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Dialogue the ‘only path’ to resolve Cameroon Anglophone crisis: U.S.

africanews | The United States has reiterated its call for dialogue in Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis tasking the government to engage aggrieved parties in the restive region.

The U.S. embassy in Yaounde were reacting to the recent deaths of two members of the Cameroon security apparatus. “We urge the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to act with restraint in response to these acts of violence.

“We continue to appeal to all sides to enter into meaningful, broad-based dialogue.  Dialogue is the only path towards a resolution of legitimate grievances,” a statement issued early this week read.

We continue to appeal to all sides to enter into meaningful, broad-based dialogue.  Dialogue is the only path towards a resolution of legitimate grievances.

The U.S. condemned the murders and sent condolences to the families of the slain officers – the Marine was killed in Ekondo-Titi (southwest) on January 14 whiles the gendarme was killed in the town of Wum (northwest) on January 15.

The deaths are a continuation of an armed attack on state security forces. President Paul Biya late last year declared war on the secessionists after four troops were killed. The number of slain troops is about a dozen with the latest incident.

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  1. The US embassy had refused to acknowledge the crisis in SC Cameroon, by limiting it`s
    etoude visit message to BH. That was the last ambassador, last year.
    This cry, is not straight talk. Why not cut in as big brother, like they have been doing
    The youths Biya fooled by telling them that they are the leaders of tomorrow, are now
    his target group to eliminate and as many as posible before anyone knows.
    Goodluck Mr. Biya.

  2. For past 35 years we have heard the same story, That the Youths are the Leaders of Tomorrow. Thoes youths are now 40 or 50 year old Men and Leaders are still the same ones from Yesterday!

  3. The death of soldiers and police men is unfortunate but reportedly committed in self-defence by otherwise peaceful citizens drawn into violence by forced annexation of their fatherland and imperialism by Yde.. It is the Biya government that ran away from negotiations, turned tables, arrested leaders and sent in security forces. That was a monumental blunder by old men more in power than in office.

    In a CIA memo dated 1986 on social media, the US Embassy actually warned that unless the Biya regime backed off its assimilationist policies dubbed national integration, the Anglophones would arm and fight to get their country Southern Cameroons back.

    In response to violence, indifference and intransigence by the Biya government, Anglophones are now on tract to make Ambazonia a reality.

  4. Biya days are few on the earth am not God but I know his days are number that is why he refuse to dialogue with Southern Cameroons but one day our land will be free let wait and see

  5. A constantly changing landscape and aspects makes it possible to rename this touristic destination sandwiched in the armpit of Africa. Portuguese explorers gave the first ID based on findings of prawns at the estuary. Then came” Africa in miniature”, judged by the admixture of human species and activities. For quite a while” Absurdistan ” was proposed to accommodate some of the weird and quirky findings it embraced. But before people had time to digest this, “DONOTHING REPUBLIC” came knocking, judged by cases of interminable, high profile litigations crowned by presidential amnesty and an unending call for dialogue with nobody giving it form or style.

    It is this kaleidoscope that has come to distinguish the nation over the past year.

  6. “Referandum” The only way to resolve the problem. Restoration process has to begin, dialogue will never take Place,
    The Yaounde regime is playing for time. The union of the two cameroons has been tested for more than 56 years
    and it has failed to work. The two heritages are incompartible

  7. It is easy to begin a war, but very difficult to stop a war


    The beginning and end of a war are not under the control of the same man.

    Anyone can commence a war, but it can be brought to an end prematurely only with the consent of the other paty.

    Biya foolishly declared war on Southern Cameroonians. The latter said with one voice: BRING IT ON!!.

    There are only two possibility for this war to stop:
    1. Biya defeats Southern Cameroonians in SC ( Probability is almost ZERO)
    2. Both parties agree to stop the war ( most likely scenario )
    Biya has no power to unilaterally order the war should stop. The acceptance of Southern Cameroonians must be sought. Simply put, both sides must agree to stop the war. This can only occur through DIALOGUE.

    • Sh*thole Biya is now trapped. He is a prisoner of his own arrogance, policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and Southern Cameroons from himself. He must defeat Southern Cameroonians or be forced to dialogue with them.

      J’aimerais vraiment pas être à sa place.

    • …two possibilities..

    • On possibility 2, there have to be conditions to end the “war of decolonization”. Anglophone nationalists would insist on (a) a UN-supervised referendum within “x” years and (b) a neutral third party to seal and monitor the deal. Cannot trust LRC – she is lawless to African courts. The recolonizing legacy of LRC in Ambazonia, ceding of the sovereignty of LRC to France via the 12/26/1959 treaty and absence of a union treaty between LRC and the self-governing free Ambazonia have doomed the Cameroon federation. Precedents in Czechoslovakia (1918-1993), Sudan (1956-2011), Soviet Union (1955-1991), etc. States form and dissolve. Good governance and human development trump megalomania and neocolonialism.

  8. u. s,national most women archers aim to break during available at manchester olympics

    credit simply to this look of several arrow filled movie theater, one particular north american open to the public has never ever been so very interested by archery. squad’s tweet when you follow also has quadrupled current weeks,actually, i know our company is locating a lot of consciousness ranging from movie channels like ‘Avengers,’ as well as,whileBravecravings for food events The,or,– ” wish known. group put extremely more push for the adventure weekend employing a shock to anyone magical medal inside mens levels of competition. you see, the three the world team, which dubbed per se “A bracelet over friends, got the nation’s first honor with these gaming programs as well as,while american Archer

  9. Vaiocomputers

    Dialogue now seems like a word suffering from dysentry.Someone said.. no dialogue if it threatenes the life of the banana republic.The other party do not have the powers to initiate any dialogue.I want these gringos to cut it short.Just call a name rather than throwing some vague sentences out there.

    • Dialogue with robots or parrots can have only an outcome that ends nowhere! Is it worth the time or the expense?

  10. The SDF, recently approved the chairman`s trip to Awala to see the refugees.
    Isn`t Mr. Fru Ndi big enough, to move straight and see Mr. Buhari?
    He seems to be marginalising himself. Isn`t it.

  11. The only dialogue we know now is that of the terms of seperation . But if LRC don’t want it, then we are ready to fight and exterminate them

  12. Nothing good should we expect from Biya and his administration. My heart bkeads thinking on the sufferings and deaths of both Civilians and Security forces. Biya has no love for his people and God, all is himself and associates first and forever. Accidents and deaths on narrow, winding and pot holes roads every day, no street lights, poorly staffed and equipped hospitals, corruption and nepotism highest, international aggrements and contracts that neglect the interest of the country, laxity in fighting dessertification and famine, poor educational policies, lack of meaningful constitutional and democratic reform, no agenda for the development of the country, use of force and his military on innocent civilians, determination to rule for life. By e has destroyed this beautiful country.sorry

  13. State craft, State Structure, Rulership etc is tailored to meet the challenges of time and to speed the development of the said entity. Thus the Structures and Constitutions thereof must be dynamic. People must therefore sit and x-ray what their life has been with the present structures, and then decide on the way forward, an inclusive arrangement of course. Not one of a majority and undermining the minority. Who is Biya to say the Structure of Cameroon is not negotiable. Cameroonians have shouted and are frustrated in their call on Biya and Co to make life liveable for the people. The Parliamentarians, Senators and judiciary is under Biya’s armpits, thus the need to take things their own way. I pray for success. God is with us. Kill everybody, but they must go their way. God bless

    • “Who is Biya to say the Structure of Cameroon is not negotiable” ??

      That is the same credible and compelling question I always ask myself. Southern Cameroonians voted in a referendum for a federal state of two states equal in status. LRC changed the form of the state without the permission of Southern Cameroonians.
      Only a referendum can can prove if Southern Cameroonians want to remain in the imposed unitary state or not. Biya has no right to decide for 8million Southern Cameroonians.

      The truth of the matter is that the Anglophone Question can never be resolved without a change of the FORM OF THE STATE. Simply put, the war will continue until:

      1. LRC defeats Southern Cameroonians


      2. the FORM OF THE STATE must be changed.

      LRC can NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC.

      • Therefore the FORM OF THE STATE must be changed for peace to reign in sh*thole LRC..

        The following cosmetic measures can never resolve the Anglophone Question because they are unrelated to a change in the Form of the state:

        1. Commission on Bilingualism
        2. Decentralisation
        3. Translating the OHADA Text
        4. creating a common law section in the Supreme Court and ENAM
        5. etc

        BTW, the above measures were supposed to take place in 1961 and not in 2017 under duress.

        The informal union has failed woefully. LRC canot succeed to force Southern Cameroonians to accept the status quo.

        Biya’s war is UNWINNABLE. The Kumba mortuary is full of the corpses of LRC terrorists. The mortuary is under armed guard. Tchiroma, CrTv, Cameroon Tribune are hiding the truth from their citizens.

  14. A rather distressing experience is when a Francophone journalist, attempting to be objective, takes an Anglophone activist to task, citing the now overworked argument that Bertoua, Garoua, Ngaoundere, Bafoussam, Ebolowa and all of Cameroon have the same problem of poverty, bad roads, etc. In this way, the Anglophones are singled out and stigmatized as trouble-makers, raising hell where others respond with self-effacing reticence.

    Is anything wrong with redirecting the question and asking the silent ones why they choose to suffer in silence? What could be a better way of silencing an unhelpful “,partner” in the struggle?

  15. We are reliably told time and time again, that our case is in the UN, AU, EU etc.
    But what is wrong or what is hampering the stepping in of these bodies in stopping
    biya`s carnage? Why the lip service and feet dragging? How long is it going to last
    to attract the needed attention?
    If the above is waiting for the time when both sides will be defending themselves with
    guns, bombs etc, then this is poor leadership and cruel. It is not bottlenecks etc, per se.

  16. Its a cameroon problem not a USA , French or western problem..
    We should learn to solve our problems by talking to one another, respecting one another and listening to one another..Gone are the days stupid and foolish black leaders will go to Paris, London or Washington to solve their internal problems..
    We can not rely on the western powers for any problems:
    – See how the USA now left the KURDS and the turks are killing them now?..Dont forget the USA and Germany used the Kurds to fight ISIS..And today ?..ISIS is defeated and the KURDS are no longer of interest….

    We should be very careful…
    Its so shameful that Africans dont seem to learn from history…
    Why so much importance on USA ruled by an Idiot with no credibility..
    Lets wake up now -Rwanda did it, so why not cameroon?