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Fear grips Buea populace as Police Commissioner is found dead

Journal du Cameroun | The population of Buea, especially inhabitants of Bokwango in the South West Region of Cameroon, were yesterday, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, gripped by fear and consternation following the discovery of the mortal remains of a Police Commissioner.

Commissioner Enongene was found dead and his corpse in an advanced stage of decomposition in his living room at the Bokwango neighbourhood.

Speaking to reporters, the Landlady of the deceased, Justine Angayah said: “many people in the neighbourhood have been complaining about a strange odour for some time now. The odour became very intense yesterday and we decided to find out where the strong but very strange scent was coming from. Our search took us to the Commissioner’s apartment. It was then that we discovered that we have not seen the Police Commissioners for over two days now.

But we were not disturbed, given the present context in which we find ourselves in. We thought since the forces of law and order have been very busy, the Commissioner must have been sent out of town or he has been very busy for the past two days.

I then asked my son to call him. My son rang his phone several times, but he didn’t pick his call. We then invited element of the forces of law and order and Buea Municipal police who came and smashed open the door before discovering that the Police Commissioner is dead and in an advanced stage of decomposition,” the Landlady recounted.

After the discovering, a medical doctor was brought in to do preliminary investigation. From the Medic’s preliminary findings, the Police Commissioner died 48 hours before his corpse was discovered.

The mortal remains of the security officer were later ferried to the Buea Regional Hospital for an autopsy to be conducted on the corpse. The autopsy is to ascertain the real cause of the Commissioner’s death.

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  1. Very strange and disturbing too. With cell phones so ubiquitous, why could a wife, child, family member or friend not spot this earlier? Could duty possibly isolate a civil servant from all these loving persons? For how long? For how long?

    • So much information is missing about the deceased. Was he married? Did he have children? Was he living alone? Why did no one ever come looking for him, Not even colleagues?

      • @Fon
        Bravo! I like people who ask questions because that is how to find answers. Spewing preconceived ideas hardly ever takes us to the truth; in fact it precipitates action in the wrong direction. Thanks Mr. Fon.

      • @fon

        We will found out the answers.rip

      • He was certainly living alone or home alone at least 48 hours by the time he was discovered dead.

        • To give up family, friends etc in pursuit of a career is really something, n’est-ce pas? No wonder the lack of human feelings in the manner some uniformed officers operate!

    • Perhaps he was a loner, because it seems that he hasn’t got family living with him. Perhaps not married. Perhaps yet to have kids.

      For those who are celebrating the current regime and its use of force, this is what one and indivisible Cameroon means. Fear at every turn. Fear if you hold a high public service position, including both Anglophones and Francophones. Fear of being abducted, fear of staying out and partying late, fear, fear and fear. To me, this is not the kind of country in which any individual will aspire to live in.

      Biya has to call for national dialogue. He has to leave his cocoon hideout to face problems with actions, rather his typical disruptive silence and Machiavellian solution of sending his poorly paid soldiers to kill and loot from the poor massive asking justice.

      • @eayallow
        Man you gone completely off the track. Ah wonders shall never end.

        • Kindly present the reality James. That’s my opinion and I am ready to stand by it, except you are advocating chaos to ensue in Cameroon. No victory on earth can ever win over the pain of people losing their lives.

          And if Cameroon was to break apart, then Biya is to be blamed. He is to be blamed for his cosying up to the French imperialists who have plunged Cameroon into division over two imperial cultures imposed on us, brainwashed from seeing that we are being driven into this state not because we disagree over our indigenous values. What is important?

          It is the fear they instill that propagates a sense of our inability to stand as one on the whole continent. Biya is silent. That’s how off track I have gone to look at this situation. A solution must engage the root cause.

  2. It is really true that our country has suffered a lot, unemployment is so high, poor roads etc but after all these things, I still prefer the “peace” we had before all these started. Our country will soon be like those countries in the Middle East, where killings happen everyday. It’s really sad, the military, the forces of law and order and the civilians are the ones suffering, nobody in the government is suffering, so pretty much we are just killing ourselves. Do you we really think the military and forces of law and order that are being killed love the unemployment and underdevelopment of our country?

    • Red Diamond, le malheur des africains est qu ils refusent d ouvrir les yeux et que les mediocres sont suivis comme des champions. J avais ma paix quand je partais dans ce pays malgre tout ce que represente Biya et son parti. Le combat devait etre pour tous contre Biya , rien n aurait pu le sauver mais helas il a tout fait pour mettre les secessionistes en avant et malheureusement cela marche bien.

    • Red Diamond we should try to stick to the point here. This guy is death, all we need to know is the reason why it took too long for his remains to be discover and the circumstances surrounding his death. The information given to us is to shallow to draw any conclusion. His age is not given, marital status or anything.

      Going back to the situation of our country. Africa is here it is because we have all been resisting changes. Read European history, you will understand that there was power struggle throughout their institutional development process. Growth does not just come like that. we need to work for it and to stop worshipping the old generation.

  3. We have been briefed. Block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, njangi house by njangi house we will get to Buea.

  4. biya the old colonial, butcher dictator of french Cameroon is sitting comfortably in his palace among his family and guards, yet he has declared war against many innocent, young and vulnerable people of Southern Cameroons over dialogue,his forces, paid mercenaries from chad & France spies have been committing daily inhumane atrocities indiscriminately, all patriotic SCs must revenge any opportunity they get against those oppressors they encounter, those SCs traitors in the civil servants and agents must bear the same fate with no mercy or sorrow for their deaths,revenge, destroying many lrc interest in the regions must be the focus action on the ground until all those infidels and their grip on our resources leave the English regions!

    • @ ndolloz The English regions are part of Cameroon. They were separated from the rest of Cameroon by the colonial masters. Our country cannot be defined by a colonial master’s fabrication. Our enemy is the Biya regime and France and not our French speaking brothers and sisters. We need to unite as one to take them out. We will never achieve this by fighting for separation.

      • Bobjazz although I respect your opinion. We need to either start after the last independent or we go back to the days of Adam and Eve. These are two countries with different colonial history.

        If we had independent on the same day then we can start from that day and become. if not then forget

  5. Does this means that it is LRC that have been taking care of their feeding and changing of clothing while in the secret location in Naija? ha ha ha ha….And Issa Tchoronko proudly said they are in Yaounde…No doubt he has developed hipertension.How is he going to face the media and LRC’s citizens LIKE @Zam Zam,USA and Agbor Pinguiss,who believed in what their gov’t to them? what a shame and disgrace..This release is a hard punch that the Ambasobnians have just given them.No doubt all those LRC song birds in this forum have hibernated..ha ha ha ha..I understand.The puch is hard to take…

  6. This kind of journalism again. So for all that has happened in Buea in the past
    year and some months, only the death of one man will leave a town like Buea
    in fear. Meaning if he died of over buzzing or suicide, Buea has to panic.
    We still need good schools and training for cameroonians in every aspect.

  7. The way constables and other police officers of lower rank cost up and prostrate in the presence of a Police Superintendent( not Commissioner) in Public, would tell one that some of them wash his feet everyday, guard his residence, run errands for his wife and watch over him when he’s drinking out with friends. Is this not the image of the police bosses we grew up to know ? Did we not use to see police condtables washing clothes, splitting wood and cleaning up in their big man’s home? Is there something we are missing here? That a Superintendent of Police would go for 48 hours without his courtisans or other lapdogs not having an effing idea about what he’s up to or where he is?

  8. May The Soul od the Departed compatriots Rest in Peace! Cameroon Government Better Hury to the Negotiation Table about Federalism and A Treaty of Union between French Cameroon and British Cameroon because no Marriage can last without a Marriage agreement ( Licence) !

    • @ Korak, There is no such thing as British Cameroon. No part of Cameroon is in Britain or Europe. Our country Cameroon will never be defined by a British or French fabrication. I am a Cameroonian who speaks English as a result of colonization. I am not a British Cameroonian. Korak please emancipate yourself from mental slavery. The Cameroon problem is the Biya regime.


  10. I am 100% sure that Paul Biya’s agents have killed him If they can kidnap a Supreme Court judge and smuggle Sisiku and others from Nigeria, what can they not do?The answer to this mystery lies in the hands of the Esingam mafia.May his soul RIP .

  11. The caption of this article makes it sound mystical but I belief when every info would have been brought to the limelight it wouldn’t b an issue of fear. RIP sir