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Esclavage en Libye : des Camerounais manifestent devant l’ambassade de Libye à Yaoundé

Journal du Cameroun | Plusieurs jeunes se sont réunis devant l’ambassade de Libye à Yaoundé ce 20 novembre 2017. Deux manifestants ont été interpellés.

De jeunes Camerounais se sont retrouvés devant l’ambassade de Libye au Cameroun ce lundi 20 novembre au quartier Bastos, à Yaoundé, pour dénoncer la vente d’africains comme esclave dans ce pays. Cette manifestation fait suite à l’indignation mondiale observée, depuis qu’une chaîne de télévision américaine a diffusé un reportage montrant des ressortissants d’Afrique subsaharienne se faire vendre comme esclaves pour cultiver des champs.

A Yaoundé, les jeunes manifestants ont réclamé que le gouvernement libyen s’engage à mettre fin à ce phénomène. Ils ont également refusé de rencontrer le représentant diplomatique de ce pays, qui voulait échanger avec les représentants des manifestants. Face à la montée des tensions, les forces de maintien de l’ordre ont interpellé trois personnes, parmi lesquelles Nzodjou Fotsing, l’initiateur de ce mouvement.

Tout serait parti d’un message d’un Camerounais vivant en Libye, connu sur les réseaux sociaux sous le pseudonyme de John Dahl Carter. Attristé suite au décès d’un sénégalais vendu comme esclave, celui-ci a entrepris de faire connaître ce triste phénomène. Grâce à ses vidéos sur les réseaux sociaux, la chaîne de télévision CNN s’est saisie de l’affaire et a diffusé un documentaire choc sur le sujet.

Face à l’ampleur de la situation, les ressortissants africains du monde entier se sont mobilisés pour pousser les dirigeants du monde à prendre des mesures pour enrayer le phénomène. A Paris, des milliers de personnes se sont rassemblées le 18 novembre dernier à l’appel de l’animateur Claudy Siar. Le phénomène d’esclavage toucherait également le Maroc et l’Algérie.

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  1. aller protester devant le palais d’Etoudi afin que vos leaders arrete la corruption dans vos pays et cree des emplois pour vos jeunes au lieu de les voir partir au risque de se retrouver en esclavage…le gouvernment Libyen va faire koi?? negro faut arreter de blamer les autres pour vos propre turpitude…vous garder des leaders corrumpus ki vs vendent de la meme maniere et venez faire le boucan comme tjrs..tonneau vide que vs etes..vous avez vendu kadaffi union africaine…negre ..tjrs negres…ceux qui ont cree tt xa c tjrs eux qui vs envois faire le boucan au mauvais endroit…cerveau bien laver..negro! jai honte d’etre negro moi!

  2. Its difficult for me to understand the mindset of some Africans, back home they support the murder and rape of innocent citizens, who are asking for their legitimate rights, as well as call them dogs, rats etc etc some even calling for them to be extinguished these same people are protesting about slavery in Libya? is this not madness? Your actions are the cause of those people being held slaves by the arabs, learn to dialogue. By the was it took CNN for them to protest, as if for over 10 years now we have not been seeing thousands of Africans dying in the sea. we are working very hard to become the last of the world, the way things are going Afganistan will soon be sending aid to us.

    • Don’t worry about these fools my brother. Someone has given them ten thousand francs each to buy fish and boboloh after staging these scenes in front of the Libyan embassy. Look at those faces and you will know that it is the quest for roasted fish, pepper, and Castel beer that is dragging them out! You don’t need too much money to buy these frogs out! That’s why I tell my compatriots that fighting these guys in any kind of war will be the easiest in the world. You just need to pack a few suitcases with the shiniest bank notes of dollar bills and drive to etoudi! Those guards will even take their clothes off and show you the way to the dictator. When you reach him you don’t need a weapon! He’s 90 years old just blow air massa!

  3. These are the most idiotic people on earth. Have you protested against your kleptomaniac president for the murders in bamenda? Have you gone to the streets to tell Tchiroma to stop killing and lying about the numbers? Have you protested against the summary arrests and detentions in prisons that are not good for animals? Like one of the slaves said in Libya, he preferred to be sold off as a slave than to live the conditions in his country! This is the disastrous reality when you dehumanize your own people! The African unfortunately is finally opting to be a slave rather than deal with the alternative! Yes the alternative is the ugly heads of thieves, muderers, billionaire despots, and French cannibals!

  4. I have said this over an over again that we treat our own breed so badly that the external person seems to find no fault in acting even more negatively towards us. This not a justification of their actions , but how can we gain respect from other countries when tons of online videos show how mean we are towards each other. We better stop the blame game and indulge into plocies aimed at re establishing our dignity and that of our society. Maybe a new subject in school for the younger generation should be ‘Dignity and respect for persons and society’ may save the future generation.

  5. they are the most stupid people on planet earth

  6. 95% of these victims knew the risk but indulge in it anyway to tell you that they are running from something hotter than the fire they entered. Ask yourselves why the arabs are not selling themselves, whites or Chinese but only your kinds? You leave the biggest murderer and enslaver few km away at etoudi and go prostrate before the Arabs? What happened to the so many Cameroonians that were maimed, raped, enslaved in Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc years before this? No embassy ever coughed and you expect Libyans to care?… Start with telling your murderous president to leave Ambazonia alone and to tell his governors and journalists to stop calling us rats and dogs.

    • Why castigate others when yourself left your homeland in the same manner and are now a “slave” in Ontario or wherever you are.

  7. Your supposed brother are being killed right at you nose, you dont protest.Hypocrisy of the first order.The worst thing that happened to French Africa is to be colonised by France.There is some thing really wrong with Francophones.

  8. Very interesting!!!! Which is better – to be enslaved by Libyans in Libya or by the governors at home, to die from the bullets of Libyans or those of home officials? Tough choices, n’ est-ce pas? Be nice to read the commentaries of chatterbox Tchiroma Bakary about these.

    • Good questions you asked Mr. John. So let’s begin with you. What’s your own take on the questions though?