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Deadly clashes between troops, ADF forces leave Nguti on the brink

Journal du Cameroun | The People of Nguti in Kupe-Munanenguba Division of the South West Region, woke up this Tuesday, March 13, 2018, and discovered that they were caught in a cross fire between Cameroon security operatives and some gunmen believe to by elements of the Ambazonia Defence Forces(ADF).

According to information gathered, the restoration forces launched an attack on the Nguti Gendarmerie Brigade at the early hours of dawn and there were sustained shootings between the security operatives and the gunmen.

Most of the villagers who got up, took to the forest, which has been serving as safe havens for them for months now, since the Anglophone Crisis became bloody in the area.

Speaking to one of our sources in Nguti this morning by telephone, the source confirmed that they were woken up by incessant gunshots.

He said as he was speaking to journalducameroun.com that morning he was already taking refuge in the forest. He regretted that this was happening barely 72 hours after he was forced to pay colossal amount of money to the gendarmerie officers to liberate his son, who was arrested on Sunday, February 18, 2018, after troops invaded the area.

It would be recalled that on the aforementioned date, some unidentified gunmen attacked the Babensi I Mixed Control Post in Nguti and killed a student gendarmerie officer at the post, Degoume Jean Claude.

After the death of Degoume Jean Claude, troops invaded Nguti, arresting and beating all those found in the village. Since the February 18 incident, relative calm returned to the area until today’s event

Meanwhile, journalducameroun.com could not immediately confirm the alleged death of the newly commissioned Brigade Commander of Nguti Mixed Control Post, Longsti Robert Guy Beline. However, going by our source, they will certainly be casualties after the intense gun battle.

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  1. The ADFs are defending our territory.the forces of LRC are the terrorist.the earlier those terrorist leave our land the better for them,their families and their country LRC.

  2. Bravo ADF. fIGHT ON BRAVE WARRIORS. That is your papa`s land.
    No room for terrorists francophone intruders. Again, kudos.

    • Lol bravo?!!? Meanwhile the Anglophone population is suffering, over 20 000 refugees in Nigeria. In absence of education, teenage boys and girls are becoming thugs and prostitute. BRAVO?!?! As if the cause you are fighting for has evolved one bit. Keep listening to the propaganda your terrorist gov’t is saying, that make you believe that your are closer to your goals. The reality on the ground is a whole different thing. If your success is defined by the killings of a few soldier here and there, then you have won. Bravo!

      • Well spoken Lu

      • @ Lu. How does this affect Biya? He doesn’t give a damn as long as the people of Mvomeka are living in peace. The only people suffering here are the anglophones living in those terrorized areas. This petit attacks by your terrorist organization will not change anything. People are going about their normal business in the rest of Cameroon. Please wise up. Don’t let your emotion becloud your sense of reasoning.

        • Smelly Bamilike skunk. This your illiteracy is getting out of hand or how else do you rationalize your own “beclouded” mind with the endless stupidity you write on this forum every day?
          We have made it crystal clear that we do not want anything to do with your filthy thieving people and as a consequence we shall bear any degree of suffering to that end.
          As for the dog meat eating issue you raised on the other thread, lol, tell me where to send your share since you are obvious to the fact that your Bamilike people have a common ancestry with the Biafrans.

        • …oblivious…

      • I thought the government was arrested? How stupid are you? Oh, I forgot that stupid…

    • Others fight like this for years, but our`s, is still very young. You will be suprised
      by the end results. Keep your fingers crossed. It had happened before but what
      followed, was a multiplication of the lost past. So no regrets for what is happening
      today. It shall be restored, boy.

      • @ Manyaka76 alias Biafra chop dog . I have told you to google your Biafra forum if you don’t know one. We Cameroonians don’t want any uncivilized ibiobio people using filthy language in our forum. We helped accommodate you Biafrans when the Nigerian gov’t was killing you. We even allowed you to change your funny name from Akpan Udo to Manyaka76 because of your inferiority complex. Our pay back is for you to hijack our protest against marginalization by the Biya regime and try to separate us from our Francophone brothers to join your Biafra (Ambazonia) republic. Keep on eating your mad dogs. You will never ever separate us from our Francophone brothers and use us for dinner during your yam festival. I know that you Ibiobio people eat dogs daily and eat humans during your yam festivals.

        • @Bobjazz, the mid conception you Franco fools have about Nigeria is what has kept this country backward for years. The Ibiobio land is way more developed than your favorite place in Cameroon. Keep sleeping while others are making major moves and you call them uncivilized.

        • @Bobjazz the illiterate Bamilike skunk.
          You see how it didnt take much for me to prove that you are indeed a smelly, Bamilike scum who is trying hard to sow discord in our sworn objective to send your filthy a**ses back to your accursed country? God forbid that a proud Anglophone should address a primitive Bamilike scunk as “brother.”
          For your information, every true Anglophone is no stranger to the term “Biafran” and knows all too well those who invoke it.
          So you can try to change the narrative here all you want, it still wouldn’t change the fact that we provided refuge to your filthy macquisard parents when they fled persecution from LRC. Your blood sucking a*se* have way outlived our hospitality and generosity. So pack up and go practice your farmla in your god forsaken region.

        • @admin
          You can clearly see that my retort to @Bobjazz is proportional to his diatribes towards me. I even made the effort to be civil in the face of his childish name calling. So why the hold up?

    • Vous etes vraiment cette espere qui ne fera jamais avancer l Afrique. Vous ne reflechissez qu’avec vos petits bangalala.
      Moi tous les messages des gens de ma region ne manifestent que la douleur causee par les Ambazombiens et les troupes de Biya. Pendant ce temps vos enfants vont tranquilement ä l’ecole.

      • @ manyaka 76 alias Ibiobio chop dog. Your foolish write-up won’t change the fact that I am a 100% anglophone Cameroonian from the NW province and you are a Biafra Ibiobio man who eats dogs and even mad dogs (when outside don strong). Changing your name from Akpan Udo to the sweet Francophone Douala name Manyaka just proofs your inferiority complex. You hate them but love their names. You wanna be anglophone Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood called Ambazonians make me laugh.

        • Bobjazz the smelly Bamilike swine, it is now obvious for all to see why I have been calling you illiterate. Its hard to imagine that an idiot in his 60s will write such childish nonsense. Illiteracy.is indeed a disease.
          About the “sweetness” of my “.. Douala name;” Thanks for the compliment. I never thought of my (reall) family name to be “sweet.” hahaha what a buffoon you are to even bring up the issue of “inferiority complex.” Your Bamilike people for all their wealth, will always suffer from an inherent chronic sense of low self worth. Since you are so obsessed about my name and extraction, if it helps you, yes indeed, I’m proud of the Douala side of my heritage. Better yet, I’m fiercely jealous and arrogant about my BAKWERI, SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN heritage. Take that Smelly Bamelekon

        • Manyaka

          you little rat you womens dreams day and night of bamileke mens you are such a brainwashed peoples only trying to ressemble aryans…i was born in dla bonamoussadi all your girls were sleeping in our house for food and drinks while you guys were giving them pain sardines and dressing like congoleses all day…u are the buffoo…..beggers..jalousie will destroy you peoples ..we bamilekes are the real jews from anciens egypt

    • @Joshua
      Some of you keyboard worriors still think spreading falsehood and hate over social media will win others’ sympathy. Wake up from your slumber and stop corrupting the minds of those naive kids you are selling this illusion of ambazonia to. To the best of my knowledge, those of the North and South West regions are the ones going through hell because some of you would rather sacrifice human lives for your ego. Go fight those ruining the economy, not only at Etoudi but in every nook and corner of the entire country – both Frencophones and Anglophones, leave innocent Cameroonians alone.
      I can’t lament enough how you thugs hijacked a genuine cause and twisted it all over. Pathetic!

  3. Rain onto others

    That is the only language LRC terrorist army understand.. We are waiting for the appointment of a new commander to also bring him down.

  4. Y’de have just sent a message that anybody working for her gov’t who lives in Ambasonia is on his/her own.LRC is not in charge of your security.tAKE CARE OF YOUR SECURITY YOURSELF..

  5. To all ambazozo na last time be time when the gendarmes would get you that would be human rights human rights you start by burning school there said OK let go now they teach you how to burn village you parents you girls and kids are refugees and don’t forget to all Facebook Republic we got all name all video all pictures all hate speech all Facebook show off douala and Yaounde airport are waiting for you na last time be time ask mancho bbc all the show off hi was doing front day one is gone now is sorry speech let just wait and see

  6. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)????


    • AtangaNA Nji said only 27 LRC forces of lawlessness and disorder have been killed. He was simply playing to the gallery.
      The truth of the matter is that more than 400 body bags of terrorists have crossed the mungo river to their country called “one and indivisible” LRC.
      “one and indivisible” SC was attacked by terrorists from LRC. Southern Cameroonians have the right to defend themselves and their country using any means available. This might include ABC ( Atomic, Biological, Chemical ).

      Self Defence is a right recognized in the UN Charter and in International law.


      • This might include ABC ( Atomic, Biological, Chemical ) weapons.

      • The ADF has a special package for ELECAM Members on the 25.03.2018.
        Any ELECAM Member coming to conduct elections in “one and indivisible” SC should not forget to write his will before entering “one and indivisible” SC.


      • President Ayuk Tabe was a moderate. He wanted to negotiate with LRC. However, the same LRC masterminded his abduction.

        Now, the de facto leaders of “one and indivisible” SC are WARLORDS, such as Dr. Ayaba and Dr. Akwanga. They advocate only the ZERO-SUM-GAME. Total Independence or death.

        I predicted on this same forum that the abduction of Ayuk Tabe will act as a catalyst on this revolution. The momentum has increased exponentially. I have indeed be vindicated in toto.

    • I just spoke to my people in Limbe and they are doing just fine. They said the only people suffering are those living near the Biafra border where there is constant terrorist attacks. They don’t think Biya even knows or cares about a place in Cameroon called Nguti. Poor Nguti people. Did they commit a crime by being close to Biafra people? Why is their village being destabilized by the Biafra (Ambazonia) terrorists? Why can’t they go and attack Mvomeka if they get cannas for las cowards?

      • They are more than Cowards.

      • is mvomeka ,anglophone territory or west cameroon territory?we have nothing to do with them,stupid guy,why are you so concern with our issues?

        • Which your issue Biafra (Ambazonia). There is no such thing as British Cameroon or West Cameroon. That was a European fabrication. Go and join your brothers and fight to separate from Nigeria and form your Ambazonia Biafra republic there. We the true anglophone Cameroonians without tainted Biafra blood will never ever separate from our beloved country Cameroon to join your Biafra brothers. Try us in our big cities and you will see. Cowards.

  7. Kill them all…kill them all clean up the place…Anglofools…I will joint the army soon and my mission will be the killing of Anglofools..go back to England nonsense..you went to sell what you don’t have they brought the contracts to BIYA and he added 5% to the percentage you were giving the aryans and now you dead! bunch of Id!ots!

    • Your mami pima…

      • Thank you Sam. I get ya cold Guinness for telling that idiot off. Wouldn’t even credit the ignorant fool with a response

      • @sam
        Do you think pharon is a francophone? He just angry with these idiots called ambzonians.

    • @Pharoan, I thought you joined them already? Lol, wey toothless bulldog. So you are an internet hero then? Sorry for yo ass…

      • @@@@@@!

        At the moment the peoples we send there are just collecting data….when my own group will be send it will be only to clean the place….listen they have a special force in Russia called the AMON…we are trained by them same training….when they are send out it is just to kill….so wait until we get all the data a all civilians are away!

        • Bullsh!tter!

          At the moment the peoples we send there are just collecting data….when my own group will be send it will be only to clean the place….listen they have a special force in Russia called the AMON…we are trained by them same training….when they are send out it is just to k!ll….so wait until we get all the data a all civilians are away!

  8. Chinese are worried if Biya will be able to pay their debts.chinese can no longer extract Minerals from Ambazonia,they don,t want to invest in Biya,s gov,t without security to get back their Money.Biya has been invited in China to come and convince the chinese authorities why they should Keep borrowing him Money.

  9. The IG should warn the chinese gov,t not to sign any deal in order to supply Biya Weapons to fight Ambazonians.If chinese gov,t sign such a deal,then chinese citizens in neighboring Lrc will all be kidnapped.

  10. Because he Chinese were concerned about their Investments in Zimbabwe,they help zimbabweans to kick Mugabe out,they can also advice Biya to step down or the fake lrc Generals can take over lrc when the living corpse visits China to prevent civil war in lrc and Ambaland.Francophones will soon start their own wahalas if they stay 3,4,5,6, months without salaries.

  11. because the

  12. Hundreds of years ago Europeans( from England, France Germany, Italy etc) migrated from their continent ( Europe ) to America, they all had different cultural backgrounds but they quickly understood the meaning of unity, so they got unified and formed a nation called the USA and today this country stands as the most powerful nation on planet earth, but ironically caCameroonians with the same origin ( Bantu) cant get along simply because they speak different colonial languages, but they expect white people to trust them and not segregate them it’s so sad

  13. Occupiers, leave us alone.