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Soldiers deployed in Bamenda, capital of the Northwest Region of Cameroon

Curfew clashes in Cameroon’s anglophone region injure 4

Bamenda (Cameroon) (AFP) – At least four people, including a police officer, were injured during overnight clashes in an English-speaking region of Cameroon, in which gunshots were heard ringing out despite a curfew imposed to contain an escalating crisis. sources said Sunday.

A source close to the security services said the officer received a gunshot wound near the Food Market in Bamenda, a city of 300,000 people in the mountains of western Cameroon that is the epicentre of anglophone resentment of perceived discrimination by the country’s French-speaking majority.

The officer’s life was not in danger, the source said, without providing further details on the skirmishes between “extremists” and the police.

Two other men were injured in the clashes, one of whom said he was “beaten by the police” in the Ntarikon neighbourhood where he was to meet with opposition leader John Fru Ndi, whose power base is Bamenda.

The other man and a woman suffered gunshot wounds.

“There were shots all night long,” a resident said at the Food Market, where police began taking up positions at several entrances at 8:00 am (0700 GMT) on Sunday, prompting businesses to close up shop.

“That’s it for today, I won’t open again,” a fishmonger said.

“Here, the police fired off several shots. I picked up a shell casing. They hit several shopowners right in front of me,” the manager of a cafeteria in the market said of the overnight clashes.

The authorities imposed the 10:00 pm to 5:00 am curfew for Bamenda on November 8 after three paramilitary police were murdered, and it is set to remain in place until November 23.

Police have been carrying out nightly patrols to enforce the controls, sometimes making arrests, but it was the first night of violence since the curfew was put in place.

But tensions have been building since last Saturday, when a fourth gendarme was killed, and after four homemade bombs exploded around the city at the start of the week, though nobody was hurt, in attacks the government has attributed to anglophone separatists.

“The situation is worrying. We ourselves are threatened,” a police officer in Bamenda told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“They are targeting gendarmes in particular because they do not consider the gendarmerie a recognise force in the anglo-saxon system. They say the gendarmerie shouldn’t exist in their ‘territory’,” he said.

Calls for greater autonomy in Cameroon’s two English-speaking areas, the Northwest and Southwest Regions, have been rejected by President Paul Biya and followed by a government crackdown on the separatist drive.

Anglophones make up about a fifth of the country’s 22 million people, and often say they suffer from economic inequality and discrimination, especially in education and the legal system.

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  1. Lrc can do what ever it wants,we would resist.kill,burn and do what ever you want and blame it on us but we would resist.my people stay strong,lrc can never oppress us for ever.

  2. I washed a video taken by an amateur at food market on Sunday morning showing how the gendarmes keep treating people like dogs as the idiotic SW governor said, humilaitung a father to walk on his knee for about 50 meter in the presence of his daughter and son. Yet Tchiroma will say the gendarmes are protecting the citizens. I hope that video goes viral to show what people are going through. Lawless country.

    • @ Sawapikin

      You mean ” watched” not ” washed”.
      Happy Sunday to you.

    • You see these viral videos will be used against them.
      I wonder how asking young girls and boys to roll in the mud and old men to walk on their knees contributes to one and indivisible.
      In any case such pictures make it easy for people to take up arms.
      Tic TOC tic toc

  3. Everything is stated in the following statement:
    “mountains of western Cameroon that is the epicentre of anglophone resentment of perceived discrimination by the country’s French-speaking majority.”
    It is know where is the origin of the problem.
    Corner all of them and bring thoses motherf***kers to Justice.

    • Exactly… Where are they? Can you imagine if those being sold were white?

    • “ I am out of the gutters and going forward will not waste my time on hateful write ups. I have a bigger vision than that of Anglos versus so-called francos”

  4. @mulongo

    africa has been curse

    In Libya they are selling blacks peoples like dog ,pig or whatever

    where the human right ,EU , USA

    • @Fufu
      we always get it wrong. It remains a fatal error if we Keep on waiting on others to rescure us. Why US and EU? Let’s address or target the root cause. Our leaders and their supporters are to be blamed and not US or EU. We are also a problem to ourselves. If you can’t identify the cause of a Problem or the problem itself, you will probably not be able to solve it. That is just what you have done here.

  5. Exactly… Where are they? Can you imagine if those being sold were white?

  6. The root causes of the problems, are biya and his uniform men.

    Take them away, and everything will be alright.

  7. Believe me or not, the FINAL SOLUTION to the ANGLOPHONE QUESTION will be gotten this time around come rain come shine.

    The BIR of Biya’s 1984 “two and divisible” LRC can NEVER prevent the resolution of the Anglophone Question this time around.

    LRC is therefore wasting precious time and resources:

    1. militarising SC
    2. creating a so-called Commission on bilingualism
    3. sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants
    4. translating the OHADA text into the english language
    5. sending delegations to “dialogue” with the diaspora
    6. Bribing Anglophone traitors to sabotage the winning struggle
    7. etc.

    There are only two choices for LRC:

    1. The 1961 Federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS


    2. SC and LRC go their separate ways as independent nations

    • Amen to Dali Dali. These are simply choices and the Number 2 is better for all because anything short of that is simply postponing the inevitable…Mugabenization is not allowed in Cameroon.

      • Only Choice #2 is feasible. In my opinion,

        1. France can never allow LRC to turn back the clock to 1961 in order to resolve the “ROOT CAUSE” of the Anglophone Question
        2. Any measures that do not resolve the root cause will be considered by the Anglophones as cosmetic.

        Simply put, SC and LRC can NEVER live together in peace without the resolution of the “ROOT CAUSE”.

    • Seconded!

  8. the government has the streets tight, they are packing more heat so and that’s hw it’s gonna remain, the bulk of the ear pipo are talking about will only be online

  9. Pompidou Mensah

    Let’s see how long this bobolo eating gorilla can keep this up. He is old, scared, is spending money like a drunken buffoon, we are making him run all over the place bribing people. Can’t pay his army, has many enemies inside, including Bakassi, Boko Haram even Obasanjo is asking him to resign. He just like Mugabe will be gone soon.

  10. Pompidou Mensah

    November 25, 2017 we will all descend on Washington DC to White House in mass, we will make these french slaves vomit bobolo