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Fecafoot Normalisation Committee: Members Occupy Headquarters

It was the first time the members were stepping their feet in the premises since their appointment last Friday, September 8, 2017

The newly appointed members of the FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee have taken up residence at the headquarters of the Federation in Tsinga, a Yaounde neighbourhood. At the FECAFOOT headquarters yesterday Monday, September 11, 2017, the atmosphere was calm. Work was going on normally as the staff of the institution waited anxiously to receive the new team that will lead them for the next six months. As early as 9:00 a.m. the staff were already in their offices including those from attached structures to receive the normalisation team.

Originally slated for 11:00 a.m. the team only arrived at about 11:30 a.m. Four out of the five appointed members were present. The only absentee, Kevin Njomo Kamdem, is out of the country for other duties. The President of the Normalisation Committee for FECAFOOT, Barrister Dieudonné Happi, in the company of Vice President, Barrister Marcelle Denise Ambomo, Dr Abdou Oumarou and Maurice Samuel Bellet Edimo were received at the entrance by FECAFOOT officials lead by the Secretary General, Blaise Moussa.

On arrival, Barrister Dieudonné Happi on behalf of his team asked for forgiveness from the staff of FECAFOOT for coming late. After the warm reception, the normalisation team went into the building for a working session with the FECAFOOT officials and then a visit to the structure.

No interviews were granted to journalists who were waiting impatiently at the vicinity. It was a hectic day for the normalisation committee members as another meeting with the heads of the different departments was equally scheduled later in the afternoon. In a declaration, the President of the Normalisation Committee, Barrister Dieudonné Happi called for collaboration between the team and the staff of FECAFOOT. He expressed hope that together they will find a solution to the present crisis rocking FECAFOOT.

The normalisation committee for FECAFOOT has as mission to run the daily affairs of FECAFOOT, draft new statutes, in consultation with all stakeholders, and in compliance with FIFA’s Statutes and standards, as well as mandatory national law, review the statutes of the regional and divisional leagues and ensure their alignment with the FECAFOOT statutes, identify the delegates of the FECAFOOT General Assembly and of the regional and divisional leagues, organise and conduct elections of a new FECAFOOT Executive Committee.

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  1. Is Southern Cameroons still part of Cameroon according to those preaching one an indivisible Cameroon? This appointment speaks volumes and I rest my case.

  2. Why can’t fifa asked us to first of all normalise ourselves before doing so for football?

    Check the background of their headquarters, cables hanging here and there !

    Is that a football nation?

    Oh-oh, one day one day man go turn-turn cross over to Amba…

    • Hahahaha you dey so heh.., na this your funniness go give you Amba P after all. Wuna make sure say that murderer wey them d call say Simengue stay clear football matters forever. Grand Pa tif pipo them wey them d hold wuna for back daso. We don wash hand comot. Bye bye LRC.

  3. Journalists waiting “impatiently”? They would be better off waiting ” patiently”!

    And so a new norm is established – call for outsiders to come in and do the job. It works so well with the unending recourse to foreign coaches for our dear Indomitable Lions. It did the first time FIFA stepped in and installed Joe Owona. Did Camair-Co not get a Boeing infusion? It did remarkably when German forensic pathologists took over the job of locals in carrying out post-independence mortem work on the late Monsignor Jean Benoit Balla. Many more will follow suit as our democracy gallops ahead. That too is job creation in a way.

  4. Na dis norm committee well?all man want tight for chair like chewing gum,soon dictator paul biya will appoint others to serve him in the same office rather than other services,God help africa but start from cameroon