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Ease of visa procedures for Cameroonians who wish to travel to Senegal

Business in Cameroon | Cameroonians now benefit from facilitations to set foot in Senegal. This was revealed to representatives of airline companies (Air Côte d’Ivoire, Asky, Camair-Co) on January 15, 2018, in Douala by the honorary council of Senegal in Cameroon.

“The presentation of entry visas at departure is no more a prerequisite for Cameroonians heading to Senegal”, the honorary council explained. It also indicated that to ease visa procedures, a system will be put in place to at Blaise Diagne international airport in order to handle visa requests on arrival.

Before these facilitations, Cameroonians who wish to travel to Senegal had to request a visa at the embassy in Cameroon. A single-entry visa for a 30-day stay costs $100 (about CFA50,000) .

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  1. It is rather unfortunate that Cameroonians had to go through such procedure before just to get to senegal and the reverse is not true.Look at small equatorial who were begging to travel cameroon for education and better life,today it is the reverse.What had happened after 35 yrs ….only God knows

  2. Truth is for the past 35 years cameroun as a nation has been on a steady regression with no sign of any progress. the country has no vision or mission, no clear future route as it lives day by day hoping that the next day comes better than the previous day but that is never the case. Nobody seems to care or worry about the future of the country as long as they can embezzle as much as they can for their immediate family members and themselves. This situation will never change as long as biya and his gang remain in power with the aid of the military which amazingly is highly underpaid. I pity those supporting this horrible system for they have no idea what they are doing or what direction they are going.