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Thousands Flee Villages in English-speaking Parts of Cameroon

VOA | Thousands of people are fleeing villages in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon less than a week after President Paul Biya declared war against anglophone separatist groups. Fleeing villagers complain troops are engaging in rape, killings, and harassment, but the military says they are out to defend the population.

The number of people traveling along the Kumba Mamfe Road in the English-speaking southwest region of Cameroon has drastically dropped. It is along this road that goods from Nigeria are brought into Cameroon and vice versa.

Thirty-two-year-old merchant Takem Ethel said she and her peers suspended business trips between Cameroon and Nigeria after President Biya declared war on separatist groups.

“The number of checkpoints are just unbearable,” said Ethel. “Since the president announced that he was fighting against terrorists, it is as if he removed his hungry lions called the military from their den. Those who want to be killed can travel. I still have my life ahead, so I will not move.”

Ongoing violence

Violence in the towns of Mamfe and Eyumojock last week claimed the lives of at least six soldiers and a police officer.

Eyumojock is also the hometown of Julius Ayuk Tabe, the man who said he is the first president of Ambazonia, the state the separatists say they have created.

The government of Cameroon says many fighters were being trained there and across the border in Nigeria.

Residents say most youths have escaped to the bushes to flee the heavy presence of the military.

Nyeke George Likiye, an independent analyst in southwestern Cameroon, said he has written to the national government to complain about the troops.

“They are doing their job in excess proportions,” said Likiye. “There are some arrests, some unreasonable arrests that are being done, people are being tortured, people are being beaten. This is not correct.”

Military denials

General Melingui Noma, one of Cameroon’s highest-ranking military officers, denied the southwest has been militarized or that soldiers are committing atrocities. The general said he is aware of alleged excesses but insisted the military is there to protect the population.

“We know that if we want to overcome this crisis, we have to make sure the population is with us,” he said. “How can you go and embarrass and harass people whom you want to take information from? If they cannot give us the correct information, if they cannot tell us the truth of what is happening in the field, you will see that the population will then turn and follow those secessionists.”

Schools have been closed in most of the English-speaking northwest and southwest since November of last year, when lawyers and teachers called for a strike to stop what they believed was the overbearing use of the French language. Violence erupted when separatists joined in and started asking for complete independence.

President Biya has said he is not open to any negotiation on the form of the state and that Cameroon is one country.

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  1. Melingui Nouma, your Mami yi ntot. Liar! The people you have chased into the bushes while you rape their wives and daughters, pillage their homes, loot and burn their properties will return from the bushes as fierce guerillas to claim your soul. Ambaland for ever more…

    • La Republique dont have a military. These are hungry gangsters waiting for such insensitive open declaration of war from a heartless dictator. It took Paul Biya two minutes to denounce a group of people as terrorists and unleash the venom of years of service with unpaid salaries from some of his wild dogs. These guys get into homes and houses and after sending the owners away, take anything onsite. They even take cooked food and eat from the pots! In other situations, the men are scared away so that the women can be raped! An elderly man was forced to send his two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, aged 13 each to flee with a group of people he didnt even know. Such is the latest situation so heartrending that one gets the sense of the spirit of evil in this monster kleptomaniac!

  2. Kikiki kikiki kikiki kikiki kikiki kikiki kikiki !!!

  3. What info does the military, want to take from the people, that is not out there in
    the net or social media? One moment, they are sent to protect the people and the other,
    the want info out of them. We know, how uniform men in Cameroon, get info from people.
    The crux of the matter is that gov`t under it`s Commander in chief, has declared war
    in a part of the country and it has grown to Ethnic Cleansing. He declaired it,
    possibly before knowing the implications. The more reason, why the SDO for Mamfe and
    Mr. dog owner Bilai of Buea, quickly went into action.
    Statements from any gov`t official, CPDM comrade and any military man, should be taken
    with a pinch of salt, because their hands, have all been tied up by the strings of loyalty
    to the `Commander in chief`. No arguement about it.

  4. Yes, Balla moved to Fru Ndi to talk federalism as solution to the Ambaland crises.

    Why is he quiet on the military invasion of his own Manyu people?
    Or is this a non issue in his thinking?

    He should not think that by staying quiet on this, he is not part of it. We are watching
    you, man.

    • Leave that brother alone, man…. What did the Manyu people do when his family shrine was set ablaze???? You rejoiced… and called him a traitor… when the real traitors have taken refuge abroad, and chanting rasclaaat psalms about how they have connived with Delta and Bakassi brigands to bring down Cameroon. Well, again I say: Any Nigerian that is caught fomenting trouble in Cameroon will have himself to blame.

      • Rasclaat Coon! His people came out en masse to our out the fire elements of your banditry military started in their family house after desecrating his father’s grave. Little lying impostor. If You think we are about to how soon to your madness the. Brace yourself as the struggle intensifies.

  5. How dumb to send the military to win peoples minds by the barrel of a gun and intimidation.
    Lrc vampires go about looting,beating and raping peoples wives indiscriminately terming it winning of hearts.please go and wins the hearts of your fellow citizens in lrc and leave us alone.

    More than 95 percent of anglophones are out for the restoration of their statehood,so lrc has to kill us all in order to claim our land.Biya has declared war,and war he shall get.
    With our backs against the wall,we have only one option and that is to defend ourselves.

    Ambalanders,we are like a child without parents,so lets rise up like one man and defend our land.one for all,all for one.

    • You are not a child without parents… but you are certainly a homeless child… and there is no land for you to defend. You were born on a piece of land that you left by choice and wandered off in the wilderness, just like the delusional Edomites.

      • You have every right to your opinion sir and i don’t dispute that,but i guess that’s where we differ.

  6. Ask Mr Biya what happened to the state of West Cameroon to find the root cause of instability. The bigger French Cameroun under Biya has since 1984 tried to annex the smaller Southern Cameroons state in order to control minerals. Resistance is great. It is the same type of greed that sent Saddam Hussein into Kuwait.

    • The sad thing about all this saga is you guys are “trying to freed” a country you know absolutely nothing about. Your ignorance of Cameroon is so obvious and pathetic. Which minerals are you talking about?

      Contrary to the ambaZOMBIAN lies, there is not even one single oil/gas well in the entire SW and even less in the NW. the Cameroon petroleum reserves are located offshore. Ahidjo made the mistake to put SONARA in the SW region, which despite the obvious fact of being a national property, is now the claim of the lunatics ambaZOMBIANS, just like university of buea belongs to you, university of Bamenda, etc.

      When it is time to invest and build, there is no ambaZOMBIAN to be found, when it is time to claim credit, they all poor from Nigeria to make noise.

      • Most underground minerals in Cameroon are located towards the center of the country going east.

        It is so obvious most of you came from Nigeria not too long ago, you don’t even know what is where in that country you are “wrestling” from us claiming to be yours…lol. What a bunch of confused mental patients!

  7. The truth is always the first casualty of any war…rape, killings, harassment, etc. all lies

    “…Violence in the towns of Mamfe and Eyumojock last week claimed the lives of at least six soldiers and a police officer…”

    I guess Cameroonian military is also responsible of the above killings ?

    “…President Biya has said he is not open to any negotiation on the form of the state and that Cameroon is one country…”

    1000% correct! This is not and will NEVER be negotiable.

    I reckon those who feel differently have the right and obligation to do what they believe they should do…so does the other side, in the end only one side will win and I’m certain, I know which one…Cameroon is going nowhere, get used to it!

    • Welcome back.
      You have been missed in this forum

      • Thanks.
        Was taking too long for this AmbaZOMBIA lunacy to become reality so I figured if I come back and piss them off more maybe they will really be so mad as to leave the internet and ACTUALLY go fight…lol

        • Welcome back, your voice of reason, and your facts filled comments have been greatly missed. i can already see that you remained sharp as usual.

        • Thank you sir. Hope all is well on your end for you and your love ones. See you around.

    • This is an old story! We did the same in the run up to UNGA in April 1961 after Southern Cameroons already voted to federate with us. That time, we wanted to stop a vote to grant the territory independence. We LOST as world nations voted en masse to grant Southern Cameroons independence. It will come down to a referendum. The harder LRC pushes her luck, the thicker is a wall now rising on the banks of the River Mungo. Can never rule any determined people by force.

      • By determined people you mean internet warriors and other cowards hiding abroad and beating their chest? If this was so important to you what are you still doing outside of Cameroon? why are you not in the jungle already leading the “determined” people to victory? What exactly is wrong with you people?

        1960…blah blah blah
        1961…blah blah blah
        1972…blah blah blah

        Who cares? The point is and remains, you will not take a single inch of the Cameroonian territory

        Pop your head out of those history books, stand up, grow some balls and pick up a weapon and free AmbaZOMBIA or else shut the F*CK UP!

        • Foolishman, are ghost town operations, killings of civilians and troops happening on the internet? Wake up from slumber! The resistance erupted in Ambazonia and reached exiles abroad.

        • And your PERSONAL contribution so far is?

        • Speak the truth. That is best response to a ruthless, senile, murderous and paranoid dictator. His tactless methods have damaged our country and committed treason. We have lost the Anglophone, thanks to ineptitude and militarism.

        • I take it you did not offer any PERSONAL contribution because there arent any?

          ok, now that we have that out of the way….are we now talking about Cameroon or are we talking about Mr. Biya?

  8. @AmbaBlood , MD,Palapala

    we are not negotiate with terrorist ” ambasonia”

    call him whatever you want vampire , old man , foolish man and others .BIYA SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE ?

    MUHAMADU BUHARI , the president of Nigeria has affirmed his support to paul biya.


    • @Wannabe Bamendaboy,

      I hope you realize that pidgin is an acceptable language in both Southern Cameroons and LRC.
      Spare some of us the pain of trying to figure out what you want to say by using it. I implore you.

  9. The govt should just declare their properties abandoned and seize them or let people who are not traitors take them over, anyway as far i am concerned it means more land for us investors, and less people to feed. they should forever remain in nigeria. Cameroon has moved moved on from those traitors, real cameroonian are in Cameroon abiding by the law of the land and not instigating problems. well they claim to 8 millions(lmao) if thats the case there are 22millions of us ready to repopulate the SW nd NW. we definitely don’t need traitors at our borders that’s how Nigeria almost colonized Bakassi with them looking aloof and even cooperating with the enemy. you can never see such in the south est or north.

    • who is traitor to you.?lets wait and see time will tell . no eords for selgish and heartles idiots truing yo defend their pot soup

      • IS that amba english? My goodness me, no wonder the queen kicked you guys out, I’m pretty sure she couldn’t understand a word of what you idiots parading as Anglo Saxon we’re trying to say .

  10. @BAMENDABOY May be u think that this crisis will end up like the tripartite in the 90s,which gave birth to some decentralisation law that has never been implemented by LRC.I think the president of Ambasonia has made his position clear on this issue,that he will not negotiate with genocidaires,and all options,including military option is on the table to chase the aggressors out of the Ambasonian territory.And if there have to be any discussion,the UN,AU,Britain and France must be present.And the topic will be on the terms of seperation between LRC and Ambasonia.

  11. Those who want to live peacefully in accordance with the Republican values will be welcomed, terrorist will be uprooted by all means.

  12. Pride goes before a fall, lrc and it`s supporters should take note.

    Ambaland shall sing Amen.

  13. It seems like cameroon is really a cursed country..
    How can we he a country with intellectuals, but yet not capable of discussing issues with any form of maturity..

    Just as we make noise in football, this is just what we see in politics..
    We make so much noise and nothing changes in our backward country..
    We make soo much noise and yet the country is being ruined by old and half death people..
    We make soo much noise and old people are plundering our country..
    We dont have any collective thinking..We dont act as a group that have love for a country and are willing to bring a change ..
    people are suffering, young people having no future back home are going to the streets, some are being killed and what we read here is primitivity and stupidity at its highest level..
    How comes?

  14. If we are honest, we should all accept on the following:
    – those old people should go ..
    -politicians above 75 should go to the villages, rest and play with grand children..
    -We need fresh wind and new heads in cameroon to start Building that country ..
    Biya belongs to old people home ..

    if we all can agree on that, then the next step should be .how to build our country..
    How do we make it a better place for all Cameronians..
    As long as we are not capable of talking as one, why do you guys wonder about all the revolution taking back home..?..Its but normal that the future Generation dont have a say in cameroon and are being hijacked by their grand parents who are not willing to leave power..
    Do you need to go to school to see that?..NO..

    • You have a point and there are some fundamental issues with our current situation and we will need to solve them sooner rather than later.

      However, make no mistake, the status of the country is not, cannot and will not be negotiated.

      Cameroon is Cameroon and will not be split. This is a simple fact and no patriot will ever seat across a table to discuss this since it is simply not even imaginable from our perspective.

      We will have it all in one piece or we will die protecting it. And since we are confident to be able to defeat our enemies before they defeat us, we are therefore confident our beloved Cameroon to remain a single piece, as our forefathers designed it.

  15. Cameroon as we knew it prior to october 1st 2017was a state of two unions.no matter the gimmicks lrc took in the past to erase that fact will never hold true for the people of Ambazonia.and as is always the case with every union that doesn’t work out,there is bound to be separation.does it require a rocket scientist to figure that out?

    Any one who wants to dispute this fact should first of all go and get back the Adamawas then we can have a chat.if Enugu could not hold us back then be rest assured that lrc will be no match for us.

  16. They blow hot air by changing their screen names.
    We shall never yield.
    This battle was started by our father, we shall finish it.