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Crise anglophone : un élève-gendarme tué à Kumba

Journal du Cameroun | Il est décédé à la suite d’une attaque survenue cette nuit dans la ville de Kumba. Un élève-gendarme a été tué dans la nuit de jeudi à vendredi à Kumba, dans la région du Sud-Ouest. Les faits se sont produits au poste de contrôle conjoint police-gendarmerie de Kake. Selon des sources concordantes, le défunt s’est éloigné de ses collègues pour recharger son téléphone.

C’est à ce moment qu’il s’est fait surprendre par un assaillant qui l’a immédiatement poignardé dans le dos, avant de prendre la fuite. Lorsque ses collègues sont arrivés, il était déjà trop tard.

Le décès de cet élève-gendarme vient ainsi allonger la liste des éléments des forces de défense et de sécurité tués dans le cadre de la crise anglophone. Une crise qui a connu un regain de tension depuis le discours du président Paul Biya du 10 février dernier, au cours duquel il a affirmé que la situation revenait « progressivement à la normale ».

Depuis le 11 février, en effet, la tension se fait de plus en plus ressentir dans ces zones. Pour la première fois depuis le début de la crise en octobre 2016, un membre de l’administration camerounaise, le sous-préfet de Batibo a été kidnappé. Les forces de défense continuent de le rechercher activement. Aucune rançon n’a été exigée.

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  1. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    Biya’s war will now resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all .

  2. Unfortunately another dumb youth dies for an Octogenarian

    • You are the summer here.
      Calling someone, a compatriot on duties to maintain peace and security for regular joe a dummy even after his death is just so st&pid.
      What are you guys achieving with this? Nothing except more trigger happy other gendarmes and soldiers.
      Bunch of cowards.
      You want to fight, stand up and fight instead of using chicken tactics. Hit and run will bring you nowhere

      • Your mouth like pima for donkey. Shut your stinking mouth. We will kill all terrorist soldiers serving LRC in our land. Your Mami Pima so. When Sam soya was butchered like a goat you did not cry wolf. Your Mami and grand Mami inside red pima.

        • @AmbaBlood

          thunder we fired you, last man.

          we will win this civil war biggggggg time , therefore you cant go back home no more kikikikikik

        • You can only say this ya mami pima here, your president was captured like a little rat but you keep up pushing kids to death . People like you will help Biya to die in Power . You will never have anything like Ambazombia , only in your mamipimas dreams.

      • Mr Mbappe, hit and run is the best warfare, that your enemy do not really know your strategy.If at all you read history in your life, you will agree with me that guerilla warfare is the best form resistance which really put your enemy at risk anytime.It is really a complicated scenario and difficult to handle. Well from the so called youth day message to LRC youths, your president said peace was progressively returning in Ambazonia land but it is rather unfortunate that since the so called fake message his colonial administrators and forces are paying so dearly to such a message.If these colonial forces were wise as you claim to be wise, it is time for them to tell their master, you are too old to lead LRC and face but him like Mugabe with their guns, rather than dying in Foreign land.

    • I would hardly call the poor guy dumb! Remember what happened to the guy in Nkambe who chose not to bear arms and go after his people? He was shot and killed on the spot by his superiors.

      • Grand Johnny I think the guy is dumb because you certainly cannot in good conscience shoot at your so called “fellow” citizens whose only crime is to ask for a discussion on improving our common destiny. Should a desire for change be a death sentence!
        Any true soldier will resist any unjust law and if your superiors shoot you, you die a noble death. However it would have been smarter to resign or leave such an army when it became obvious that they would violate human rights.
        A sensible soldier would have jumped ship ages ago.
        His death was useless and unnecessary. All for what? To help a senile old man stay in office? That’s as dumb as it gets

  3. He was on duty & it’s war. Why cry? instead the government should take note. When the ambassissi kill an armed force, the government should destroy the whole surroundings in about 20km around where it happened. You cannot have such killings if your foes do not observe your movements closely and have insiders. I am yet to see people abandon thier USA, German, Yaounde or Douala residence to sleep in the bush & fight. Why not keep their children at home to sympathize with those not going to school?
    Anglo saxon culture indeed. Filled with hypocrits & opportunist. Just see the young boy who just killed more than 50 people & injured more just because of the frustration from being expelt from his college. We are Kmers & need a Kamerunian way of doing things. Kmers are innovetives/ originals not photocopies.

    • Mbamois,
      When Boko Haram ferried away Amadou Ali’s family members after killing his son, how many kilometers of houses were burnt in northern Nigeria, their base? When a 96 year old grandmother was burnt in her own house, how many kMs of houses were burnt in Bokito or wherever those who did the burning cane from? When you raze 20 km to the ground, your enemies will wait for you where you ended and inflict the same pain on you! Being a French slave, drinking hard liquor and peddling rotting porcupines along the Bokito highway badly damaged your naturally weak brains!

      • Porcupine is surely no match to Bingo meat to you nowadays. I am sure you mostly go in for the head—would like to taste it tho…

    • Mhhhhh guys. Can we calm down already? We are all doing exactly what the white man wants us to do.
      Divide and rule.
      First they create a problem
      Next they allow the problem to rot.
      After which the present the solution which is nothing other than their desired end.
      It is all problem reaction solution.
      It’s a shame that we Africans still fall for it.

    • Your Kamerun is a German creation and you are delusional in thinking a German construct is better than a French or English one. Like many who support the pseudo one and indivisible charade called la Republique you cannot build anything, you do not produce, you simply consume and destroy because your history is faulty.
      If you think Guerilla fighters will give up you must be joking.
      And yes anybody who dies for the rubbish called Larepublique is a brazen !diot.
      There is no honor in dying for an unjust cause

      • Épée,

        just watched news, S Sudanese are running back to Sudan. But this time around as refugees—the battle for oil fields in INDEPENDENT S Sudan is very fierce…

        • ZamZam
          Some people ate Okro Soup and had “Purge Belle” should all Okro sales be banned in our market?
          The mind is such a terrible thing to waste!

  4. They would certainly feel our pinch. if they don’t quicken the process of handing over statehood we would finish their men one by one. Those who underestimate our might should wait and see. we wont relent until we achieve our Independence. they would have no choice than to grant our independence.

    • Be careful Gentlemanity. You might end up like the Sunis who were called Isis terrorists by Americans and the world will do nothing. Use your brains fellow secessionists. The more security forces you kill, the more you endanger the lives of Anglophone Cameroonians. Read about the Sunnis in Iraq and what happened to Raqqa in Syria and you will understand what I’m talking about.

  5. Aseeh wetin be eleve Gendarme? Student, in training?
    So the president declared war on his own citizens, then send children 19 or 20yrs to be killed whilst his own children are in ENAM?

    RIP, what a waste of young lives on both sides.
    I read somewhere that Africans are individually very intellectual but collectively very primitive, sounds so true!
    How can a government embark on the francophonization of Black people to the extent where it will degenerate into a civil war.
    The government did not impose Douala, bakweri or Hausa as a National language but instead imposing French to the extent that they are willing to kill for it. Disgraceful!
    Why is it so wrong for West Cameroon to operate businesses in English in a bilingual country?
    Is this how you build a nation after 57yrs? Shamefu!

    • You are just writing non sense.
      You are typical brainwashed individual that accept vomits from other individual without taking the time to think for himself

      • All that criticism identifies who you are. The fraud your people committed in Fumban and the subjugation of a federated neighbourh into conquered people is the bane of this uprising. Yet your dishonesty refuses to recognize it. Keep killing instead of talking. We will see who is left when everyone is killed.

  6. It’s time to replace these gendarme and policemen by BIR. It’s time to show them FIRE, It’s time to burn all the houses within 20 km of the crime scene and arrest every young men with 50 km radius.
    You see, African only understand violence and brutality. We need to go back to the old days BRUTALITY.
    With these murders they are giving us a justification to bring FIRE upon them. Come on BIR, avenge your own.

    • Jameson you are wrong, not everyone is ok with what those guys are doing. Am from S.west but i dont understand or accept what they are doing. They are many poor people who just want their peace. Paul Biya and his Sisukoupima should not involve innocent people.

      • l,enemi dans la Maison

        who are you? empty pride

      • Umm Pays you lie bad.
        I am yet to see any true group of Anglophones who are not among the RDPC élite accept the rubbish which represents the country called Cameroun.
        I have said before that many Anglophones would simply like to have a referendum. Simple.
        When the “majority” which want to continue to live with la Republique votes and wins we will all join RDPC.
        Surely this must be a good plan for everybody….nobody goes to jail, nobody is killed, and RDPC can continue ruling with our support. How about that?

        • Which referendum? NW and SW people have nothing in common except the Queen of England’s language. Shame to you mentally enslaved Africans.

        • I don laugh die…NW and SW have nothing in Common but Anglophones have an unshakable one and indivisible bond with la Republique accross a river? Ha hahahaha
          Ok. I believe you, so let’s organise the referendum then. We shall all vote for la Republique at least then la Republique would be rapid willig victims.

        • Epee if you are from South west you know bobjazz is right , what do we have in common with bamenda people ?? Massa that people na bamileke. I dont have any problem , I believe we are all cameroonians and thats the most important thing. People just want to live in peace , yes Biya is a poison but in this situation the only winner will be Biya because of people like you.
          Mbamois je ne crois pas qu il soit normal de bruler et terroriser des populations parce qu il y a des attaques contre des hommes en tenue. L Etat ( gangster) doit avoir une strategie pour demasquer, traquer les assaillants et proteger les populations.
          Y a t il pas de generaux originaires du Sud et Nord Ouest ? Ou des militaires pourquoi accepter que leurs villages soient bruler.

        • Umm Pays.
          I have one Answer for you:

          Peace cannot be kept by force.
          It can only be maintained by understanding
          Albert Einstein

    • @ Jameson. I 100% agree with you. You can see what happens in the north with bh. The youth that are against it should give informations to the armed forces or keep the ambassissi away from their communities. Anything else, they should bear the responsibilities as well. If secessionists come to my village, I have two options: 1) denounce them 2) join them by any type of support such as money, logistic, informations, etc.. It’s time to replace police & gendarme by BIR, deploy armour tanks, koutaba squad & part of GP. Do not make those biafrans to grow wings. No doubt most of us want Biya out but not slicing our territory because of our kindness to pro biafrans.

      • You can bring all the BIR and XChadians into our jungle, I promise you they will die one by one.
        We have not proposed to take any part of Lolordoff. We are not interested in Yaoundé, we activate our agency for the sacred grounds upon which our ancestors walked. This is not a struggle we can lose. In fact we are not fighting, our ancestors and our descendants fight with us and for us in spirit.
        We will never let go, let this be known.

      • Your favorite game moderator of free speech? Do well to release all 5, thank you

  7. He chose to destroy his life for a man who doesn`t even know him or
    sympathises his death. This is called Dumbness of the first order.

  8. From the way things going in Ambazonia land, it is very certain that No senatorial elections will take place there.If a D.O and LRC forces are disappearing , what more of common Councillors who may dare try to go out and vote for senators? It shows that the future is really blink .Dear Ambazonians,my advice to you is that our people should respect the laws of our land and not be tempted by the evil colonial administration.
    So my advice will be that LRC SHOULD CONDUCT IT SENATORIAL ELECTIONS PEACEFULLY IN IT OWN SIDE AND LET US GO.. mBAPPE help tell your french brothers that we shall never be fools again.Time shall tell.
    In any marriage as i was thought in family and in the law of contract, if things are not moving as initially agreed upon,the contract should be set aside.

  9. I invite you all to read “who is who in Abazonian in 25 tweets”. Dibussi Tande’s thread on twitter: @ dibussi. Just google the name or account and it’ll lead you to it.
    I am not going to add or explain anything. You be the judge.

  10. Biya is free to stay as president of La Republic du Cameroun forever, how can we believe that the gendarme was stabbed, when a group of people know their followers are stupid they can just say what they want and the media will also publish anything knowing fully well that no one will question them, this gendarme was our friend or brother its our right to know the truth and the truth is that this guy was gunned down by armed men, his colleagues chased the men away, the government is hiding the truth from its citizens knowing fully well that they were warned by many observers that if care was not taken the situation was going to go out of hand. Some ignorant Cameroonians who don’t even know what war is all about or the size of the army thought that the army was going to win easily

  11. The only viable solution is dialogue which will be deadlocked. Then a REFERENDUM in which Ambazonia quits the failed federation. Then it will be the case of Sanagia quiting Cameroun owned by neocolonial accords master France. Then one day Sanagia, Ambazonia, Nigeria, CAR, Chad, Conbra, Gabon and EG shall unite to form the United States of Central Africa (USCA)

    • [email protected] very true …cant the dialogue start with a special session at the UN where France formaly withdraws its negative accords with any African countries and then Nigeria with said countries plus the ones youve suggested organise a new common currency treasury based on future 5 year commodity output (with all commercial contracts revised to be more country posative ).This would open up the whole area to lower interest rates, automatic transparency on where the treasury is (and the individual national treasuries )and a release of a solid guarentee for keeping capital inside the new currency .With the financial aspect taken out of the top of each political system ,plus arms and mercenries we would get a large part of africa back into real growth and nil comments like [email protected] ..

  12. For every dead civilians& gendarme in the battlefield I put the blame solely on the door stepped of Mr biya& his regime for the recklessness & bad faith they exhibits against Anglo in the management of dis cricis , sending the army in the beginning to kill people for a legitimate cause , dis evil government orchestrated against the people will only breath dis Kind of response among us Cameroonian killing each other , may his soul RIP

  13. some old, half death politicians , stealing money, living a good life and exploiting us with the help of France came up on TV to call young freedom and liberation fighters terrorist..
    Is it not really shameful that some of you buy it?..
    We have complained about the corrupt government for many years. Nothing happened and today we are against those who have the courage to fight that things should change for us?..
    I will never accept the fact that these guys are terrorist..
    I will always see them as heroes , defending cameroon and trying to restore the dignity of the cameroonian..

    Well if a Gerndarme, Army, police, goes to the village, rape women, steal property, burnt houses and displace innocent people to Nigeria, then what is the death of one Gendarme..?..We should be honest people..

  14. @BOBJAZZ:- if u look at it from a NWP and SWP perspective, claiming they dont have anything in common except the English language, then i can only say:
    – cameroon according to you should be 10 different countries, right?
    – Then u also seperate a total seperation then because cameron as a country dont share anything in common?
    This is all about economy..As long as a hand full of people, steal all the money,take a country hostage and rule it as a private property, there shall be no peace..You shouldnt be thinking so small in terrms of NWP and SWP, see it as a failed system that is not capable of uniting its people..You will agree with me that our country is very rich but has too many poor people, why?. Dont forget our president is one of the richest african..So think why bro?.We need revolt.

  15. i mean to say u support a total seperation…

  16. Dear Cameroonians anglophones and francophones. We are the sons of the same family.
    please let’s join forces to build our country. War is the worst of the human errors.please we need peace in our country for the welfare of everybody
    no no no no to the war

    Long live Cameroon,Long live peace

    • Belmien
      There is no such thing as Cameroon. That idea is dead with all the atrocities inflicted on Anglophones, students chased into their hostels and killed, protesters killed, girls rolled in the mid and raped.
      Here is no such thing as Cameroun. Just as you can create a nation so too can a nation be destroyed. La Republique has killed Cameroon and the death throes began in 1972

      • Epee you remind me some pathetic young people in my village. They have this reaction of a young man who has just lost his virginity, claiming to be the smatest, the strongest. Empty noice people who at the end of the day will go and defecate in the Mongo river because they are unable to build a simple toilet for their moms who will also go and defacate there after them.
        If you believe in your fight show your face, go down to Cameroon.

        • Umm Pays,
          Biya himself does not know what to do with his life, how can he determine mine for me?
          We have little or nothing in common with la Republique and as you suggested above very little is known about the links between NW and SW.
          I hear the usual lazy academics say NW is Bamileke because they wear the same or similar dresses.
          If you understand Batibo well you would notice how similar it is to several languages in SW. It is for good reason that they share a boundary and if you think Buea people are Douala people do not be surprised to note that Manyu people would also be close to Momo, Mezam and Mentchum people.
          I will begin to educate many of you here who have been peddling lies

      • @Epee the BIR is being trained by a country Israel created in 1947, our people recognize and celebrate the technical support Israel is giving them though it is a relative new country.
        The same people who created the now recognized Israel created the Southern Cameroons in 1922 but our people refuse to recognize this creation because it debunks their fake history.
        The people of the NW and SW share more in common than they share with the people of Adamawa, Far North, North provinces in Cameroon, who is kidding who.
        If ethnicity is the only commonality then the people from the south of Cameroon should join Gabon and Equitorial Guinea to create ethnically common nation.
        USA is a nation of states with common interest. Cameroon has not been able in 60yrs to create any common interest WHY

        • Tell them for me oh Lum, tell them.
          All the countries which experienced civil war because of secessionist tendencies are federal territories were people are not called names because they seek development.
          China, US, Nigeria you name it.
          Self determination is like the air we breathe. Without it, what’s the point?

  17. The words ” NATIONAL INTEGRATION” have disappeared in the dictionary of LRC thanks to Southern Cameroonians. Fame Ndongo, Laurent Esso et al. no longer use that word.
    The words “ISLAND OF PEACE” have also disappeared thanks to Southern Cameroonians. CPDM sycophants no longer use them

    Sooner than later, the words “ONE AND INDIVISIBLE” will also disappear thanks to Southern Cameroonians.
    Biya will no longer use it.

    Believe me or not, the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine. Of course, the final solution will be achieved WITH or WITHOUT an inclusive and genuine dialogue, WITH or WITHOUT the blessings of Dictator Biya, France or the UN.

    The momentum of the struggle is UNSTOPPABLE.