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Ebolowa: Father beats son to death for ‘eating’ exam fees

Journal du Cameroun | Steve Loic, a young student in Ebolowa, South region of Cameroon has died from serious lashing from his parents, state broadcaster CRTV, said on Tuesday.

According to the report, his parents wanted to simply punish him for using money meant for his examination registration. After discovering Loic had lied to them, his father whose name Journal du Cameroun got as Paulin lashed out blows of anger on him, beating him to death.

Steve Loïc’ s mother, Carine said, the young Loic equally had issues with drugs. “Loic was using Tramadol and smoking Indian hemp”.

Loic was taken to hospital after the attack but passed away due to the severe injuries he sustained.

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  1. ooh lord. all this brutality should stop ,the government of LR should take the case of child abused seriously. it keep happening again and again. what is the world turning too. PEACE

    • At first I thought it was just an unfortunate and random incident. Then it dawned on me that this sad story occurred in Ebolowa with its indigenous Beti cannibalistic savages. I won’t be surprised if it turns out that the parents of the young man intended to use him as meat for one of their insipid delicacies.

  2. A little investigation will reveal that its this sort of people whose only aptitude is brutality that a shipped into the army. Common! Kill a son that went astray yet worshipping those siphoning treasury funds fir personal aggrandizement like the Mvomeka runway, Chantal Biya’s shopping spree etc etc. What is wrong with this people?

  3. Sad!
    Physical child abuse is a serious issue in the African continent in particular,and in black families in general.
    You can’t beat some sens into a child. There are many other ways to correct/ punish a child.
    If you have anger issues or other problems, don’t make yours or someone else child pay for it.

    • If you can beat a child to death, you can also drag students through mud and rape the female ones! This is what five minutes of madness every day does.

    • Are you parent??? Most of the to time expert in education have nothing to do with the matter.

  4. Legislation against such things takes a backseat as elected representatives spend time on their allowances or blocking individual member bills.

  5. Listen here people, listen carrefuly and please, spare me your nonsense talk about Anglo/Franco, English whatever.
    A new group of killers, à special ” commandot ” is about to be send to SC, specialy to the Bamenda area the 23 of this mounth. These are young men who have been specialy trained to kill. They have received orders to shoot enyone suspect without asking questions.
    Many innocents are going to loose their life.
    Please tell your people back home to not go out after 6 pm.
    The next 3 months are going to be very bloody in SC.
    If you can move your family from that place, please do it.
    It is about time for All Cameroonians of good will to stand together and say NO till this organised mass killing.
    I weep for my Country/ people.

    • We all do weep for that country; but the country has to be pacified by all means necessary…
      After calm and order are restored, then a dialogue has to happen between “Cameroonians”.
      We do not care if biya is in power, but as patriots, the country ought to be pacified with order and laws of the land respected

    • There is a problem with Ebolowa isn’t it?
      Nothing can stop people working for the protection of their identity.
      A terrorist Larepublique government will never overcome people fighting for their identity

      • @ Epée Dipanda,
        Are you on the battlefield to” fight ” for your ” identity “? Why should other people children fight for you?
        Your noise is only on the internet?
        Do you even know what is going on there and what is about to come?
        When are you guys going to stop being stupid?
        You are dealing with a brutal regime backed by France and the international community, your “fight ” have been labelled a ” terrorist organisation ” and you want to go to war? You are on your own and can’t even speak with one unite voice !
        Stop sending other people children to death. Send your own children, or better style go and fight yourself.
        Aren’t you tought guys?

        • You are reminding whoever wants to listen that special killers are on the way and you stupidly ask why other people’s children should be the ones to die. Ask yourself why other people’s children are the ones trained as special killers why some special children are attending Enam without even writing the entrance exam. You think you can outshout people here, you are just an ordinary day wild brute!

        • Massa ohh Bikutsi tell the djakiri boutman ! Really brainless people claming to be dons.

  6. Soyakutsi and Mbappe,
    A few questions for you:
    1. Please could you explain to the uninitiated how different are the fighters who were seen cutting off a man’s head few weeks ago, from these “ special” killers you are fantasizing about now?
    2. Were the Bir old men who were trained to hand out flowers and kisses?
    3. Have you thought that the people they have been ordered to shoot might also have received orders to shoot them?
    4. If the people can’t go out after 6 PM, what difference does it make when they go out in the morning or before 6 Pm?
    5. You didn’t say where people should keep their families after moving them, any advice?
    6. You have been claiming that Biya is France and France is the UN, how would

    • Cameroonians of goodwill stand a chance against this equippe de shock?
      7.Could you share your wisdom on how to stop the mass killing, apart from saying NO?
      8. Do you want to pacify the country before dialogue or after dialogue?
      9. What if calm and order are not restored after your pacification mission?
      10. As patriots you chanted and promised that the backs of the separatists were already broken after the abduction of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his team, why do you need new killers and a new pacification mission now?

      • Envoie tes questions bétes à Biya et apprend pour une fois à la fermer.
        L’heure est grave et tu penses toujours que c’est de la blague.
        Des gens comme toi, qui sont loin de la réalité sont la cause de ce chaos en cours.
        Vous incitez les enfants d’autrui à la haine et au désastre sans mesurer la gravité de vos propos.
        He ne suis pas ici pour plaire à qui que ce soit, et tu es insignifiant pour moi.
        Un massacre se prépare et encore plein d’innocents perdront leur vies, c’est ce qui est important, pas ton analyse à 2 balles.
        Oui Biya c’est la France et la France c’est les NU. Tu n’as tjrs pas compris ce que c’a signifie.
        Continue à proner la guerre dans ta propre région et tu comprendras bientot la signification de mes propos.

        • Hey Buyam sellam,
          Don’t be mad! The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You are announcing the arrival of special killers and at the same time accusing us of inciting violence. This is the reason people often call you are primitive hypocrite. You are sending death squards and we are the ones responsible for chaos. Try harder, once more you have been caught red handed. Biya is France and France is the UN, so the three bodies are sending the special killers you are talking about. Your crocodile tears are a laughable display of shamelessness. The wild and untamed brute you are was pretending to weep about organized mass killing, who is sending special killers and what are you doing to stop it? Last time I checked you were an economic immigrant abroad and running you loose mouth as hell!

        • Mon message est pour ceux qui veulent l’entendre.
          Tu ferais mieux de ne plus réagir à mes commentaires.
          Tellement t’es nuisible et incompétant.

        • China man,

          my conclusion is that you must be in prison in China—no news.
          The whole of CMR is praying for this nonsense to stop, Anglos and Francos alike. CMRs are getting fed up with these useless killings among brothers and sisters.

          CMRs from all works are mounting pressure on Biya and his system to put an end to their war. The system cannot withstand that pressure for too long. Dialogue must resume, not on y/our terms but on the terms of CMRs back home.

          I know the current situation of no dialogue is pleasing you, but rest assured, dialogue is going to happen soon.

          There shall soon be no more mimbo for you after each killing…

        • —CMRs from all walks of life—

        • Are you not ashamed to be sneaking in under a woman’s voice every time to seek for notice? Soyakutsi has more balls than you effeminate rambler! Grow some!

        • Soyakutsi,
          Your baby tantrums are a sign of frustration after being methodically torn apart. Feel free to run if the heat is too much for you!

        • You’re the one going after women, cursing them cos you’ve got no balls to face pple who can beat some sense in your oblong head.

          Keep on cursing women, when dem go jerk dem kaba then shu you dem nyash no tok sey dem no be tell you.

          No man no di deny mek you no debate women, but koshing of cherie no be CMR…

        • Bami refugee,
          As I said keep sneaking in under Soyakutsi. I have walked all over you on this forum in front of everyone. I will keep tackling Soyakutsi five minutes of madness. As for you, everyone knows that you go to lengths to keep out of my way. Anytime you have tried, you have seen the results. Small maquisard!

        • Apart from tribalism, what else have you got in store?


        • Biku,
          Comme qlq1 dis air tantôt : You Chercha, You Trouva, You Trouva, you supporta nessa?
          Ce n’est pas toi qui dansait ici il ya qlq semaines lots de l’arrestation de Sisiku Ayuk Tabe qui ne cherchait que le dialogue?
          Why the crying now about lives? Your French system is too good for us my sister. We don’t want it again.
          We tried to discuss this in parliament …you people refused, we tried calling your d!sgrace of a Swiss citizen to a discussion but he refused.
          We say we will defend ourselves …you send people to k!ll us and you are shedding crocodile tears?
          The people who beheaded Sam Soya without a fair trial must pay.
          May his spirit haunt them and may his bl00d drown them.
          May water refuse to quench their thirst.
          May their portion be sorrow until they leave our land.

        • Yup, it was tribalism that pushed you to be falling over yourself that soldiers had arrived the SW to kill our people. A runaway dog like you! Did you grow up in Dschang, and are you growing old now in Cameroon,ngong dog?

    • Firefighter and the people who are cutting gendarmes heads??? Biya sent chadiens soldiers to kill in our villages, Zizicourt sent nijia to kill our soldiers, before you open your eyes mademoiselle firefighter our country will look just like Rwanda.

      • Champion of moderation how is Uhmm pays post more acceptable than mine?
        Or you are now afraid of our words?
        Even when you block our messages we have alread invoked the wrath of the gods over them. It shall come to pass.

      • Umm Pays,
        You country will not look like Rwanda. There will be your country la Republique and then there will be Ambazonia.
        If you in la Republique would like to continue your tribalism and backwardness please be my guests. We in Ambazonia will proceed with the rule of law were each citizen equal before the law will not only be entitled to pursue happiness but will be encouraged and supported to so do.
        Our culture and values are different from yours if not how else do you explain the fact that so called “Sawa” are silent in the face of the slaughter of their brothers in Ndian and Kumba?
        It is obvious that we are two separate states that must go their separate ways.
        Biya must decide if it will be by blood or in civility