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Crise anglophone : la frontière Cameroun – Nigeria a été rouverte

Journal du Cameroun | Elle avait été fermée en septembre dernier, en raison de la situation de crise en zone anglophone.

Les usagers de la frontière entre le Cameroun et le Nigeria dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest peuvent franchir librement les différents points de passage entre les deux pays. Le constat de cette réouverture intervient deux mois après leur fermeture en septembre dernier, par les autorités de deux régions sus-évoquées.

En septembre dernier en effet, le gouverneur de la région du Sud-Ouest avait instruit dans un communiqué, que la frontière Cameroun – Nigeria soit fermée du 29 septembre au 2 octobre 2017. Pour Bernard Okalia Bilai, cette décision faisait suite « aux menaces persistantes de déstabilisation orchestrée par des personnes résidant hors du territoire national, et ayant pour ambition de porter atteinte à la paix sociale, à l’ordre publique et à la loi. »

Comme lui, le gouverneur de la région du Nord-Ouest, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique avait également instauré un couvre-feu pendant la même période, avec fermeture de la frontière avec le Nigeria. Une décision censée contrer la déclaration symbolique de l’indépendance du Southern Cameroon le 1er octobre 2017.

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  1. Another dirty trick by LRC.

    Southern Cameroonian freedom fighters will NEVER use the border crossings. They know how to enter and leave their homeland. The occupiers will wait for them in vain.


  2. The trap is wide open… and trust me, many rasclaaat termite soldiers and workers will walk in freely to be collected and dispose of… You know why? Termite soldiers and workers are BLIND!!!!

  3. The economic loss is unbearable.They have no choice, but to open the borders.Unfortunately,most traders plying that road have suspended their businesses.They will also bring back the internet.Ambasonnia is giving them a run for their money..ha ha ha ha ha ……

  4. We closed it long enough for our people to do the background work needed to be done. The work is completed and we are confident to have full control of the situation, as such no need to keep the borders closed. People can go and come as they please, we patriots Cameroonians are confident we are in full control.

    Cameroon for EVER, one and INDIVISIBLE!

  5. USA! Cameroon is not one and indivisible!That your lazy corrupt tribal K leg dictator would have solved this problem long ago but he mismanged everything and look at where it has landed this country too.I am against the break up of this country for various reasons which i am sure ras would understand but the events of the past months have really made me sad being a cameroonian.Paul Biya is a terrible dictator,a dictator of the first calibre.He should gradually step aside and this country should be federated and you people would see wonders in cameroon.That central system should be completely dismantle and power directed to the regions.

  6. Nigeria is Nigeria and Kamerun is Kamerun, understand???

    • If they think they will use Naija as base to commit atrocities in our territory, time will come when we will enter Naija to uprooted them so president Buhari must cooperate to help erradicate this cancer.

  7. @Colby No country will cooperate with LRC.All organisations have recommended dialogue,but the CPDM genocidal organisation want to choose who to dialogue with.Unfortunately,the Ambasonian president have made his position clear on this issue.That,he cannot dialogue with a genocidal organisation like the CPDM.He said that,all he want is for the CPDM genocidal organisation to discuss the terms of seperation between LRC and Ambasonia.