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La Grande-Bretagne reconnaît le référendum de 1961 au Cameroun et rejette la demande d’indépendance du SCNC

L’on en sait un peu plus sur les raisons de la fin de non-recevoir infligée, le 8 septembre 2017, par la Reine Elisabeth II d’Angleterre, à des représentants du mouvement sécessionniste réclamant la partition du Cameroun. En effet, ces derniers n’ont pas pu être reçus au palais de Buckingham, comme ils le souhaitaient.

C’est que, depuis le déclenchement des mouvements de protestation sociale, qui ont ensuite cédé la place à des revendications sécessionnistes dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun en 2016, la Grande-Bretagne s’est fait une religion sur cette situation, après plusieurs discussions avec les autorités camerounaises.

C’est du moins ce que révèle une correspondance officielle émanant du Foreign & Commonwealth Office, signée le 2 mai 2017 par Tobias Ellwood, le responsable en charge des relations avec l’Afrique et le Moyen Orient. La correspondance est adressée à un membre de la Chambre des communes (J. Cunningham), chambre basse du parlement du Royaume Uni.

«En ce qui concerne l’initiative de M. Sam Egbe au sujet de l’indépendance, il est important de souligner, au premier abord, que le Royaume-Uni reconnaît les résultats du referendum organisé en 1961 par les Nations unies sur les territoires sous mandat britannique en Afrique. Les deux régions qui constituent le Southern Cameroon ont accepté de devenir une partie du Cameroun francophone», rappelle Tobias Ellwood.

Ce dernier poursuit : «en 2003, le Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC) a échoué dans ses revendications indépendantistes, devant la Commission africaine des droits de l’Homme et des peuples. Cette pétition a été rejetée en 2009 par la Commission, qui en a appelé à un dialogue constructif entre les parties. Le Royaume-Uni encourage toutes les parties à accepter et à s’appuyer sur cette recommandation, pour construire un futur stable et prospère pour tous les Camerounais».

Mais, avant cette conclusion plutôt sentencieuse, Tobias Ellwood rappelle les démarches entreprises par le Haut-Commissariat de Grande-Bretagne à Yaoundé, avant cette prise de position. «Notre Haut-Commissaire à Yaoundé suit de très près la situation dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun.

Nous continuerons à le faire avec le gouvernement camerounais. Le Haut-Commissaire de Grande-Bretagne a rencontré le président de la République, le 7 mars, et j’ai discuté avec le ministre des Relations extérieures, M. Mbella, le 19 avril 2017, sur les tensions dans les régions du Sud-Ouest et du Nord-Ouest».

Au cours de ces différentes discussions avec les autorités camerounaises, souligne Tobias Ellwood, «nous en avons appelé à l’arrêt de l’usage de la force par les différents protagonistes, à l’obligation de respecter les droits de l’Homme, et à l’utilisation des voies légales pour la résolution de cette crise. Nous en avons également appelé au dialogue pour un retour à la normale dans les deux régions».


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  1. Hihihi
    Ils sont allé jusqu’a vouloir voir la Reine d’Angleterre!!!
    Whaoo really? In 2017! As if she has ever cared!
    Mental slavery at it best! What a desgrease!
    These people are really sick.
    They run to their slavemaster for help! Whaooo.

    • La Republique receives loans, and even diapers from France everyday. It’s only normal that you will never admit that that is running to the slave master for help. France has never ever cared also, that is why your sovereign fund is lying in their treasury. Biya did not only want to see Mitterrand, he boasted about being his meilleur eleve!

    • Pathetique! They really no get shame this funny people. They prefer to be queens slaves than for live with their brothers. Bush man na bush man. Shame on you guys. Ehhh les africains, comment en 2017 les camerounais peuvent aller demander de se faire recoloniser. Vraiment un bush man c est un bush man , et c est un point faible des regions anglophones le complexe d inferiorite de ses habitants . Wuna mami pima all wuna go see even pape for Rome.

      • Do not generalize, my friend. Inferiority complex is for those that chose to remain uprooted, humiliated, and misled. Those self-appointed vandals don’t speak for me. With such mutants around, the African will only get more debased. We no longer have a sense of the sacred.

    • You should stay quite, you are not on our side meaning you are against us and you have the audacity to tell us how to fight, when to fight and where to fight. You product of the french-africa system, people who have been trained or rather conditioned to umderstand nothing else apart of the whip of the french man

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        Dumb ambazonia coward terrorists!

        What do you call a group whose success is measured by the number of schools they have burnt down and the number of young girls whose arms they have amputated to scare them from going to school?

        Shameless terrorist thieves!!!

        • Pompidou Mensah

          You French slaves you will never learn. Of course with back Chad what do you expect. You are so stupid and retarded. Look at Rwanda, do you understand? You dump fucks how about Mali, RDC, Congo , caf, ivory coast, Niger , French wars. Back to your republique, why don’t you fucking cowards fight that bulu, bassa, Eton ewonde that is rubbing and killing you, in hospitals, train stations, customs bush roads witchcraft. Go fight them you dump guckd and leave us alone. One small set back more wins to come and TOTAL INDEPENDENCE.

    • @Bikutsi

      How is it mental slavery challenging Elisa for a mistake that has enslaved generations till this day? I knew you were foolish but I did not know you are equally very stupid. Yesterday you were praising Kemi Seba for torching the CFA. Are you aware DeGaulle claimed west Cameroon as his gift from the queen? If you could only see beyond your broad nose you will understand that getting out of the French CFA loop starts with supporting the cause of Ambazonias especially after the French embassy in London refused in broad daylight to accept the petition that was handed to them. It has been revealed you are a very wicked tribalisic entiry passing for a sane woman. Any woman of mettle will not hesitate to condemn the rapes, assaults, killings and disappearance of children as we speak.

      • Attorney,

        you di mimba sef seh ifi Amba exist one day and yi fine as wuna di mimba, na wuna go enjoy? All man go learn English then cross over ! Who no like better?

        kosh we but spare cheries dem…

        • ZZ
          J’ai ma petite case de vacances a Limbe où j’aime rester quand je veux fuire les bruits de Yde et le mbrakata de la famille. Et tes gens ci disent que je devrais avoir un visa pour arriver la bas? Minalmi…
          Mrd, sans compter le poisson braisé et les gambas directement de la mer, les plages au sable fin et noir!
          Hihihi vous mentez… zero division.

        • Hahahaha, Bikut…..laisses les s’embrouiller. Il croient vraiment qu’ils vont construire un mur de la honte autour de l’Ambozonie hein!

          Non, même s’ils divisent…..es ke traverser le mur sera un problème?

          Les mexicains sont morts?…

  2. This is so crazy.
    The “house niggers” have been asking their master to take them back.
    The master says no, I do want you.
    This is the reason why westerners are calling Africans children.
    I feel so sorry for my “brothers” from the so-called southern Cameroon.
    If you don’t know who you are, you a lost soul.

    • Read: master says no, I do not want you.

      • It’s because you have nothing in your head, else you would remember that this is the same Britain that said niet to American colonies fighting to worship in peace and rejecting taxation without representation. Read about the Boston Tea Party to see the extent the colonies went to reject British subjugation. If the 13 colonies rejected madness, why must the Southern Cameroons be weeping because a free loader is once more against those seeking freedom. Once a flag bearer of subjugation, always one. You expect Britain to suddenly turn over a new leaf? Cruel deception!

        • You are “hors subject” and exposing yourself as a moron.
          Here we are seeing subjects of her majesty asking their queen for help to free themselves from their so-called French master. Are serious?
          No need to attempt to zigzag with American liberation war, we all took that in school, so chil.
          Here you are the “house niggers” who during the end of slavery begged their master to take them back as they thought they will not survive without their master.
          Pitty you my brothers from the NW, you are a disgrace to black people

        • Mbappe,
          You, Bikutsi and other weed puffers have been swearing hear that there’s neither anglophones nor francophones, that we are simply Africans. My five francs question to you is to know when a section of the African population became subjects of her majesty! Also, not long ago, you were for federation, something those from the NW initially called for. Tell me, do you pity those from the NW because Biya rejected any talk about federation or you pity yourself because the same Biya also rejected your wish for the same outcome? Over to you drunk!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ Firefighter

          From your logic I can tell that you are a very poor and angry man wherever you are! People like you can not excel in life! You are a very dumb and stupid person!

      • It is something of a misnomer to refer to these delusional anglophile groupies and asylum seeking adventurers as children… ‘Children’ is quite a generous word, you may be sure. Children have the unmatched potential to grow and develop in ways that would uplift their minds. Seen? Words that could approximate the condition of these so-called secessionists include misfits, retards, court jesters, to name these few.

        Worse yet, are the bunch of so-called Anglophone intellectuals that continue to mislead the poor masses… people like Carlson Anyangwe (Professor) who continues to refer to his own heritage as the ‘Former BRITISH Southern Cameroons’. Younger fellows like Akwanga Ebenezer, Ayaba Cho, both of whom purport to be PhDs, simply have no clue about their own history. Quite depressing

        • Your use of gutter language and other nastiness directed at these fellow citizens is reminiscent of current GCE Board Registrar’s smug utterances against Azong Wara and Sammy Arrey-Mbi who burnt the midnight oil to see about the birth of the very GCE Board.

        • An outcast like you can’t understand the meaning of gutter language! You are the old and opportunistic buffoons that have taken refuge overseas, as you trick the gullible masses of Ngraffiland to their ultimate disaster… not to mention the hordes of innocent children whose lives have been brought to a clanking halt by your delusional secessionist illusion. You are an evil old fellow with no sense of purpose. But like i have said already, I-Man has no time for folks like you. You will regret this madness that you have plunged the nation into. Stick to what you know and leave statecraft to folks who understand the intrigues of Great Power politics.

        • “I have” little impostor and not “I has”

      • Mbappe like it or not Southern Cameroon is gone. We can only wish lrc good luck

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Southern Cameroon is going back to the dark ages. They prefer the young girls to be sex slaves instead of scholars. They prefer a country were children do not go to school! They prefer a country were young girls who want to go to school get their arms amputated!!
          What do you have to show for success besides the burnt down schools, amputated arms and burnt down shops?

          The educated kids of Cameroon do not need luck! The world is their playground to excel!

  3. The same people calling Francophones French slaves are the same people running to their colonial slave masters for help. What a disgrace. This is the reason the rest of the world thinks Africans are the most stupid humans that can still easily be enslaved. As I have said before, the only way to freedom is for the Anglos and Francos to join together and fight Biya and his European allies. Unity is strength. My advise to separatists. “Please use your common sense and join your Franco brothers & sisters and form one strong opposition party to defeat Biya in 2018”. England and France are allies when it comes to dealing with Africa. Look at what they did to Gaddafi. The West will support Biya forever as long as he keeps on serving their interest. England doesn’t give a damn about you people.

    • diplomacy is the name of the game.By doing that you are alerting ENGLAND about the problem and your intentions….It’s well known that there was no treaty signed after referendum so there is no binding document…Hope some of you could inform yourselves before you start this premature ejaculation ….

      • Mr. so called True Lion. Cameroon was one before the Imperialists came. There was no such thing as South Cameroon. Foreign languages can never separate us. Keep on dreaming. While the Canadians decided to stay together and form a stronger and better country irrespective of the 2 official languages after their referandum, you stupid Africans with selfish intentions want to separate and be controlled by the Queen of England. Read my lips. THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND’S LANGUAGE AND THE FRENCH MAN’S LANGUAGE WILL NEVER EVER SEPARATE US. OBOSSO CAMEROON. Please learn to sing the old and nice Cameroon song below for patriots.

        yeh yeh yeh yeh Cameroon en avant. Avance toujours equipe ya Cameroon. Bia ding wa equipe ya Cameroon. Oyeh oyeh Cameroon avant eh.

    • The Queen refuses to receive a delegation that was going to berate her for her role dubious rule in the referendum, then French slaves go into overdrive. Anglophones have been dealing with one corrupt part of the equation, that is France for too long, they need to frequently take on the Queen. Anglophones and francophones joined in the SDF to fight Biya and we all know what the francophone Judases did. Once beaten twice shy! Anglophone cannot and should not take part in a window dressing French generated masquerade. The fact that the West supports Biya is not a passport to cower in silence and fear in front of leeches.

    • Firefighter, did Fru Ndi not defeat that megalomeniac in 1992 and what was the outcome. You want to pretend as if this time will be different? you think you are dealing with children? Biya will do that with the francophones but with the Anglophones his limits are now clearly visible. We were brought up to be able to open our minds and think for ourselves with some critical apraisal, can you say same to the francophones?

      • You were brought up with some critical appraisal… and to be able to open your minds???!!! That is absolutely not the case, man. Your mind is weak, and you can’t think out of that box in which you have been caged!

        1. Without the so-called Francophones, Fru Ndi would be an unknown entity.

        2. The Francophones are proving to understand the game much better than you.

        3. All you guys do is make too much noise and you fall in traps over and over again.

        4. We must remove the Southwest from this madness.

        • Without the same francophone Fru Ndi will be an unknown quantity, blah blah, blah! Fry Ndi became a known quantity the very day he launched the party with francophones sending in Police to disrupt the launching, maim and kill anglophones. You are surely too dazed to remember such things. The francophines are proving to understand the game by having operational commandment to contain the SDF, by sending a thug like late Fon Doh to kill an SDF official, by repeatedly sending people with bags of money to go beg Fru Ndi to look the other way while the run the country to its knees. That is the only game francophones are good at. Anyone who rapes anglophones cannot be on top of their political game! Who should leave the SW out, why not leave shadow before boxing online and go rectify things?

        • Tell them Ras. SDF was formed by Anglophones and supported by a majority of Francophones who had no issue with Fru Ndi becoming their president. All these separatists promote is hate and that’s why they will never succeed as the majority of the Anglophones support the federal system and not separation.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          We must remove the North West of The Republic of Cameroon from this madness.
          I am a North Westerner, and I will never support a group whose success is measured by number of schools and shops they have burned down in the North West, plus the number of girls whose arms they have amputated to scare them from pursuing their God given right to education.

        • I do not agree but atleast you stood on prinviples this time

        • Mister, without the Francophones, Fru Ndi would had been unknown, true, thats a common platitude, no credit for that. But should he and by extension any Anglophone settle for less than 100% of what is rightfully theirs. If you can really do some thinking of the box as you claim, then I would not expect this standard text book explanation that has been out there since 1992. Are you telling Anglophones to be contented with less than 100% of what is supposed to be rightfully theirs? One can only shake his head at this. Sir open your eyes, open your mind, Make an effort not to be so myopic, if you are narrow you could be terribly misled.
          Anglophones will not settle for less than 100% of any thing that is rightfully theirs, they do not need any favour, they simply want fairness, man get up

  4. Before brothers/sisters engage in their favorite mudslinging, it may be instructive to state this: “The Queen Reigns But Does Not Rule” (the British monarchy is above politics).

    Interpretation may not be everyone’s forte but simple observation can offer insights into some superficially complicated situations. The Commonwealth official did not “reject the SCNC” as implied in the main write-up but even if they did, the treatment of a chronic disease is hardly ever a reversion to therapy that had not worked earlier. A chronic disease requires the trial of novel therapies or even new therapists. The fact of a problem lingering from the days of Linda Chalker and Emeka Anyaokwu till today implies that the treatment does not lie in denial of its existence. Denial does not solve Climate change

    • Reading of documents is one fundamental research discipline in the science of politics. Clearly, you are not equipped in that domain, mister!

      Stay in the laboratory and invest your energy in the search for answers to malaria… and keep away from the political discourse in relation to ailments plaguing our society. It is owing to the fact that our nation was hijacked by incompetent elements with absolutely no knowledge of statecraft that the entire country has been plunged in the mess in which it finds itself today. You have neither a sense of self, nor a sense of purpose in life. You’ve spent so much time in this world with absolutely nothing to show for. Continue to open up more go-fund-me accounts to collect money from pitiful people who can’t think for themselves!

      • Yup, we from ngraffiland will surely leave politics to geniuses from idletongueland like you! Look, we are driving the narrative and you are just an eternal consumer. You said the strike would not reach the SW and we brought it there. Your scare tactics about the leaders locked up ended in hot air and you just barely recovered from the spawning you took because of their release. The last time I checked, an outcast is somebody spitting on his area of origin and desperately cosying up to Douala. An outcast is one who claims to be an African tribalist but is mad when people say he lives in slums in Sweden. An African tribalist will pick an African woman for a wife, not a washed up Caucasian!

      • LOL.
        you nailed the buffoon.
        He is on that “cross”

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        John Dinga is an example of a wasted life!
        You come here and scare some people with big words and poor grammar. What are your accomplishments in life?
        The old man is a laboratory technician not a researcher! After so many decades in the Unites States of America- the land of opportunities the most you could do for yourself is become a lab technician. You should be ashamed of yourself! Shegue!

        • Laborstory technician just like any other profession is needed in society and is equally important.

          Comparing with others is a stupid thing to do. Who told you the parameters that mean to you are same with mine. Stay on the issue and do not try to lecture others what life is all about. I do not think Dinka complained to you about anything, you thought you insulted him but more has been revealed of instead

        • Misinformation is the new religion of the Lilliput. All it requires is crooks hidden under cassocks, the anonymity provided by a bogus title to cover what is better left unexposed.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ Rob.

          No comparisons made in my comment.
          I just state the facts!
          John Dinga is an example of a wasted life in the United States!
          He is a mere lab technician with no notable accomplishments!
          He comes here and uses big words and poor grammar to give others the impression that he has some substance in him.
          I want to make sure the youth on this forum know who the true John Dinga is! The old man is not a model!
          He is not an example for any youth to follow!

  5. What is 237online by the way???? If you can be in s rush to post such misconstrued info what about posting the unanimous endorsement of the independence of Ambazonia by Lowe City council Massachusetts! Only digging in the side of which extortion can be maintained…, Hakuna mattata..

    • Crybaby cry us a river . You anglo-saxon brothers gave you a reality check . Deal with it . What’s a meaningless city council compared to the office of the person that overseed the referendum you are a joke an embarrasement and should rather hide your face in shame than parading your sorry Azz here on a Cameroonian forum . Dummy

  6. Épée Dipanda

    Comprehension may hint at “Comprendre” in French but it is clear that Legal choices as recommended by the Commonwealth and other include allowing the Anglophones who no longer want this disgrace of a country to decide for themselves.
    Organize the referendum and let’s close the chapter….
    Why wuna dey fear?
    You can accept peaceful referendum or deal with war…it is that simple a problem that persistently rears its head even after 50 years will not die because one person says so.
    Aluta Continua.
    Ambazonia will be free.

    • War? Can you fight a war? On what basis are you going to fight a war? Who will be fighting that war with you? Against who? The state of Cameroon? What happens just one day after your delusional elements get massacred? What are you counting on? The population of the Southwest?

      Let not the delusional intrigues of conmen like Akwanga lead you into the wilderness? Akwanga has collected your poor monies to settle his study loans, with the fake promise of waging a war that he knows is total fiction! Now, he has no choice but to concoct some bull story about deploying ‘troops’ in Cameroon! The criminals even put up this ridiculous picture of some adventurers with covered faces just to make you believe that your money is in use! Ashia ya….

      Legal choices?!!! You know how Bakassi was won??? Sad

      • Never mind those fools Ras Tuge, they think fighting a war is a walk in the park.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          I wonder why they don’t talk about their Commando Alfred Dasi alias Momo grass bird sniper who was caught like a chicken thief and is now either dead and fed to the fish in River Sanaga or a vegetable in Kondengui ?

          His assistants are not going to fight for his release they are rather amputating the arms of little girls who want to go to school. The cowards are even too scared to attack young boys.
          I am a North Westerner and I do not debate my heritage with the most dumb and most cowardly terrorists who have ever walked on earth.

      • These house niggers Ras Tuge and his gang of savages must be having the lowest moments in their lives to see the released men of substance walking as free men. It’s a fact that since the Mao Mao challenge of the crown in London, no group that was under the yoke of British imperialism has made such a bold move. Jealous ingrates! We of the Ambazonia persuasion have moved passed this online tantrum stage. We now put our actions where our mouth and money is. The ante of the LRC pressure is not stopping anytime soon until freedom comes. You animals can carry on quacking online but we have better things to do. A luta continua….

        • The little dwarf and his bunch of enslaved groupies that love the queen of England more than their very grandmothers… the dwarf went all the way to England to beg for a royal autograph and got disgraced and humiliated. Now, he suddenly feels like a giant and calls others house niggers! Isn’t that funny? Hey midget, you are so little and have issues with your self-esteem.

    • Why don’t you organize it yourselves ? Punks waiting for your francofools masters to free you ? You people really can’t do anything by yourselves . What a pity . Like i have already said anyone thinking ambashitnia can be actualized through running left and right up and down from one western embassy to another is a moronic bastard . Cameroon will never be divided def not by a minority . There are only 2 ethnic groups that can divide this country. The rest will need a bloody war which they can’t foot nor bear the cost . The Nw is so small in size and population that it will be carnage

  7. His tory books have records of civil rights fighst in cameroon orchestrated , planned and executed by Aglophones , victimised in the process, but guess what, to the benefit of the entire Cameroon. French people fought and many died for the rights they are enjoying now, AMERICANS DID SAME , even more. In cameroon Anglophones fought and died for mutiiparty politics, GCE Board , Creation of more Universities. Electoralcode etc. There are miisters today because of mutipartism , Bacalureat Board Universty of Dscang , Maroua etc Electoral commission because people stood up and fought, Anglophones . Our French brothesr know no fight but benefits. May be they should just relax and wait to reap the benefits as usual from what is going on now. Is a coward that lives an uneventful life.

    • Good job Forest. Tell them

    • History books have records of the so-called Anglophones dabbling with the game of high politics when they have absolutely no clue! So they get humiliated over and over again… and yet again, they somehow managed to get themselves humiliated once again over there in England! But this obviously will not be the last… In 1959, Foncha, Muna and a bunch of delusional groupies rushed to England to seek for validation only to be forced to return to their villages battered, bruised, and belittled. Today, 2017, a bunch of conceited and self-appointed hypocrites, opportunists, and impostors made another trip to England, and reminded of their insanity. At least, Foncha had some type of mandate and dignity; unlike the hypocrites of our day…

      • U this big nose ugly Mbo Swedish impostor of a house nigger cherish half truths and fake news too much. If you haven’t seen the queen’s reply as it in humility and I can direct you where you can read it. Tobias Elwood clearly states that Britain is following the case through its high commission in Yaoundé and once again has recommended the same resolutions the UN proposed to your junta that is being ignored till this day. Why they will he make references to the ACHPR Banjul 2003 ruling if they r humiliating us? Or do you remember that the ACHPR recognized Ambazonia as a people quite different from your LRC banana French plantation? !diot! Give me an answer why Gorji Dinka won a case against the crown and was granted a British passport if there’s actually no case? Diplomacy is not ur forte

    • @ Forest. The last time I checked, the first Cameroon freedom fighters were Um Nyobe and Ernest Ouandie of the UPC party who were both Francophones. They even sacrificed their lives for a better Cameroon. They were not thinking of Francophone or Anglophone Cameroon but a Cameroon free from imperialists and their subjects such as Ahidjo and today Biya. There was no such thing as Anglophone or Francophone Cameroon before these imperialists came. These separatists are not fighting for freedom. They have a secret agenda. All they promote is hate and not progress. I am beginning to suspect it has something to do with them having an inferiority complex. The people who fought for the GCE and all the stuff you mentioned are not separatists but fair minded Cameroonians.

  8. @ Africans For DT,
    Sorry for getting under your skin. I can see you hitting out aradomly. Those anglophone terrirists must be doing a great job for you to be mad as hell. You remember the other terrorist Biya sent out to create drama on the Wouri Bridge 3 years ago? When did you guys sentence him to death? Why are you not running your mouth about him? You are worried about amputating children? When you rape anglophone children to satisfy your beastiality , why don’t you complain? You are still at the level of arguing with yourself about your heritage and you have lessons to give about success ! You are an ordinary day uncultured francophone thug, who gets more bitter as anglophone sleep kicking your ass. What has kondengui done to the recently released?

  9. An idiot does not really need help to self identify; simply opening the mouth does it.
    A website is like a social club where people meet and exchange ideas on an informal basis. It can be a market place of ideas too for others. But it does not replace the work place or professional society.

    This of course does not stop the formation of strange bedfellows and the spread of substandard or reprehensible filth. The release of Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho, Dr. Fontem Neba and Justice Ayah Paul Abine for lack of evidence to proceed with their prosecution as terrorists was greeted with undisguised apathy by those who had condemned them to death in their warped, narcissistic minds. Today they are all back in search of new areas of forays.

    • ‘An idiot does not really need help to SELF-IDENTIFY’! Of course, you know yourself very well, the ancient buffoon that wants to use NOVELTY solutions to address a problem when all he has is an incorrect diagnosis! Speaking of remedies of approximation… and expecting miracles! What a pity…

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba are no longer leaders of the Ambazonia terrorist movement.

      If they are leaders of the terrorist movement let them come out and cheer their followers for the success they have had so far which includes:
      -the burning down of historic schools in the North West
      -the amputating of arms of young girls who want to go to school
      -the burning down of shops of hard working business men who just want to go about their business

      They were released because they have distanced themselves from you dumb cowardly terrorists and pleaded with the President to forgive them for the role they played. They were released by Presidential pardon and not because of lack of evidence that they were leaders of the terrorist movement.

      • Let every prisoner in the Cameroon plead with prisident sothat he can be set free afterall the president is the law

  10. Pompidou Mensah

    Gorji Dinka already win this war in great Britain. You dump francafrque fucks don’t understand law and order, diplomacy and education. You are a product of bac chad and enam Mafia school.You have beaten and overwhelmed by the bulu, ewondo, bassa, etun, bamoun and nordist terrorists. Same playbook as Congo , rdc, caf, Mali, Niger, ivory coast, Algeria etc. Study instead Rwanda you buffoons. Look at your schools, roads, ports, legal institutions, police. SAD. Look at your cities, no water, bad roads, Douala airport (will not let my dog, pigs and FROGS land there. Vine rouge, cheese head wanna be Frenchmen. Go fight for your own rights.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Pompidou Mensah

      According to the dumb cowardly terrorists you have made some really powerful points.

      However, to the rest of the sane world, all you said is rubbish!

  11. What a slap from on the cheeks, where is the we are winning crew at? 10months and still counting , no sight of ambashitnia . I don laugh tire

    • We are winning because you just shamelessly released the people you were flaunting at a military tribunal without us firing a shot and you expected schools to resume because of your nativity but everything has blown up in your faces. How are things going with the military tribunal? Cowardic French slaves!

  12. Ignorances to learning and knowing about the world and diplomacy matters.For those idiotic francophones who think Ambazonians are stupid and term us terrorists,better clean yourslves and the smelling shit on your dirty asses before u can stand to argue with an Ambazonian.We are intellectuals with smart brains not brainwashed by la republic as they keep begging from france,la republic cooks the food but wait to pick the crumbs under the table from france like a lazy ngong dog.Be wise man,i dont think u crossed class seven.Idiots

  13. Fake news

  14. I read almost all comments .Please be informed that the whole World ready what we share on the Internet. I am half Anglophone and half Francophone , Cameroon is our country and we are all brothers and sisters this got to stop we cannot kill our economy instead of trying our best to uplift people ‘s life. Cameroon is a peaceful nation let us try and keep it that way. It is not wright that we fight each other on the media in this manner. Please let us calm down we are destroying the future of our own children .
    If anyone feel offended with what I said it was not my intention. We are brothers and sisters.

    • And what did u do when children are shot in the head with life bullets, young girls raped in broad daylight, ur brutal gendarmes arrest innocent people on trumped-up charges, forcing them to bribe their way out; some up to 500,000fcfa. What did u say last week when gendarmes went to Kifem to steal goats, loot people houses and pilfer cash, in the process they were challenged by poor villagers in their evil act but stopped at nothing to shoot live bullets into the crowd. What have u said after ur minister came out lying the villagers attacked gendarmes and yet proceeded to fire the company commander knowing quite well he was lying. U !diots only know how to quack one and indivisible when it is time to secure your evil grip on power. Ur actions should define the oneness y’all preach. Monkey

  15. Good day Admin. Please verify the source of your news before publishing information that is misleading to many. Many have believed in this write up which is derived from a false letter. As far as Great Britain’s position in the anglophone crisis is concern, the Queen has instructed the foreign secretary of commonwealth affairs to monitor the situation and provide them with reports. The aforesaid letter saying that Britain has rejected the demand for independence for SC and has shown recognition for the 1961 plebiscite is a false news.

  16. Nous n’ avons jamais ete unis. cette pretendue unions n ‘est qu’ utopique. les anglophones detestent les francophones et inversement à quelques exceptions près. on ne peut pas forcer un peuple a s unir avec un autre quand il n y apas d ‘ alchimie dans le cas contraire c est l’ hypocrisie et l’ anarchie des idées qui s’ installe. ce que revendiquent les anglophones est normal. ils tiennent la bout du corde.qu’ on leur donne leur liberté et qu’ on en finissent. les anglais et les français nous ont unis faussement pour nous depouiller à l infini . voilà le veritable noeud à denouer

    • ” Les Anglais et les Francais nous ont unis faussement ”
      C’est tres regretable de lire ce genre de raisonnement vennant d’un fils d’Afrique en 2017. Qu’étiez vous avant ces occidentaux? Pourquoi se définir a la base des lignes coloniales qui vous ont été imposées?
      Nous sommes d’abord Africains avant d’etre quoi que ce soit.
      Nous sommes d’accord que le peuple “Anglophone ” est marginalisé et subit des injustices et cela est inaceptable et nous devons tous combattre ce phénomène.
      Le probleme se pose l’orsqu’un groupe d’individus décident de s’accaparer de ce problem et en font leur bussiness pour des raisons égoistes.
      Pour confronter le monde d’aujourd’hui, Nous Aficains n’avont pas de choix que de rester Unis.
      La division du Cmr ne pourrait que faciliter le travail de l’imperialisme


        “Singapore was once part of Malaysia

        Pakistan was once part of India

        Bangladesh was once part of Pakistan

        East Timor was once part of Indonesia

        Sudan was once part of Greater Egypt

        Eritrea was once part of Ethiopia

        South Sudan was once part of Sudan

        Southern Cameroon was once part of Nigeria

        Namibia was once part of South Africa

        Gambia was once part of Senegambia

        Ukraine was once part of USSR

        Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia were once together in Yugoslavia

        Crimea was once part of Ukraine

        Czech and Slovakia were once together as Czechoslovakia

        United States of America was once part of the British Empire

        Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, A

        • Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Amernia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine etc., were once part of the Othman Empire.


          Unity by force is SLAVERY! SLAVERY AND AGAIN SLAVERY.

          We can be neighbors.
          But, it’s not by force to live together in a country.

        • Yea yea yea…
          In fact most countries in this world were part of a bigger unity.
          Norway , Danmark , were part of Sweden! etc…
          We can go on and on …
          So, what’s your point?
          We are talking about todays reality. The challlenges that Africa has to face today.
          We are in a global war with the world. Africa is the futur and the continent that all the super power of this world are fighting about.
          How come everybody else understands that but Africans themselves?
          South Soudan isn’t an exempel! Who benefits from that separation today? Ansolutly not the people of South Soudan.
          If people behave like children and don’t know what is good for them, sometime you have to impose a way.
          In the case of Cmr, Unity is a must. There is no nagotiation about that.
          We can compromise on other issues

        • @Tyla thanks for putting things as they are. Squarely and into perspective!

          @ Bikutsi is quacking to protect her interest – a piece of land her Fako SDO uncle Zang III used Beto connections of the blood sucking Governor Okalia Bilai to squeeze out for her in Limbe. We know as it’s been proven time and again people like her value a piece of cloth called flag over the lives of southern Cameroonians. Pretentious wailer she is.

        • @Tyla thanks for putting things as they are. Squarely and into perspective!

          @ Bikutsi is quacking to protect her interest – a piece of land her Fako SDO uncle Zang III used Beto connections of the blood sucking Governor Okalia Bilai to squeeze out for her in Limbe. We know as it’s been proven time and again people like her value a piece of cloth called flag over the lives of southern Cameroonians. Pretentious wailer she is.

        • Bikutsi,
          Why are you weeping? You take pleasure in saying anglophones are marginalized , but you don’t say why and the solutions to solve the problem. You some how think when we hear that we will start falling over ourselves. You are talking about today’s reality? South Sudan is today’s reality. You acknowledge discriminating against anglophone yet you claim Africa is the future. The future to you or the people being marginalized? What do you want Africans to understand when you openly acknowledge the marginalization of your own people? Your true colors are coming out day by day. Why not come and impose your way on us! If your imposition was succeeding you would not be calling for unity, you would just snap your fingers and anglophoned would run! Primitive woman impose unity

        • @ Tyler. Those your examples have nothing to do with Cameroon. Cameroon was one before the imperialists came and their languages will never separate us. You separatists can go to hell or join Nigeria. I am even suspecting some of you are Nigerians who came and settled in Cameroon during the Nigeria Biafra war. The majority of the English speaking Cameroonians don’t want any separation from their fellow brothers and sisters just because they speak a different foreign language as a result of being divided by some white people. I am surprised you didn’t mention Canada on your list which is a much closer example to our situation in Cameroon. French and English speaking Canadians have never separated and they are by far more advanced and civilized than any country on that your list.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Stop this rubbish Bikutsi. Stop it already! Who tells you that Bafaw people had anything to do with Ewondos before Germans came?
        What fake stories of pre colonial unity are these? What did an Ejagham man have to do with a Tupuri?
        Cameroon is united in your dreams…in mine most of you are foreigners on the land of my ancestors trying to force me to partake of a strange meal. I hope you realise that our every fiber will resist you. Wirba already told you that you did not defeat us in war.
        As the saying goes : “he who takes pride in flatulence must be very familiar with but cleaning”
        Ambazonia will be free

        • I will agree with you on this.
          Grassfielders are totally foreign to my people and I wish we never met or at least not part on the same country. We have totally nothing and I say Nothing except that we share the same “triangle”.Grassfielders should be either with Ibos or at least outside Cameroon.
          But it is what it is and Cameroon should remain what it is by any means necessary.

        • Hihihi @ Epée Dipanda tu es Douala? You reason like a Douala/Sawa. Nothing wrong with that.
          I learned something from you! I never heard of the Bafaw nor Ejagham.
          The tupuri are a group of people with a very rich culture. Like the other sub-cultures in Cmr, they are attached to their ancestral way of life.
          The cultural diversity of our Country is very particular.
          That’s what makes us Who we are.
          We should see it as a blessing, not a Curse!
          You made me laugh. My uncle who?? Hihihi that was really funny.

          What happened to the minds of Cmroonians so they think everybody is corrupt???

  17. Cameroon really a strange counrty. people are alraedy benefiting from the civil strive going on now…The National commision on Biligualism was created and people appointed and are celebrating while those who pushed the govement to act this way are on self exile, dead or in jail l in same camerooon? Today some broken translated versions of official papers and other issues in English. Common law department at Enam may come up , people would celebrates ,etc At least some benefits or fruits coming that benefit the country. Please in your writings speak kindly of those who are so brave to twist the arm of the king to get what you have now and are still twisting to get more. praise singing is reserve for cowards who needi, beer food, 2000frs ? how do these benefit our society?

  18. I am astounded, ashamed, and deeply depressed by this plea for recolonization. I am disappointed at the “intellectuals/leaders” who can’t shield the kids back home from running into their early graves. I feel helpless. Helpless because I don’t have the authority to reach a greater majority of the masses as you do, so as educate hence protect them. Most of those diasporans seeking war in Cameroon just finished preparing their kids for a happy back-to- school. Most of you were, at least, on a small vacation with your families before schools resumed. However, once the subject turns to Cameroon you shamelessly boast how schools will never resume in the North West and South West Regions. How cynical!

    • You have not been ashamed of neocolonialism, how can you pretend to abhor recolonization? Are you sovereign funds not in the French treasury? Do military accords between France and La Republique not continue to treat you as vassals? Any reason why your currency should be pegged to the Euro? If I were a French brainwashed slave like you, I would also be ashamed of myself. You rape and kids lol students, who do you want to study in schools? Those you raped and destroyed? Did the diaspora rape any students?

      • I think you need to grow up. Read what Bikutsi wrote about Africans having to unite to combat the real cankerworms. And even if you have to seperate, there are better ways to go about it than misleading the young. And for the keyboard worries in Canada, how many of you went to Ottawa, atleast, to try and figure out a solution? Just a hand full from Toronto, right? And three or four from Montreal, maybe two from Ottawa. Smh. And FYI, I am an “Anglophone”, but I can’t stand the hypocrisy. Better still, I refuse to identify with those labels. I am a human being, period.

        • Africana,
          You are for long no one? Is it the same Bikutsi saying we are so stupid we can’t decide for ourselves and that she needs to impose unity? Is that not the same woman who was gunning for a federation here? Does she wants to impose unity or does she want a federation? Did anyone reject dialogue with the gov’t in Canada? No, it was right in Cameroon, when the gov’t showed bad faith. Why ramble endlessly about the diaspora. Did the diaspora put anglophone leaders in prison? Massa, give me a break!

          ZAM ZAM,
          You are a hardened francophone and we and you know where you pay allegiance. Your intentional tongue-twisters are a pure waste of time as they fool no one. Why u di comment daily on some ting wey no get direction? Just keep quiet naah !

        • @Firefighter,

          I guess Osih and Mme Walla, and even Ayah Son are Francos too!

          I pay allegiance to the BLACK race—god punish that queen to whom you and some lab technicians have alll been paying allegiance to…

        • Zam Zam,
          Osih and Walla are party of the political system wasting our time for nothing. Remind us of any bill the two pushed through parliament or the senate to build anything of worth in La Republique! They are tongue twisters like you, wasting our time with your French engineered tactics! We have been pay allegiance to the Queen as you claim, yet you are badly hanging on to us, something must therefore be wrong with you. Your sovereign funds are in your headquarters in Paris, not London. Cry about that!

      • @Firefighter,

        ifi you die today, then land for the gates of heaven, when Chineke go ask you seh you bin be di ndohmoh ana wukan man? Wehti you go really tell yi?

        Me I don conclude seh dis matter don turn-turn become na loss sense man kana struggle—no strategy, no direction. Daso we go show dem fire! So po-po wuna di mimba seh wuna opponent di fold yi arms then di wait wuna ehhr?

        Njakri Aside! You fit resist one week ndohmoh for inside jungle?

        Massa, mek ah go drink me ma mimbo!

        Wuna fight wuna war ya…

        • @ Zam Zam,
          Geez, we are in the West and you are in the East! When I said you are a French toy, you almost jumped out of your seat, or what is this issue of Biya appeasing people with posts instead of facing the real issues. Bribery is in the DNA of French slaves like you. We rejected a delegation from your king, yet you claim it was the most we made closer to the cake. You have had the cake for 35 years with nothing to show for it. Real anglos like you are now sending their children to Douala, so why are you weeping? Take a victory lap! How many of the people imprisoned by Biya came from abroad? I never knew French slaves were so stupid to brand some anglophones real and others unreal! Ask your real anglophones to go against our wishes and force open schools!

      • @Firefighter,

        why are you (you in the WEST ) so scared of a pacific solution?
        This was your very last chance to coming that close to the cake. LRC will do all it takes to appease the real fighters back home—strategic ministries are coming to Anglos soon.

        Real Anglos are now sending their children to school in D’la and Western region—they know you in the WEST would never let your own children stay at home. Continue sponsoring hand amputators, and think Anglos back home have not understood your endgame—have ur turn on the cake and sprinkle sand over any crumb.

        Real Anglos, majority, are scared of telling you guys the truth coz of ur violence, and you know that too.

        Check the ‘q’ of my queen, and Ras’s too. Compare with urs.

        Dat blind allegiance go shu some of wuna pepper…

        • ZZ
          Stay in the East! Hihihi. That’s where the sane stay.
          J’étais au cmr il y a qques temps et j’ai été bleuffée par la montée en puissance des entrepreneurs originaires du NW/SW.
          Mrd ! les gars bossent la bas et font touner leur affaires coe des rois.
          Les entreprises de matériel de construction a la Main d’oeuvre, les sociétés de location de véhicules d’usage ou de luxe, les magasins de toutes sortes, et meme les bonnes banques privés, tout ca c’était les gars du NW/SW qui étaient propriétaires et gérants. Tous à Yaoundé et Douala.
          La plupart des gens avec qui Je traitte au pays sont des “Anglophones ”
          Leur comportement et leur mentalité est totalement différence de ceux qu’on lit ici sur le net.

        • @Bikut,

          authentic Anglos are already understanding the game—it is no longer a fierce war b/W Franco Vs Anglo as those in the WEST are struggling to portray.


          go to your queen and claim your own SIR title, Sir John or so would sound good—we’ll handle our probs in CMR in brotherhood—the past cannot be refuted, but we want to move forward—no more time to waste. We’re already backward enough…

        • Bikutsi,
          When racist Americans are called out for their bad deeds against blacks, to dilute the hit on them, they always claim they have black friends. Those your anglophone friends are the same ones you want to impose unity on , as you claimed yesterday? You who was calling on police to harm anglophones suddenly love them a lot! Shame on you!

          Zam Zam,
          Leave the East and go and meet your real anglophones in Cameroon. Stop over in Paris where your sovereign finds lie and where your masters live. You are their slave trained in their double speak. Move forward on your own, we don’t need you!

  19. This foolishness ,the idiocy of Anglophones is moving towards the abyssal level. The same UK idiots are relying on for roughly 10months now is been urging people to resume dialogue with the government. They have been using the language you people claim to be “native speakers” I have come to the conclusion that you don’t even understand this language.May be the queen have say it again in lamso or oroko.many might be disappointed but it is just because they don’t understand English. We still get time common sense will prevail. @Kongossa the correspondence states that Buea/Bamenda have decided to be part of francophone Cameroon over to you bro…

    • Épée Dipanda

      At least nobi ya mumu…. Leave we make we enjoy wa loss sense.
      Ndolo NA by force?
      We no want again…..which part of that don’t you understand?
      I pay the police….they must protect me not an election rigger and if francophones don’t see that as a problem, we can no longer walk together.
      Why should dull French boys who couldn’t pass exams with us in Europe grow to manage our currency?
      Ambazonia must be free….our shadows will fight you if necessary.

    • Colby,
      The mistake French slaves like you make it talking down to anglophone in your usual proud French-induced airs. If you can’t see idiots when you meet them, take a look at yourself in a mirror. Who signed cooperation accords with who to control the other like a toy? Where are your sovereign funds? In London where anglophones went to see the queen or in Paris? Francophones under French manipulation are so smart, yet for 60 years they have no single expressway in the country. No single structure worth the name built by France to that Cameroon for being its plantation. What are French slaves like you smart at Colby? Stealing and ending up in prison at Kondengui? That in itself is a French legacy! Buea and Bamenda have decided to be part of La Republique and negotiations?

  20. “Africa in miniature” provides an interesting experience in the cohabitation of people and problem solving or conflict resolution.

    There are those motivated by a defence of core principles and there are ardent defenders of acquired privileges and entitlements.

    When first Bar President, Yondo Mandengue Black was arbitrarily arrested and detained, the sitting Bar President mobilized the entire fraternity of Cameroon’s lawyers into a strike which paralyzed the courts and led to Yondo Black’s unconditional release. Two decades down the road, the arrest and detention of Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho saw sitting Bar President shuttling to closed door meetings in luxury hotels in Buea and Bamenda, the outcome of which was work resumption on May 2, 2012. Be nice to know who foots his hotel bill