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Decentralisation – PM Yang Explains Functioning, Perspectives

Cameroon Tribune | The Prime Minister answered questions asked by three Members of the National Assembly during a question time plenary sitting of the House on June 13, 2018.

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang during a question time plenary sitting of the National Assembly on June 13, 2018 chaired by the House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril answered questions ranging from the revenue from forest exploitation, functioning and perspectives of the decentralisation process in Cameroon and measures taken by government to tackle the scourge of the abusive sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

He answered Hon. Hermine Patricia Tomaino Ndam Njoya’s questions on the overbearing nature of administrative authorities in the decentralisation process and why the Regions have not yet gone operation despite the fact that it is enshrined in the 1996 Constitution. Philemon Yang quoting Article 55 (2) of the Constitution said, “Regional and local authorities shall be public law corporate bodies.

They shall have administrative and financial autonomy in the management of regional and local interests. They shall be freely administered by councils elected under conditions laid down by law.” Concerning the involvement of the administrative authorities, he quoted paragraph 3 of Article 55 of the Constitution which provides that, “The State shall exercise supervisory powers over regional and local authorities, under conditions laid down by law.”

He said the creation of the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development on March 2, 2018 was prove of the President of the Republic’s commitment to accelerate the decentralisation process. He said that during the Council of Ministers Meeting on March 15, 2018, President Paul Biya instructed that he was, “expecting detailed proposals and a timeline for fast-tracking the ongoing decentralisation process.”

Answering Hon. Robert Bapooh Lipot’s question decrying the fact that alcoholic drinks are now accessible to all strata of the society including students and pupils with disastrous social and health consequences, PM Yang said the fight against alcoholism was the concern of all. He cited measures government has taken to regulate the consumption, sales and advertisement of alcoholic drinks.

He also cited legislation governing forest exploitation to answer the question on forest revenue asked by Hon. Paul Danata on behalf of Hon Brigitte Mebande.

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  1. A government of day-dreamers, by day-dreamers, for day-dreamers. They are still talking about DECENTRALISATION.


    • Ma Broda you said it all.
      The shilthole description is the most appropriate.
      They have a rogue army in West Cameroon fighting a war they declared on us and they are making Kumbaya about Decentralisation.
      How did we in West Cameroon come to join East Cameroon?
      For those who wondered not all black Africans are alike we are very different people, we will never understand each other not in a 100yrs.
      Biya East Mungo is their high priest adored and worshiped, West Mungo he is seen as a descendent of Lucifer.
      The majority blame Anglophones for the war declared on Anglophones by Biya but praise Biya for ruining the country and declaring war.
      Destroying Anglophones is the only agenda on the Yaoundé government, but we will make sure we take them with us to France as refugees.

      • @Lum,

        The hidden agenda of Biya and by extension France is to exterminate the youths of SC in order that citizens of LRC can repopulate SC.

        That is the reason they do not want any peaceful solution to the impasse.

        Any mentally healthy person knows that DECENTRALISATION will never resolve the Anglophone Question. However, LRC is always proposing it as the solution in order to buy time. They need time to continue perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.

        AND GUESS WHAT???

        Unfortunately for Biya and France, Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

        The war will continue until the problem is resolved.

      • Achieving the FINAL solution to the Anglophone Question might take 5, 10 or 99 years. However, it will be gotten this time around come rain come shine.

        The present momentum is UNSTOPPABLE, Dictator Biya’s war is UNWINNABLE. In the end, there will be NEGOTIATIONS since all wars always end with negotiation.


        Al elections will be postponed to2019


        Lettre au Senat (c) PRC
        Afin de décaler les élections législatives et municipales, le président de la République a adressé hier mercredi 13 juin 2018, une correspondance au président du Senat pour lui demander de consulter le bureau de la chambre haute au sujet de la prorogation du mandat des députés pour une période d’un an. « A compter du 29 octobre 2018 » précise le Chef de l’Etat.

        **** MY TAKE ****

        1. This is another proof that SC is ALMOST ungovernable
        2. The elections in 2019 and AFCON will also be disrupted in SC


        • The president must have realized the meaninglessness of continuing along the “business as usual” path. On his watch, the country has become what it is. Even the blind can see. Even the deaf can hear. On President Paul Biya’s watch, Cameroon has turned into a nightmare, prompting more than a casual observer to begin to wonder why.

        • Dictator Biya should really be ashamed of himself after he lied to his subjects and the world that “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

          The postponement of the elections has once more proven beyond the reasonable doubt that Dictator Biya is a pathological liar

        • The so-called policy of “national unity and integration” of LRC was, in reality, a diabolic agenda of annexation and assimilation of the people of SC.

          This diabolic agenda led to the total loss of the identity of SC as a “people” with a right to self-governance now reduced to two regions in LRC, intentional deprivation of development in the regions, marginalization, etc.

          Thank God, Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to reverse the diabolic policy of “national unity and integration”.

          No Southern Cameroonians in his right mind will accept to cohabit with the same people who have tried to annex and assimilate them.

          The war will, therefore, continue until SC frees herself from the tentacles of LRC and by extension France.

  2. 22 years after na now dem want implement decentralization.

  3. Alhaji Umaru: What is this RDPC ?
    Owona Awana: Rigueur a Depasse le Peuple Camerounais.
    Father Ambrois: And SDF?
    Chretien: Soap Don Finish before 2035.

    • Le chien aboie, la caravane passe. That’s all i have to say. Keep barking, one and indivisible Cameroon is moving forward.

  4. Toothless Dogs for Evil Biya

  5. That’s of no concern to Ambazonians.we are gradually gaining grounds in our struggle for self determination.
    All administrators from yaounde are personae no gratae in Ambazonia,likewise no rules put in place by the colonialist for any form of administration shall be obeyed in Ambazonia.

  6. We kill all wuna “ambazonia “ mvomeka how you fells .

    Please radicalized yourself “ambazonia “ the more the better free ambazonia free ambaland kikikkkiki

  7. A failed state.

  8. Wasn’t there a ministry of decentralization already? Someone enlighten me….its impossible to keep up with the growing number of minitries which I reflects the increasing lack of responsibility or accountability.

  9. Cameroonians, have to learn to know how to kickout a dictator and a bad regime.
    Very important, to enable the country go the right direction.
    What we have now, is a shadow of the reality. Very unfortunate.

  10. First slave Yang Philemon, the illegitimate son of Muma and his house help.

  11. Biya said the is no Anglophone problem and he has just extended the mandates of the MPS. what a joke. No election in Amba land stupid Bamenda boy and ras tuge. Wait and see the independence of Ambazonia.kikiki

  12. The speed with which all of this was done is breath-taking!!! Letter from the presidency suggesting a discussion (debate?????) in lower house( Cavaye Yeguie Djibril) and upper house (Niat Njifenji) and then feedback all in a matter of hours and final decision to postpone elections for one year.

    It all smacks of extreme desperation.

    • All the letters from the Presidency to the lower and upper houses were in French.
      However, the same Presidency created the so-called Commission on Bilingualism to “promote” bilingualism.


      The truth of the matter is that the Cameroon of Paul Biya aka 1984LRC is a monolingual country. Nothing more nothing less

      Only the SEPARATION of the two states can resolve the Anglophone Question. Not a federation, not a unitary state, not a decentralised state.

      SENEGAMBIA collapsed because Anglophones and Francophones can NEVER EVER live in peace in the same country.

  13. why wasting time talking of something that will not even solve a problem..
    DECENTRALIZATION was Supposed to be done in 1996..
    How can you takeover 20 years to discuss on DECENTRAZILATION?
    Today we should be talking and looking into issues like:
    – MARGINALIZATION…..(why is it a problem in Cameroon)
    – EQUALITY (equal rights and justice)..
    – Building a peace and truth commision..
    – Clean Cameroon from Bandits and Mafia Ministers..
    – Free all politcal prisoners..
    – Free and open dialogue with all cameroonians to make our country safe and prosperous..
    -teach all cameroonians what it means to be a cameroonian..
    -Creat open and interesting projects for youths, the unemplyed and make cameroon a country for all cameroonians…

  14. 90% of cameroonians know where our problem is.
    The sad thing is that many people pretend, want to always do the blame game and dont want to talk honestly and openly..we all know what needs to be done to bring back peace in the country..
    We all know that there is lots of descrimination and marginalization in cameroon..
    We all know that these young people fighting in the bushes have been radicalized by poor governance..
    We should stop blaming people out there as the cause of this problem..Young people dont have a future in cameroon,..Claiming the young people have been fooled is not true..The government of cameroon is owned by a few, Biya feels he is a king, his Gangsters are thieves and we need to clean the country for all Cameroonians

  15. People usually learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others. In Cameroon it is not clear if either of these is operative at all.

    SENEGAMBIA is never ever mentioned. And in spite of the gridlock, praise singers have no qualms hailing the manifest stagnation of a nation swallowed by an over-bearing executive that makes a mockery of the notion of separation of powers when the Senate and National Assembly presidents are openly being lectured to!

  16. That son of a bitch – ngole ngole should be behind this. The wisest bakossi ever born.