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Diageo group launches first liquor production and packaging unit in Central Africa

On 7 September 2017 in Douala, the Cameroonian economic capital, Guinness Cameroon, local subsidiary of the Diageo group, officially presented the first whiskey brand locally produced by the company. It is the Scottish whiskey “Black & White”, for which Guinness Cameroon, after a few years of negotiation with the owners of the brand, was granted all required authorizations for local production.

To achieve this, the management of the company revealed, this subsidiary of the Diageo group had to purchase a liquor production unit. “The introduction of made in Cameroon “Black & White” to our market, comes after the commissioning of a whiskey production unit within Guinness Cameroon. Indeed, six months ago, we presented to the “Cube” to the general public, which is the first portable liquor production and packaging unit in Cameroon and in the Central African sub-region. The goal of this ultra-modern packaging line is to enable Guinness Cameroon to innovate on a larger scale, to meet the consumer demand”, explains Guinness Cameroon.

According to Keith Hayes, Production Director, this investment, whose amount was not disclosed, enables Guinness Cameroon to locally produce “Back & White”, while respecting the international standards, as well as those in force in Scotland, country where this whiskey brand was created in 1902 by James Buchanan.

A brewery which then moved into importing and selling liquor, to diversify its activities on the market largely dominated by Brasseries du Cameroun (subsidiary of the Castel group who controls 74% of the market), Guinness Cameroon is the 2nd market of the Diageo group in Africa, after Nigeria, and its 4th market worldwide, revealed Andy Fennel, President for Africa in the group. This was during his visit in Cameroon in August 2014.

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  1. 4th market? pretty impressive strange they dont sponser Cameroons sports activities ,must bring in substantual tax revenue for the state of Cameroon .

  2. they continue to poison the population with alcohol, yet the uncaring, primitive regime together with incompetent, so call minister of health has never been able to provide well equipped hospitals in any region to care, treat or support people with long term alcohol related fatal diseases, there is no education for younger and working age people about the dangers of long term excessive alcohol consumption, alcohol abuse, many death caused by drink and drive,the negative impact of alcohol related problems arising from families and local communities, with regards to generating tax revenues, who benefits from any revenue in a slum banana republic of no accountability and continuous embezzlement?

  3. If we look at their 5th and 3rd world market sales of guiness ,Cameroons will be some number in the middle ,deduct costs at 30% maximum and then put 36% corperate tax on the remaining number and we should arrive at how much the taxe revenue is (plus the standard alcahol tax and value added tax ). Now if that money isnt being used on the ground it means they havnt paid or they did but we didnt see the results .