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Détournement présumé de fonds, 8 cadres de la CRTV rejoignent leur ancien DG en prison

Koaci | Lundi 26 février 2018- Huit cadres de la Cameroon Radio and television (Crtv), -organe de presse à capitaux publics-, viennent de rejoindre à la prison centrale de Yaoundé-Kondengui, leur ancien directeur général, qui y croupit depuis le 29 juillet 2016.

Les huit hommes et femmes, ont été inculpés et placés sous mandat de détention provisoire vendredi dernier, après quelques auditions, au tribunal criminel spécial de Yaoundé (TCS).

Ils sont poursuivis pour coaction de détournement de deniers publics» avec l’ancien Directeur général de la Cameroon radio and télévision (Crtv), Amadou Vamoulke.

Alors que le TCS l’avait d’abord inculpé pour un détournement présumé de 2,8 milliards Fcfa correspondant au déficit de «report de trésorerie» à son arrivée à la tête de la CRTV en janvier 2005, Amadou Vamoulke vient de subir une nouvelle inculpation de 25 milliards FCFA.

La nouvelle inculpation ferait suite à un audit commandé par Charles Ndongo, l’actuel Dg de la Crtv.

Amadou Vamoulke, vient donc, à nouveau, d’être inculpé pour des opérations financières qualifiées de « douteuses » par la justice.

D’après les informations recueillies ce matin au TCS par « KOACI.COM », les malversations concernent l’acquisition des droits de retransmissions des matches et la gestion des bons de carburant.

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  1. This country has no shame …..how can you steal such money and hide in foreign bank accounts when children in your village in North are studying under trees.Shame of a country.The real thief is at etoudi who carries a delegation of 50 people to burn tax payers money in Swiss

  2. These Thieves are the real terrorist..
    These are the people who should be called terrorist..These are the people that should be hanged…
    They cause deaths and sufferings of many cameroonians..For example , if you steal millions of Euros and hide in a bank in France, and deprive the cameroonians of roads and hospitals, is that not massacre when many people die because of lack of hospitals and lack of roads?:.
    People its really high time we start chasing all these thieves from our country..
    Biya and his Gang, you can fool the people in your village, but now the people of the NWP and SWP are tired and want to chase you out of their territory..Its high time other cities join in this struggle…Francophone brothers jump over your shadows and join to chase these thieves before its too late..


      Very good analysis.The government, the managers of public co and biya are actually the terrorists
      destroying property, wasting taxpayers money and insulting the population by offering “gifts” to them with their own money!!! Building a school, a hospital, a road… with taxpayer money is presented by this criminal regime as a biya “gift”.

  3. The so-called Douala INTERNATIONAL Airport speaks volumes about the adverse effects of embezzlement of public funds in LRC.
    Abbah Abbah Polycarp stole 270 billion FCFA. The Douala Airport is a disgrace to his country:

  4. What a country! When you turn left it’s “Detournement “. You turn right it’s “Detournemnt”. Where are those “froggies” and their acolytes on this forum who are so loud when they hear or read about Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia? Now they are so quiet because it’s their kith and kin rampaging the resources of this rich and blessed Nation. What a hell of a country! Why steal money that you won’t use your entire life? We call this “Absolute Wickedness.” The poor majority are there living ‘by the skin of their teeth’. What a shame!

  5. Why is it that these thieves are only caught when they leave office. This is fishy. Yet we have state audits every year. Cameroon always selling after the market. This makes no sense now.

  6. This is LA REPUBLIQUE for you. Steal and run to France and after a while come back home to Cameroon-case of Nadine Patricia Mengue-(Ancienne presentatrice Vedette-CRTV)-15,000,000,000CFA

  7. Ancestors put monies under mattresses and were laughed at. Today’s leaders stash away money in safe havens in Swiss banks and their affiliates in the Caribbean, leaving their citizens to wallow in penury. Pitiful !

    Meanwhile, Lake Chad is currently one tenth of its original size when it provided a home and employment (fishing, farming, hunting) for its inhabitants. With monies stashed away in foreign banks, leaders of the countries around Lake Chad could channel water from nearby River Congo and bring life back to the lake. But they prefer inaction, leaving destitute citizens at the mercy of Boko Haram and other jihadist crusaders to employ. How disgusting!