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Des parlementaires du parti au pouvoir appellent Paul Biya à envisager la libération des leaders anglophones

Plusieurs parlementaires du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC, au pouvoir) ont apporté ce mercredi leur soutien au chef de l’État Paul Biya dans sa gestion de la crise anglophone. Réunis à Bamenda, ils ont aussi appelé le Président à prendre en compte l’appel du peuple pour la libération des leaders du consortium de la société civile, détenus à Yaoundé.

À l’invitation de Simon Achidi Achu, vice-président du Sénat, sénateur RDPC du Nord-Ouest et ancien Premier ministre, plusieurs parlementaires du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest se sont réunis, ce mercredi 15 février, à l’hôtel Ayaba, à Bamenda, afin d’évoquer la crise anglophone qui secoue actuellement leurs deux régions.

Parmi les présents, selon un document dont Jeune Afrique a obtenu copie, figuraient notamment Fon Teche Njei II, Dingha Ignatius Bayin, qui faisait office de rapporteur, John Wanlo Chiamua, Awanga Zacharie, Enoh Lafon ou Fon Doh Gayonga III. Ceux-ci ont apporté leur soutien au président Paul Biya.

« Nous invitons l’élite politique des deux régions à accompagner les efforts du gouvernement dans la recherche de solutions, en s’investissant dans les actions de sensibilisation et d’éducation des communautés », explique le document, signé par Simon Achidi Achu et Dingha Ignatius Bayin. « Nous encourageons le chef de l’État à poursuivre dans ses courageux efforts pour mettre fin à la crise », peut-on encore lire.

Des comités de vigilance ?

Au-delà de ce soutien, logique de la part d’élus du parti au pouvoir, les parlementaires appellent également Paul Biya à « prendre en compte l’appel du peuple pour la libération des personnes détenues en lien avec la crise ». Une allusion, notamment, aux leaders du Consortium de la société civile anglophone, détenus à Yaoundé et dont le procès a été reporté au 23 mars prochain.

Enfin, les participants à la réunion enjoignent les populations de leurs régions à cesser les mouvements de grève et les opérations « ville morte ». Ils appellent à la création de groupes de vigilance dans le Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest. Ceux-ci, explique le document, auraient pour mission d’assister l’administration et de veiller aux comportements dans leurs communautés.

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  1. Hahaha, e dong bad! The pressure is on. The barrage of lawyers is proving too tough for the kangaroo trial. Unconditional release of all arrested in the NW and SW from the very beginning and Yaounde must agree to discuss the form of the state. We have been on the sidelines for too long. As Tchiroma says, no taboo topics! A referendum for those who decided to join LRC in 1961, if they want to continue the adventure or not.

    • Rubish
      Is hotel the parliamentary house of cameroon
      They should go to the house of assembly and VOTE/order the pr to release the innocent SC
      They should not go to a hotel(eat drink with prostitutesusing tax payers money) and propose rubish. Who are they fooling here????
      During parliamentary sessions they sit like DEFF AND DUMPS
      Now they go to hotel and BEG the pr to do that…..
      Do parliamentarians have to beg b4 civic rights are implemented. They have the powers to vote , revoke and refuse the implementation of executive orders, bills and ……
      We are not fools anylonger. Stupid old illetrate embezzelers

    • Ma brother na thing for laugh,
      they forgot article 12 on that list. What about those killed, beaten and raped? who is accountable for that?
      A bunch of old demented fools who will never see anything wrong that the master is doing. Plead with, plead with.. ma head. Where have this people been for the passed 3 months?. Tell them to go back to sleeping in their sleeping house call parliament. sick of this fools.

  2. Mr CPDM, Biya spy publish my contribution or u do not want free expression.

  3. Release without condition of all arrested bc of the anglophone issue, reactivation of internet and a frank discussion on the form of the union including a referendum and federation!

    • So basically, these so-called and self or RDPC-appointed West Cameroon leaders and crooks are asking for vigilante groups to be created to spy on and terrorize the people of West Cameroon as if the current arrests, torture, rapes and murders by the gendarmes and army is not enough.

      What do they not understand about we want to be out of this fake union with the LRC?
      Releasing those unlawfully arrested is not enough. The supporters and troops of the regime that have committed crimes against humanity must be brought to justice and a referendum organised for the people of West Cameroon to decide whether they want a federation or independence.

      BTW, what are people like Achidi Achu still doing in Cameroon politics? He should have been long in retirement rather than still have his nose in the trough wasting the people’s resources.
      LRC is a true description of a gerontologic kleptocracy and I am surprised that francophones are so timid to do anything about it.

      • There you go, inexperienced fellow! What did you expect? Are you feeling disillusioned now? You still think Ras Tuge is here to make you laugh? Ignore him and face your tribal fascists in the Northwest and get elevated!

        You may not like Ras Tuge, but Ras Tuge is the medicine that is going to cure your madness no matter how bitter he may taste in your mouth, or sound in your ears.

        When Musonge and Nnoko Mbele declared the need for vigilante groups in the Southwest to hunt down vandals from the Northwest, you all went like aaaahhhh, these old Southwest idiots! Now, your man Achidi Achu is echoing the same thing in his own province against his own people… and you are beat down; calling them RDPC-appointed crooks! Hhmmm, i thought CPDM parliamentarians are ELECTED officials! Or, are they appointed in the Northwest?!! Speaking of an educated element…. like seriously?

        Francophones will rise against you because your so-called Consortium has endorsed secession, and thereby declaring war on the nation. Keep on dreaming… when you wake up, you will be longing to hear from me, but i will be long gone, and watching from miles away how your city is put under a state of emergency.

        • @Ras Tuge
          I will read your posts for a laugh. The more deranged your ramblings, the funnier you are because it betrays your ignorance.
          It is entertaining that your masters are so desperate and panicky that they have to employ you to try and disseminate misinformation.
          They must be very scared!
          Unfortunately for you, readers here are intelligent enough and will not fall for it.

          We are are going to get our independence and traitors like you can move to LRC with you “Inkatha” party or whatever you call it if a truly democratic state is so bad for you. There is no place for tribalists in our new country.
          You enjoy your kleptocracy because you are profiting from it.
          Continue the entertainment because it gives us an insight into the state of your masters’ state of mind. Perhaps they have lost their minds with their age.

          I am surprised your co-joker @Pharoan has not popped up yet with more ridiculous posts or are both of you the person?

        • You, cure someone’s madness? Yep, lay out the ideals of your solid political entity you have created and cure the unpolished of their madness let’s see! Instead of talking more about your SWRM, you are visibility intimidated by northwesterners. It’s clear you want to eat and are mad because the tough NWesterners are standing on the way of your mind games. Achidi has called for the creation of vigilante groups just as Musonge, right? He once also called for the creation of the GCE Board and UB. Point to what other thing Musonge created apart from vigilante groups! If life be fine under whiteman woman yi skirt, you no for di bark about creating SWRM!

        • This confused impostor @Ras Tuge at it again! This is the confusion Fela Kuti sang about gripping all your coordination. You idiot keep running away from the banana republic you pretend to defend only to embrace the French treacherous leeches you bash u endingly. You don see wetti confused man. The names of these thieves from the NW has fired up your xenophobia. We shall pound you to pulp until idiots of your calibre learn to live with the word secession and federation expressed by free men in their right to self determination. Big empty mop maker!

        • You may want to revisit and reread the press release issued by Achidi Achu and his gathering of NW MPs at Ayaba Hotel. Not only does it express concern over the effect of the crisis on both the NW and SW regions, nowhere does it single out or target the SW the way your warped sociopathic view expresses.

        • @Ras Tuge

          You may want to revisit and reread the press release issued by Achidi Achu and his gathering of NW MPs at Ayaba Hotel. Not only does it express concern over the effect of the crisis on both the NW and SW regions, nowhere does it single out or target the SW the way your warped sociopathic view expresses.

        • @ Ras Tuge

          What is wrong with you? You’re always quick to jump on anyone’s comment/remark even of a general nature, not directed at you.What is really your problem, you this paltry insignificant insect? You look like someone for whom nature has lost much of its attraction. Gargoyle.

        • Ras Tuge is “Fungeh” for contraband fuel. Jokes aside, many of us had predicted that the State will abandon this case to preserve itself. The facts to go on the record will include wrong doing by the State in domains of administration, constitution and finance against Southern Cameroons. The State is an agent of violence, a source of terrorism against civilians and a dis-respecter of the law (see Gunme v Cameroon), should be aligned one more time never to think the Military Tribunal is an extension of the Executive.

  4. We are a bunch of contradictions, n’est-ce pas? Yesterday we were the darlings, the wonderful Android generation cajoled and coaxed with a promise of beautiful laptops but today we are being coerced and locked up in dungeons or left to move to Misselele in the South-West or Babadjou in the West to be able to use our old laptops.

    • They have realized the fight or the so-called secession movement is heading to a defeat and now they have to ask the “fon of Fons” to help them save face with their constituencies or the small group that dreamed.
      Good move from their side.
      Lost cause.
      Now popol will come as a saviour and release those “apprenti sorciers” on his terms.
      Smart, smart ….

      • @ Mbappe
        You, @Ras Tuge and @Pharoan are the deplorable triplet.
        I recommend your posts to anyone who wants a laugh and to see how desperate LRC plants are becoming with their ridiculous ramblings.

        Every forum has its nutcases to entertain posters.
        Carry on the good work. it is because of you that I decided to start contributing to this forum to let you know that your misinformation will not work and that most West Cameroonians are well-informed and shall not be moved.

      • @Mbappe
        If you stop to think for a moment before ranting, you’d realize that “we the people” do not have anything to do with these senile buffoons. They do not represent us. This struggle is not about them, so don’t be fooled by this grandstanding. Biya is folding under…….there is the talk of him considering the death sentence on “our leaders”. I dare him……
        You go tell him.

        • Wow… you are talking tough and you sound truly funny that way!

          You are not tough, man… you are weak, insecure and frightened. The folks on trial risk being executed and they will be executed if found guilty. That’s the law of the state, and you can do absolutely nothing about it. Rather than wag your razor tongue, put them in prayer and plead for mercy because you will never be there to comfort their families if they get capital punishment. What have you done for the family of Justice Alobwede Ebong? Do you even remember the man in his suffering today?

          Mancho, the comedian claimed that he ordered a coffin of his size and that he was ready to take bullets… but when the heat came, he was the first to run! That’s how brave you are over there. Now, Mancho may have to use his designer casket anyway. I just wonder if the government has gotten hold of the casket in that exceptionally flamboyant show of defiance. Or, is it a price-worthy museum piece of art to be displayed in the Ambazombi state once Mancho is no longer a part of this world? Back with recklessness, man!

        • @Ras
          Total waste of time engaging with you. You are the Peter Esoka-esque type from LRC who want so bad to be from Southern Cameroons. The fact that you can put words together doesn’t make you intelligent. Go back and read some of the things you put up here and you’ll see…..oh sorry, the derangement syndrome will not let you know.
          Like I said earlier and I will say it again…..I dare Biya to execute our leaders. You don’t me and don’t know my relationship with some of the leaders in Biya’s illegal concentration camps so, don’t be so quick to pass judgment on what I’ll do. You wouldn’t think that way, would you? You are not a normal human being with a rational thought process.

        • Kedioh,

          Like i said, you are a weak, insecure and frightened boy who has absolutely no idea about what is going on. If you truly had any meaningful relationship with any of the individuals on trial, you would refrain from such reckless utterances, and even go out of your way to disclaim anybody that is putting up incendiary messages on behalf of your family. You are deceitful, absurd, disrespectful, and scornful. It is this type of madness from elements like you that people loose their lives whilst you hide and wag your razor tongue from miles away.

          Don’t engage with me… run away in shame and run your mouth around my orbit.

          Oh, I-Man is not rational because I refuse to think like the hazardous vandal that you are! No, my friend… you are a reckless and misled youth. Seen?

        • Ras,
          Like @Luap said , the only reason one engages a deranged person like you is for laughs.
          Aluta continua…..

      • Popol will not emerge saviour bc he has leaned out too far out of the window. Ayah Paul has refused to cooperate bc he knows the law is on his side. Any release will be on our conditions which are without any reservations, internet, frank discussions including referendum on federation limited to the NW and SW.

      • @ Mbappe

        WOW, do you understand what you write?

    • Je wanda sur toi hein ‘!!

  5. They have realized the fight or the so-called secession movement is heading to a defeat and now they have to ask the “fon of Fons” to help them save face with their constituencies or the small group that dreamed.
    Good move from their side.
    Lost cause.
    Now popol will come as a saviour and release those “apprenti sorciers” on his terms.
    Smart, smart ….

    • Yeah, too much odontol is taking a toll on you! Popol’ s lackeys who picked up these firebrands are the same ones calling for him to release them, and you somehow think the said Popol will come in as a saviour. Even after living in Canada for an eternity, English language is still your betenoire!

      • @De Pimento
        Happy New Year and welcome home. Nice to be able to have a dependable barometric measure on the spot!

        A ten-franc question: The law – Minister Issa Tchiroma’s press conference of today – that allows for expression of grievances through strike action in one article is the same law that in another article demonizes striking teachers for jeopardizing school attendance of children. Does this make sense?

      • Listen,
        you have nothing substantial to add to my post.
        I will not bring myself y]to your level.
        when you’ve anything I deem interesting, I will have a conversation with you.
        In the meantime enjoy your stay in that blessed land of ours.

        • What is your level you this animal? Pretending empty talking head. Your level is in the Dja forest. Genocidaire!

        • @AG
          your are another mignon and a biafran bastard we should drain from our land by all means.
          You are one without a real job. all you have going is roam this site 24/7 venting your frustrations.
          I can assure you, you will be frustrated for the rest of your life as your so-called “southern Cameroon
          ” will remain in your mushroom head

        • Mbappe Rutaganda,

          Why are you panicking? I thought you were about to tell me your level
          instead of writing the fictional story of my life No? Again, what is your level? in your own words, you once refused you are not a resident of Montreal or Quebec yet you write such poor English?!! It must be horribly going down south for you at that level you are singing? Again what is your level you this little green teeth animal?

        • @AG,
          No time to entertain your frustrated like answering your moronic questions.
          All u have to know I am sayisfied with myself unlike you.
          I sometimes wonder how can you have that much time to be in this site 24/7.

        • After your uncle stole enough to feed his entire generation why won’t you? Unrepentant thieves! It doesn’t take me the same amount of time to it takes your air head to type. I can br in and out of here in a flash of a second thick piece of turd.

        • @AG,
          you are just a village man.
          To pretend to answer your ?$%& question, I will like to inform you, Quebec is not the only province in Canada where french is spoken.
          You should know this educated as you are.
          I hope this answers your question by exposing your ignorance.
          You think being on this site and writing a foreign language will impress someone.
          You are a lost soul.

      • BTW, it seems like you are one of TRUMP’s victims

  6. We shall not relent. We will use our pen to fight till these animals we live with understand secession and federation are not a taboo in any organized political setting. We joined these criminals through a plebiscite as a federal state. Why should people be charged as terrorists for expressing themselves in the way they want to be governed? It’s deplorable to see an old man like Achidi Achu still thanking the big thief at the twilight of his candle. Thugs after money and self interest ready to toss our future down the drain. It shall never happen! What legacy does he want to leave behind? The presence of the ICC prosecutor at that Yaoundé tribunal has set off the panic button and the other criminals are beginning to think about life after the ground level commander is gone. He has unequivocally state it that there is zero due process which paints a picture of a kangaroo setting. Trial by hate as opposed to evidence. Wuna don see wetti. Any future adjournment of this case shall leed to a forceful dismissal of the entire farce.

    The struggle continues…

    Greetings from this end and please stay safe in the fatherland. Glad to see an eye/ear on ground zero.

    • Thanks bro, keep kicking ass! The Mbappes of the world will never repeat, ” do something about it”. Big John, remember that when a child kicks a stone and takes it for a football, he soon gets the hurt of his bruises!

      • Stop attempting to translate your village “saying” to a foreign language.
        It does not make sense, but to your likes from the same village.
        This also expose your “village thinking”.
        You are in so-called “ground zero” for your battle. NOW show us what a MAN you are by leading your movement.
        We will see where that takes you, looser.

  7. Now I ask you all to calm down you are not prepositioned to do anything different from wlfalling into the scenario the western organisation working in the dark from both side a playing us….Biya is at the end of his reign and everyone can see this so what isngoing on here are outsiders are positionning themselves to grab power in cameroon and the so called anglofools leadership instead of standing united with the rest of the country ate betraying the whole country….what a shame…divide and rule! I pity theses morons….history always repeat itself…..you are educated in a wrong system…until you frer urself from thr aryan copy cated education and create your owb system that is controled by you and create your own type of elite then aryans will always know.which button to push and get a specific expected result from some like the one i see some morons having here! See Gambia leader now calling for gay right…i pity you!

  8. @ Pharaon

    Can you express yourself in good English?

    • Get lost.
      It seems you are new here.
      Ideas,ideas and only ideas.nobody cares about how good you write your master language.
      You are another lost soul and a typical house nigger.

    • Fascistic element, why are you jumping on someone’s comment when you hate to see others use their freedom to express themselves as they feel necessary? Is freedom of expression only reserved for you? Was this comment directed to you? This is the trouble with you guys: repulsive entitlement.

    • Listen proffesor the reason you see so many typo in my comment is because or auto word selection on my phone…bow if you cannot make up the mistake and understand what i am trying to write then you are not using the creative part of your brain…you were not trained to do this so I will give you a pass.

      By the way I always comment on the fly I am busy man!

  9. amuraya amuraya Thailand

    I think the best way is for Biya to organize a referendum so that the people of west Cameroon can choose which form of government they want. Secondly only the west Cameroonians should be allowed to participate. Thirdly, this should be done with the assistance of an African Union, UN, UK….Biya seem to be the worst political administrator i have ever came across in this whole wide world. The people you’re sending to western Cameroon to resolve the ongoing crises will not help you out. This is so for some basic reasons. The people of west cameroon have lost confidence in their administration including you mr biya.The people of west cameroon could understanding if you show remorse in your present day administration.I believe its time for you as the president to leave yaounde and move to these regions. Information at the source is always better than information written and presented to you in yaounde. Best problem solvers are those who go to the root to get the actual genesis of the crises. Sitting in yaoude and sending people on your behalf has instead made things worse than you can ever imagine.The crises in west cameroon is in the hands of intelligent and smart young people who are by far better than your administrators that why they’ve been succeeding so far and if care isn’t taken you’ll face/experience the worst humiliation than what happen to yaya of gambia.

    • The referendum that you are asking for may be granted and you will loose!

      You don’t want the entire nation to be involved, ok; so there will be two separate referendums: One for the Northwest, and one for the Southwest. That’s how it’s going to be since you claim that the Southern Cameroons was a federation of two regions. You think you are smart?! We are the Southwest leaders of this era, man. You guys will have to face this reality whether you like it or not.

      When you say the people of West Cameroon have lost confidence… who are you really referring to? There are millions of people like me that are fighting for a federation of 10 states, and we are not part of your category. So know what you are dealing with.

      • Ras Tuge, in any federation of n states, the Francophones will be the majority. Francophones are heading for integration in Cemac. You will have to adopt our values.

  10. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    The NO-SCHOOL -STRATEGY of the de facto leadership of West Cameroon, the Consortium, should continue and be intensified. Brasseries du Cameroun products should be boycotted by West Cameroons since Biya is a major shareholder of this company.
    This motion of support, thanks and congratulation of CPDM Parliamentarians to Biya is crystal clear proof that they have nothing to contribute to this struggle.
    If these Parliamentarians would not positively team up with the people of West Cameroon to strive for the improvement of the lot of their people, at least they should not to stand in the way of their sons and daughters or actively thwart the latter’s effort in exchange for a few marginal and ephemeral favours.
    Congratulating and begging Biya, the architect of the systemic marginalisation of the Anglophones, is tantamount to thwarting the legitimate struggle of West Cameroonians.
    These NW stooges of the Etoudi Junta should understand that “finding themselves now in the middle of the burning bush, they should not delude themselves that the fire that is ravaging the outer limits of that bush will never work its way towards the middle and, ultimately, find and consume them too.”
    These NW Parliamentarians are either with the marginalised people of West Cameroon or with the oppressor. They cannot have it both ways.

    That having said:


  11. This site is another CNN style fake news. The info from the document is not what is presented by the write up in the other language. The document is signed by two people where are the rest (many). If you do not sign a document that means you do not recognize it legality and authority.

    Stop trying to lie to the people. Dictators and bankers never learn. For what i have seen in Ukraine Biya is not getting it. You can never stop a people who are fighting for what they know is right and believe in it.

    • What did u see in Ukraine?? Where is Ukraine today?? Please my brother be honest with urself..

      What is happening in cameroon is exactly what happened in Ukraine but you again are looking at the wrong analysis….it was just the world superpower migrating to come and fight their issues in someone else house….they never fight between themselves they look for fertile ground with idiots and navigate there to do their monkey stuffs and the so called anglofools leader who are to me traitors are bringibg them in cameroon..we know they we coming to cameroon but theses peoples now are giving them the excuse to do the Ukraine stuff to us…where is Ukraine today?? Egypt?? Tunisia?? Listen have a nice day

      • @Pharaon.
        In Ukraine the people stood up to a regime that wanted to take away their language and decided to use force than dialogue. Same in Cameroon and many are going to loose their lives then the regime will realize it has to negotiate with the people and that may be too late.

        • Chuckiman,

          You are totally wrong! Ukraine and Cameroon are two dissimilar cases that can never be compared. The dynamics of the conflict in Ukraine are very different from those in Cameroon, if you are honest enough to acknowledge that. I know that you are referring to the Russian-speaking minority of Eastern Ukraine which is incomparable to the so-called Southern Cameroons; a region that is quite divided at several different levels.

          Besides, the Russians are guarantors of security in Eastern Ukraine… and you secessionist illusionists are completely on your own. Britian whose loyalty many of you are shockingly still struggling to beg for is nowhere to be found; and it will never confront French interest in Cameroon. Isn’t it shameful that in this era, supposedly enlightened Africans are still referring to themselves as citizens of a certain British Southern Cameroons?!!!

          Moreover, the UK is facing threats of secession by Scotland! So you think the UK will support secession in Cameroon when it is against the secession of Scotland? NO! Man, you are occupying a position of extreme weakness and it is just a question of time before the government takes things to another level. Be careful what you wish for…

    • Discrepancy there is in the presentation but over and above this flaw is the irony of what is actually presented -. the elected representatives of the people choose to FOLLOW rather than LEAD the people.

      • Ancient calamity, ELECTED representatives are mandated by the people. Thus, it is up to the people to hold them accountable if they choose to follow rather than lead. These are things that such an anachronistic element like you ought to be teaching misled youth like Luab Ayib who seem to have no clue. Rather, you are busy inciting vandalism and promoting fanatic romanticism. Ah… the souls of the Ngraffi folks!

        • Normal persons grow from childhood in their hamlets through village, town, city, province, nation and beyond. You are virtually yoked to the village. You are an idiot with all your retrograde ideas.

        • @Grand Johnny,
          You shouldn’t waste a lot of time with this deranged individual. You should look at his ramblings just for laughs.


          I pity peoples like you and I know peoples like you..you will never debate anyone publicly never!!! you are just a copy and paste person…

          You want cameroon to divide on anglofools/francofool and you come here and say this to RAS?

          You don’t even have shame frozen brain u are like Biya!! I feel sorry for you.

        • @pharoan

          Ur macquizard symptoms are getting over the border. …proples like you…. twice is the edge of severe cognitive dissonance. Somebody please call the neurosurgeon!!!

  12. @Ras Tuge
    I am a South Westerner,100% from Manyu.I want to join that your terrorist organisation, SWRM. Where can i get registered,lets kick France out of our business?

    • To Ras Tuge, the SW means Fako in nexus with Littoral! Manyu especially Akwaya and Liebalem do not count. Ndian is too Nigerian and does not count. Ras Fungeh is crazy riding Rambo @ SWRM.

  13. @Ras Tuge
    The referendum that you are asking for may be granted and you will loose!

    ”You don’t want the entire nation to be involved, ok; so there will be two separate referendums: One for the Northwest, and one for the Southwest. That’s how it’s going to be since you claim that the Southern Cameroons was a federation of two regions. You think you are smart?! We are the Southwest leaders of this era, man. You guys will have to face this reality whether you like it or not”.

    Sorry,there should be 10 seperate referendums.Southern Cameroon is a federation of 13 divisions.The people of South west will do six referendums so that people of kupe muanenguba would also be depending only on the bitter leave that they have.They should not associate their self also with the paople of Ndian in the name of being a ”South Westerner”.You think u are smart also? anuofia……as u claim to be looking on north westerner’s anus,thats how your other south west brothers are looking at yours…..anuofia
    U are a typical laughing stock in this forum with your inconsistent ideas…..ha ha ha ha ha….Mr.smart guy…

    • What do you have in Manyu? You hail from the most wretched of divisions in the Southwest and you are running your chatty-chatty mouth! You are not equipped to stand beside me, man. You have any resources in Manyu? Touristic sites… maybe? What do you produce over there in those dusty caves? Ever been to Kupe Muanenguba to see how endowed the division is? You have a mindset of total wretchedness… no wonder, your people are the prostitutes of the nation; both the men and the women. There’s nothing to inspire your people over there… rasclaaaat!

      • Maria Besong United States

        @ Ras Tuge, I have been reading the comments on this article and I must say despite all the insults you get, you come accross as an intellegent indiviadual.

        That said, I do not agree with your comment about people from Mamfe.

        I am Bayangi( people from Mamfe) and trust me when I say Mamfe has a lot to offer in Cameroon.

        Timber, which is one of Cameroon’s top export, comes from Mamfe and of course from the south/South east of Cameroon.
        Read about the Biafran forest in Cameroon.

        It is wrong to insult a whole tribe just because you disagree with someone.
        For your information; Bayangi People are intelligent and hard working people.

        • Maria Besong,

          There is no coincidence for an experienced woman, you check? I can tell that you are settled within yourself and that you have not allowed yourself to get caught up in mediocrity and illusion.

          The Lioness approaches the Lion with caution, and when this happens, the Lioness gets rewarded with the gift of the Lion’s time. Fascistic and disenchanted adventurers and opportunists that are intoxicated by repulsive arrogance will never find comfort in the presence of the Lion… you may be sure.

          Your kontriman insulted my division and my people, and that is totally unacceptable for me; hence my reaction that may have offended you. I have remind him about his place in relation to mine in the Southwest region. Kupe Muanenguba is just as heavily wooded as Manyu; if not even more. Be also reminded that Kupe Muanenguba, apart from its touristic endowment, is a remarkable bread basket of the Southwest.

          Finally, Bakossi people are just as intelligent and as diligent as Bayangi people. All that we must do is work in tandem towards the upliftment of the people of the entire SOUTHWEST, and redeeming the region.

          SWRM (Make the Southwest powerful)

      • Ras Tuge @ that was uncalled for and rude to generalise about the group of people of Manyu ( the fact that tourists would or go there means the local population havent actually ruined the place ) ….the world is made up of individuals no one has to stand beside you ,get some respect for other commentators .

  14. Ayuk Doh molla elonge Reserved

    Our Demonstration are showing some consequences.next Demo will be storming biya’s hotel on his next planned visit in Europe……..
    Where were this so called “i shit Ashu” when the millitary of la republic was sent to kill our people and how long did it take them to call for the release of our leaders.these thieves donot represent anybody out of their homes..
    The true prove that we southern cameroonians have never been important in this union is that even on our currency there is no sign of english on it.Its high time we quit and stay independent.who said we must join another country,bilingualism worked in canada but in africa not.hell with france and its exploitation.

  15. @Ras Tuge
    We are going to give independence to Kupe Muaneguba,lets see what u are going to feed there.Bla bla bla.U are busy trumpeting South West endowment.Instead of trumpeting your Kupe Muaneguba endowment? Instead of forming Kupe Muaneguba Redemption Movement(KMRM) to kick out France,,u are busy forming but South West Redemption Movement(SWRM) to kick France away.
    This Bakossi/Mbo man,u must be thinking that u are very smart,right?

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