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Douala: une maman tuée par balle au Marché Nyala Château [+vidéo]

Drame au Marché Nyala château à Douala .Une maman tranquillement assise derrière son comptoir, décède après avoir reçu une balle perdue.

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  1. Are we to be concerned about this when people are out there burning our country flag in foreign lands as if we are just another banana republic under siege by a brutal dictator? BIR needs to teach those flag burners a lesson on respect for the flag

    • Pay some respect a human just lost her life.

    • Nikov tu es sous l influence d une drogue ou quoi? Tu compares quoi la ? J espere que la prochaine balle sera pour ta mere. Ils peuvent bruler la bas et faire leur petit bruit, s ils sont garcons qu ils viennent faire cela au pays. Triste pour cette famille.

  2. With due respect to the flag of a country, of what value is that flag to humanity, flying high over a city where the people are are being killed by stray bullets some are dying on the door steps of hospitals, some don t even have bore hole water to drink from? Maybe they are not your family memebesr but they are citizens of that country. ’ Give to the flag what belongs to the flag and to humanity what belongs to humanity‘ .We are to be concern with both …flag and a dignified human life, . The entire world treat us with disrespect no doubt they see how disrespectful we are to our own race. They give no value to our lifes or dignity we do even worse to our own breed.

  3. Vaiocomputers

    Sad sad sad…..but as usual.on va ouvrir en enquete.
    How did this happened? Ahhhh massa…..life

  4. When in doubt conjure “legitimate self-defence” of an armed gendarme. That is the new Cameroonian fad. Faced with an unarmed 16-year-old Cyprian Sevidzem in Bui Division, an armed gendarme had no qualms pumping bullets into the young man’s occiput. In self defence! And he will be getting a medal for that on May 20.

    A new order is steadily settling on Cameroon, the aura of “Might Makes Right”. It was clearly seen in Kifem in Bui Division. It was seen when General Pierre Semengue dwarfed the DO of Yaounde and ordered his version of Tonnerre Kalara football club to take the stage. (Remember DOs are chefs de terre?). If you still doubt that might makes right, consider the fate of Supreme Court Justice Paul Ayah Abine, abducted at gun point from his home and dumped in a prison for months!

  5. Nicely put bro!

  6. Cameroun as a country does not exist, many people will not understand this.

    Explanation: Cameroon exist only on paper, but on legal grounds, in international law, there is a border in the UN archieves between East Cameroun and southern cameroon.

    Therefore, if Southern Cameroon breaks away from cameroon, cameroon current flag will ceased to exist. The cameroon flag has no value for now because Ambazonians have not accepted to unite with east cameroun.

    A stray bullet in Douala only shows a country that is out of control, any one can kill in french cameroun, where life has no meaning, but flag has a meaning. What a banana republic.

  7. Épée Dipanda

    L’horreur n’est pas l’évenement en lui même Mais:
    1-la réponse de la population abandonée par les autorités.
    2-Le désinterêt complet et total des administrations qui surgiront lorsque les populations seront désireux de faire une marche.
    3-L’incapacité de uns Et des aûtres a voire le désespoire du Peuple constamment martyrisé par l’Ogre au pouvoir à Etoudi.
    Ceci est l’une des raisons parmi tant d’autres qui obligent les Anglophones a Se resaisir et a arracher leur independence.
    This train is heading on to Buea!
    This train is calling Ambazonia
    This train this train Alleluia!
    This train is headed on to Buea!

  8. Freedom Fighter

    Sad to see someone compare a women killed by a stray bullet to a flag. Only in Cameroon is a flag more important than a human life.

    From the tax code to the consitution, you see great evidence of injustice on the poor mass. As long as it favours those closer to the powers that be, the rest can go to hell. Militery intimidation has become the order of the day but, it is getting to a point where the armed guys have to shoot to the last man standing to stop the people from advocating for their rights.

    To fully understand how gov’t values Cameroonians; take a case with a foreigner to the police, whether wrong or right, you are the one to be carrying shit in the police cell the next morning.
    Leave problems aside, Bid a contract with a foreign company, you will only feature last.