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Mohammed Monguno

Crise anglophone: « le Nigeria ne sera pas utilisé pour déstabiliser le Cameroun » (officiel)

Journal du Cameroun | Ainsi s’est exprimé lundi, le conseiller à la Sécurité nationale du Nigeria. Il réagissait aux nombreuses critiques émises à l’encontre du gouvernement nigérian, qui a récemment extradé 47 Camerounais parmi lesquels se trouvent des réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile.

Le Nigeria réagit aux critiques qui lui sont adressées depuis que 47 personnes arrêtées au Nigeria ont été extradées au Cameroun le 26 janvier dernier. Ces personnes sont poursuivies au Cameroun pour leur rôle présumé dans les violences en cours dans les régions du Sud-Ouest et du Nord-Ouest. Il s’agit, entre autres, de Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et Wilfried Tassang, qui assumaient respectivement les fonctions de président et vice-président de l’Ambazonie.

« Nous prendrons toutes les mesures nécessaires dans le cadre de la loi pour faire en sorte que le territoire du Nigeria ne soit pas utilisé comme zone de transit pour déstabiliser un autre pays amical et souverain. Il ne peut y avoir aucun doute sur le soutien du Nigeria pour l’unité, la souveraineté et l’intégrité territoriale du Cameroun« , a déclaré lundi, le conseiller à la Sécurité nationale du Nigeria, Mohammed Monguno, à l’ouverture de la 6ème session du Comité de sécurité transfrontalière Cameroun/Nigeria.

Les principales accusations portées contre le Nigeria après l’extradition des 47 séparatistes camerounais furent celles du Haut-commissariat des Nations unies pour les réfugiés (Hcr). L’institution a, dans un communiqué datant du 29 janvier, dénoncé cet acte malgré la présence au sein de ce groupe de demandeurs d’asile et de réfugiés. Elle accuse ce pays de n’avoir pas respecté le principe de non-refoulement auquel le Nigeria est soumis du fait de la signature de certaines conventions sur la protection internationale.

La position du Hcr a été réitérée dans une déclaration du département d’Etat américain, lundi, au sujet de la crise anglophone. Les Etats-Unis demandent au Cameroun de garantir les droits des détenus anglophones.

Mohammed Monguno appelle les autorités camerounaises à engager un processus visant à mettre un terme dans les deux régions anglophones du pays.

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  1. Nigeria should’nt have also been used,to perpetrate kidnap….The best thing Nigeria should have done,was to expel those leaders out of their territory.But by being and accomplice of a crime like kidnapping means Nigeria have dragged themselves into the conflict and should not complain when we retaliate.Becos,we can strike at anytime.Nigeria should watch out…..

    • Yea, smoke-mimbo-eye can strike at any time from a firewood kitchen!

    • @ KONGOSA
      Since when did you because clever than a Government ? empty Gon-Gon. Nigeria is doing a good think . Is people like you that want Africa to be a war Zone.
      ALL THIS ARE MANIPULATION FROM THE WEST. Cameroonian are one and my wife is from Mutenguene. i will be the first to fight for unity.

    • @KONGOSA

      You needs to stop smoking, you re nobody on this planet ,just a fake propaganda with your empty brain .

      Cameroon is one I don’t care about your stupid idea

  2. Thanks Nigeria! You have proven to the world why you are the 419 capital of the world. Abubakar Shekau rolled the security situation of Nigeria in the mud, but did Buhari secretly invite France or America to arrest him? Of course , he protected his own religious killer to fight another day. Men in three piece suits at Nera hotel are more dangerous and destabilizing than Shekau standing in front of armored cars seized from the Nigerian military. De qui se moque t-on?

    • A version of 419 that stretches across national borders and is varnished with a veneer of Muslim solidarity could be problematic to Christianity. How about taking another look?

    • Only Dull men can blame Naija for extraditing terrorists.Naija is under the threat of the same “Anglo Sect “in Biafra area when the house of your neighbour caught fire if you have brain to think not for fashion start watering your own house cause for sure blaze will get there.

      • Desert Phd, Naija is also under the threat of moslem thugs, who as you know lived peacefully in the Sambisa forest raping the 200 girls they abducted. Why did the 419 state not call in France or America to help bind Shekau and his men’s legs? This is the question you cannot answer! Keep in mind the real moslem terrorists were a threat to Chadian, Cameroonian, Nigerian, economies, not forgetting that of Niger. Why is trade between Cameroon and Nigeria more important than that between four countries? Btw, Nigeria is overreacting now because that is what a thief does when caught in the act. Because there was no treaty between the two countries and international law was trampled upon, Nigeria can only engage in fake bravado to save face!

        • Massa, stop crying over spill milk. Nigeria has slapped you people in the face by clearly telling you that “Anglophone” lunacy is for you alone, they want nothing to do with it. You are alone, just as we told you. Stop crying, be a man about it.

          On another note, I read somewhere you are in China. I realize it is a big country but FYI, I’m currently in Beijing. We should meet so I can explain to you in a manner you will understand why Cameroon is going nowhere. Let me know!

    • You were warned that NGR would sacrifice your conman, many months ago. And it is now the case.

      You think NGR can sacrifice her trade with CMR for a lunatic?…

      • Zam-Zam,

        Cameroon has been handing over Boko Haram terrorists to Nigeria for a long time now, but our delusional termite nation remains clueless.

        I share this link as an example… you don’t need to watch the entire video but you should take it from 28:20 and onwards. You would get a confirmation of our military’s political education.

        To tell you the truth, I am quite impressed to see that our military is full of highly educated people! I already knew that, but it is always reassuring to be reminded.

        Admin, with your permission, I share this link:


        • Ras,

          even Oje was impressed by the professionalism of our army.

          Only pple like fruitcake would tell you our army is made up of scouts—bad bellé pipo.

          Manyu Tigers are going to hand themselves in one after the other in coming days—no longer possible to hide in NGR. NGR army has also received orders to make them have a taste of their own medicine…

        • Have the death of gendarmes you have been gleefully announcing occurred in Nigeria? Keep razing villages to the ground and falling over yourselves about handing over!

        • Banga Eyes,
          You have been mocking African universities and the intellectuals who go through them and when drugs get the best of you harping about your military being full of educated people. The gruesome effects of prolonged drug use on full display!

        • Hey Fruitcake,

          All you can do is gate-crash and seek for notice like a miserable and effeminate beggar. You are never invited to dinner but you are always around the corner, and exposing your breasts! Have some dignity, little coon!

          Luckily, we have an almost impeccable military academy in Cameroon that is totally unlike your vapid universities that are jammed with unimaginative adventurers called academics.

        • FF,

          I keep on wondering every single day what makes your hate-brains tic. How can “intellectuals” even come up with the idea that they can defeat a national army with hit and run tactics? With all the fathering you’ve been enjoying here free of charge from visionaries you still can’t manage to figure out small booby traps that are set to catch mere “bush fowls”?

          Even a kindergarten kiddo knows that such a terrain is very rugged—very rough. It’s common sense. That is why, I still believe that the most intelligent person in your group of coupeurs de route is Boh Hubert. Also, I am very happy that Barrister Ba-lla didn’t let that intellect of his rot.

          Look at U ! With all the stuff U once displayed here. U decided to kill that substance by believing in flying angles.

          Quel gâchis!…

  3. @Colby Close your fanks.Nigeria have not repartriated anybody to Cameroon.Our leaders are still in Nigerian custody.U guys claim that u want to judge our leaders.Before u judge them,u will have to produce documents of the extradition judgement from federal high court Abuja.Where are u going to get that document from? u think u are smart,don’t u? US and UN have asked u people to send our leaders back to Nigeria and follow due process of extradition.How are u going to handdle that? bla bla bla…

    • UN/US over and over @kongossa I have told you bro Ayuk tablet and Njansang wild fee will pay the heavy price for resurrecting the German Empire buried decades ago .

    • @KONGOSA
      a Dreamer where did you get that information ? discussion without backing. i sorry you and your children because you will miss lead them with your rumor beleaved attitude . really is good to go to school and understand the teaching.