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Dockers strike in Cameroon holds up exports [+video]

About 200 striking dockworkers have frozen activity at Cameroon’s main port in Douala as part of a dispute over pay and conditions.

The action was prompted by the death of a dockworker who strikers say was disadvantaged by insufficient health insurance, despite workers contributing a monthly insurance premium out of their wages.

Cameroon exported about 24,500 tonnes of coffee in the last season, and there are currently 12 tonnes being held up on the port as part of the protests.

The political situation in the central African nation has become febrile recently as it gears up for a general election next year, with protests mounting against President Paul Biya’s 35-year rule.

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  1. Its has not started yet Southern Cameroon will separate it self from La Republic soon Biya can stay in power for the next 100 years Southern Cameroon don’t care God punish the devil

  2. Dem don see wetin? Folish people

  3. So they too can strike, interesting, i thought biya was the god whom they so adored and honored and we anglophones are nothing but ungrateful bunch, how come they now are striking also, this is just the beginning, they haven’t seen nothing yet, more is yet to come.

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