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Douala Grand Mall construction under way in Cameroon

Creamer Media’s Engineering News | Raubex Renovo, a subsidiary of JSE-listed turnkey solutions provider Raubex, is building a shopping mall, complete with convention centre and cinemas, in Douala, Cameroon, which is aimed for completion by end-2019.

The €45-million Douala Grand Mall is part of a larger development that will include a five-star hotel, offices and residential apartments.

“The mall and convention centre signals to the world that Cameroon is on the move, and is attracting more visitors for business and leisure,” says Raubex Renovo development manager Matthuys Serfontein.

When complete, the mall will reportedly be Central Africa’s largest mall, with a built floor area of 25 600 m2, comprising 18 732 m2 of lettable retail on two levels, as well as an underground basement for parking.

The mall is in the vicinity of the international airport, ensuring a primary catchment of about 1.5-million people.

The ground floor of the mall will have 14 160 m2 of retail space, while the first floor will offer 11 520 m2 of space.

With Raubex Renovo’s decades of experience in large hospitality and retail projects across Africa, the company’s capabilities are fitting for this project, encompassing full project development, with professional engineering, and architectural and design services.

The earthworks for the mall began in January and handover is scheduled for November 2019.

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  1. `Douala grand mall construction under way in cameroon`. Teacher, help them.

    • @Joshua
      certainly not good news to ambzonian Gangsters. We cameroonians love it and it will be realise. It’s not being constructed by the government but by Investors. Some of you you still need to know what is meant by investors and how other countries develop. There is time for everything and there will also be time that we turn from the bad track to the good one. And it is now. Take off your head if you don’t like it. Idiots

      • @James, the quarel here is with the title.

        The main reason why francophones and their cult junta don`t want
        Anglos leave, is cause our development will be `a la whiteman style`.

        Got it?

  2. Joshua they need deliverance not help.
    This is another pipe dream in an election year.
    45 million Euro? Hehehehe for fear who? Mbiya? In a country which is in a low intensity war which might flare up any moment?
    Who taught these people investment analysis?

    • @Dipanda there is no medicine against idiocy you once complained about your teacher here that he doesn’t understand English I reminded you that you were the one who was idiot, that you were not equipped enough to criticize your teacher the project mentioned in this article was clarified here in this same platform (contractors,partnership, financings) still nothing entered that empty think …

  3. we have a lot of haters here

  4. Is this news or what? why not write this article in French? Wanders!!!