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Crise anglophone au Cameroun : retour à la vie normale à Bamenda [+vidéo]

La vie reprend progressivement à Bamenda, au nord-ouest du Cameroun, la ville a été le théâtre des violences dimanche et lundi après la proclamation symbolique de l’indépendance des régions anglophones du pays.

Au lendemain de ces violences, les populations découvraient l‘étendue des dégâts. Elles accusent notamment la police camerounaise d’avoir incendié volontairement de nombreuses motos. Leurs propriétaires disent avoir perdu leur gagne-pain et sont amers.

“Je suis surpris de venir ce matin et constaté que la police a retiré nos motos et les a fait brûler, c’est cette moto qui m’aidait, et je ne sais comment le gouvernement voudrait qu’on vive avec ce genre de comportement, si demain, je deviens voleur parce que je n’ai pas de travail, ce seront eux les premiers à tirer sur nous”, Donald, conducteur de moto-taxi brûlée.

Sur le plan humain, pas facile d‘établir un bilan réel. Si le gouvernement parle d’une dizaine de morts, des ONG de leurs côtés évoquent des chiffres qui vont au-delà des 30 morts.

Après ces incidents, la police camerounaise reste sur le qui-vive.


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  1. The victims must charge the Camerounian government in an international court for compensation. This is a MUST. SC citizens are jailed because they allegedly destroyed public property. Nowadays some are even jailed simply because you support the Anglophone course?

    Question: What is the status of the planned protests in Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva? Can someone give a hint?

  2. I think people who had their homes or properties destroyed should bind together and come out with a legal suit against the government. Looking at the current events, I think the government would readily compensate them just to quell down tension and show that they are still in charge. They should at least try and not just complain in the wild.

    • The funny thing is if there is lawsuit, that will be against the Terrorists, the so-called ambazonians.
      You guys are really starting to believe in your ****.

      • At least they believe in something, not like you people with a “hollow” in your existance (1955-1975). If you do not have a period of emptiness in your history can you have the courage to narrate the history of the Cameroon that you are porporting to love somuch, Frauds. If you dare to narrate the history then you know full well that by so doing you would be telling the people of the S. Cameroon (you guys are right). Is there any one of you who is courageous enough to take on the truth? Liers, a system built on lies can only go this far.

  3. Issa Tcherouma was Vision 4 congratulating them for the good job they are doing and one of the person who interviewed him was (Ernest Obama) who is encouraging the genocide against Anglophone, the government of LRC just endorsed the act publicly.

    • Common sense will prevail.

      • Common sense will prevail.l’idiot qui a abandone sa moto pour allergies affronter la police ASHIAH.

      • Common sense will prevail.l’idiot qui a abandone sa moto pour aller affronter la police ASHIAH.

    • Journalists are usually trained, employed to investigate and relay news. It would appear that Cameroon is breeding a new crop of journalist who make news rather than relay them. Ernest Obama is doing it; so is news guru Issa Tchiroma Bakary. Yes, these days journalists do not wait for news; they make news.

      But once in a while, they are caught off guard, like the Cameroon Daily Journal Editor Chris Anu caught Tchiroma off guard in declaring his ignorance of the popular uprising that shook Cameroon and focused world attention to it over the week from September 22 to October 1, 2017.

    • Genocide yet your people keep fleeing your regions to come live among their potential killers does that make sense to you? If there was a pending genocide as you monkeys have been shouting to draw attention on your sorry case , why would send your children to school in our regions ? You don’t fear for their lives ? Ignoramus . Keep throwing big words around the genocide you so much crave for will visit you and it will be southwesterners slaughtering you northwesterners parasites

      • Slow learner, we have noted that you people have gone on an apology tour, harping about how we are brothers and should instead crave for a federation. This is unlike the people who were marshaling orders to the Police to shoot unarmed people. Our people are going to you because they love you so so much! Why don’t you keep them and stay where you are? Why are you forcing yourselves on us to the level of threatening and using genocide on us? You no fit force love massa! Na tif lazy man di cosy up to us because yi no get nothing!

        • These lazy bushmen are clinging to Southern Cameroonians because of this regions’ riches. Lazy blood suckers!!

        • THE same way you lazy ngraffi /Anglo-bami from the norwest are clinging on the southwest to suck them dry , parasites with no shame ,what do you being to the table attaché by force , why can’t you secede by yourself and see how quickly we will let you leave ?

      • One of those ignorant views. This problem is not about anglophones having an issue with francophones. It’s about marginalization by the government. Stop sending hate messages.

  4. @ Colby, it is clearly revealed to me that, you are one of those bakossi francophone whose parents took refuge in the SC during the U.P.C era, and also benefiting from the $1150.00 checks PREACH ALL USELESS LIES BAMENDA IS YOUR ANSWER (PAUL BIYA) is disbursing to the Francophone Bakossi to sabotage this struggle.

    • The nonentity @colby is a confessed Bassa hoodlum. Very empty hate preacher he is. Ignore him.

      • When people don’t share your thoughts or when you are out of opinions you will start abusive language. I have never encourage hatred in this platform.

    • Now, you are calling all who don’t share your point of view “refugees”. I hope you will not cry foul when called Biafran refugee. Just saying…

  5. @ The man, did drink something or what to rush unto my without taking your time to see the spelling of refuge and compare it with refugee? Or you don’t understand grammatical spellings young man. Now you are making me to believe that, you are also one of those bakossi francophone. There are thousands and thousands of Frogcophones who migrated to the English region of Cameroon due to the U.P.C era ok. The English speaking Cameroonians opened their hands to shelter them. Today there are against those same English Cameroonian who gave them shelters for the betterment of their lives. Always read and check spellings before you rush into someone comments.

  6. I guess the secessionists didn’t think the uprising through. What were they expecting? Believe it or not the Cameroonian government is tougher than your average African country.

    • what tough when you asked help from chad and guinea equato to kill unarmed citizens of amba land.

    • USSR was by any standard infinitely tougher than the Cameroon you are talking of, and what was its faith at the end. Some of your ignorance is deplorable

    • Mannorun, I think your analysis is upside down, those rulling lrp underestimated how resolved the West Cameroonians are. 2% of the energy that they have spent sofar would had resolved the problems raised by the lawyers and teachers but they could not figure out what was raising in the horrizon, typical francophone arrogance (ill es qui), the language could never get into my head. I am quite sure they should now be bitting thier fingers and regretting but it is too late

    • The government shows toughness only when it comes to peaceful, unarmed citizens. When it meets its match, it bribes.

    • It’s unfortunate that the government created a vacuum in leadership in persuit of a just federal system and the seperatists took advantage of. The government should take responsibility of that wrong move.

  7. lrc in desperation. Biya du LRC.

  8. When Southern Cameroonians asked for GENUINE dialogue on the root causes of the problem, Biya gave them the Commission on Bilingualism. Members of this commission are earning astronomical salaries for no work done. The situation of the crisis has now degenerated into an international crisis because of the intransigence of Biya. He thought that he could use his decrees to deceive Southern Cameroonians with cosmetic measures. He was dead wrong. There is only one path to the resolution of this crisis: INCLUSIVE and GENUINE Dialogue. International observers will be present to act as witnesses. There is no military solution to this impasse.
    The dialogue will be centred on the ROOT CAUSES i.e. the clock will be turned backwards to 1961.

  9. Please join us in asking that:
    Cameroon is suspended from the Commonwealth and that the United Nations should impose Sanctions on the government of Cameroon, until they call for meaningful dialogue to address the root causes of the Anglophone crisis.
    The United Nations and the Commonwealth joins in asking for the Unconditional release of all detained activists.
    The United Nations & the Commonwealth uses its influence to ask President Paul Biya to personally address the ongoing crisis in English-Speaking Cameroon.
    The United Nations & the Commonwealth joins us in demanding that an independent inquiry is carried out into the systematic abuse of human rights that have occurred since the beginning of this current crisis and the perpetrators brought to justice.
    The Cameroon government stops t

  10. @Kingsley,
    Refugee: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. This is what you wrote: “you are one of those bakossi francophone whose parents took refuge in the SC during the U.P.C era”. Now tell me, are you not saying that colby is not a s. Cameroonian but instead a son of a upc refugee? Don’t you know that during the Biafran war, some took refuge in Cameroon and it is because of that some francophones call those who readily express secessionist views as “Biafrians”? Haven’t you noticed that by labelling an anglophone who disagree with you as “son of a refugee” , you are legitimizing the term ” biafrans” used by francophones to dismiss secessionist?

  11. Dali Dali!Thank you!As i said before there is no military solution to this crisis.This neo colonial corrupt tribalistic gov’t have to climb down from thier arm chairs and open a meaningfull and genuine dialogue in other to solve this crisis if not then i fear for the future of this Country.

  12. Pinguis!Nothing have change in me,i think is you who have a problem.Nothing whatsoever can make a govenment to use helicopter gunship against her armless civilians.This neo colonial,corrupt,tribal and lazy govenment have lost all her moral authority and i repeat there is no military solution to this crisis rather a genuine meaningful dialogue is the only solution if Cameroon is going to survive as a one and indivisible country as they intend.

    • Do you any proof that helicopters were used to kill people?

    • SO ATTack helicopters were used and only 08 people are dead among them prisoners who attempted to breakout in kumbo prison? You know repeating a lie countless times won’t make it a reality right ? I know you are smarter than that don’t turn your fight into am joke , the whole world is laughing at your false accusations. So helicopters shot at crowds yet no footages no condemnation from the international community. You can only deceive your illiterate villagers . The people who lost their lives were thugs who burnt police stations , destroyed SDOs cars and tried to lynch policemen, that’s the truth and that’s the reason there is no outrage , they had it coming . If this govt wanted to kill you you would count your dead by thousands . So enough with the crap. All the enow I know are patriots

  13. Go to reuters and you would get the story there with videos.Not 8 dead more than 22 comfirmed death right now.

  14. Corpses are being fished out all over the bushes around buea there.I am right now in Kumba Cameroon and know what i am saying ok!

  15. Who are the terrorists now? Burning down the bikes of citizens by the military should b condemned and they should b locked up too like those who were caught burning public property.