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Crise anglophone au Cameroun : le SDF lance un blocus de l’Assemblée nationale [+video]

Jeune Afrique | La crise anglophone s’est invitée jeudi à l’Assemblée nationale camerounaise. Les députés du Social democratic front (SDF, opposition), ont provoqué la suspension de la séance en réclamant « l’ouverture d’un dialogue inclusif » sur la situation dans le Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest.

Alors que le rapporteur de la commission des Finances achevait sa présentation d’un projet de loi qu’était venu défendre le ministre des Finances Alamine Ousmane Mey, un député du Social democratic front (SDF) a pris la parole et prononcé un discours portant sur un tout autre sujet : la crise anglophone.

Dénonçant le manque d’engagement de l’Assemblée nationale dans les troubles qui agitent les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, le parlementaire a provoqué l’ire de ses collègues du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC). Ceux-ci ont vivement protesté et ont commencé à quitter l’hémicycle, alors que le président de l’Assemblée suspendait la séance.

Chants hostiles au pouvoir

Les députés SDF ont ensuite entamé des chants hostiles au pouvoir et notamment au chef de l’État, Paul Biya. Ils ont par ailleurs décidé de ne plus participer aux travaux de l’Assemblée.

« Il n’y aura aucune délibération, aucune plénière. Nous exigeons avant toute chose l’ouverture d’un dialogue inclusif sur la crise anglophone », a expliqué Jean-Michel Nintcheu, député SDF du Littoral.

Les députés du parti d’opposition avaient déjà la cérémonie d’ouverture de la session parlementaire, mardi 14 novembre.

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  1. people are dying in a country and parliament does not think it is important to discuss the matter…

    says it all to me.

  2. The main functions of an effective parliament are to:

    1. Check and challenge the work of the Government (scrutiny).
    2. Make and change laws (legislation).
    3. Debate the important issues of the day (debating).
    4. Check and approve Government spending (budget/taxes).

    Unfortunately, our NIAHC (National Institute of Aging Hand Clappers), cannot assert performing any of the above. They have once more shown the world that the problem in Cameroon is the institution. It defies any sort of logic that a country that claims to have “an Advanced Democracy”, the super-majority party stages a workout to avoid debating the important issue of the day. I’m appalled and dumbfounded.

  3. If MPs of the CPDM party walked out of the National Assembly after the adoption, without debate, of the budget tabled by the executive (government), is there any doubt where their only concern lies? Was it even necessary to carry the hypocrisy to the public? A presidential decree could so conveniently be used to spare the nation the embarrassment of a crude attempt to use a veneer of legislation to cover a dictatorship.

    • True, CPDM MPs went there to mark “present” in order to collect gumbo. These MPs merely create an appearance of parliamentary democracy to deceive the outside world. They are not doing any work worth their salaries, allowances, influence and luxury cars. LRC needs major reforms.

  4. Mrd! C’est le grand pere de qui qui bouge coe ca? J’ai regardé la video 5 fois juste pour voir ses moves!

    Annyway, Good move… but please change the disc.
    Parlamentariants should protest with autority, not sing a victim song. Stang up like Men and make your voice heard. Sir Wirba did it.

    • @Bikutsi, you mean the SDF MPs should protest to an empty chamber? The video evidence showing the CPDM governing party ran away is the best for the UNO, the Commonwealth, ECOWAS and CEMAC attesting the insincerity of the Yaounde regime. It is the start of the end of recolonization – a certified crime against humanity in the Cameroons. May freedom come to Ambazonia now and then to Sanagia when the latter are ready for authentic self-governance.

  5. Je vois bien et jai bien dis ca depuis que que le maire de bagangte a cmcer ses projects avec les ONG francaises que la france cherche klk chose dans ouest et prepare deja opinion contre le deuxieme homme fort du cameroun just au cas ou! le negre pense que avec son ventre les blancs reflechissent 20 ansen avance et c donne le moyen ..kan le negre reflechi comme je fais ont dit kil es paranoid chez nous or c que je dis c exactment c que les dirigeants blancs passent leur temps a faire…” comment alons nous barrer ces gens la et kel strategy” apres ils prennent des gens avec egos et prepare le terrain petit incident le negre tombe comme mouton et s’entre tue…le blanc ne donne rien cadeau faut dire xa au maire de bagangte..ils ont deja strategiquement identifuier bagangte comme la porte d

  6. The walk out of the parliamentarians at a crucial moment like this lays bare the idea that Parliament is a mere white elephant. Given the intense pressure Hon. Mbah Ndam and other MPs were subjected to in their respective constituencies, one would have thought that parliamentary solidarity would be at its very best to look into the grievances of these regions and do the right thing.

    And so it is clear that the National Assembly, like the Senate and the Judiciary are mere white elephants set up to impress the world. Yesterday the executive conveniently by-passed the courts and ruled on cases that charged lawyers, professors and a supreme court judge of terrorism. 30% of Senators do just what they were decreed to do. And as for the parliamentary majority, well, they walk out.

  7. WIRba has collected more than 150Millions in micro projects funding alone , can someone point to me what he has done Inna jakiri with that money ? There is no single public toilet there ,not even a dignified market place . It is easy to sing how many people someone go kill when there is no accountability on your own work and your constituency is full of illiterates . Please someone list to me Wirba ,Osih achievements or realizations in their more than 10years of parliaments work ? Same with Mbah dam yet they all have businesses worth millions and are living lavish lifestyle . At least according to Mba Dam in the tv program arène , so mister honorable members what have you done for the Anglo you claim to love in the last 2 decades 1997-2017? I beg una to tell me . Clowns .

  8. Things fall apart, the center can no longer hold, outbreak of a pandemonium epidemic, entropy can only increase, statuesquo cannot be maintained and the resulting delirium of the mindless followers started releasing much of interesting info.

  9. Musonge, from the SOUTH-WEST, resigned from the senate. His place was given to Gabriel Dima from the SOUTH REGION. Simply put, the South- Region now has ELEVEN Senators while the SOUTH-WEST has only NINE Senators. These are some of the injustices that Southern Cameroonians are determined to have a FINAL SOLUTION to their predicaments in Biya’s 1984 so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
    As a corollary, the population of the South-region is less than that of Meme Division.