me. It is the height of absurdity when all you have to offer is second-guessing identities on an anonymous forum like this. Such silliness! You are an intellectual lightweight. You have run out of arguments… all you have left is running around my posts, regurgitating your futile Bamileke silliness. Loser!

        • Yeah, i’m Predictable for continue to neutralize all your divisive gymicks. Pay attention to the history of maquisards and the burnings they did. Your attempt at divide and rule, using Anglophones as experimental mice will be met with the punch you know too well. You and your friend Ras like boasting about being intellectuals, but know the people you are messing with! Choose your fights carefully because you will always lose!

      • One of those who continue to stigmatize others by name calling. Such doesn’t help to solve any problem.

  5. It should be interesting to learn that General Tataw, Ivo Yenwo, Elokobi, retired Col. Hans Anagho and the rest of the military cadres from English-speaking Cameroon sat passively by and watched pogrom visited on their people. Accepting Governor Bilai’s disdainful slurs directed at one’s people is one thing; tolerating the massacre of these people in their homes is a totally different ball game altogether. Surely echoes of the tribulations of the Bosnian warlord must have reached Buea.

    • Lots of the big names(virtual of-course) were carefully selected and trained (tamed maybe). What would one expect from an Atanga Nji Paul down the line?
      The phenomenon replica of what con-temporarily just happened to Bala was not in existence at the time. This is really an oportunity to pause, take stock of the past and pray for our future

  6. It took Ahidjo how many years to “defeat” the “bameliki maiquisards”?. My concern is, is Biya actually listening to any type of advice? The two countries namely Nigeria and Cameroon can never ever defeat the so-called “terrorists” who happened to be its citizens. Cameroon missed the biggest opportunity to resolve the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS problem and it has taken a nasty turn for the worst. Factor in the Delta and Bakassi boys from Nigeria who will join Southern Cameroons and these groups would blow Cameroon up in smoke. The Cameroon army as I know it, has no leadership that is battled proven. The young LR boys would be sitting docks for a war that they don’t know their enemy and where the enemy is located and that fits well for the Delta and Bakassi boys to vent their anger.

    • Oh, so now you are counting on the Delta and Bakassi boys! What happened to the Nigerian Army?

      I hope you know that an overwhelming majority of us from the Southwest are out to destroy any terrorists on our territory. Any Nigerian that we catch fomenting trouble on our territory will have himself to blame.

      By the way, you underestimate the Cameroon army at your own peril…. Our military is currently one of the most tested forces across the African continent… So keep on chanting war and counting on Delta boys.

  7. Pain has been caused on both sides of the divide. It is not a good feeling at all. If people learn from their past mistake, this is the time and place to stop this pursuit. Stop the killing.

    It takes a big heart, a really big heart to stop an obviously negative trend. Are there any persons out there with a big heart to recommend cutting our losses? That is also part of leadership stuff.

  8. Ras Tuge!There is no military solution to this problem.You don’t solve a political solution with a military one.Ras! I am a S Westerner too like you and understand you in many ways but my brother the Cameroonian gov’t of the lazy tribal K leg dictator have completely mismanaged this crisis as usual and i am afraid this is not only the beginning to the end of him but cameroon ad we use to know.